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Baldur's Gate 3

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Pre-Start Guide
By Reaver
Hi there.

I'm a DnD fan and enjoyed the games like Neverwinter Nights, NWN2, Pathfinder: WotR and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
I would like to share some information I've found on the web as well as some ideas on the multiclass combinations.

Feedback and comments are appreciated.
NOTE: The guide may contain spoilers

Most of the information in this guide is taken from the following youtube channels, I‘ve just put together the parts I find interesting:
  • @Fextralife and information on the Fextralife BG3 Wiki. Cas have made some awesome videos on both BG3, Pathfinder and PoE 2:Deadfire.
  • @WolfheartFPS One of my favorite gaming channels. I like his detailed videos on class mechanics for Pathfinder: WotR and BG3
  • @Yosharian
    As a build description structure I used the character description similar to one used in his guide. No need for searching further if someone already did a great job. He updates his guide and adds more descriptions of game mechanics, their calculations and some curious facts comparing the game to tabletop dnd 5e. I referenced his guide multiple times here.

  • @thorusin have made couple of videos with Nere Rush, some videos on flame blade builds and on op spell synergies in EA. I especially like his video with ascended Astarion making 19 attacks per turn.
  • @Aestus_RPG have made a great overview of the spell potency and class strength in the patch number 9. I have seen the link to his channel in the Yosharian's guide mentioned below.
  • @MortismalGaming and related guide from @Phantomsplit on reddit. Mortismal described the classes he finds interesting in the video and mentioned some cool class synergies.

  • @ProxyGateTactician made couple of awesome videos on utility skills and has given useful gameplay tipps

  • @sintee106 and his great solo videos. Great videos, great music great gaming.

  • @OrkoTheMage His 168-320 DMG per turn monk build is referenced in this guide.

    Please take into account that I haven't checked the updates in all the sources providing the information on BG3. Some ideas may overlap and I could come to the same conclusion as other players. I'll give the reference for the sources used and the credits for ideas the builds were based on if that’s the case.

    Guide pic is from the "Solo Leveling" manga, Rest in peace, DUBU.

Before we start, I’d like to state general assumptions for multiclassing:
  • Multiclass characters can have advantages on the low-mid levels or even higher
    Most of the classes gain quite powerful features on early levels, often choosing the subclass on levels 1-3. If the class abilities have synergy it can be worth sacrificing the Ability Score Improvement (ASI) lost and other gained abiliies for the single class aka opportunity cost.
  • Some single classes become powerful only later on
    It would make sense to respec multiple times to get build more optimal for the current character level, using the single class character later in the game. Fighter e.g. has the 2-d extra attack on 11 level, in addition to "Second wind" and "Action Surge".
  • Bad multiclass combination can bring a lot of pain
    One friend of mine have struggled with a boss in NWN2 while multiclassing. The problem was solved with couple of spells during his second walkthrough with single class character
  • First class pick matters
    Not all the class features and proficiencies are gained via multiclassing. But the subclass features are gained.
  • It’s convenient, to mix classes, which need the same ability scores
    For example while multiclassing the warlock, sorcerer or bard with paladin the ability score needed for the character is almost the same. You can concentrate on couple of primary ability scores instead of spreading the points across multiple abilities.
  • Some feature stack
    As the spellcaster level, giving you access to the spell slots. But known spells are determined by each class level. Refer to 5thsrd[]
  • Some features don't
    As unarmored defence of barbarian and monk, channel divinity uses or extra attacks gained by martial classes on 5-th level
  • Testing out things can be fun
    Multiclass character can give a pleasent gameplay experience. There is no need to Min-max too much if you like to play the certain way. A melee character doesn't have to be an orc as well
The guide was initially made before the game release.
Now after finishing the game I finally came to make a few adjustments to the guide. Short summary is here:

Builds were made with no consideration of the Illithid abilities as I completely ignored them in the walkthrough, thinking that they may influence the storyline ending.

Disclaimer upated
  • Description of references updated: @Yosharian and @thorusin
  • Added reference to @OrkoTheMage page
  • etc.

Class Features section updated
  • Added Bard: Bardic inspiration 1-d level
  • Added Bard: Song of Rest 2-d level
  • Added Bard: College of Swords extra atttack on 6-th level
  • Added Cleric: Divine Intervention on 10-th level and Devotee's Mace
  • Removed Cleric lvl5: Spirit Guardians: + Paladin : Oath of Devotion: Sanctuary
  • Added Druid: Circle of Spores: Symbiotic Entity at 2-th level
  • Added Sorcerer: Storm Sorcery: Tempestuous Magic on 1-th level
  • Added Sorcerer: Metamagic: Distant Spell, Twinned Spell on 2-th level
  • Added Sorcerer: Metamagic: Quickened Spell on 3-d level
  • Added Warlock: Pact of Blade lvl 5: Extra Attack
  • Added Wizard: lvl 1 dip for the spellbook and learning spells from scrolls
  • Removed Wizard lvl 2: Divination School: Portent

Changes to the Ranger:Gloomstalker/Rogue:Assassin build
  • Changed the Rogue subclass from Assassin to Thief
  • Investing Ability Score Points in Charisma
  • Changed the role in party composition. Removed the INT based skills
  • Choosing 3-d Fighter level instead of Cleric
  • Fighter(11+) by far outperforms the build in terms of damage in the endgame
    Take a look at the following video by @Thorusin
  • For more information refer to the build description below

