Cats Hidden in Italy

Cats Hidden in Italy

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💯% Achievement Guide for Cats Hidden in Italy
By Yulyana
❗UPDATED❗ This Guide contains the locations of all 100 cats and the solutions to the two secret achievements.
Good to Know
In Cats Hidden in Italy you need to find 100 cats to beat the game. In total there are 102 achievements. Most of them you get by finding the cats.

There are also objects in the picture that you can interact with. However, most of them are useless for the achievements. The important ones you can find in the category secret achievements below.

For the Achievement-Hunter: Since the last update this game now count for the Showcase!
If you have already beaten the game before, you have to click on two cats again (Linda and Luigi). Their are near the hot-air balloon and the tower.
For me, I had to click on all 100 cats again to unlock the "Luigi" achievement.
Cat Locations
You can see all 100 cats marked in blue in the picture below. Just click on a cat and gain an achievement.😸

Remember: Since the last update there is now 1 achievement for every individual cat!

Secret Achievements
Not A Cat

For this achievement you need to find five dogs. You can see them marked in red in the picture below. After selecting all of them you should receive the achievement.


For this achievement you have to knock down this tower.
You can achieve this by clicking on the lowest part of the tower. At first it just wobbles but after a few clicks it falls over.

Hint: If the tower falls over, all cats sitting on it are counted as spotted. (Even if you haven't found them yet!)
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