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By The Brotherhood
This guide should help you if you get stuck. Consult it at any time. The story of Bone Totem must be experienced!
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This guide is designed to accompany your play-through of STASIS: BONE TOTEM.
It is designed to help you in tough spots and lead through the game. We want you to finish the game and enjoy the story.

Feel free to consult this guide at any time. We loved making this game and want you to enjoy playing it!

LEFT CLICK to walk or run to a location.

Select PING (RIGHT CLICK) to highlight interactive locations in the environment. Green lines and icons are descriptions, and blue are interactive. Right-clicking again will hide the PING.

SWITCH characters by selecting their portrait picture.

USE an item by selecting it from the inventory and then clicking on an interactive location on the puzzle screen. Remember that you can't use items while exploring a scene and only on a puzzle screen.

SHARE an item by selecting and then clicking on a portrait picture of CHARLIE, MOSES, or MAC.

USE an item on yourself by selecting an item and clicking on your portrait.

GRAB an item by hovering over a portrait and choosing the item from the other character's inventory.

OPEN the PDA to review conversations, read archived logs, and view your collectibles.

PLACE items in the SPECIAL inventory slots and MANIPULATE them.
MAC can break, bend and crush an item. MAC requires a single item in his special slot.
CHARLIE can repair or combine items; CHARLIE needs two items in their corresponding slots.
DOUBLE LEFT CLICK an item to send it to your crafting slot.

The MIDDLE MOUSE button will SHOW and HIDE the inventory bar.



F5 - QUICK Save

F7 - Quick Load

ESC - Exit

As you exit the barge, look at the cell recharge station on the deck. Have Mac bend back the jagged rusted metal to remove the FUSE and add it to the Quantum Storage Device (this is the shared inventory system in STASIS: BONE TOTEM).

The Quantum Storage Device is a technology that allows a person to access a pocket of interdimensional space to store items. Charlie has altered it to allow Mac, Moses, and herself to share the same pocket of space-time. Black market alterations of Cayne technology are frowned upon, but this is beyond helpful for a salvager! Items inside the QSD (as they refer to it) can be shared instantly between all parties.
Mac starts the game with DUCT TAPE in his inventory already. Now, with the FUSE in the inventory, lead Mac onto the deck of the DEEPSEA 15.

Explore around the lower deck. To the deck's right is a ledge with a thin metal beam leading to another platform. Unfortunately, Mac can't get across there.

A large garage door with a chain mechanism exposed to the deck's left. Look closer at the chain by clicking on it. Pull the chain. Mac can now see the power generator but remarks that it has stopped spinning.

Now Charlie will be able to be controlled.


Exit the barge and step onto the DEEPSEA 15.

Switching characters at any point during the game is possible.

Walk towards the right side of the screen. Charlie suggests that she could balance on the thin metal beam and reach the other side of the rig. She crosses the void, but the support falls behind her.

After reaching the other side, the newly accessible area can be explored. There is a rusted portal at the top level, which is the only way in.

Look at the rusted portal and remove the TWISTED HINGE PIN from the portal by clicking on it and adding it to the QSD.


Open the junction box and remove the BROKEN CONTROL UNIT. Combine it with the FUSE using Charlie's engineering skills. Once she fixes it, the FIXED CONTROL UNIT will be in the QSD. It can either be sent directly to Mac - or, when controlling Mac, it can be taken out of Charlie's QSD.

Re-open the junction box, replace the FIXED CONTROL UNIT, and pull the chevron lever inside. This will open the gate below.

The door will now be open when entering the lower deck, but the second gate is locked.

Mac requires something to pry it open with. The TWISTED HINGE PIN can be transferred from Charlie to Mac, and he'll use his strength to bend it into a tool to pry open the lock.

With the STRAIGHTENED HINGE PIN, remove the metal cover of the lock and take out the MAGNET, disengaging the lock.

After Mac enters the pump room, a turbine will be visible. Take the RUST-A-WAY, detach the DAMAGED HOSE, and remove the EMPTY FUEL CANISTER.

Remember the grid pattern between the dials on the top left - it will be crucial later when creating the correct fuel mixture.


To progress further, the rust on the portal will need to be removed. Use the RUST-A-WAY to remove it, unscrew the wingnuts and pull the handle to open the portal.

Once inside the DEEPSEA 15, explore the area until Charlie finds a dead body that's been ritually displayed. Inspect the hand of the body and turn it around to reveal something embedded in the palm.

To the left, there is the elevator, as well as a fuel resupply station. Access to the elevator can be attempted, but it will only move with power.

Retrieve the EMPTY FUEL CANISTER from Mac and place it into the fuel resupply station. Next, activate the console and mix the correct fuel with the pattern seen on the turbine. Next, pick up the SCREWDRIVER from the table and pull the lever to fill the fuel tank.

Repair the BROKEN HOSE by combining Charlie's engineering skill with DUCT TAPE, which may need to be taken from Mac's inventory.


Examine the turbine again and replace the FULL FUEL CYLINDER and the REPAIRED HOSE. Then, turn the valve to start the fuel flowing to the generator.

Take a look at the CONTROLLER STATION. By reading Kurt 'Kurtdog' Darren's journal, note that bypassing Substation 1 and Substation 4 is necessary.

To restart the power grid, the knowledge gained from the note found on the generator will need to be used. Change the SECOND and THIRD substations to FG and JJ, respectively, and press the big red button.

Charlie will then inform Mac that resetting the security systems from the control tower is necessary. Next, take Mac to the top level and attempt to open the door. Charlie will give Mac a SMART BEAR KEY to gain access.

Return to the barge with Mac and interact with the Super Toy, Moses. Open the flap on Moses' belly and insert the SMART BEAR KEY. Press the red 'ON' button to activate Moses.


Walk to the top level of the DEEPSEA 15 and squeeze through the door. Once inside, the rec room and the kitchen area can be explored.

Unfortunately, the door to the control room is shut, but Moses can fit through an extraction fan to the left.

Use the SCREWDRIVER from the QSD to remove the grate by taking out the three screws. The switch that controls the fan’s speed can be accessed with the grate removed. Flick it on and off a few times to break the fan.

Inside the control room are a powered-down sentry gun, a body bag, and an accessible computer terminal.

Access the terminal to hack into the security system. There are two options: the SENTRY GUN and the SECURITY LOCKDOWN. Next, turn on the SENTRY GUN and end the SECURITY LOCKDOWN.

Look at the body bag and open it to retrieve the BIONIC HEART.

The DEPLETED POWER CELL can be ejected from the sentry gun.


Return to the barge, and use the cell recharge station to recharge the DEPLETED POWER CELL.

It won’t work without the FUSE that was removed previously. Return to the junction box on the top deck to remove the FUSE. Then, return to the cell recharge station and replace the FUSE to recharge the DEPLETED POWER CELL.


At the sentry gun, replace the POWER CELL. The weapon is powered up but cannot find a target to fire upon.


Charlie can look at the elevator again with the power on. It requires a security tag to open to access the rest of the DEEPSEA 15.

Return to the dead body. Then, use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the SECURITY IMPLANT from the dead man's hand.

Pass the BIONIC HEART to Mac, and have him detach the power supply with his strength. Then, use Charlie's skills to combine the newly acquired BIO-POWER SOURCE with the SECURITY IMPLANT.

Return to the elevator and use the new POWERED SECURITY IMPLANT on the security pad. It has shorted out and opened up, allowing Charlie to see the inner workings.

Use the MAGNET to pull all the metal switches to the left, opening the elevator and allowing Charlie to travel deeper into the rig.

Exit the elevator, and explore the moon pool, with the huge diving bell hanging above. Charlie can enter the diving bell and look at the internal computer terminal. But unfortunately, she cannot access the terminal commands without Moses' hacking skills.