Changes to the Rogue:Thief/Barbarian:Berserker build
  • Throwing the weapon is used instead of melee attacks
  • In the endgame respec to the Fighter:Eldritch Knight (11)
  • For more information refer to the build description below

Removed the Druid:Moon/Cleric:Light build
  • Have kept Druid only for the Owlbear and buffs. Usually in camp

Removed the Paladin / Warlock build
  • Refer to Yosharian's Magus build instead

Added Sorcerer/Warlock build
  • Choosing Sorlock(3/9) instead of Rogue(1)/Sorcerer(11) for the main character
  • For more information refer to the build description below

Added the Wizard/Paladin build
  • Paladin: Oath of Vengance(2)
  • Wizard(1)
  • Bard: College of Swords(6)
  • Sorcerer: Storm Sorcery(3)
  • For more information refer to the build description below

Reference to the OrkoTheMage's monk build
  • Monk class wasn't mentioned in the guide, so I'll include the reference to the @OrkoTheMage's monk build

To end the section, here is some random pic of Vlaakith to look at
Class Features
In the following sections I describe possible builds I'd like to test in the game. Here is the short summary of features I find interesting in different classes:

  • Barbarian lvl 1: Rage Great for physical damage mitigation and to boost damage from unarmed monk's hands.

  • Barbarian lvl 1: Unarmored defence Adds Constitution modifier to the armor class. Allows to use the shield.

  • Barbarian lvl 2: Reckless Attack Gives you an advantage on attacks, and helps to hit target more often, and otherwise. Helpful if you mixed a barb with rogue and don't have any advantage during the turn.

  • Barbarian lvl 3: Berserker Utilizes the bonus action the best way possible. Great to mix with thief for his additional bonus action from "Fast Hands" feature. Or wearing the "Helmet of Grit"

  • Bard lvl 1: Bardic Inspiration Adds a d6 bonus to Skillchecks, can be helpful in dialogues or while exploring.

  • Bard lvl 2: Song of Rest Although normally it's enough to have the bard in the camp to have a short rest, sometimes it's more convenient to have one in the party. Enables stacking of the source points for the Warlocks, using their spellslots to create the source points and regain them with the song.
    Refer to Song of Rest[]

  • Bard lvl 6: College of Lore - Additional Magical Secrets You can select 2 spells from the other classes.
    "At 6th level, you learn two spells of your choice from any class. A spell you choose must be of a level you can cast, as shown on the Bard table, or a cantrip. The chosen spells count as bard spells for you but don't count against the number of bard spells you know."
    Refer to 5thsrd[]

  • Bard lvl 6: College of Swords - Grants Extra Attack

  • Cleric lvl 10: Divine Intervention You can activate the ability and choose the option "Arm Thy Servant" to get the mace with the ability to radiate "Healing Incense Aura" healing allies for d4 hp for 10 turns. It can trigger the On-Heal effects on the caster or the healed party members. It's recommended to use on the hirelings for that purpose.
    Refer to Divine Intervention[] and Devotee's Mace[]

  • Druid lvl 2: Circle of Spores: Symbiotic Entity at 2-th level Can be used for the additional flat necrotic melee damage, can make sense for the monks. Will be disabled on taking up to 8 hp damage. Previously worked only with melee weapon attacks. In the patch 1 it worked for unarmed attacks as well. Can be a viable option if you'll keep being invisible for example via Greater Invisibility or The Deathstalker Mantle.
    Refer to Symbiotic Entity[], The Deathstalker Mantle[] and Greater Invisibility[]

  • Rogue lvl 3: Thief: Fast hands and Second-Story Work Gain an additional bonus action and halve the fall damage. Great for the berserker as mentioned above. Good help for the Sorcerer, Monk, every character with 2 hand crossbow or dual-wielding. "Helmet of grit" does the same conditionally.

  • Rogue lvl 5: Uncanny Dodge Halves the incoming attack damage.Great combination with the Warding Bond Cleric spell, especially if the cleric casting the spell stays in the camp
    Refer to: 5thsrd[] and Warding Bond[]

  • Rogue lvl 3: Assassin: Assassinate You have advantage on attack rolls against any creature that hasn't taken a turn in the combat yet. In addition, any hit you score against a creature that is surprised is a critical hit. Not sure if the magic has crits, but it would make couple of devastating builds for sorcerer possible.

  • Sorcerer lvl 1: Storm Sorcery: Tempestuous Magic Helps to avoid the attacks of opportunity or change the positioning
    Refer to Tempestuous Magic[]

  • Sorcerer lvl 2: Metamagic: Distant Spell, Twinned Spell Adds flexibility for the spellcasting, extending the range of the spells or making it possible to damage, buff or control 2 Targets instead of 1 for single target spells. Works wonders with Haste and Hold Monster spells. With hold monster it's possible to control Raphael or Incubus in his bedroom, Red Dragon, Emperor or other high level enemies.
    Refer to Twinned Spell[] and Distant Spell[]. Also to Haste[] and Hold Monster[].

  • Sorcerer lvl 3: Metamagic: Quickened Spell Makes it possible to use the bonus action for the casting spells, which normally need a normal action point.
    Refer to Quickened Spell[]
    Note: The Illithid ability Mind Sanctuary can help you to do the same.
    Refer to Mind Sanctuary[]. Here is the video by @Thorusin with example for the Fighter (11) class. The 2 extra attacks from Fighter class are made using bonus action as well.

