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How to effectively use a Level Editor in Eversion
By 1337Walrus
So you've beaten Eversion and you want to take a shot at making your own levels. Well, you've come to the right place!
Obtaining the Level Editor and opening it
So you want to make a level, yeah? Well, the first step in making a level is obtaining the Level Editor in the first place. To obtain it, click here.[fastcall22.blogspot.dk] Make sure you download the version with EversionMod! It provides a few extra features that generally make your life easier.

Afterwards, open the ZIP file and you should see this, minus the two .maps at the bottom.

I have it open in WinRAR, but Windows should open ZIP files without any extra input.

As soon as it's open, run EversionLevelEditor.exe, and proceed to the next section.

The Controls
After opening the Level Editor, you should see something like this.

Just a blank canvas, and you are the artist! Here are the controls.

Period and Comma: Change Block

Brackets ([ and ]): Changes the Eversion layer you're on. The [ sets you back a layer, (like from X-2 to X-1), and the ] will set you forward (like from X-3 to X-4)

Semi-Colon and Apostrophe: Zoom out and in, repectively

Back-Slash (\): Enables the background, as in the color of the sky depending on what Eversion layer you're on will be displayed in your work. Useful for working in X-8, because working with pure black blocks against an otherwise pure black sky isn't really ideal. I think it's better shown in a screenshot.

This, compared to


W: Use Warp Grid Spacing. I'll just let the description do the work. "Sets grid spacing on the Y-Axis to easily show where Y-eversion warps teleport to."

The Arrow Keys will pan the camera one block in each direction. Holding CTRL before pressing an arrow key will pan the camera 10 blocks in that direction.

Those are all of the main controls that can be utilized by pressing keys.

The following commands can only be activated by activating them from the "View" drop down menu, and are not bound to any key.

Show Hex Overlay: This shows you the IDs of all tiles you have placed down.

Show Tiles: This shows/hides the tiles you have placed down so you can only see the background. Pretty useless.
Blocks make up the entire world of Eversion. You can place them down by left clicking, and you can copy blocks and paste blocks by left clicking, you can highlight areas of blocks to quickly fill areas.

Here are the blocks that can be placed down.

Grass makes up the majority of the world. You usually place it a block above the bottom of your level.

Earth is usually placed directly under Grass blocks.

Just a totally ordinary block. Gem Blocks turn into these after being hit from below. They are generally used when creating areas above grass blocks, Grass is almost never placed anywhere but a block above the bottom.

A Gem Block! Hitting it from below causes a gem to pop out of it. You can only get the gem out of it if the Eversion level is below X-5. X-5 on, hitting it won't cause a gem to pop out, meaning that if you want to get the gem out of it you'll have to evert back to at least X-4.

Bricks. You can break them by hitting them from below X-4 on. X-6 on, you can also break them by walking over it, as well as hitting it from below.

A gem. What more is there to be said? In Time Attack, they will reduce your time by around .50 seconds.

Water. This is generally used over bottomless pits, so if you have a lot of bottomless pits, it's recommended you fill them with water.

A tree. They act as solid blocks in X-1 and X-2. You can move past them X-3 on.

Flowers. They act as scenery until you evert to X-6, in which they become spiked and will kill Zee-Tee upon contact. This will also happen in X-7 and X-8.

Clouds. These are an interesting case. You can pass through them in X-1. They are solid in X-2 and X-3. They are passable in X-4, and totally disappear X-5 on.

Rose Bushes are pretty annoying objects. They act as a solid block until you evert to X-5, which is when they can be passed. They disappear X-6 on.

Doom Clouds are pretty bizarre objects. They are namely used in World 8, to create points of no return between Eversion layers. This is typically used with the next two blocks.

When you pass this tile's x position, Zee-Tee is warped 120-20*eversionlevel tiles. This is used to create the main gimmick in World 8, where you get different sections depending on what Eversion layer you changed to on your current section. It also acts as a checkpoint.