Pick up the BLANK DATA DISK.

Enter the laboratory on the left of the diving bell moon pool. Read all the notes in the lab and Dr. Kay Elspas' PDA. She mentions growing 'something' from the research in the facility and scribbles the code for the Chimaera Mass Storage unit on her notes.

Check the top right-hand corner of all the slides and papers in the room, and interact with the genetic sequencer. The code is 1809, which can be found by examining the edges of the slides and papers picked up in the lab. Remove the CHIMAERA MASS.

Insert the BLANK DATA DISK into the computer terminal and place the CHIMAERA MASS into the receptacle. The terminal will scan it and copy its genetic data to the BLANK DATA DISK. Then, remove the CHIMAERA MASS from the receptacle and give both the ENCODED DATA DISK and the CHIMAERA MASS to Moses.


Place the CHIMAERA MASS on the large protruding nails on the elevator.

Return to the sentry gun and load in the ENCODED DATA DISK with the CHIMERA MASS’ genetic information. Press ‘ENGAGE,’ and watch the fireworks!

Lead Moses down the elevator to the diving bell moon pool, enter the diving bell, and hack into its terminal.


Mac can now access the DEEPSEA 15 through the same door that Moses used.

Enter the rig and explore the rec, kitchen, and control rooms. Move through the rig until the diving bell is reached, and enter it, meeting with Charlie and Moses.

Watch as the three explorers begin their journey into the depths.

The diving bell descends to the seabed, locking into the docking bay. A computer warning alerts the trio that there is no atmosphere in the docking bay. Luckily, they have a party member who doesn't need life-support!

Interact with the diving bell computer and click ‘OPEN SERVICE HATCH’. Moses can then exit via the service hatch. Moses can now explore the docking bay.

Walk Moses to the vent on the left, and inspect it. Pulling the handle down will open the vent, but a lock prevents it from opening.

Inspect the Jukka Cola machine - a saw blade is stuck in the plastic display. Remove the SAW BLADE.

Hack into the machine, using Moses’s unique skill, by clicking on the screen and purging the paste mix. This will cause the machine door to open and close rapidly, preventing Moses from grabbing it.

Return to the vent and use the SAW BLADE to cut off the lock on the vent. This will allow the vent to open completely, but the blade loses all its teeth when cutting off the lock. The BLUNT SAW BLADE will be added back into the QSD.

Try to crawl into the vent, but be prepared for a dog to block the way!

Return to the Jukka Cola machine and use the BLUNT SAW BLADE to jam open the paste mix machine door. The JUKKA PASTE can now be removed.

Return to the vent, and give the dog the JUKKA PASTE. The dog will now leave Moses alone.

Before climbing into the vent, take note of the diagram on the bottom left. This will be useful later.

Enter the vent into the air duct system. While exploring the air ducts, discover a regulator valve.

Take note of the settings on the attached piece of paper:

H 49
Xe 2
O 1
He 50
N 3

Removing the BROKEN HANDLE from the regulator valve will add it to the QSD.


Switch to Charlie and combine the BROKEN HANDLE with the STRAIGHTENED ROD to create a FIXED HANDLE.

The suggested atmospheric settings can be found on the diving bell terminal.

IGS - 20%
CD - 54%
SD - 26%


Inspect the regulator valve and attach the FIXED HANDLE to the valve. Use the new handle to adjust the settings to match the suggested atmospheric settings from the diving bell terminal.

Explore the rest of the ducts and find another regulator valve. Use the settings on the note at the first regulator valve, and match the settings.

Lead Moses through the rest of the ducts; two exits will be inaccessible. Also, discover a corpse that appears to have burst open. Flowers and budding seeds spill from its abdomen, growing in a web of organic tendrils.

Close to the dead body is an atmosphere control computer. Copy the pattern from the diagram on the vent to select the sub-systems for the docking bay, and then turn on the atmosphere in the bay.

ALARMS BLARE! The change in atmosphere has caused a pressure differential, and the metal supports groan and strain. The diving bell begins to shudder and collapse from its holding ring, tearing a massive gap in the docking bay. Water starts to surge in!


After the collapse, Mac exits the diving bell.

With the docking bay flooding, run over to the door control. Don't hesitate to smash it!
The control system has shorted out - to bridge the short, use the SCREWDRIVER. Once the short is bridged, Mac can turn the handle. He has to keep the handle down to keep the door open.


Exit the diving bell into the flooded docking bay. Run passed Mac and into the door that he is holding open.

Once inside the diving suit bay, take a look around. Mac will make contact with Charlie over the radio.


The docking bay is almost completely flooded, but Mac can swim to an access portal to the left that he couldn't reach previously.

The hatch is locked. Take note of the pattern printed on the portal cover.
Then, swim over to the other side of the docking bay, and inspect the Pressure Management System.

Unlock the system for the hatch by copying the pattern found on the portal cover. Note the pattern at the top! The pattern at the bottom changes as you interact with the different buttons.

The two patterns have to be matched.

Match the second line and recreate the pattern using the RED and BLUE screens.

There is a clue on the access portal to help with the first line.



With the access vent hatch unlocked, return to it and press the ‘MAINTENANCE REQUESTED’ button.

Mac will ask Moses to unlock the vent from the atmosphere control computer in the air ducts.


Inspect the atmosphere control computer and open the access portal.


Mac can now climb through the access portal. Once inside, it closes behind him, sealing up the docking bay and preventing further flooding.

Run down the vent and into the escape pod bay. Investigate the escape capsule that failed to launch. Someone is stuck inside!

Unscrew the wingnuts on the lock to expose the lock mechanism.


Now that Mac is safe, Charlie can further explore the diving suit bay.

Inside the bay is a body severed in two and a Bio-DAES diving suit.

The suit requires some maintenance before it can be used. The heating system, lungs and thrusters are damaged.

Examine the back of the Bio-DAES.


Return to the diver's remains to look closer at his suit to see what can be salvaged. Detach the IGNITER.


As Charlie, combine the THRUSTER WITHOUT IGNITER from Mac with the IGNITER retrieved from the severed diver.

Return to the diving suit and reattach the thruster.

Test fire both thrusters to check that they are working correctly.


With the atmosphere restored to other MULE areas, Moses can inspect the iris vent to the left of the ducts. This vent exit leads to Product Storage. Stasis pods line the room, surrounding a surgical tent.

Enter the surgery tent and inspect the body on the table. Take note of the ID on the body's arm.

Leave the body on the table, and inspect the DocMate control.

Choose ‘BIOFIX’ from the Manufacturer Preset, and find the PNEUMOTHORAX THORACOTOMY (LUNG) from the Programmed Procedure list.

Return to the body, and place the DAMAGED LUNGS over the holographic lungs.

Select the DocMate computer that has appeared. Unfortunately, the medical suite has insufficient processing power as the VAT is offline.


Leave the body and lungs, and inspect the surrounding stasis pods. Then, shut them down one at a time to reroute power to the DocMate computer.

Return to the body on the table. The operation requires CSF (spinal fluid).

Leave the surgical tent, and exit through the door on the upper right into the aquarium.

Find the security bay and look at the computer consoles. Enter the employee ID found on the corpse’s arm (7154).

A rover! A way out! Moses transmits the coordinates of the rover to Charlie.

Take note of the EXTERIOR PRESSURE. This will be needed for the Bio-DAES dive suit to be launched.

Continue exploring the aquarium and inspect the frozen shark. Turn the red metal valve, and remove the FROZEN COIL.


Attach the FROZEN COIL to the thruster on the rear of the diving suit. Test fire the thruster to heat the coil. Once it is back in the QSD, return it to Moses.


Return the HEATED COIL to the mechanism, and watch as the shark thaws out. Then, remove the EXPLOSIVE TIPPED HARPOON.