  • Warlock lvl 5: Pact of Blade: Extra Attack Extra attack that stacks with extra attack of other martial classes gained via deepened pact feature.
    Refer to video by @Yosharian for mor information

  • Wizard lvl1: Spellbook: Dip into Wizard class enables you to learn the spell from the Wizard spell list using the scrolls. You can progress further in other spellcaster classes. The spellcasting ability score for the spells will be INT.
    Refer to 5thsrd[]
    Note:The Warlock class has the pact magic and spell slot progression doesn't stack with other spellcaster classes.

  • Wizard lvl2: Grim Harvest: Once per turn when you kill one or more creatures with a spell of 1st level or higher, you regain hit points equal to twice the spell's level, or three times its level if the spell belongs to the School of Necromancy. You don't gain this benefit for killing constructs or undead. Can be the basis for melee caster build in a mix with fighter. Using for example the Vampiric Touch.
    Refer to: Grim Harvest[]

  • Wizard lvl6: Undead Thralls: At 6th level, you add the Animate Dead spell to your spellbook if it is not there already. When you cast Animate Dead, you can target one additional corpse or pile of bones, creating another zombie or skeleton, as apropriate.

    When you create an undead using a Necromancy spell, it has additional benefits:
    - The creature's hit point maximum is increased by an amount equal to your wizard level.
    - The creature adds your proficiency bonus to it's weapon damage rolls.
    Refer to: Undead Thralls[]
Mix 1: Gloomstalker / Thief
Role: (Combat/Utility)

  • Initiating the combat
  • Trying to proc the fear from "Mortal Reminder" feat on Asassin crit strikes. DC depends on your CHA or WIS modifier. Lower AS value tends to be selected for DC.
  • To gain advantage for sneak ranged attacks you can cast the Fog Cloud on the enemies. No saving throws. Unlike the darkness spell, you can attack enemies in it.
  • Spike growth can be used to wipe the weak enemies or limit the mobility
  • Cast Silence against the enemy mages
  • Protecting the range caster with a shield, giving the disadvantage on enemy attacks
  • Attacking using the Sharpshooter bonus damage ability with attack roll penalty
  • one can start combat with 50% hp, using "Helmet of Grit" and gaining extra bonus action. But the hemlets with crit range extension by 1 are preferred
  • Fire resistance from the Natural explorer: Wasteland Wanderer: Fire
  • Bonuses from the Ranger: "Dread Ambusher" on 1 round: +WIS Modifier to initiative, Walking speed +10 feet, extra attack with additional 1d8 damage
  • Extended crit range to around 15-20, depending on the equipment used
  • Bonuses from "Umbral Sight": darkvision up to 60 feet. You are invisible for the enemies relying in darkvision to see you
  • Magic Missile (Ne'er Misser Crossbow) or Scorching Ray Shot (Hellfire Hand Crossbow) can help to get rid of Hag illusions or low hp enemies
  • Weak to the disarming attacks, better to stay invisible
  • Using the arrow items like:
    - 'Arrow of Many Targets' for damaging 4 enemies in a chain,
    - 'Arrow of Ilmater' to block the hp regeneration or
    - 'Arrow of Arcane Interference' to silence the enemy or break the concentration.

Any or drow

Preferred Origin:
Shadowheart or Astarion

Total Levels:
Level 1 Ranger 1 Ranger Knight: Heavy Armor, Wasteland Wanderer: Fire
Level 2 Ranger 2 Fighting Style: Archery[]
Level 3 Ranger: Gloom Stalker 3 Subclass Features: Dread Ambusher, Umbral Sight
Level 4 Ranger: Gloom Stalker 4 Feat: Sharpshooter[]
Level 5 Ranger: Gloom Stalker 5 Extra Attack, Spells: Pass without the trace, Spike Growth
Level 6 Rogue 1 Sneak Attack, Skill Expertise x2
Level 7 Rogue 2 Cunning action: dash, disengage
Level 8 Rogue 3: Thief Feature: Fast Hands, Second-Story Work
Level 9 Warlock: The Old One 1 Mortal Reminder[]
Level 10 Fighter 1 Second Wind, Fighting Style: Protection[]
Level 11 Fighter 2 Action Surge[]
Level 12 Fighter 3: Champion Extends the attack roll crit range by 1
Level 12 Fighter 3: Battle Master Superiority Dice: Menacing/Pushing Attack

Ability Score:
STR: 10
DEX: 8 (Gloves of Dexterity set DEX to 18)
CON: 14 (Both WIS and CHA have to be 16 for Higher DC of Mortal Reminder)
INT: 10
WIS: 16
CHA: 16

Concentrating on spells:
- Fog Cloud, Hex, Spike Growth, Silence

Melee: Dual Daggers or Dager and a Shield:
Dagger 1: Bloodthirst (+1 Crit Range) [link image is wrong one][]
Dagger 2: Knife of the Undermountain King (+1 Crit Range, Not Sure if it can stack))[]
Shield 1: Shield of the Undevout (Enemy has disadvantage on Saving Throw against Fear Effects)[]
Shield 2: Sentinel Shield (+3 initiative, Adv on Perception Checks for discovering)[]

