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VS Game Modes of Maximum Glory
By majuva
How to save your own game modes using Steam Notes and
a gallery of gladiatorial feats to make you feel like a true Arachking.
Custom Versus Settings
So we're setting up a Versus Battle and are met with 3 changeable settings and 3 additional sub-categories. Looks like there's a lot to be messed with here, how do we proceed?
These are your preferred default settings that carry across game modes.

A no-brainer default option is your Lobby Type which can be Public, Friends Only, or the pause-able Offline.

A potential default is your Winning Score depending on both your preference of game length and your current map pool. It can be 1-10, then increments of 5 to 100.

The Death Zone encroaches from one, multiple or all sides on Normal.
It can also go Fast, Fastest, or remain Static in its starting position.

The further down this menu we go, the more its contents sway from Defaults to Game Mode Dependencies.
Map Pool
There are a total of 54 vanilla maps. Whichever ones you have selected when starting a match will be your current Map Pool which will be true-random selected (as in a FT55 won't necessarily take you through every map as you can get the same map multiple times).

You can default all 54, blacklist maps you don't like, or create a unique pool to compliment a game mode.

There are also user maps on the workshop which can be in your pool as well. Some of these will have recommended or essential settings in the description that the map was made in mind for.
Weapon Weight
There are 25 weapons which can all be assigned a weight from 0 to 5. This will only effect the weapons chance of being selected during a spawn and won't effect the spawn rates themselves.
Here, blades & spears spawn often (5), grenades, basic guns and better blades spawn occasionally (3), and most other items spawn rarely (1).
There are 20 different gameplay mutators, each with a stronger Plus+ variant.
None of these are initially enabled making this section the most powerful in altering the overall experience.
Some of these are defaultable, but most will be game mode specific majority of the time.
Making a Game Mode
is as simple as noting down a collection of settings which you can apply over your defaults to create a unique experience as quickly as possible.

There is no way to save presets in game, but steam overlay now has a notes function where you can store game modes as plain text or images.

It's as simple as pressing Prntscrn or WIN+SHIFT+S, taking a cropped screenshot and CTRL+V-ing it in your note.

This guide used to serve as my personal library before notes but I suppose now is a public library of modes you're welcome to play with or use as inspiration for your own. I'd encourage you to share any you think are particularly fun with the community as well. You're welcome to make your own guide or I can include yours in this one if you'd like.

Game Modes
Change finer details however you like at your own discretion.
Death Zone
5 x Blade, Spear, Mine.
4 x Nade, Baby Shotgun, Boomstick.
3 x Railvolver, Big & Double Blades, Rocket Launcher.
2 x Shotgun, Double Railvolver, Burst Launcher.
1 x Most Everything Else.

You're faster, stronger, more agile and accurate with powerful weapons that have more ammo. This has become my defacto default game mode for it's tighter movement & stunt-ability.
Static Death Zone & Insulation+ combo'd with Bigger Booms & Blades make death zone kills more about your ability to send and keep someone there rather than being punished for slightly sloppy movement.
Death Zone
5 x Blade, Spear, Mine, Nade.
4 x Big & Double Blades.
2 x Railvolver, Boomstick.
1 x Double Railvolver, Rocket & Burst Launchers, Death Ray, Big Nade.

opt. Blademaster, Efficiency, Size Matters, Floaty, Thick Blades, Reflective Beams.

Saucy Stuntin' Sword Fights. Jedis have near perfect movement and control over their weapons, cept for blasters of course.
Demo Derby
Death Zone
5 x Mine, Nade.
3 x Boomstick.
2 x Big Nade.
1 x All Blades, Rocket Launcher, Grav Nade.


Gladiator deviate focused on explosives whilst still having melee options available to defend against and even baseball explosives back at your opponents.

Thanks for Reading
I'll be sure to include more flavours of SpiderHeck as I discover them, as well as any of yours should you wish.

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