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Peachy Bums - How to get rich quick
By Charm
This guide describes how to utilise the Peachy Bums fruit machine (aka slot machine, aka pokie) in the Anchor Tavern to quickly generate a large flow of cash for all of your home renovation needs.
This guide describes how to get rich quick in Landlord's Super, via gambling! Put the pot washing to one side pleb, you're going to be the richest home owner in Sheffingham.
Peachy Bums Fruit Machine
The way that one gambles in Landlord's Super is via the Peachy Bums Fruit Machine (known as a slot machine in the US, or a pokie in Australia), located at the back of the Anchor Tavern in Sheffingham, next to the pool table. The Anchor Tavern is open between 12:00 and 23:00.

Elements of the Peachy Bums Fruit Machine

  1. Coin insert (£1 or 20p)
  2. Current winnings and current credit
  3. Gamble button
  4. Fruit reels
  5. Combination prizes
  6. Reel holds
  7. Hi/Lo reel
  8. Hi selector
  9. Lo selector
  10. Jackpot meter
  11. Transfer button
  12. Cancel/collect button
Stage 1: Fruit Reel Combinations
To start, you need to add credits to the machine. This can be done in units of £1 or 20p. Each gamble costs 20p, so £1 nets five gambles.

The aim in Stage 1 of gambling is to get three matching fruit reels. There are 10 different fruits on each of the three reels:

Payout on triple combination
Triple Bar

In theory this means that the probability of getting a combination of any three of the same fruits is one in 1000 (Pr(reel 1) = 10% x Pr(reel 2) = 10% x Pr(reel 3) = 10% = 0.1%), but the machine is far more generous than this, generating a triple combination more like every one in four spins.

After you have put credit into the machine, you commence spinning the reels with the "Start" button.

Spin produces a triple fruit combination

If your spin produces a triple fruit combination, you will win a payout indicated in the table above (for example, a triple peach produces a 50p win). Move onto Stage 2 (see the next part of the guide).

Spin does not produce a triple fruit combination

If your spin does not produce a triple fruit combination, there is a chance that you will get to 'hold' up to two of your reels in place for the next spin (you don't always get this opportunity and if you rut out of credit on that spin, you won't generate this chance). If you have two reels the same out of three, it makes sense to 'hold' those two reels in place and on the next spin, you will simply spin the single unheld reel, to in theory improve the chance of a triple fruit combination.

You can also hold a single reel if, for example, you got a Seven, for which a triple combination would have a higher payout (£1.50).

To hold a reel, select the buttons marked either "Hold", "Hold Hi", or "Hold Lo":

"Hold" corresponds to the left reel, "Hold Hi" corresponds to the middle reel and "Hold Lo" corresponds to the right reel.

Repeat spinning and holding (if you win the opportunity to) until you get a triple fruit combination.
Stage 2: Hi/Lo Gamble
After you get a triple fruit combination, the Jackpot meter on the left of the machine lights up and you commence Stage 2 of the gamble. You can of course collect the winnings from the spin you have just landed, but the Jackpot meter gives you the chance to win big.

Where you start on the Jackpot meter depends on which triple fruit combination you landed. If you got a Triple Bar, you start at the £1 level, a triple Seven starts you at the £1.50 level, while anything else starts you at the 50p level (at the bottom). The idea is to progress up the Jackpot meter to reach the Jackpot and this is done via the Hi/Lo gamble game.

Hi/Lo Gamble

The Hi/Lo reel is located above the current winnings/current credit display. The reel contains the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. Upon getting a triple fruit combination, a number will be displayed in the Hi/Lo reel and the machine will be flashing between the words "HI" and "LO". There are two elements to this gamble, choice and timing.


You choose between Hi and Lo using the "Hold Hi" and "Hold Lo" buttons on the machine. Essentially, you have to guess whether the next number displayed on the Hi/Lo reel will be higher or lower than the currently displayed number. The next number spun will not be the same as the currently displayed number. For example, if the current number displayed is "5", you may select "HI" (requiring either a "7" or a "9" on the next spin), or "LO" (requiring either a "1" or a "3" on the next spin). In theory, the display of a "5" means there is a one in two chance of choosing the next spin correctly.

If there is a "9" displayed, of course one simply chooses "LO", as the only numbers that can be displayed next are "1", "3", "5", or "7". Likewise, if "1" is displayed, choose "HI".

A "3" or "7" being displayed presents a choice between a one in four chance event, or a three in four chance event. Logically, it pays to choose the three in four chance to maximise your chances of success.

A successful choice results in the Jackpot meter moving upwards and your prize increasing. If you progress to the top of the Jackpot meter, you win the Jackpot.


There is also an element of "skill test" to the Hi/Lo Gamble, in that you have to successfully time your choice of "HI" or "LO". If you do not choose "HI" when "HI" is lit up (or vice versa for "LO"), you will lose the gamble (including all of your winnings for that spin).

You can cash out your winnings at any time during the Hi/Lo Gamble.

If you're kicked out of the Anchor Tavern at 23:00 while gambling, fear not! Your gamble will remain on the next day.

If you've followed this guide up to now and have successfully climbed the Jackpot meter, congratulations, you are now the richest lout in Sheffingham.

Unfortunately winning the Jackpot softlocks you from playing the fruit machine further, but it will reset the following day. My testing has shown that winning the Jackpot makes the next day's Jackpot much smaller, but the Jackpot amount goes up again as more days pass.

Gambling can net you a ridiculous amount of cash - forget scrap, pot washing or odd jobs, put your time into gambling and renovate to your heart's delight.

NOTE: This guide is current as at v1.0.02 - 25 May 2023.
neet-o-muskeet-o Apr 30 @ 1:08pm 
Adding to this, the jackpot being higher the longer you wait between gambles doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast rule. I played the slots 5 days in a row and got roughly 100 pounds 4 times, and 200 pounds once.

Additionally, I seem to have found some kind of “rigged mode”, where the game functioned like a real slot machine and refused to give a matching 3 and would never let me hold spins. I don’t know what triggered it and it turned normal again the next day.
neet-o-muskeet-o Apr 27 @ 2:32pm 
my save got corrupted so i had to start over, but after reading this guide I'm nearly back to where i was before and more with all the money I've made from gambling.

99% of gamblers quit right before they're about to pay off their loan
UluKator Jul 24, 2023 @ 5:52am 
I played some rounds, cashing out at 10 usually, got like 200 out of the machine. Than hit jackpot, got 256 and machine is now out of order. I'd better keep cashing out at 10 I guess :steamsad:
C 4 R P 3 T Jul 22, 2023 @ 2:03am 
Thanks for the guide! This helped a lot!
Wgairborne Jun 10, 2023 @ 8:08pm 
wow, this actually worked, earned 130 from jackpot. I wouldn't say rely on it, but ez way to make some extra cash if you're lucky
WartortleMD Jun 4, 2023 @ 7:49am 
I don't know what the person below me is on about, Thank you for the guide. my 100% quest continues. Thanks for the guide.:ujel:
Stickz May 31, 2023 @ 12:50pm