Range: 2x Hand Crossbow
Crossbow 1: Ne'er Misser[]
Crossbow 2: Hellfire Hand Crossbow[]

Amulet: Surgeon's Subjugation Amulet (Can paralyse for 2 Turns on crit, once per long rest)[]
Ring 1: Risky Ring (Advantage on Attacks, Disadvantage on Saving Throws)[]
Ring 2: Strange Conduit Ring (1-4 Psychic damage to attacks while concentrating)[]
Gloves: Gloves of Dexterity (Set DEX to 18, attack +1)[]
Boots: Disintegrating Night Walkers (Can't be entangled, enwebbed, ensnared or slip on ice or grease. Can cast Misty Step)[]
Armor: Dark Justiciar Half-Plate (16 AC, +2 from Dex / Adv on CON Saving Throws as Concentration / Adv on Stealth checks while obscured - Helps to keep Greater Invisibility longer)[]
Cloak: Shade-Slayer Cloak (+1 Crit Range while hiding)[]
Helmet: Sarevok's Horned Helmet (+1 Crit Range)[]

Crit Range Summary:
Fighter 3:Champion: (+1 Crit Range)
Dagger 1: Bloodthirst (+1 Crit Range)
Dagger 2: Knife of the Undermountain King (+1 Crit Range, it stacks although it's not stated)
Helmet: Sarevok's Horned Helmet (+1 Crit Range)
Cloak: Shade-Slayer Cloak (+1 Crit Range while hiding)
Elixir of Viciousness: (+1 Crit Range)
Total: 14/17-20 Attack Roll Crit Range
(Depending on hiding, elixir usage or if shield is chosen)

The rogue can be proficient in 4 skills, one skill is granted from the Ranger multiclassing and a background would grant 2 additional options. I would suggest to cover the dexterity or wisdom based skills, depending on your party composition:
  • Sleight Of H. (Expertise)
  • Stealth
  • Acrobatics
  • Perception (WIS) (Expertise)
  • Survival
  • History (From Ranger:Knight Favoured enemy)
  • etc.
If it's Shadowheart:
+ Religion
+ Insight

Starting out
Level 1 Rogue 1 Sneak Attack / Sneak Attack: Ranged, Skill Expertise x2
Level 2 Fighter 1 Second Wind, Fighting Style: Archery (+2 to attack rolls)
Level 3 Rogue 2 Cunning action: dash, disengage
Level 4 Rogue 3: Thief Second bonus action
Level 5 Warlock 1: The Old One Mortal Reminder
after that one can respec to ranger, having an extra attack
Level 11 Fighter 11 Respec if pure damage focus is needed

If you use the illithid powers like mind sanctuary, at level 11 Fighter can utilize it's potential better. As well as Elixir of Bloodthirst and Haste, dealing damage with longbow like Gontr Mael. Refer to the video by @Thorusin
Mix 2: Thief / Berserker > Eldritch Knight 11 / Cleric 1
Role: (Combat / Throwing things)

- Goal is to add one bonus action from the thief, doing one more Enraged Throw while raging
- Enraged Throw helps with CC, knocking enemies prone
- Sheak Attack is not used for the build
- Tavern Brawler Feat adds additional damage and precision to the throws based on STR modifier
- Cunning action dash will help with mobility, as for every thief, dash thrice if needed.
- Adding some haste buff helps with damage, but it's less effective than in case of 11 level Fighter
- Danger sense gives advantage on Dexterity Saving Throws against traps, spells, and surfaces.
- Fighter 3: Eldritch Knight's Weapon Bond makes any weapon to return to you after throwing
- If the weapon with Ice or Lightning damage is at hand, you can throw a water bottle at enemy to apply wet status and damage vulnerability (see Lightning Jabber spear below)


I would suggest Karlach

Total Levels:
Level 1 Barbarian 1 Unarmoured Defense: Con, Rage
Level 2 Barbarian 2 Reckless Attack, Danger Sense
Level 3 Barbarian: Berserker 3 Frenzy, Frenzied Strike, Enraged Throw
Level 4 Barbarian: Berserker 4 Feat: Tavern Brawler
Level 5 Barbarian: Berserker 5 Extra Attack (Applies to throw as well)
Level 6 Rogue 1 Sneak Attack, Finesse / Sneak Attack: Ranged
Level 8 Rogue: Thief 3 Fast Hands, Second-Story Work
Level 9 Fighter 1
Level 10 Fighter 2 Action Surge
Level 11 Respec to Fighter 11: Eldritch Knight
Level 12 Cleric: Tempest Domain

Feats after the respec:
Level 4: Tavern Brawler
Level 6: ASI+2 STR
Level 8: War Caster

Ability Score:
STR: 17 (+1 Tavern Brawler at lvl 4, +2 ASI at Level 8 after Respec, + 2 Potion of Everlasting Vigor)
DEX: 14
CON: 16
INT: 8
WIS: 8
CHA: 8

Concentrating on spells:
Before the respec: none, only rage
Before the respec at level 11: Bless

Staff of Arcane Blessing: For casting the Bless at the start of encounter.
Upon throwing the homing weapon, it will automatically replace the Staff in your hands.

