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Espresso Tycoon - Achievement Guide
By chris.ferrantegerard
List of achievements and instructions that show how to unlock those achievements.
Achievements - Campaign Exclusive

Cape Town Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the first mission in the campaign
  • Each mission starts with a basic tutorial from Kim. In general, I would recommend following the tutorial before doing your own things.
  • Mission objectives:
    • Sell 5 coffees
    Simple and basic mission introducing you to bare min mechanics.

New York Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the second mission in the campaign
  • Mission objectives:
    • Build guitar and guitar amplifier decorations
    • Have rating of 30. Rating must be 30+ to trigger victory, reaching this rating then falling before achieving your other goals will not trigger victory until you get rating back to 30.
    • Have Barista with skill coffee on min level: Fine
    As part of tutorial, buy the guitar and guitar amplifier decorations when getting style points as part of tutorial. These decorations give you a decent amount of style points. To get style points easily, drop a bunch of napkins. These are the most efficient ways to increase your style points, but if you drop too many people will complain about your decour. Higher style points lets you increase your money multiplier, which increases how much you can sell your coffee for.

    Hire Rachel Bean and train her one in coffee to get to level Fine. After that, just finish the tutorial and advance game until you hit 30 rating. Remember to clean up any garbage that appears.

Sao Paulo Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the third mission in the campaign
  • Mission objectives:
    • Sell 10 coffees with latte art
    • Have 8 plants
    • Have Barista with skill coffee on min level: Good
    Create a coffee with Steamed Milk or Milk Foam as top layer and select a Latte Art. Add to menu, then sell 10 of them. Build 8 plant decorations. Plants require watering every now and then.

Paris Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the fourth mission in the campaign

Siberia Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the fifth mission in the campaign

London Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the sixth mission in the campaign

Mexico City Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the seventh mission in the campaign

Los Angeles Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the ninth mission in the campaign

Tokyo Mission Completed (Campaign)
  • Complete the tenth and final mission in the campaign

25 Style Points (Campaign) / 100 Style Points (Campaign) / 250 Style Points (Campaign) / 500 Style Points (Campaign) / 1000 Style Points (Campaign)
  • Collect the required number of style points. Style points are gained by placing decorations. Each decoration has a style point value associated with it and you will gain that many style points when a decoration is present. Destroying an existing decoration will lower your style points by associated amount. The last levels of the achievement will require you to continue the campaign mission long after you have completed the mission's actual objectives.

25 Rating Points (Campaign) / 100 Rating Points (Campaign) / 250 Rating Points (Campaign) / 500 Rating Points (Campaign) / 1000 Rating Points (Campaign)
  • Collect the required number of rating points. Rating points are gained by receiving positive reviews from your customers. Rating points are lost by receiving negative reviews from your customers. The last levels of the achievement will likely require you to continue the campaign mission after you have completed the mission's actual objectives but will be much easier to get than other achievements. I get more than this from doing one challenge in my long run Tokyo cafe; you will have insane rating points when finishing more grindy achievements like style points and cash, I had about 200k+ getting to a million cash.

Have $2000 In Cash (Campaign) / Have $5000 In Cash (Campaign) / Have $10000 In Cash (Campaign) / Have $25000 In Cash (Campaign) / Have $50000 In Cash (Campaign) / Have $100000 In Cash (Campaign) / Have $250000 In Cash (Campaign) / Have $500000 In Cash (Campaign) / Have $1000000 In Cash (Campaign)
  • Pretty self-explanatory, you have to earn lots of cash and not spend it. Expect to spend a lot of time grinding the achievement, the capstone achievement requires an insane amount of cash. You should have a full team of staff and handyman / cleaners should automate manual jobs outside of air conditioners / energy sockets through so you can largely afk out on max speed.
  • The key to this achievement is challanges. With a proper roster of fully trained staff, their wages will slowly build up and choke away most of the profits you can make from your actual coffee and snack sales. Max money multiplier is achieved at 500 style points so once you max that out you're limited in how much more money you can raise. Most challenges, on the other hand, are trivial to complete and reward huge bonuses. Your rating will blow up finishing challenges and you will get offered bigger and bigger rewards.
  • Important to note, final achievement appears to be currently bugged. Surpassing 1,000,000 does not reward achievement, achievement tracker appears to be stuck at 999,999
  • Confirmed that achievement can currently be completed by getting to exactly 1 million gold. This is kind of tricky to do in practice as once you get this much gold the second cent is shown as 0 instead of the real amount. Requires trial and error of trying to hit 1 million (sell / buy decorations while paused until you do so), and instant delivery of supplies to try trim your cents away.

5 Golden Beans Achieved (Campaign)
  • Reach the final level of golden bean. Golden beans are unlocked when you reach particular metrics at each level. You can see your current level of golden beans and the requirement to reach the next level just below the Mission goals. You cannot lose a golden bean. Each unlock will give you some money (amount increases with each level of bean) as well as unlocking additional features (new types of staff, more drink slots, discounts, bathroom, etc.). Upon reaching higher levels, customers will become more critical in their reviews and expect better services. You will naturally get this achievement while completing the story mission achievements as the ninth and tenth level require 5 golden beans to finish.

Rachel Bean Trained To Perfection (Campaign)
  • In the second mission (New York), barista Rachel Bean will be hired as part of mission. Train all her skills to Legendary. Boost your style points to increase money multiplier to gain more cash. Not many features available on this last level, you basically you will be waiting for cash to get up on max fast forward and cleaning tables.
Achievements - Sandbox Exclusive

Sandbox In All Cities Created
  • Simply create a sandbox at least once in all 10 levels
Achievements - Any Mode

First Coffee Sold / 10 Coffees Sold / 100 Coffees Sold / 250 Coffees Sold / 500 Coffee Sold / 1000 Coffees Sold / 5000 Coffees Sold / 10000 Coffees Sold
  • Sell lots of coffee to your customers.

First Recipe Created / 10 Recipes Created / 100 Recipes Created / 250 Recipes Created / 500 Recipes Created / 1000 Recipes Created
  • Create the required number of drinks in the Coffee Editor.

Played 10 Days In Total / Played 50 Days In Total / Played 100 Days In Total / Played 250 Days In Total / Played 500 Days In Total / Played 1000 Days In Total
  • Play the required number of days. Shared between all your games. Will probably be one of your final achievements to complete, 1000 days is a lot of playing. You can always leave game running in the background while you do other things so.

Played 10 Days In A Row / Played 25 Days In A Row / Played 50 Days In A Row / Played 100 Days In A Row
  • Play a single level for the required number of days. I'd recommend doing this in one of the later campaign levels so that you can work on the grindy campaign achievements at the same time.

First Discount Given / 10 Discounts Given / 100 Discounts Given / 250 Discounts Given / 500 Discounts Given / 1000 Discounts Given
  • To give a discount, click a customer and click the offer $10 discount button. Giving a discounts gives the customer a positive review. You can only give out so many discounts per day. Discounts becomes available once you unlock enough Golden Beans. Additional discounts become available with additional beans.

First Custom Latte Art Created / 10 Custom Latte Arts Created / 100 Custom Latte Arts Created
  • To create Custom Latte Art, open Coffee Editor, have Steamed Milk or Milk Foam as the top layer, then go to the Latte Art tab. Click Create New to create new pieces of Custom Latte Art. Click on the coffee in the mug to draw. It's quite difficult lol. Name your art and save.

    0Chris0 has written an useful guide for loading images for your custom art so you can get something that actually looks like more than squiggles.

First Snack Sold / 10 Snacks Sold / 100 Snacks Sold / 250 Snacks Sold / 500 Snacks Sold / 1000 Snacks Sold / 5000 Snacks Sold / 10000 Snacks Sold
  • Snacks are decorations that customers can purchase along with their drink choice. To add snacks, you can click on the Snack Container at the bar or click the Snack tab on the bottom left to go to the container. Place snacks into the container. Make sure you have 'Automatic Snacks Refill' checked so the game automatically restocks sold snacks so you don't have to manually monitor them. Note that if you go into negative balances and snacks are sold you will not have the available funds to automatically restock the snack so will have to manually do so in this situation. In the campaign you will usually need to research the snacks.

    Snack Container:

    Snack Menu:

First Item Researched / 10 Items Researched / 100 Items Researched / 250 Items Researched / 500 Items Researched / 1000 Items Researched
  • Click the Research tab on the top right, there are two tabs - one for researching new decorations and one for researching new drink ingredients. Each tab has its own budget slider. Higher the budget, the faster you will learn new items.

10 Different Chairs, Tables And Cabinets In The Coffee Shop
  • Place at least 10 unique chair, table and cabinet decorations into your shop.

First Tip Received / 10 Tips Received / 100 Tips Received / 250 Tips Received / 500 Tips Received / 1000 Tips Received
  • Tips are received by selling perfect coffee. Perfect coffee meets all of a social group's preferences and their temporal trend. Remember to double-check when trends change whether your coffee still meets the requirements.

Menu With Perfect Coffees For All 8 Social Groups
  • Have at least one coffee for each of the 8 social groups that meet all their preferences and their temporal trend on your menu. The earliest you can do this in the campaign is the final mission in Tokyo as that is the first time the Techies social group is available. Otherwise can be done in Sandbox.
  • Apparently achievement has been fixed to trigger correctly Achievement appears a bit bugged atm - I did not receive it when getting everybody's perfect coffee (and social groups with blue bars). Instead the achievement randomly popped for me when I created a random drink for a challenge.

10 Challenges Completed / 100 Challenges Completed / 250 Challenges Completed /
500 Challenges Completed / 1000 Challenges Completed
  • Challenges are unlocked by getting to enough golden beans. You get offered a new challenge every 7-9 or so minutes. You can accept a challenge or pass on it. Completing a challenge will give you a reward, failing to complete a challenge after accepting will give you a larger penalty. Challenges reward/penalize rating or cash.
  • This achievement will likely be one of the last you finish as it takes a long while to get 1000 challenges done considering you can only do one every ~7-9 minutes of game time. You will likely want to keep game fast forward on max to speed things up.
  • Challenges have pretty broken scaling. They will allow you to get insane amounts of rating and cash. I'm guessing they scale by rating as the higher rating got the more BS challenge rewards became.

All Animals In Sydney Found
  • Click on all the animals in Sydney (campaign mission 8 or sandbox). There's quite a few of them and will swim around a bit.

    Steve the Starfish:

    Martha the Starfish:

    Jenny the Octopus:

    John the Octopus:

    Fin the Dolphin:

    Stacy the Dolphin:

    Tim the Turtle:

    Tina the Turtle:

    Mark the Shark:

    Shiela the Shark:
GaiaNiketer May 19 @ 7:35am 
The starfish arent appearing for me too :steamsad:
AmsterdamHeavy May 10 @ 1:20pm 
The starfish just arent showing up, no fault of the guide.
[CGC] Fifty1Shades Apr 20 @ 2:24pm 
Menu With Perfect Coffees For All 8 Social Groups seems to be fixed.
originalazrael Oct 30, 2023 @ 10:20am 
@DrSus You need to change the structure so the roof appears on the bar in the top left.
chris.ferrantegerard  [author] Oct 20, 2023 @ 2:47pm 
@DrSus The starfish should be stuck to glass tank if I recall correctly. Maybe hover you mouse pointer around and see if anything gets highlighted.
DrSus Oct 19, 2023 @ 12:35pm 
The starfish arent appearing for me
joanna_dreamwaygames  [developer] Jun 22, 2023 @ 2:28am 
Hi! We're going to fix the Achievements soon! :)
ZleepyBeazzt Jun 22, 2023 @ 2:08am 
@chris.ferrantegerard I looked into it, firing people and hiring new is definitely worth it. It only makes sense to have TV adds going on. As when you have TV, there is apparently no customer of the other types arrived.

I will be chatting with the devs, as apparently (I think) my challenges where broke for the entire 10 hours I let it play yesterday. So yeah 😅 But thank you, I hope you can use my info for smth.
chris.ferrantegerard  [author] Jun 21, 2023 @ 2:04pm 
@ZleepingBeazzt Not too sure about marketing. Didn't use it too much. I'd assume social media / radio / tv would all stack together but not multiple campaigns of the same type (devs would need to verify this I guess, they're pretty active so if you post in disucssions you'd probably get a response pretty quick). As for making money, challenges are the best way to go for getting tons of money. As you found out, wages keep going up and eventually eat all your coffee profits. Challenges have crazy scaling, I've been grinding them semi-afk for achievements on one level and I've got ~33+billion cash and my rating was so high it overflowed back to 0. Without challenges earning you profit, you'd probably need to trim back wages by hiring new employees and train them up.
ZleepyBeazzt Jun 21, 2023 @ 7:46am 
Does anyone know if it can be an idea to have more add campaigns running at once? And is it an idea to fire and hire new staff, when wages get's too high? Currently stuck around 260.000 and struggle to get higher.