Give both the DAMAGED IGNITER and EXPLOSIVE WITHOUT IGNITION to Charlie, and have her use them to create an IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE.

Mac should inspect the failed escape capsule and place the IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE on the lock.

As the door to the escape pod blows open, a giant insect crawls out and away. Inspect the body that fell out of the escape pod. Remove the EMPTY ACETYLENE TORCH that is grasped in the body's hand.

The plug suit will add another radio channel - the voice on the other side is confused and in much pain.


Exit the aquarium and return to the air ducts. Inspect the blooming body. Take the SPEAR TIP and cut away the vines inside the body cavity, exposing the spine. Use the EMPTY HYPODERMIC SYRINGE on the spine, getting back a FULL HYPODERMIC SYRINGE.

Return to the DocMate control and insert the FULL HYPODERMIC SYRINGE into the receptacle. Press ‘PROCEED’ and watch the surgical machine repair the lungs.

Remove the REPAIRED LUNGS and return them to Charlie.


Return to the body that was cut in two. Use the SPEAR TIP to cut the coolant free from the damaged dive suit.

Return to the Bio-DAES. Replace the FIXED LUNGS and the COOLANT.

Climb into the suit. Set the Suit Pressure Calibration to the same exterior pressure that Moses saw on the aquarium's left security bay terminal screen.


Make your way across the seabed to inspect the maintenance panel. Remove the OXY-ACETYLENE CARTRIDGE from the severed hand. Combine it with the EMPTY ACETYLENE TORCH.

Use the LOADED ACETYLENE TORCH to cut the lock off the maintenance panel.

Open the flood backflow, allowing Mac to exit the escape pod bay.


Drop down into the overflow room below. Retrieve the KEYCARD from the corpse. Inspect the door access terminal. Break the glass of the DEFIBRILLATOR and add it to the QSD.
Insert the KEYCARD into the door access terminal, and take note of the employee ID#.


Continue exploring the seabed to the right. Continue through the jellyfish swarm, and exit the expanse on the right.

Proceed until the FIDO rover hanging over an abyssal trench from a crane can be seen. Then, inspect it from the edge of the ledge.

The Bio-DAES suit will confirm that no jump trajectory is possible. There is a crane control terminal nearby. Unlock it. Find the unlocked crane control terminal and inspect it.

A scrubber has made its home in the crane control terminal. Charlie cannot access it until the scrubber has been removed - but just picking it up would short out the Bio-DAES suit.

Attempt to use the DEFIBRILLATOR on the scrubber. Unfortunately, it needs more power.


Enter the air ducts again, and find the last access vent that couldn't be opened. Use the LOADED ACETYLENE TORCH to cut away the grating and enter.

This is VAT Central Processing. Inspect the maintenance terminal to the left and hack into it. Select ‘SECURITY & PRIVILEGES’ and enter the employee ID# from the executed corpse’s keycard, which was observed on the door access terminal, next to the DEFIBRILLATOR.


Return to the maintenance panel, where Charlie was first lowered to the sea bed. Insert the KEYCARD.

With the new security permissions, the HYDRO TRANSFORMER can be ejected. Combine the HYDRO TRANSFORMER with the DEFIBRILLATOR to create a DEFIBRILLATOR WITH GENERATOR.

Return to the scrubber, and use the DEFIBRILLATOR WITH GENERATOR to knock it unconscious. Next, remove the UNCONSCIOUS SCRUBBER from the crane terminal. The MELTED BOARD can now also be removed.

Take note of the now exposed diagram.


Inspect the door access, and unlock it. Enter the umbilical entrance, and navigate to the umbilical itself. Walk through it towards the end and enter The Blister.

Inspect the remote terminal. The correct transmission equipment will need to be used here, but this could be used to move the crane for Charlie.
Explore further in - looking at the sealed doorway and the 3D printer. Then, recreate the same diagram underneath the melted motherboard on the crane control terminal. The 3D printer will inform you that you require THERMOPLASTIC, COPPER, and GOLD.

Crush down the MELTED BOARD using Mac’s strength, and add the CRUSHED BOARD to the raw materials receptacle.

With THERMOPLASTIC now in the raw materials receptacle, GOLD must be added.

Return to the dead bodies in the overflow room. Use the SPEAR TIP to cut out the corpse’s GOLD TEETH. Add the GOLD TEETH to the receptacle, and choose the schematic to print. The PRINTED REMOTE BOARD will be created and added to the QSD.

Go to the remote terminal, and add in the PRINTED REMOTE BOARD.

Pull the joystick, and move the crane into position.


Go back to the FIDO rover and look at it. The Bio-DAES will calculate the jump trajectory.

Once inside the FIDO rover, inspect the rover terminal.

Charlie is still locked out of the rover's controls. Charlie asks Moses to try and re-establish the connection.


Explore VAT Central Processing to the left, and inspect the dead brain. Then, add the MOBILE AUTO-DOC ENDOSCOPE to the QSD.

Exit this brain VAT and explore to the right. Inspect the VAT console. Insert the KEYCARD into the terminal to activate it. Make note of the piece of paper on the console.


Inspect the engorged brain, and note the green data port. Use the MOBILE AUTO-DOC ENDOSCOPE on the green data port. Look closer at it once it has been inserted.

Select one of the NODES on the right. Note the commands - STIMULATE, SEVER, and SHUNT and their corresponding symbols.

Return to the VAT console, and find those corresponding symbols on the sheet of paper. It is the second row.


Select a nerve from the list on the right, stimulate it, and note which nerve is stimulated. Move to the stimulated nerve and shunt it. With the shunt in place, return to the original nerve and sever it. Repeat this process until all nerves have been disconnected from the tumor.


With the VAT and MULE computer systems now online, Charlie can log in to the FIDO rover’s computer.

In the FIDO rover, Charlie reboots the system.

On the DEEPSEA 15, a self-destruct sequence is re-enabled. The DEEPSEA 15 explodes!

Fire tears through the structure and support beams buckle into the ocean. The Elevator collapses in places, causing pieces of the structure to tear off. Finally, a large part of the elevator connecting the MULE to the DEEPSEA 15 falls onto the FIDO rover, knocking it loose. It tumbles down into the darkness, taking Charlie with it.


Walk over to the counter and look at the documents on the table. Then inspect the refrigerator.

Charlie wakes up. Alarms blare as Charlie pushes the painful memory from her thoughts. The FIDO rover is pinned underneath the rubble, and her diving suit warns her about its reduced operational capacity. Her suit is in emergency mode.

With the damage taken in her suit, Charlie has to reach Alpha Base if she will survive.


Mac survived the collapse but is in trouble. The plastic umbilical that connected him to the MULE has been severed, and water is rushing into the excavation site. Luckily some pumps are keeping it at bay – but they won't be able to operate indefinitely.


Moses is still inside the brain VAT room. The brain has been pierced by metal, and fire rages around him as alarms ring out.


Exit the FIDO rover and explore the base of the abyssal trench.

Walk to the machinery on the left and connect to it using the dive suit’s power cable. This will give the mobile mining platform a jolt of power.

Leave the machine and enter the cave to the top left.

Inspect the boring machine and give it a jump start with the suit. Unfortunately, no survey data is found, preventing the machine from starting up.

Search further into the cave, and inspect the cave walls. Click on the CORE SAMPLER embedded in the rock. It will be added to the QSD. Remove the now-exposed CORE SAMPLE from the cave wall.

Return to the mining machinery, access the terminal, and insert the CORE SAMPLE into the receptacle.

Copy the SURVEY DATA to the suit, which will be added to the QSD.

Return to the boring machine. The data will automatically copy. It will work if you try to engage the drill by calibrating it properly.


Run to the bottom of the dig site and inspect the sealed doorway. There is a crack in the metal.

Break apart the CORE SAMPLER to get the MICROFUSION LASER and the SCANNER.