Throwing Weapon:
Returning Pike[] (homing)
Dwarven Thrower [] (homing)
Lightning Jabber[]

Titanstring Bow[]

Amulet: Amulet of Misty Step[]
Ring 1: Ring of Regeneration (d4 Heal at the start of your turn)[]
Ring 2: Ring of Flinging (d4 Bonus to throw damage)[]
Gloves: Gloves of Uninhibited Kushigo (Aditional d4 Damage with throwing and improvised weapon)[]
Boots: Bonespike Boots[]
Armor: Reapers Embrace (Damage Reduction /2, Can't Be Moved and DEX Saving Throw Disadvantage)[]
Cloak: Cloak of Displacement (Every turn, disadvantage on incoming attack rolls until hit)[]
Helmet: Helm of Balduran (Stun and Crit Immunity, 2hp heal at the start of the turn, +1AC and Saving throws)[]

- Athletics
- etc.

  • Guidance
  • Resistance
  • Sacred Flame
  • Mage Hand
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Light
  • I.Fog Cloud and Thunderwave from Tempest Domain
  • I.Sanctuary or Bless selected
  • I. False Life
  • I. Magic Missile
  • I. Shield
  • I. Thundervawe
  • I. Protection from Evil and Good
  • II. Misty Step
  • II.Arcane Lock
  • II.Darkness
  • II.Gust of Wind

Starting out:
Starting out as barbarian, as described above. For the rogue utility, you could take the first level as a rogue and invest more into dexterity
Mix 3: Sorcerer / Warlock
Sorcerer (3)/ Warlock (9)
Role: (CC /Dialogue/ Support)

  • Most important: Controlling the higher level enemies with Hold Monster spell. Spell DC 22 is normally enough to control Red Dragon, Emperor, Raphael or Incubus in House of Hope.
  • For more casual fights - buffing the party with twinned greater invisibility, haste, flight, etc.
  • Spamming the quickened Eldritch Blast applying the radiant orbs to enemies per blast hit. 6 Hits per turn.
  • In the midgame using Hunger of Hadar spell to grant the attack roll advantage for ranged attacks.
  • Pushing enemies from the highground or cliffs using agonizing blast.
  • Dual Wielding the aura stat-sticks like Phalar Aluve, The Blood of Lathander or Devotee's Mace
  • Alternatively, dual Wielding the Staffs to get the bonus to DC: Refer to Woe or Caitiff Staff


Preferred Origin:

Total Levels:
Level 1 Warlock 1 Archfey
Level 2 Warlock 2 Invocation: Agonizing Blast, Repelling Blast
Level 3 Warlock 3 Pact of Tome
Level 4 Warlock 4 ASI +2 CHA
Level 5 Warlock 5 Deepened Pact:Haste, Animate Dead, Call Lightning, Invocation: Devil's Sight
Level 6 Warlock 6 Misty Escape
Level 7 Warlock 7 Invocation: Mire the Mind (Slow Spell), Eldritch Blast 3-d Ray
Level 8 Warlock 8 Feat: Dual Wielder
Level 9 Warlock 9 Invocation: Minions of Chaos (Conjure Elemental Spell)
Level 10 Sorcerer 1 Tempestuous Magic
Level 11 Sorcerer 2 Metamagic: Twinned Spell, Distant Spell
Level 12 Sorcerer 3 Metamagic: Quickened Spell

Ability Score:
STR: 10
DEX: 14
INT: 8
WIS: 10
CHA: 16 (+2 ASI, +2 Mirror of Loss)

Concentrating on spells:
- Hold Monster
- Slow
- Haste
- Greater Invisibility
- Hunger of Hadar
- etc.

  • Eldritch Blast
  • Mage Hand
  • Thorn Whip
  • Guidance
  • Vicious Mockery
  • Light
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Ray of Frost
  • Fire Bolt

  • I. Shield
  • I. Magic Missile
  • I. False Life
  • II. Mirror Image
  • I. Hex
  • II. Darkness, Misty Step, Hold Person
  • III. Call Lightning (once per long rest)
  • III. Haste (once per long rest)
  • III. Animate Dead (once per long rest)
  • III. Hunger of Hadar
  • III. Counterspell
  • III. Flight
  • III. Slow
  • IV. Greater Invisibility
  • IV. Dimension Door
  • V. Hold Monster
  • V. Conjure Elemental

Sticks for dual wielding:
- Woe (+1 DC and attack rolls)[]
- Caitiff Staff (+1 DC, can restore 1 Warlock spellslot)[]
- Phalar Aluve (Aura gives d4 Bonus to attack rolls and WIS, INT, CHA saving throws in 6m Radius for 5 Turns)[]
- The Blood of Lathander (Permanent aura blinds Undead and Fiends in 6m Radius if they failed saving throw. Also gives Deathward ressurecting you at 0 hp)[]
- Devotee's Mace (d4 healing aura for 10 turns, can trigger the On-Heal Effects)[]

Ranged: any
Amulet: any or The Spectator Eyes[]
Ring 1: Shapeshifter's Boon Ring (d4 bonus to ALL checks while Shapeshifted, thanks to @Mike for giving a hint. See below in the comments)[]
Ring 2: Coruscation Ring (Sets Radiant Orb on spell damage, giving attack roll penalty)[]
Spellseeking Gloves[]
Gloves of Missile Snaring[]
Cerebral Citadel Gloves[]
Boots: Boots of Speed (Bonus Action Dash)[]
Armor: Spidersilk Armour (Advantage on CON Saving Throws)[]
Cloak: Cloak of the Weave (+1 DC and Attack Rolls, Absorb Elements Ability)[]
Helmet: Hood of the Weave (+2 DC and Attack Rolls)[]

NOTE: While shapeshifted, some dialogue scenes won't be triggered as expected. That can influence the Dark Urge character questline. For example quests like Open your Scars, dialogues in House of Hope or Bhaal Temple. Otherwise the effect can be abused for the whole party as it is applied when gaining the shapeshifted status.

