Cave Crawler

Cave Crawler

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full cave walkthrough (all levels)
By ellieberrie
This guide is simply meant to help you progress though the game if you get stuck finding a body. Hope it helps!
SPOILERS AHEAD!! read with caution.

This does not include jumpscares, lore spots, or pictures, though i'm happy to add some [pictures] if someone needs them (leave a comment!).

Please excuse any misspellings or grammar mistakes, I'm tired as I write this lol.

I reference stalagmites and stalagmites a lot, here's the difference if you're unaware: stalactites are on the ceiling and stalagmites are on the floor. I remember this by how stalagMite has an M in it, resembling them being on the floor.

I reference narrow pathways in the cave as paths, and open (ish) spaces as rooms.

Feel free to comment to let me know if I made an mistake, or if you have a question. Thanks!
first off, I highly recommend taking a picture of the controls before starting the game. just in case, here they are, listing keyboard first and controller second:

move forward: W, left stick up

move back: S, left stick down

turn left: A/H, right stick left

turn right: D/K, right stick right

look up: up arrow/U, right stick up

look down: down arrow/J, right stick down

zoom out: Q, L1

zoom in: E, R1

scan: R, button 1

pause: esc, start

continue: space, button 1
Level 1: lost tourists
From what I've heard from other players, this seems to be where most people get stuck. Once you're past this, though, it's much easier knowing what you're looking for visually.

There are three main scans you'll find before the body: a boot, a backpack, and a flashlight. The backpack is down a path (straight ahead from the boot) that dead ends in a cliff and a chasm, the boot is in the first room to the left and off the right side of the path, and the flashlight is off in a smaller pathway in the corner of a room. The flashlight is on, making it possibly the easiest to find due to the light being visible before you even approach the corner (it's the corner to the left of the backpack entrance point).

Here's where I, and seemingly most people, got stuck: finding the actual body.
You have to go PAST the flashlight, not very far. You've gone too far if you exit the first circular room that opens up. Circle around the stalagmites then look back - additionally, this is the first time you'll have to zoom in to scan something (see controls above)
Level 2: mining personnel
Three bodies to find this time! Yippee.

Unfortunately, the pool of blood straight ahead from where you begin does not count as a body.

The first body *I* found here was probably one of the most obvious overall - there's some blood dripping down from a high shelf formation in the of the first rooms. You'll need to zoom in for this one too.

Going past this area, there's a small path following the wall around a chasm, then yet another chasm with a circular path surrounding it. The next two bodies are in here.

What I consider to be the second body (though you can do these in any order) is in an offshoot path from this circle path, not super hard to find.

The third took me a long, long time to find - I had to look up a playthough on youtube lol.
From where the "Rockwell excavation container" is, you can see a cave down in the side of the chasm. Zoom in onto there, and that's your last body.
Level 3: the feeding team
This is where it gets significantly more creepy. Fair warning.

Seriously though, this level is where we get a lot of lore and hints to what's actually going on behind the scenes of this company. I heavy recommend you explore thoroughly! I might make another guide to talk about the lore and my theories, who knows.

There's really only one way to go for a while, so just keep going until you hit a big open place with a pool of... something.

I, again, had to look at a video to find this one. The first body that you come across will be located right behind the pool of unidentified liquid, hidden in all the crystals. Yet another time to zoom in.

Again, you *can* zoom in on the shelf across from the blood, but it's not a body (or should I say, crystal?).

There's two options to go from here, either will work fine. For my purposes though, I'll be writing as if you've gone ahead and to the right.

Follow the aforementioned path, you come to yet another chasm. if you look ahead and to your left having just entered, you'll see the shadow of our second body. Head straight forward to the cliff edge (you can't fall off, don't worry) and zoom in on this poor guy. I think this is possible from either side of the chasm.

Going forward on this path, you'll come to a fork. It;s best to go left first.

After scanning the crystals in there, backtrack and go right.

Straight ahead, the crystal cluster BEHIND the first crystal cluster is a body. It's blocked from your vision when you first enter. this should be number 3.

That's a dead end. backtrack to the chasm with the posed body, and go the way we didn't before. If you don't remember (I didn't), go through the one closest to you as you are backtracking. the one closest to the wall is what we entered though. This takes us back to the first room, with the pool of liquid.

From here, go through the path farthest from the pool of blood (not the one next to it).

This brings us to an opening ion the side of a cliff with lots and lots to stalactites. Explore around the edge of the cliff and you'll find a hidden opening with a bunch of crystals. Zoom in, there's a body in the back. Number four!

Adcross from where you entered, keep going forward though the only other opening. this will lead to a fork: to the left is a bunch of crystals and lore, to the right lead to a room with a ton of crystals, and our last body. It's directly to your left as you enter, literally right next to the opening you'll come though. You have to go forward then turn around to scan it, very easy to miss. (You could find this one way earlier, but I kept missing it as I walked though).

That's all five.
Level 4: earthquake investigation
The last, and definitely the creepiest and most visceral of all the levels. Good luck.

There's only one thing to find here, it's mostly about just following the path to its end. I'll still guide the path, but personally I could easily figure it out on my own (first time in the whole game! Never said I was the best at gaming.)

Straight path ahead from where you first start. at the first opening in the walls, there's some very fast particles. I couldn't scan them, I don' think it's possible.

Keep[ going ahead, and at the next opening in the wall is a hug crystal cluster. Zoom in to scan it!. Keep going ahead.

The next room ahead has a pulsating tubular thing in the center, It's scannable too. The right side of the circle path is impassible due to the crystal cluster, go around the other side.

In the next room, there's two crystal clusters to scan, one needs you to zoom in. Definitely scan them, it's worth it. The path ahead is more like a hole in the floor, continue down and forward.

After going now, there's a chasm with a path straight ahead. The weird black patch is our target, you have to zoom in at the very end of the path to scan it. Again, you can't fall off here.

And that's the end of the game! Easily playable in one sitting, even with difficulties. I seriously enjoyed it, don't forget to leave a review and give the creators some love!! <3
biohazard1700 Sep 16, 2023 @ 4:33pm 
Thank you! That first level body for some reason just kept eluding me. I was puttering around for some time looking for it!
Gentle Dementia May 6, 2023 @ 7:36pm 
Thank you, I was stuck on the first level for ages just puttering around in circles because I forgot the zoom button existed :p