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New Secret Item - Summer Update [SPOILERS]
By SquibSoop
A guide of how to get the new secret items from the Summer Update
What are the items?
The newest items are 3 scrolls and a Pearl.

Obviously this contains potential spoilers:

How to get them?
For these secret items you only need to get Beach Set Items, notably the "Message in the bottle" and the "Basket"

Place the baskets in water, I used the new water tiles from the Beach Set but I don't think it matters. The more the better right?

The key is... just wait, it's RNG, and doesn't matter if you have all items on the "don't spawn tables". So just wait for one basket to get a Pearl in it.

The bottle is also RNG of which scroll it gives, they come wrapped with either a red, green or gold band. And when opened the tell you stats about your current save game:

Honestly, easiest way is to get one bottle then throw it in the dupe bag from the Rainbow Set. As there is only 3 scrolls shouldn't need too many bottles to get the 3 scrolls.
Yeah... that's it
Thanks for reading, hope it helped
zx6roo Apr 5 @ 8:43am 
You can make 3 sizes of unlucky magic but you only get awarded one in the inventory list.
venusfly Dec 14, 2023 @ 10:50pm 
not sure if this was just coincidence or not but i unintentionally placed a lucky cat next to my only basket and got two pearls within an hour :o