  • Deception
  • Intimidation

Starting out
I would suggest starting as a warlock and after level 9 taking 3 Sorcerer levels.
Mix 4: Wizard / Paladin (not viable after hotfix)
Role: (Combat/Casting/Utility)

  • Buffing the party with twinned spell haste or other buffs
  • Using the divine smite for additional melee damage
  • Supporting party with 'Bardic Inspiration', 'Song of Rest' and 'Countercharm'
  • Utility for the INT skill checks
  • Defensive Flourish and Shield spell for better defence
  • Can learn the spells from the Wizard spell list using scrolls including level 6 Spells. Around 4 Spells can be prepared though. NOTE: it seems it was hot fixed, and learning higher level spells is no longer possible /:
  • Cast elemental cantrips to gain Arcane Synergy, Adding the Spellcasting Ability Modifier to weapon damage and Infuse the first weapon attack with d4 Elemental damage
  • Use the Giant Form buff from Balduarn's Giantslayer sword to get d6 melee damage bonus and 27 temporary hp
  • Use the Circuitry Interface buff to gain the advantage on attack rolls and resistance to lightning damage for 10 turns. Refer to Gloves of Automaton[]
  • Use the Spell Slot Restoration items. You can summon Myrmidon beforehand using Conjure Elemental 6 level spell and restore the slot. Refer to Spellcrux Amulet[]

Any or drow

Preferred Origin:
Would suggest Gale for the skill utility

Total Levels:
Level 1 Paladin 1 Heavy Armor Proficiency
Level 2 Wizard 1 Wizard Spellbook
Level 3 Paladin 2 Divine Smite
Level 4 Bard 1 Bardic Inspiration
Level 5 Bard 2 Song of Rest, Jack of All Trades
Level 6 Bard 3 College of Swords, Blade Flourish, Expertise
Level 7 Bard 4 Feat:Great Weapon Master
Level 8 Bard 5 Improved Bardic Inspiration
Level 9 Bard 6 Extra Attack
Level 10 Sorcerer 1 Tempestuous Magic
Level 11 Sorcerer 2 Metamagic: Twinned Spell, Distant Spell
Level 12 Sorcerer 3 Metamagic: Quickened Spell

Ability Score:
STR: 8 (Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength set STR to 23)
DEX: 14
CON: 8 (Amulet of Greater Health sets CON to 23 and gives advantage on CON Saving Throws )
INT: 16
WIS: 10
CHA: 16

Concentrating on spells:
- Haste
- Slow or Hold monster, although CCs are not recommended because of low DC
- etc.

Learning Spells:
Acquiring the spell is quite expensive, so I would suggest stealing money from the merchants.
Refer to the last section in the guide.

  • Light
  • Mage Hand
  • Friends
  • Minor Illusion
  • Blade Guard
  • Dancing Lights
  • Fire Bolt
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Ray of Frost
  • Bone Chill

  • I. Speak with Animals (Self-Buff until long rest, no concentration)
  • I. Healing Word
  • I. Sleep
  • II. Enhance Ability (Buff until long rest, CONCENTRATION)
  • II. Lesser Restoration
  • II. Detect Thoughts (Self-Buff until long rest, CONCENTRATION)
  • II. See Invisibility (Self-Buff until long rest, no concentration)
  • II. Silence
  • II. Invisibility
  • I. Mage Armour (Buff until long rest, no concentration)
  • I. Enhance Leap
  • II. Misty Step
  • II. Mirror Image

Melee: Balduran's Giantslayer (Greatsword, doubles the STR modifier damage, has the Giant Form Buff) []
Ranged: Gontr Mael (Guidance on hit, Selestial Haste Buff) or any[]
Amulet: Amulet of Greater Health (Sets CON to 23, advantage on CON saving throws)[]
Ring 1: Ring of Arcane Synergy[]
Ring 2: Ring of Elemental Infusion[]
Gloves: Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength (Set the STR to 23)[http//Gauntlets+of+Hill+Giant+Strength]
Boots: Helldusk Boots (Cannot be moved, immune to difficult terrain, hellcrawler teleport ability)[]
Armor: Helldusk Armour (Damage Reduction /3, Fire Resistance, etc.)[]
Cloak of the Weave []
Deathstalker Mantle[]
Helmet: Helldusk Helmet (Blindness immunity, Crit Immunity, +2 to Spell saving throws )[]

    With the Sage Background:
  • Arcana
  • History
  • Investigation
  • Nature
  • Religion
  • Athletics

Starting out
I would suggest starting out as a single class Wizard, Bard or Paladin and swap to the build at level 9.
Note: Skill Utility / Party Composition
I'd like to share couple of things regarding the skill utility in the game.
At least that's my opinion on the topic.