The SCANNER can x-ray the door where the locking mechanism can be seen.

Use the MICROFUSION LASER on the void in the mechanism. Mac will accidentally drop it, but it will burn a hole into the bottom right of the metal. Then, using the SCANNER, rescan the door.


Inspect the trembling brain. Something is moving…

After the monster has burst out, Moses can again look at the remains of the brain. Pick up the SCOPE LENS from the damaged MOBILE AUTO-DOC ENDOSCOPE.


Use the SCOPE LENS on the exposed part of the sealed door where the laser has burned through. Then, looking again through the SCANNER, angle the SCOPE LENS to cut through the lock.

The excavation site implodes just as the airlock opens. Mac dives through it, sealing up again behind him. He can only move forward now…

Mac walks deeper into the temple. Relief sculptures of skinless humanoids with misshapen heads line the walls of the temple, lit by work lights standing on blue plastic tarps.

Inside the cave system is a diagram on one of the walls with strange symbols on it. Remember this for later.

Explore further into the temple entrance and inspect the insect feeding on the dead body.
Try to cut the insect off the body with the SPEAR TIP, exposing the corrosive blood of the creature.

There is a PDA with information about the types of rock found in the cave systems with their exact technical specifications mentioned:

The core samples we drilled at 5671 Hz at 1.29 m/s2 suggest that most of the cave system comprises calcic plagioclase, sanidine with augite, olivine, and small amounts of leucite. This is particularly for this region, especially on the ocean floor. The general weathering suggests this outcrop was exposed to the elements at least two thousand years ago.”

Take note of the different frequencies for drilling.

Follow the bioluminescence through the hole in the temple wall. Inspect the mechanism holding the ancient crane to the wooden scaffolding.

There is a lever on the left and a large button in the center. Two additional restraining bolts have been fitted to the crane to hold it.

Thinking back to the diagram in the cave entrance, turn the handle on the left to the circled symbol. The diagram has the opposite of each symbol paired up.

With the first symbol selected, press the button at the top of the crane to lock it in place. The metal on the right disk will light up.

Move the dial to the OPPOSITE of that symbol and lock it in place.
Move the dial to the OPPOSITE of the next highlighted symbol, and lock it in place.
Continue this until the bridge mechanism is spinning.

The restraining bolts are still keeping everything together.


On the boring machine, set the accelerated velocity to 1.29 m/s2 and the vibrational frequency to 5671 Hz, and engage the drill.

Walk through the cave system and inspect the dead diver. Remove the EMPTY HAZ-BAG, ALUMINUM WELDING RODS, and the HYDROPHONE.

Move to the left, exiting the cave into a vast open space. A colossal maggot blocks the entrance to Alpha Base. Something large is perilously perched above the pulsating creature.

Trying to enter the base could result in serious injury or death.

Exit up the ramp at the top. Explore the shipwreck, and enter the Captain's quarters. Look closer at the globe, and add the PLAQUE to the QSD. Also, at the globe, crack the lock cipher.

The answer is 026.

Open the globe, and remove the CONDY’S POWDER.

Walk through the wreckage to the left, and exit to the perch above the maggot. The old ship bow of the galleon is leaning over the cliff's edge. Upon a closer look, Charlie’s suit will inform her that the structural integrity of the ship's bow is compromised. Perhaps it could compromise it a little bit more.


Exit the brain VAT room, through the hole the creature made, into the main link corridor.
To the left, a door is covered in blood and bolted shut with a heavy-duty lock.

Inspecting it further, Faran can hear Moses on the other side of the door. He is close!
The metal door bolts are securely in place, so Moses must figure out how to get through them.

Find the security terminal close to the spewing flames. It indicates that there are fires in certain labs.

Hack into the system and take note of the subsystem LIFE SUPPORT interface.

Venture past the fire spewing from the holes, and head towards the door at the end of the corridor.

Next to the door is a security terminal with an intercom system.

Use the KEYCARD to open the door on the right of the corridor. Enter the artifact lab.

Once inside the artifact lab, look into the vent on the left. The creature stands guard, its cries filling the room, ready to tear into anything that tries to get past it.

Inspect the observation control terminal. Pick up the EMPTY ORGANIC SAMPLER.

Open up the observation pod door.

Take a closer look at the far left wall. The mortuary cabinets will open. From the bodies, remove the LIGHTER and INVENTORY TAG.

Read the note and notice the ingredients to create Thermite.

Return to the vent, and use the HYDROPHONE to record the creature's cries.

Head to the security system with the intercom and play the creature's cries into the microphone. Watch as it runs into the room but then exits back through the vent.

Moses needs a way to lure it into the observation pod.

Return to the insect feeding on the body. Use the EMPTY HAZ-BAG to scoop up some of the acidic blood.

Return to the crane, and use the ACID IN DRY BAG to remove the restraining bolts. The crane will collapse, creating a bridge across the gorge. Running across the bridge causes it to dislodge and fall behind Mac.

Move up the ramp and enter the mobile lab cleanroom.

Access the sterilization terminal and try to decontaminate the room. Select ‘ADD BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE’ to open up the receptacle.

Further, explore the room, and inspect the access terminal, next to the door, to try and open it. Access is denied due to a remote lockout.

Exit the lab and explore the rest of the dig site. In the dig site, observe the mobile lab that will be used later, but run past it to the top exit for now.

From the overlook, access the security camera. Pick up the WRENCH resting on the station and add it to the QSD.

Select ‘OMEGA LAB ENTRANCE DOOR OVERRIDE’ on the security camera terminal.
Review and enhance the footage to retrieve the security code. It is obscured, so two halves of the code must be found.

Joining them to get security code: 1467

Return to the door inside the mobile lab and access the terminal. Open the door.

Use the EMPTY ORGANIC SAMPLER to extract some tissue from the mass of bodies blocking the door.

Add the MATERIAL IN ORGANIC SAMPLER to the decontamination terminal receptacle. The room can be decontaminated again, but the system must be jammed to flood enough chemicals to shatter the bodies.

Use the WRENCH on the red valve to lock it into place, and rerun the decontamination, preventing the machine from turning off. The blockage at the door will melt away.

Inspect the frozen decontamination terminal before doing so and detach the VALVE.

Inside the Omega lab is a microscope to the left - this will come in handy later. Take note of the blackboard in the lab and the direction of the arrow in the circle.

Look at the blocked entrance - Mac has to find a way to clear a path and exit the base.

Head up the ramp to the crew quarters. The Product Storage computer on the wall indicates that the lift support systems have failed. The different subsystems can be highlighted but not selected.


Return to the computer terminal that displays the life support subsystems. Copy the pattern from the terminal, where Mac is, to select ‘Life Support.’ This is done by highlighting the matching RED SQUARE on Mac's side to see which subsystems are highlighted.


With the life support system selected, it will automatically flush itself and extinguish the fire.

With the fire out, enter the torn hole in the wall.

Inspect the burnt bodies, and add the EMPTY BREAST PUMP and MELTED RAPID EXPANDING FOAM CANISTER to the QSD.

Inspect the Intra-Imager, and follow the pattern listed on the device to detach the MAGNETIC RESONANCE DEVICE.

Return to the door of Faran’s lab and attach the MAGNETIC RESONANCE DEVICE to it. Without power, however, the door bolts will remain in place.


Look at the base of the old ship bow. The MELTED RAPID EXPANDING FOAM CANISTER would easily tip it over the edge, but Charlie would need a way to release the foam.

Combine the MELTED RAPID EXPANDING FOAM CANISTER with the REMOVED VALVE, creating the FIXED RAPID EXPANDING FOAM CANISTER, and place it under the ship’s bow.

Return down the ramp to where the maggot now lays, crushed. Enter the Alpha Base tunnel.

