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Tips and Tricks for BattleBit Remastered
By meburningslime
This guide explains basic and advanced mechanics which are not explicitly told to the player within the game.
This guide will introduce everything I have learned through personal experience within BattleBit. Please bear with me, as this is my first steam guide. Here I will introduce you to any secrets, easter eggs, and gameplay mechanics I know of. If you know of anything which should be included within this article, please let me know! Without further ado, let us begin.
Night vision is an incredible nuisance. Although it is extraordinarily fun to stealth through the dark and ambush dozens of players, many (especially recon) players will feel as if the levels are unfair and extraordinarily confusing. Flares are here to solve this problem.

Replacing grenades, these can change the entire playing field if used correctly. Throw some in the direction of the enemy and your entire team can light them up.

Medic Speed
Ever wonder how even players who aren't medics are bandaging faster than you? Although many assume you must open your bandages before healing an ally or yourself, this is not true. Simply hold 3 regardless of what weapon is equipped, and you will immediately begin the process.

Weapons are not the only thing that can be fully customized within this game. A shocking amount of players never see the "character" button on the bottom left of the deploy screen. Changing your helmet, backpack, and more can dramatically increase your performance.
Heat Vision
Within certain vehicles such as tanks and some armored transport vehicles. you can switch to the third passenger seat to enter a heat vision mode. This highlights all hostiles in orange, and at certain distances allows you to see through walls. Use this in conjunction with your teammates for excellent vehicle performance.

Helicopter Copilot
Many consider the copilot seat to be entirely useless, yet an aware copilot could be the difference between life and death for your entire crew. If the pilot gets shot, the copilot assumes complete control of the vehicle. Do not lose focus when riding in this passenger seat!

Helicopter ropes
Unlike every other rope, the helicopter rope works inversely. When exiting, you must hold forwards in order to descend. If you are having issues leaving the helicopter safely, try this trick. Alongside this as a brief note, you can re-enter the helicopter after entering the rope if it becomes too risky.

friendly fire
Many inexperienced or unknowing players are completely oblivious that they are running over their allies. Even if bumping the side of an ally, you can instantly kill allies. Move slowly and/or cautiously when around allies!
Safe Zone
Although deceptive by nomenclature, do not let your guard down whilst in this zone. Although you can neither kill nor be hit by allies within this area, a skilled sniper or enemy kamikaze can eliminate you within seconds of spawning.
Easter Egg(s)
Russian Guy

Found within the tall grass in one of the pipelines at the edge of the map.

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