Skill check frequency in EA

Referring to the wiki.[]
There is the comment with the information regarding the frequency of skill check and their max difficulty in EA (sorted the data according to frequency):
  • Priority | Number of checks | Skill | Max Difficulty | Ability Score
  • 1 293 Persuasion 25 Cha
  • 2 209 Intimidation 20 Cha
  • 3 147 Deception 20 Cha
  • 4 57 Arcana 20 Int
  • 5 53 Insight 19 Wis
  • 6 44 Performance 20 Cha
  • 7 41 History 20 Int
  • 8 38 Nature 15 Int
  • 9 37 Animal Handl 20 Wis
  • 10 27 Perception 15 Wis
  • 11 25 Investigation 20 Int
  • 12 20 Medicine 15 Wis
  • 13 19 Sleight Of H. 20 Dex
  • 14 18 Religion 15 Int
  • 15 8 Athletics 20 Str
  • 16 6 Stealth 10 Dex
  • 17 5 Survival 15 Wis
  • 18 2 Acrobatics 12 Dex
Although I can't checked the data, seems plausible. It's a good basis for prioritizing.

Classes with the most skill proficiencies

imho the best suitable characters, which get the most skills are:
  • Rogue (4),
  • Bard (3),
  • Cleric: Knowledge Domain (2 + 2 from domain) (For int based skills)
  • Ranger (3).
That is not the full list of bonus skill proficiencies, but enough for the cause.

Skill expertise

Additionally Bard and Rogue have the expertise, which doubles the proficiency bonus for the selected skills you are proficient with. For skills like persuasion, sleight of hand, stealth or performance I would consider having the expertise.
  • Rogue can select 2 skills to have expertise in each time, on 1 and 6-th.
  • Bard can select 2 skills to have expertise in each time, on 4 and 10 Level,
In addition on 2-d level bard gets the "Jack of all Trades" feature, which adds half of the proficiency bonus to the skills the character is not proficient with. For more information on proficiency bonus, refer to wiki[]


Backgrounds help to cover the lacking skills and influence the tasks needed for gaining the inspiration points. For more information, refer to wiki[]
The Dark Urge and Origin characters have predefined backgrounds, as shown below:

The background are as follows:
ACOLYTE - Insight (WIS), Religion (INT) [Shadowheart]
CHARLATAN - Sleight Of H. (DEX), Deception (CHA) [Astarion]
CRIMINAL - Stealth (DEX), Deception (CHA)
ENTERTAINER - Acrobatics (DEX), Performance (CHA)
FOLK HERO - Animal Handling (WIS), Survival (WIS)
GUILD ARTISAN - Insight (WIS), Persuasion (CHA)
NOBLE - History (INT), Persuasion (CHA) [Wyll]
HERMIT - Medicine (WIS), Religion (INT)
OUTLANDER - Survival (WIS), Athletics (STR) [Karlach]
SAGE - Arcana (INT), History (INT) [Gale]
SAILOR - Perception (WIS), Athletics (STR)
SOLDIER - Athletics (STR), Intimidation (CHA) [Lae'zel]
URCHIN - Sleight Of H. (DEX), Stealth (DEX)
HAUNTED ONE - Medicine (WIS), Intimidation (CHA) [The Dark Urge Only]

Party Composition

To cover the skills according to the related ability scores the following is possible:
  • STR - any STR based melee character, Barb, Fighter or Paladin.
  • DEX - Rogue, Bard
  • INT - Warlock, Wizard, Rogue or Ranger (only investigation).
    To cover all the related skills, one could multiclass with Cleric: Knowledge Domain, gaining more proficiencies or take the Feat. For example I didn't intend to have the characters with high intelligence :/ so I wanted to cover it with one and the "Headband of Intellect"
  • WIS - Bard, Ranger or Druid
  • CHA - Rogue, Bard, Sorcerer, Paladin or Warlock, all will do.


Composition in my case was:
  • Rogue, Sorcerer - CHA, DEX
    Charlatan (Persuasion, Intimidation, Deception, Performance,Sleight Of H., Stealth)
  • Rogue, Cleric: Knowledge Domain - INT, WIS
    Sage (Arcana, History, Nature, Perception, Investigation, Sleight Of H., Religion,Stealth)
  • Druid - WIS
    Folk Hero (Insight, Animal Handling, Medicine, Survival)
  • Barbarian - STR, DEX
    Urchin (Athletics, Stealth, Survival, Acrobatics)

Random pic with happy Cazador
Note: Starting as Origin, Dark Urge or Custom Character?
After one walkthrough playing for The Dark Urge I would suggest it even for the first try.
Most of the victims can be saved and there are additional options ot deal with the situation.
There is a storyline behind as well.

I gues that's it. I wish you good start of the game

Notes: (Maybe) Useful Information
Random pic. I always wanted to know what do the boots of Gortash do in the scene
Buffing and preparing for the combat
After casting the buffs character can leave the party and stay in camp, while the buffs will grant the bonuses. Here is the short list of the usable buffs (there may be more):

  • Light Cantrip
  • II.Warding Bond (Most important. Once on each character with different cleric. Resistance to all damage types)
  • II. Protection from Poison
  • II. Aid (Upcast to max level, raises max hp)
  • III.Daylight (Best option to visit the Cazador)
  • IV.Death Ward (avoid death once)
  • IV.Freedom of Movement (Can't be magically paralysed or restrained, immune to difficult terrain)
  • I. Longstrider (+3m movement speed)
  • I. Goodberry (not a buff, but characters in camp can help stack the supply for the journey)
  • II. Darkvision (12m)
  • VI. Hero's Feast (+12 Max hp, immune to Disease, Poison or Frightened, adv on WIS saves)
  • Bardic Inspiration
  • Song of Rest (Abuse in conjunction with Create Sorcery Points for Sorlock Characters)
Self-Buffs (Must be cast by character):
  • Speak with animals
  • Disguise Self + Shapeshifter's Boon Ring[]
  • False Life (temporary hp)
  • See invisibility (See invisible creatures in 9m range if they fail DEX saving throw)

I Would suggest to keep:
  • 1 Single Class Druid character
  • 4x Bard(2) /Cleric(10) characters
in camp solely for buffing and using the divine intervention to get the devotee's mace[] if needed.