A swarm of scrubbers is blocking the way forward. There is no way through them. Faran says the scrubbers are swarming, looking for a male to mate with.

Look at the scrapped rover and pull the UNFERTILIZED SCRUBBER EGG from its hull.


Use the INVENTORY TAG on the slot at the Product Storage computer, causing the pods to open up. Inspect the embalmed corpse inside the closest pod. Use the EMPTY ORGANIC SAMPLER to extract the embalming fluid from the body.

Use Charlie's skills to create a FLAMETHROWER and combine the EMBALMING FLUID IN ORGANIC SAMPLER with the LIGHTER to create a FLAMETHROWER.

Head back to the main lab of Omega base and look at the blocked entrance. Use the FLAMETHROWER to clear a path to the exit door.

In the exit chamber, look at the terminal and find the picture of a scrubber. Note the code written on the image.

Inspect the door terminal and enter the code found through the security camera footage.

The Omega base can now be exited.

Run to the control panel on the bridge by the pod. The pod lift is inaccessible, with the controls locked behind a cage.

Return to the damaged brain VAT. Use the EMPTY BREAST PUMP on the breast milk ejected from the dead brain. Bait to lure the creature where it should be!

Return to the artifact storage lab at the observation pod, ensure the door is open, and spill the FULL BREAST PUMP on the floor.

Return to the security terminal with the intercom and use the HYDROPHONE WITH RECORDING on the microphone. The creature will enter and become trapped inside the observation pod.

Return to the pod to ensure that it is trapped. The vent to the specimen storage lab can now be accessed.

At the computer terminal, take note of the gene sequence slide with the male/female symbol on it. This will be needed later.

Inspect the hatch to the left.

To retrieve a specimen, you must recreate a scrubber from its base components - head, body, legs, and tail. Either match the scrubber in your inventory or copy the code noted on the computer in the Omega lab (ACST).

Retrieve the PROTO-SCRUBBER and add it to the QSD.


Return to the microscope inside the lab. Add the PROTO-SCRUBBER and UNFERTILISED SCRUBBER EGG, and look closer.

To get the correct gene sequence, use the information from the slide in the specimen storage lab where Moses is, on the terminal by Mac corresponding with the direction arrow drawn on the blackboard.

Cycle through the genes, extracting A1, U1, C1, G1 - and inserting them into the PROTO-SCRUBBER.

The MATURATION CHAMBER will be added to your QSD.


Wait for the scrubber to mature. This can be sped up by passing the MATURATION CHAMBER to Charlie and from Charlie’s to Moses’s inventory. The MATURATION CHAMBER will start changing color combined with a little time.

Once enough time has passed, return to the scrubber swarm, and release the mature male from the MATURATION CHAMBER (MATURE) into the swarm of females to begin a breeding frenzy.

Charlie can now access the docking ring.

Use the suit's hard link to connect and open the ring. A locking clamp is still in place, preventing access to Alpha Lab.


Run up to the mobile science lab in the excavation site. Use your strength to crush the PLAQUE into a PILE OF RUST (Ferric Oxide) and add the pile to the receptacle.
Add the ALUMINUM WELDING RODS (Aluminum) to the receptacle.
Add the CONDY’S POWDER (Potassium Permanganate) to the receptacle.
Add the THERMITE to the QSD.


Attach the THERMITE to the lock, and send an electric pulse from the diving suit to ignite it.

Enter the docking ring into Alpha Base.

Look to the left at the old diving suit, and remove the OXY-ACETYLENE CARTRIDGE and the CABLE CLIPS.


Return to the door of Faran’s lab, and use the CABLE CLIPS to attach the MAGNETIC RESONANCE DEVICE to the sparking terminal. Press the arrow on the terminal and watch as the door lock gets torn off.

Enter Faran’s lab and inspect the chamber to learn the truth about Faran.
Walk to the transfer system and speak to Faran. He will unlock the specimen transport and inform Moses that the Callan is in the Recycling Center.


Look at the routing terminal. Insert the INVENTORY TAG and create a routing card allowing Moses to use the specimen transport system to travel to the Recycling Center.

Select the destination as the Recycling Center.

A PUNCHED CARD will be added to the QSD.



Inspect the transfer system, and put the PUNCHED CARD into the card slot to open a specimen transport container.

Climb inside the specimen transport container, and Moses will head off to the Recycling Center.


At the exit to the mobile Omega Lab, Mac will discover a POD that will take him further down the well. Unfortunately, the control terminal has been blocked.

Use the LOADED ACETYLENE TORCH to cut off the lock of the pod control.

Complete the docking procedure by selecting the correct colors. The note is turned 90 degrees to the side - line up the grayed out block with the red square on the control panel.


Enter the capsule and descend…



Check out the acceptance letter on the kitchen counter. The phone will ring. Answer it.

Mac wakes from his daydream.

The pod lowers into a vast cavern, eventually coming to a halt as the way further down is blocked.

The holographic display inside the pod announces that there has been a CABLE BREAK FAILURE and WATER FLOW BLOCKING DESCENT.

Exit the pod and take a look at the braking system. Then, remove the wingnuts to expose the breaking mechanism.

The suspension spring is damaged, causing the brakes to have seized up.

Explore to the right. Two water wheels flank the side of a circular well. Off to the right is a beach with water lapping against the black sand, and to the left, some burned tents and what looks to be an altar.

Explore the temple to the right, where the giant stalled waterwheel is housed. The scientists have set up a makeshift laboratory inside the temple, complete with a Bio-Tech service station.

The door to the water wheel mechanism is blocked, and the motor is stuck in a spinning loop but detached from the door itself.


Alpha Base has been pressurized - and the door opens, allowing Charlie to explore further. As she enters the base, the door closes behind her.

Charlie starts to call out for Calaban.

Charlie reveals to Mac that she brought them to this facility, searching for someone named Calaban.

The door at the top of the ramp opens, letting Charlie explore further.

A passage connects the entrance of Alpha Base to a smaller laboratory.

To the left of the passage, explore a closer look at the dead body. Remove the SYNTHETIC ARM WITH PNEUMATICS.

A beam lies across the ravine. Charlie balances across it to the laboratory.

Continue further into the laboratory.

Access the locked door, and press the hand scanner.

Talk to Calaban.

Exit the locked door and return to the entrance. Access the maintenance panel.

To open it, balance the buffer to 250 exabytes.
Each system loads a certain amount of memory:

SYS - 245
HISYS - 100
RAM - 20
MEM - 50
UMEM - 190
DISK - 40
EXEC - 0

To load up 250 exabytes, load up:


The panel will expose Calaban - he is in a Bio-Tech container called a STEM, but the STEM is failing.


Take note of the STEM MEMORY ENGRAM: X X X 3 2 9 X X X.

Go back up to the top of Alpha Base and find the blue card with the STEM on it. Take note of the rectangles on the card.


Moses exits out of the specimen transport tube. He is inside a spacious industrial hall with a floor covered in mountains of metal and garbage. To the right, a conveyor belt leads to an incinerator. The robotic arms searching through the piles of garbage are still - with no power, they have shut down.

An incineration pit dominates the hall's center, with a large plasma evaporator hanging above it.

On the far side of the hall is a small vent.

Enter the small vent into the scrapyard. The Callan is in the center of the metal gantry. A huge, sturdy submersible, bristling with equipment listing on its side. It's been ripped from its chains and lies half submerged in the mud - it is unusable, beyond repair.

On the side of the scrap yard, a single small sample collector sits in a launch tube. Taking a closer look and climbing inside the UAV - it is missing a propeller, and the launch tube has been blocked.

A STEM is also installed into the vehicle - a body for Calaban!

The STEM is locked in a cage at the rear of the sub.


Explore the altar of dead bodies outside the temples. Look at the sacrifice and remove the RIB SPREADER and the PDT.

Enter the temple up the stairway on the left. Look at the strange object and pick up the SCEPTER WITH BLADE.

Enter the wheelhouse and note the machine the scientists have rigged up to charge their batteries.

Use your strength to break apart the SYNTHETIC ARM WITH PNEUMATICS into SYNTHETIC ARM and PNEUMATICS.

Get Charlie to combine the PNEUMATICS with the RIB SPREADER to get the RIB SPREADER WITH PNEUMATICS.


Use the RIB SPREADER WITH PNEUMATICS to open the cage and remove the MINISUB STEM.


Return to the makeshift lab and look at the Bio-Tech service station.
Place the PDT, MINISUB STEM, and CALABAN IN EXPIRED STEM on the table.

Match the symbols on the right to the screen on the left. Note that the numbers are changing at the bottom.

Use the numbers found where Charlie first discovered Calaban’s state ( X X X 3 2 9 X X X ) to fill in the second row.

For the final two blank numbers, count the numbers of rectangles on the blue card with the STEM on it that Charlie found in Alpha Base.

With those numbers added, the final code is

Clone the STEM.


Calaban will negotiate his deal with the trio - revealing that Charlie made a deal with the terrorist organization Yellow Leaf that, in return for Calaban, the O'Bannons will get a replica of their daughter.

Calaban requires a physical bond made with Charlie for him to allow her out of the base.


Charlie reveals that the clone of Hope has already been created.

Navigate to the locked door in Alpha Base and look at it. Click on the hand scanner, and Calaban will open the door.

Exit the laboratory and inspect the stone disk, which is a calendar. It appears to be missing a piece from the center.

Continue down the ramps. Inspect the tattooed skin on the walls to learn about the people who inhabited this place.

At each tattoo, turn the skull from facing inwards to facing outwards. On the third tattoo, there will be a different sculpture. Five stone hands cover the death mask that is sunk into the wall.
Once all of the skulls have been turned - return to the death mask - which can now be turned.

Remove the STAR DISK.

Continue to the base of the ramp.

The staircase landing houses a primitive machine wielding a massive hammer. Several pulleys and cogs are spring-loaded to smash the hammer into a large brass gong.

Attached to the gong, a body hangs like a puppet. Bones shattered by the hammer. The last sacrifice. Cogs and rope run from the automaton to a large metal pod. Behind this gong lay the crypts - the old way out of this sanctum.

Inspect the crumpled body and add the OSCILLATOR to the QSD.

Look around at the various notes scattered on the ground. The blood-stained one has an image of a sun - a symbol that matches the one on the calendar.

Inspect the body on the gong. Press the air bladder and take note of the sounds it makes.

Return to the calendar and place the STAR DISK in the center.

Press the hand to move the outer track of the disk, listening to the sounds they make.

Turn the disk so that the hand is pointing to the sun and press the center of the disk.

Press the hand three more times (for each note), and then press the disk's center again.

The mechanism will spin, and a colossal clay oil tank will rise from the ground.


In the scrapyard, inspect the submersible rover again and remove the OLD PROP.


Inspect the duplication station inside the top lab of Alpha Base. Place the OLD PROP into the scanner. To replicate the prop, the Duplication Machine requires Carbon and Titanium.


Enter the Recycling Center again, and look closer at the belt terminal. It is powered down and requires a balancing of the power to turn on.

Look at the incinerator control. Use the RIB SPREADER WITH PNEUMATICS to open the metal panel and expose the internal switches.

The TEMP and POWER must be equal to get the power on.

The TOP ROW should be:

15, 25, 50

The BOTTOM ROW should be:

65, 25

Return to the belt terminal and search for (C)ARBON and (TI)TANIUM.

While the scrap is sorted, head back to the scrapyard and look closer at the launch tube. Turn the handle and press the large red button. This will clear the tube.

Return to the belt to see if it has found the scrap yet. It may need to be visited a few more times until enough has been gathered.

Remove the scrap metal it finds, and pass the METAL PARTS to Charlie.


Place the METAL PARTS on the tray of the duplication station. It will duplicate the prop and add a NEW PROP to your QSD.


Return to the submersible rover, and place the OLD PROP and the NEW PROP onto the vehicle.

Once it is seaworthy, climb in and launch it into the vast unknown!

Directing the UAV to the edge of the MULE, Moses sees ancient ruins sticking out of the mud. The tops of statues and destroyed buildings. This whole place must have been a city before it sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Pilot to the submersible rover inside the sunken city and connect to it.

The survey data indicates a closeby cave - a way to connect to Mac and Charlie. The UAVs were close to creating a path to the cave system before being tasked to place their explosive charges on the MULE itself.

Transfer the data of the locations of the explosive charges that the UAV placed.

Return to the MULE exterior and find the locations of the explosives through the pings. Connect to each one, and connect the different paths outlined at the top of each explosive.

Once you have diffused all the UNDERWATER SEISMIC CHARGES, return to the old city, and place them on the cavern wall.

The UNDERWATER SEISMIC CHARGES detonate, sending the small rover into a spiral…


Inspect the refrigerator and look at the photos. Open the toy box.

Moses is inside a cave of bioluminescent plants growing around an enormous metal structure.

To the right is a gap small enough for the rover to fit through. Enter an underwater cave flanked by a vast curved steel structure. The lights from the drone pick up the symbol of a sword and cog - a Soviet submarine!

Dock the rover, and exit it. The submarine towers over Moses. Walks along the vast hull.

Enter the rusted hole in the conning tower, and inspect the entry hatch. It appears to have been booby-trapped with a grenade set to blast if the hatch is turned open.

Continue across the submarine, further into the cave system.

Inside the cave system is the survivors’ campsite. Thick survival tents stick out of the mud, and several graves have been dug.

Inspect the graves, and dig up the mud. Moses finds that one of them has a spring-loaded bear trap. The survivors were trying to protect their fallen comrades from grave robbers, or perhaps they were using the graves as bait.

Use the SYNTHETIC ARM to trigger the bear trap. The BEAR TRAP WITH ARM will be added back to the QSD.


Get Mac to break the chain off of the DAGGER WITH CHAIN.

Return to the hatch, and use the CHAIN to secure the grenade. The LIVE GRENADE will be added to the QSD.

Moses can now open the hatch and enter the submarine.

Inspect the distribution box. Two photos showing the crew with their escape suits have been tucked into the corner of the control panel. A submarine like this would have had specialized equipment to surface in emergencies.

To avoid Nitrogen poisoning and crushing pressures at this depth, a Plug Suit could appropriately adjust metabolism and bodily functions; Mac and Charlie could survive a rapid ascent!

Finally… a way to the surface.

On the left is a battery housing. Open it and remove the DEPLETED BATTERY. To the right, there is a pipe that has corroded away.


Return to the wheelhouse where the Cayne scientists had created the battery recharge station. Put the DEPLETED BATTERY in the machine to charge it.

Use strength to open up the BEAR TRAP WITH ARM - getting the OPEN BEAR TRAP and SYNTHETIC SKIN.

Inspect the door mechanism at the makeshift lab in the temple with the broken water wheel. Use the OPEN BEAR TRAP and clamp the mechanism to the door motor to open the door.

Enter the wheelhouse. Inspect the jammed milling mechanism. It has to be cut free.


On the distribution box, replace the CHARGED BATTERY. Then, use the SYNTHETIC SKIN on the corroded pipe to seal it up.

The board lights up, and the bulkheads all open throughout Lima.

Moses can now walk through the deserted Lima, entering a long corridor through the bulkhead door on the left.

With horror, he sees several corpses handcuffed to the pipes. Some of them have limbs missing. Others have had pieces of their skin deliberately sliced off. This isn't a place for prisoners - this is a pantry.

The Captain's quarters are down a hatch in the center of the compartment.

