Take Me To The Dungeon!!
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Take Me To The Dungeon!!

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9999 Damage guide easy
By Corrin
Guide to get the "Over The Limit" achievement and a pretty broken build for late game that makes you unkillable.
Build Overview
This build focuses on the advantage of going first to stack armor making you undamagable, while stacking a buff that allows you to deal massive damage through a single attack card.

The main crux of this build is the "Shield Bash" card, converting all your armor into a massive attack, you sacrifice some defense for it but the damage is absurd in comparison.

Note, cards are ordered in ascending value from right to left, meaning use the right cards first and Extender Defender last to maximize the exponential growth of armor.

Below is a list of all the cards with the runes used for the achievement:

The main card for the build, use absolutely last, you can put a splash damage rune on it to clear floors leading up to the boss.

The main source of armor to be used last during the "building" phase, with the replicant rune it gives you 20% bonus armor every time it's used.

A counterintuitive card as it gives your opponent 40 armor when used with replicant rune, but it gives our Shield Bash a 20% damage bonus from Armor Pen III that will heavily outscale the 200-300 armor we give them over the course of building.

Highest base armor builder, after a few hours of trying to optimize the mana spent vs armor gained this was the best I could do for a high armor card that doesn't spend charge up or waste the first strike item.

Originally planned for this to be the main builder when testing, but it's deceptively ♥♥♥♥, just a worse version of the card above but it gets the job done.

Another contender for a huge builder, but not being able to double cast the top mod made it near worthless, just a descending value armor builder.

A noob's favorite, low mana high armor. What's not to love?

36 armor for 0 mana will make you ♥♥♥ faster than the H scenes, although mana in this build doesnt matter much since we are immune to damage. Discard early and don't let the tears stop your climax.

The last 2 cards are only here because there are NO OTHER armor options that fit the build, the small amount of focus will buff early armor building and the discard armor makes them viable to ditch well before the big hitter builders.

Refer to above. Free focus and 35 armor for discarding its hard to deny its use early.

--- General Strategy ---

1. Dump all 0-1 cost cards early to get a base of armor, then use 2+4 costs (with max mana)
2. Save Extender Defender for absolutely last every hand (20% armor up from what you have)
3. MAKE SURE you have Armor Pen III rune on shield bash if you are running benefaction or Splash Rune III for clearing floors
4. Enjoy the brainless gameplay.
Achievement Setup
Knowing the build is great, but even through a 70 turn slog against tier II fish boss the highest we can get is 7000 so we need a little trick to push us over the edge. On floor 90 is the best boss to make this achievement free, the Reaper boss gains a stacking debuff that eventually will double or triple our already thousands of damage. That and the fact he only strikes every 5 turns or so makes him the perfect candidate.

Stacks reset at certain points, I couldn't figure out when in testing.

I still had 1 more rest and use of defender so it could have been 20% higher but I didn't want to risk stacks resetting.

This was the best ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ in the whole game. Happened around turn 40, each attempt from 80F to end of build was around 15 minutes. The more Treasure/Shop/Event tiles you visit the faster it is.

---Best Items For Achievement---

"First attack is a Type Counter." increases our damage by a lot for our first and only attack.

"Gain 2/4/6 Armor at Start of Turn." Self explanatory.

"After resting, gain 27 armor." We rest 7-8 times while building, its quite significant by the end.

"Defense cards gain 2 stats." Small increase but adds up over time.
Wrap Up
Thanks for checking out my guide, it's my first ever and I had some trouble with Error 15 and formatting but hopefully it isn't too terrible. If you guys want I can release the build I used to complete the game centered around stacking debuffs and big hits with "Dark Flame" otherwise wish you the best for the easy achievement :D
Lvl04pikachu Mar 4 @ 11:49pm 
great guide!! Got my damage to 15678!
minicd Feb 4 @ 7:55am 
there is also a much easier way to do this if you have and hour to spend by using unsheathed slash in the side dungeon supernatural beats
Zeral Jan 28 @ 7:10am 
If you get the silver token and have enough armor that you gain armor even if you have to wait 5+ turns, you can just play only Extender Defender after a rest, and end turn until it comes back. Then you can hit however much damage you want if you just sit there.
mchoufleur Jan 6 @ 7:13am 
Slammin' dat Reaper down so hard not even Life Alert can pick him back up :auimp:
NewBie Oct 22, 2023 @ 3:24am 
Shadow Sep 28, 2023 @ 1:33am 
@†, I got the Extender Defender and Ultimate Magic by completing the 81st Floor Secret Path and obtaining the Normal Ending (NE).

As you have already seen the Bad Ending (BE) and Happy Ending (HE), go to "Una's House" and select "Make Different Choices". When given the choice to [tell Una] or [don't tell Una], choose [don't tell Una] to get the Normal Ending.

† choo bert (need wasian) Sep 23, 2023 @ 12:00am 
where do you get "extender defender" from? im on 80f+ and can not find it
TheRealNightingale Sep 5, 2023 @ 10:10am 
Also, you can switch the 3 innate runes of Benefaction for 3 Defense III runes, each level of the Benefaction skill gives +5 armour to everyone, so the three innate add +15 armour, whereas the 3 Defense III's add +6 just to you, for +18 total, and you're giving less armour to enemies.
TheRealNightingale Sep 5, 2023 @ 10:01am 
Shield is actually the best armour card in the game, besides high armour Extender Defender.

With 3 innate runes it becomes +16 per unique buff on you. Swap the Healing Spell with Psychokinesis, which you discard for Overfocused, giving Focus every turn if you haven't taken HP damage. Add a Charge-Up rune to any one card and it carries over as long as you don't attack. Finally swap Tranquil for Rest, which when played gives you the Conservation buff which makes the next Card cost 0 energy. Slap a replicant rune and a Combo rune on it to get 2 free cards and the combo buff.

So you've got 4 unique Buffs, with +16 each Buff, making it +64 armour, then slap a Replicant rune on it and with the 7 initial armour on the card, you get an impressive +142 armour from one card, that you could play round 1.
Merukuru Aug 23, 2023 @ 8:38am 
Perfect guide, worked first try!
Besides attempts were I got trap chest right before the boss. Just impossible to win :lunar2020ratinablanket: