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Finding All Secret Dogs
By 8_bit_BEAR
This guide will tell you how to find every single dog in the game to unlock the true or good ending.
Basic Controls
I just wanted to include this section here for anyone who needed the basic controls for this game but might have accidentally clicked past them in the menu.

Move forward = up arrow
move backwards = down arrow
turn left = left arrow
turn right = right arrow

sprint/walk = hold shift
jump = spacebar or X
interact = Z

Escape = open menu
You may have noticed that throughout the game there are some dogs scattered around that you can interact with. Collecting a certain number of dogs will unlock a different ending.

From this point forward there will be spoilers for the game. Only read this guide if you are ok with getting spoiled, this is your last chance to turn back.

To interact with the dog simply press Z and the dog will have a text-box show up.

Things to note:
When entering each new story there is no dog to find.
There is also no dog to find in every area where you interact with the cow girl.
Part 1: Doors
The first maze: (Dog #1)
Before going through the door go to around the top left hand corner of the map and the dog will be on the ground level just below the exit door.

Choosing a door: (Dog #2)
This section you have to choose the correct door to go through.
After going through the 4th door you will be presented with a maze.
The Dog will be closest to the large door in the back.

Box platforming: (Dog #3)
In this section you have to jump onto each box to climb to the top. The Dog only appears after the bed has been loaded into the level.
You will find the dog in the top left of this zone.

If you are having troubles with this zone I recommend lining up your jump, jumping first and then moving forward.

Finale: (Dog #4)
Once jumping onto the bed and approaching the cat, talking to them and open every door.
Before touching the white cube, turn around and go back to the beginning of the level to approach the dog and pet them.

Note: there are some invisible walls in this level that may seem like you can't go past them. Trust me and just try and go around them.
Part 2: Clean up
Clean up trash maze: (Dog #5)
Once you enter the maze start to clean things up. To get to the dog, turn left into the maze, then right 180 degrees, then continue to the beer bottle and turn right. Down this corridor will be the dog.

Pick up trash from the crossroads: (Dog #6)
Next you will enter a level with a Torii.
Collect 4 pieces of trash and then you'll see the second water bottle. Do not collect the 2nd water bottle before interacting with the dog as the dog will disappear!

Conversations: (Story Dog)
In the next area you will see the dog at the other end of the level. You do not have to go to the dog first in this level as it actually ends this part.

As this dog is part of the story, I consider this to not count towards the endings.

Finale: (Dog #7)
Once at the final part, talk with the mouse and turn around for the final dog pet of this set.
Part 3: A Small Hike in the Park
Forest Zone 1: (Dog #8)
In the first forest zone the dog is in the top right of the map.

Forest Zone 2: (Dog #9)
In the second zone with the cassette tapes, the dog is on the left side and can be seen when entering the level.

Forest Zone 3: (Dog #10)
In the third forest zone, the dog is hiding behind the second tree on the left side.

Forest Zone 4: (Dog #11)
In the fourth forest zone the dog is on the right side and can be seen from the players starting position.

Finale: (Dog #12)
In the final zone after talking to the girl, the dog is again behind the character at the start of the area.
There are two endings that I know of for the game that involve the collection of dogs.

The first ending is obtained by collecting less than 9 dog.

The second ending is obtained by collecting 9 or more dogs.

[This information was confirmed by the developer in a news post on the Steam page.]
Closing notes
Thank you for taking the time to read through my guide! If there are any quesitons or things that you want answered, please don't be afraid to comment down below!

Also it would be really appreciated if you liked my guide and it would be extra appreciated if you awarded my guide as well!