Continue down the length of the Lima and enter the torpedo room. Inspect the torpedo that has been knocked down. There is a key slot - a key to expose the warhead must be found.

A sealed emergency door to the right will only open if a radiation leak is detected.

Return to the Captain's quarters.

A table has been turned into an altar adorned with a cross. On this altar rests a photograph of the entire crew proudly standing in front of the Lima, a circular bone saw, a kitchen scale flecked with blood, and an unopened tin of BAKED BEANS.


Inspect the library. A safe is hidden behind a false wall of books. The numbers have all worn off of the safe - with no numbers, there is no way to open the safe.


Use your strength on the SCEPTER WITH BLADE to break it into a SCEPTER and BLADE.

As Charlie, combine the BLADE with the SAW WITHOUT BLADE to create a SAW WITH BLADE.

Inspect the milling mechanism, and cut it free with the SAW WITH BLADE.


Get Charlie to combine the OSCILLATOR with the HYDROPHONE to create an OSCILLATOR WITH MICROPHONE.

Inspect the safe again, but put the OSCILLATOR WITH MICROPHONE on it this time. As the safe pins click, the OSCILLATOR WITH MICROPHONE will spike more. Lock that pin in place, and move to the next.

With all correct pins locked, the safe will open. Take note of the diagram on the safe door.

Remove the TORPEDO KEY and the FLARE.


Return to the clay oil tank and use the FLARE to ignite the oil. The flames run through the channel, following the oil to the mechanisms below.

Follow the flames down to the landing and inspect the gong mechanism.
Place the SCEPTER into the hole and pull it.

The machine springs to life, rewinding and swinging its hammer toward the gong. It strikes the gong, ripping it from its chains. The massive hammer smashes through the wall into the crypt. The crypt is now open! Charlie cautiously enters it.


A sarcophagus is in the center of the small stone room. A spirit door on the far wall is small enough for a person to squeeze through. But the spirit door is locked.

Inspect the sarcophagus. Calaban encourages Charlie to open it.

A green cloud bursts from the sarcophagus, engulfing Charlie. She coughs and sputters, breathing in the thick dust. As the dust clears, she sees a mummified corpse with a hewn death mask with almond-shaped eyes.

Remove the DEATH MASK. Take note of the symbol on the chest of the mummified occupant.

To the left of the sarcophagus is a device. Rotate the clock hands until the thickest hand points to the symbol on the sarcophagus occupant's chest.

The other two symbols the clock points to are the RED SKULL and YELLOW, THREE EYED FACE.

Inspect the spirit door.
Place the DEATH MASK over the skull. The door will move, revealing a series of symbols. Match the symbols to those on the clock - starting with the skull on the corpse's chest as the first symbol.

The second is the RED SKULL.
The door slides open, offering a way out.

Traverse the corridor and enter the Uplift Chamber, a circular chamber with four slabs and a dead mummified corpse displayed on one of the stone surfaces.

Inspect the mechanism behind the rotting curtain.

A set of jars with a scale. The organs were removed and carefully weighed to know which afterlife they would enter. Once balance was achieved, the bodies would ascend.

By balancing the scales, Charlie must trigger the mechanism that allows ascension to exit this chapel.

Remove the VIVISECTION TOOL resting on the balance mechanism.



Return to the pod and inspect the braking system.

Use the VIVISECTION TOOL to repair the damaged break.

Enter the pod and continue the descent with the break now repaired. Finally, the pod stops at the bottom of the well.

Mac steps out onto a metal ring and, looking around, realizes it's the outer ring of a gigantic metal orrery. A voice echoes through Mac's mind, promising answers and urging him forward.

Exit the bottom of the well through the hole in the wall on the right. This leads to the top of an aqueduct. Floating in the trench is a strange-looking boat. The dock is closed, with a large gate stopping the boat from sailing forward.

A gigantic insect, secured in a pen, is in the corner of the space. The car-sized, brown monster has a harness with a chain - linking it to the aqueduct door. It is a beast of burden. To open up this aqueduct, Mac will have to lure it forward.

On the boat, metal bars have the driving mechanism locked in place. To sail, the bars have to be removed.

Inspect the torpedo and use the TORPEDO KEY to expose the warhead.

Use the DAGGER to remove the WARHEAD. The correct order to unscrew the device is found on the note in the Captain's safe.

To check which color the symbols refer to, use the instructions on the torpedo. The correct order is YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, and RED.

Once removed, the SEALED NUCLEAR WARHEAD will be added to the QSD.

Pass it to Mac, and have him separate the WARHEAD from the RADIATION SHIELD.

Use the exposed WARHEAD to open the closed radiation door.

With the door opened, Moses refuses to enter the flooded compartment.

Return to the Captain's quarters and inspect the altar. Use the scale on the desk to weigh the APE HEAD VISCERA JAR, the BIRD HEAD VISCERA JAR, the CAT HEAD VISCERA JAR, and the BAKED BEANS.



Place the JARS and BAKED BEANS on each side to achieve balance on the mechanism.

Press the red button to check the weight. When correct, the floor slides open in the center of the four slabs, exposing a drop-down.

The slabs tip forward, causing the body on display to slide down into the darkness. This is how the bodies ascended… a trick by these ancient priests to convince their followers that their afterlife was a real place.

The smell from the open doorway is palpable, but it appears this is the only way out.

Charlie makes a leap of faith down the hole; her grappling hook barely keeps her from dying. She lands on the palm of a colossal statue - its hands open, accepting her.

Charlie walks over to the sunken statues, careful not to stand inside the lake. Instead, she enters a vast cavern covered in long grass. The stench of rotting meat is overwhelming as Charlie's plug suit prevents her from vomiting. One entire cavern wall is made from bones stripped of their skin. Knots of stripped organs congealed into mounds of rotten flesh.

She can't shake the feeling that something is watching her every move. She doubles over in pain, and her plug suit provides medication as she wretches. Her stomach feels… wrong.

Inspect the milked insect that is tied down. Calaban will inform Charlie that she needs to cut into the insect and remove the interior contents.

Use the DAGGER to cut open the carapace.


Walk further into the grass, away from the eviscerated insect. Charlie will be attacked by the cave-dwelling inhabitants and taken…

Charlie wakes up to Mac frantically trying to talk to her. She slides off of a stone slab, coughing, and dry heaving. She is in incredible pain. Calaban, now connected to the plug suit, has picked up several parasites growing inside her. She has been infected by something, and it's growing.

She looks around her environment - she is inside a burrow. Soil and mud cover the walls, interspersed with white egg sacks. Through a short corridor, she can hear the wailing of babies.


Use the UNDIGESTED FOOD to lure the beast of burden closer and open the door blocking the boat.

Inspect the mechanism on the boat. Break apart the VENOM GLOBULE into two VENOM BALLS.

Use VENOM BALL A to melt the metal bars. Pull the lever. A metal clang sounds as the boat is released from its locks and travels forwards on the aqueduct.

The boat travels through a small corridor that expands outward. Mac finds himself moving through a vast city. Partially ruined spires stretch high into the darkness above him. Structures have been cobbled together on the sides of the cave, some climbing the sides of huge stalactites. The sounds of chanting and drums echo throughout the vast cavernous space. This is an entire active civilization!

The boat eventually comes to a stop on a small dock.


Return to the torpedo room and look at the door leading into the ship's bowels.

Once Charlie has been abducted, Moses chooses to jump into the water to overcome his fears. Swim through the Lima water until the doorway plugged by bodies is reached.

Find a way through the bodies. Use the remaining VENOM BALL B to melt a hole through the bodies and swim to the staircase. A doorway to the engine room sits above; Moses swims up to it and is finally out of the water.


Look at the sealed door on the right of the room, taking note of the direction of the arrows. If these arrows mean the door is locked, moving them to opposite angles could open it.