Random pic of Desire in her prime, if you know what I mean
Note: Advantages/Disadvantages

These are the most simple ways to get the advantage on attack rolls, that's not the full list for sure:
The following conditions grant the disadvantages:
  • Blur on incoming attack rolls
  • Poisoned Status on attack rolls and ability checks
  • Heat Metal on attack rolls
  • PROTECTION FROM EVIL AND GOOD On incoming attack rolls for fiends and undead
  • FRIGHTENED can't move and has Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Attack Rolls.
  • Hex Disadvantage On (!)Ability Checks
  • BESTOW CURSE On Saving throws
  • Mage Slayer Enemy Constitution Saving Throw
  • SHOCKED Cannot take reactions and has Disadvantage on Ability Checks and Saving Throws using Dexterity.
  • PRONE Disadvantage on Strength and Dexterity Saving Throws.
  • DAZED Has Disadvantage on Wisdom Saving Throws, can't take Reactions, and loses the Dexterity bonus to their Armour Class.
  • Protection Style Disadvantage to attacker's attack rolls
  • Blindness Gave disadvantage on attacks. Allowed advantage on all attacks made against you.
  • Bleeding condition incurs Disadvantage on Constitution Saves.
  • Heightened Spell Metamagic gives a disadvantage on saving throw
  • No darkvision withoiut light disadvantage on attack rolls

Just random Shadowheart pic
Note: Stealing
Here is the example of stealing process:
  • Take a character with 'Sleight of Hand' Skill Expertise or at least Proficiency
  • Use the Shapeshifter's Boon Ring[] if needed
  • Cast Disguise Self (for example Femme Halfing) on character
  • Cast 'Greater Invisibility' on character
  • Cast 'Cat's Grace' on character or use the 'Gloves of Thievery[]'
  • Buff the character with Guidance
  • Sneak up and steal the gold
  • Repeat
Reaver  [author] Aug 8, 2023 @ 6:10pm 
Wow, thanks!
Full Metal Jedii Aug 8, 2023 @ 4:09pm 
what a fantastic guide! even had some things I've never thought of! Thank you so much!
Reaver  [author] Aug 5, 2023 @ 10:44pm 
Hey, Frozen. I see. I've just written it fast, before the release. Could you give me couple of examples of such vocabulary, to better understand which area it is more related to?
Frozen Cold Aug 5, 2023 @ 7:17pm 
this is a good and in-depth guide but i was expecting more of a "this is your first dnd type game, here's what you need to know pre-start" type guide. A lot of the vocabulary and terms used I was completely unfamiliar with lol
Reaver  [author] Aug 5, 2023 @ 5:42pm 
Wow, thanks. I've spoken to that one but never tried killing him :/
Mike Aug 5, 2023 @ 3:06pm 
There are 3 Oxen in the first town. The left one is strange looking and smaller.
If you kill it then it drops the Shapeshifter's boon ring. "+1d4 to all checks while shapeshifted or disguise selfed."

The oxen tender attacked too and I used subdual damage in the passive tab on him. No guards aggroed.

All checks is amazing, lockpicking, stealing, social skills, jumping, webs, but not attacking.
Reaver  [author] Aug 5, 2023 @ 2:34pm 
Hey, Mike. Thank you for the tipps. Could you tell me the name of the item, giving the bonus d4 while shapeshifted?

Regarding the talking, I mostly prefer sorc, taking the first rogue level for the expertise in persuasion. I like bards as well, but they gain expertise only on 4-th level. I rarely cast friends though. Some npc may aggro after that. Otherwise having the advantage is always awesome
Mike Aug 5, 2023 @ 1:09pm 
Some newb tips:
4 levels in one single class give bonus feat or +2 to stats. Don't stop at 3 levels in a class if you want this.
The friends cantrip is the best spell in the game. Almost every social interaction you can cast it for free and get 2 dice rolls instead of 1.
The cantrip guidance that gives +1d4 to skills is amazing, but there is an item that does it eventually.

Charisma skills are important, and having 1 person that does all the talking is very important, so make a sorcerer or paladin with all charisma skills as your main. Someone in your party should have friends, someone in party should have guidance, it can be anyone.

There is an item that gives +1d4 to all skills while shapeshifted. There is also an item that lets you disguise yourself as any race. I disguised myself as my own race and got +1d4 to all skills forever. Just activate it every morning.
Reaver  [author] Aug 5, 2023 @ 8:42am 
Hey. Unfortunately, in v4.1.1.3624901 you can't use the "unarmed strike" ability in the wild shape
SyfierX Aug 4, 2023 @ 2:11am 
Not sure if this is a noob question, but has anyone tested Mix 4? Can we execute monk's bonus action in wild shape?