The sealed door on the left has a bone locking it. Remove the FEMUR.

Inspect the lock, and move the arrows so they face the opposite direction of the mechanism on the other door.

Head through the corridor into the birthing chamber.

A rusting metal door on the floor of the birthing chamber is the only way out.


Inspect the electro-sealed hatch. Calaban says the submarine engine room needs the power to open the electro-sealed hatch.

Inspect the battery station. There is no way to get to the suits below without a power source.


The only way off the dock is a small stone opening. It has been blocked up with bars made from the carapaces of insects. A Cayne employee belt has been wrapped around the bars to bend them. An escape attempt…

Use the FEMUR on the bars. A few turns and the bars bend enough to allow Mac to enter the sewer.

Drop into the water, and slowly, he wades through the sewers. Ahead, the sounds of guttural screaming fill the enclosed space.

The sewer runs underneath a sacrificial temple. Troglodytes, wearing wooden masks of their almond-eyed gods, have their hands deep inside the chest cavities of naked writhing victims. Keeping them alive for as long as possible, the executioners slowly extract the internal organs of the surviving Cayne scientists.

A crowd of naked troglodytes dances rhythmically to the chants and wails of the screaming people.

Continue underneath the floor to the right. Entering another corridor, there is an area where the floor has caved in. Climb up the caved-in ramp into a dungeon.

A naked man repeatedly stares towards the wall, bashing his head against the cold stone.

A figure, oozing milky liquid, slumps against the only doorway out of the dungeon.

A monstrous insect feasting on bones and meat is on the other side of the dungeon door. There is no way Mac could take on a bug that size, and Charlie needs him.

Inspect the android. The internal leak needs to be sealed to eject the ADAPTIVE POWER

Use the RADIATION SHIELD on the android, Corben.

With the leak sealed, the android's head opens, allowing the power core to be ejected. Removing the ADAPTIVE POWER CELL adds it to the QSD but causes a catastrophic explosion.

The explosion blasts the heavy stone door across the room, crushing the giant insect.


Look at the papers on the desk and then the refrigerator…

Mac stands up in the aftermath. Fortunately, the explosion that killed the beast also killed the survivor in the dungeon - but perhaps that was a mercy.

Inspect the battery station. Use the ADAPTIVE POWER CELL on the station and watch as cables snake out of the core and integrate into the Soviet system. The submarine's power control panel lights light green as the engine hums.

The electro-sealed hatch has opened. Moses should climb down the hatch. Then, swim through the water, looking for the suits.

The suits are located at the far end of the compartment, trapped behind some debris. There are two suits, but only one is accessible.

Inspect the valve pipe on the right. The valve will purge the water, allowing access to the escape suits.

After talking to Mac, turn the valve.

The service bay doors shudder and begin to open, dropping the piles of boxes onto the ocean bed below. Moses gets caught in the avalanche of boxes, pinning him down. The escape suit is just out of reach…

Moses is hurt, but after talking to Faran, he makes one last push…

Click on the suit, and Moses crawls towards it, splitting his tiny body in two.


Farewell, Moses.


Exit the dungeon through the hole in the wall into an ossuary, a room of sculptures of twisted versions of earthly creatures made of human bone. The voice in Mac's head urges him forward, promising that he is headed toward Charlie.

Through another hole in the wall, Mac enters a tunnel. To the left, the tunnel branches into what appears to be a crypt.

Entering it will lead into a maze that eventually loops back to the tunnel.

Mac uses his strength to separate the ADRENALINE POUCH from the ESCAPE SUIT.


Inject the ADRENALINE into the UNCONSCIOUS SCRUBBER, waking it up.

Next, inspect the metal disk and release the ENERGIZED SCRUBBER onto it.

The scrubber will consume the rust and the entire metal surface, giving Charlie a way out.

Enter the hole… And slide down it, landing hard on the muddy ground.


Run up to Charlie and inspect her.

Calaban will say that he will use her plug suit to electrocute the parasites within her. Lift up her shirt and highlight the parts on her abdomen where a parasite can be seen.

When Calaban has charged the suit, and a parasite comes to the surface, select the area to shock it.

Once all four parasites have been driven out, use the ESCAPE SUIT on Charlie.


Enter the crypt maze. Calaban will assist Mac and Charlie in finding their way out of the labyrinth. Follow the indicators to exit it.

Once out of the maze, enter a vast hall.

Hundreds of the cave dwellers are dancing, chanting, and celebrating. Altars of skinned people line the path to the Lighthouse. There is no way to get past them. Travel across the bridge.


As Mac walks through the doorway, he is inside an ornate church. Stained glass windows let in colored light. In the center of the church, a heavily tattooed and bloodied man hangs on a crucifix.

Walk closer to the man and talk to him.

The Captain of the Lima explains to Mac that the cave dwellers plan to spread the Veles to the surface, and he needs help to stop them.

He will clear the temple path to the Lighthouse if Mac gives him the warhead, allowing him to detonate it and flood the temple.

Mac agrees, and the hallucination dissipates around him.


Mac is standing in front of the grotesque and deformed Captain. Give the Captain the WARHEAD.

Exit the room leaving the Captain alone. The temple is now deserted, and the path to the lighthouse base is clear.

Head to the bottom of the temple and into the door to the Lighthouse. Move up the stairs to the top.

Inside the lighthouse top, inspect the infusion pods and place Charlie into one.
The pod malfunctions.

Calaban tells Mac that he will have to decompress the Lighthouse… explosively.

After listening to the message from Hope, inspect the viewing portal.

Place the LIVE GRENADE inside the crack on the portal.

An explosion rocks the Lighthouse as Charlie gets sucked out of the shattered hole in the glass. The escape suit expands and ascends through the water.

As she climbs through the icy water, a massive explosion chases her from the bomb exploding. The plug suit works to keep her alive during the ascent.

Charlie breaks through the water, and helicopters swirl around her.


Watch the credits, and finally, watch as Moses washes up on a beach.

The Brotherhood  [author] Mar 31 @ 10:39am 
Hey ghost. This guide should take you through the game with all the trophies.
Obergefreiter Ghost Mar 31 @ 8:23am 
This game just got released on consoles recently. My question is will I be able to get 100% trophies by following this walkthrough step by step?

Not much info on this game so not too sure about taking the plunge but then it does pique my interest.
The Brotherhood  [author] Mar 16 @ 12:54pm 
Hi all. You can also check out the visual guide in our supporters pack and online here:
Sugar Banana 0 Coco Mar 16 @ 7:52am 
Thanks for the guide very helpful
Volknochi Jan 13 @ 12:12pm 
*repair the damaged brake
*with the brake now repaired
(not ' break ')
Volknochi Jan 13 @ 8:01am 
@polyabolo No, it makes perfect sense. Pay attention to the data in the middle of the screen. You'll find that the 'XX' will change to the sequence that you choose to extract.
polyabolo Jan 8 @ 3:33pm 
> Cycle through the genes, extracting A1, U1, C1, G1 - and inserting them into the PROTO-SCRUBBER.

That doesn't make any sense at all. Even taking into account poster at Mac's location in addition to research files on the computer at Mose's location. All research images and poster information doesn't add up to anything definitive. For example, "XX" (i.e. "female", and we need to produce "male") and "C1" on one of the files could mean "disregard instruction to use C1 from other pictures", why the hell not?
The Brotherhood  [author] Nov 9, 2023 @ 10:28pm 
hi illuminae. Charlie needs to be kidnapped for Moses to face his fears.
Illuminae Nov 9, 2023 @ 7:40pm 
Got possibly hard/softlocked, the dialogue where Moses decides to face his fears and swim won't activate. I cannot continue the game because of it.
The Brotherhood  [author] Nov 9, 2023 @ 8:49am 
Cool. Thanks for the update.