When Zee-Tee passes this object's x position, his x position is set to 30.

A checkpoint. If Zee-Tee passes this object's X position, he will respawn at the tile you set the Checkpoint on if he dies.

A goomba. Nothing really interesting. They kill Zee-Tee upon contact. They stand completely still in X-4, and regenerate upon being killed in X-8.

This fake gem block will evert Zee-Tee to X-5 upon being hit on layers X-1, X-2, X-3, and X-4. It's used in World 4 to do just that.

Just as a warning, if you put this block down, DO NOT let the player backtrack to the area it was in on any layer other than X-5, X-6, X-7, and X-8! If you do, the block won't work a second time, and a gem will pop up. Collecting this gem will crash the game.

The dreaded hand makes it's appearance! They only appear on X-5 and on. Of note is that only the ACTUAL hand will kill Zee-Tee. You can jump through the arm (the black part).

A ordinary rock... or IS it? It comes to life and can kill Zee-Tee in X-7 and X-8. It can't be killed, but you can bounce off of it in those layers. Otherwise, it's scenery.

The dreaded hand's much more mean cousin. This version appears no matter what Eversion layer you are on, meaning that they can pop up on the otherwise very happy X-1.

The fake ending flag. If you finish the level by hitting it, you will get the Bad Ending. You can't move the camera past it. They disappear and you can move past it on X-8.

This is an interesting case of an Eversion spot. At the beginning of the level, it will show your gem counter. If your level is an Time Attack map, it will show how many gems you have collected in the MAIN STORY. If you have collected every gem, you will be able to evert from X-7 to X-8 here.

Nothing too interesting. You can evert from X-1 to X-2 here.

You can evert from X-2 to X-3 here.

You can evert from X-3 to X-4 here.

You can evert from X-4 to X-5 here.

You can evert from X-5 to X-6 here.

You can evert from X-6 to X-7 here.

This will let you evert from X-7 to X-8 without having collected every gem in the campaign. Quite useful.

The True Ending flagpole. The screen can pass this tile. If you have EversionMod installed, hitting this flag will only give you the True Ending if there are no more levels found. Otherwise, you'll move on to the next level.
EversionMod Blocks
You can only use these Blocks if you have EversionMod 1.0. If EversionMod 1.0 is in the same ZIP file as EversionLevelEditor.exe, you have it and can use these tiles!

This block enables Y-Scrolling for the level. Without this, the constraints are set to the default height of the screen. The bottom-right most tile of this kind has precedence and will be used instead of any others.

If Y-Scrolling is enabled, this tile sets one of the y-maximum/minimum constraints of the camera to this tile's y-position. Placing one of these tiles at (0, 22) and another at (0, 5) prevents the camera from seeing above y=22 and below y=5.

If you put this tile down, you will start in X-1 when you begin the level. It's main use is for when a level, by default, starts you off in a different Eversion layer, for example World 7 starts on you X-7, this would force you into X-1 there. Same case as Y-Scrolling cameras; if multiple of these tiles that start you off on an different Eversion layer are placed in the level, the bottom-right most one will be the Eversion layer you start on. This doesn't matter if you only put one down, however.

If you put this tile down, you will start in X-2 when you begin the level.

You will start in X-3 when you put this down.

You will start in X-4 when you put this down.

I think you know what eversion layer you'll start in if you put this down. (Spoilers: X-5)

If you put this down, you'll start in... you guessed it, X-6.

You'll start in X-7 if you put this down. thump thump...

This will start you in X-8 if you place it down.

When you pass this tile, you will be warped to X-4, and the black cloud of doom from World 3 will appear behind you.

When you pass this tile, you will be warped to X-7, and the blood wall from World 6 will appear behind you. Of note is that the wall shoots hands at you, and you will die upon contact with one. Make sure you create plenty of room to dodge hands if you set this down.

It's Zee-Tee! You will start here. If you do not have EversionMod, Zee-Tee's starting position is hard coded, but if you do, you can manually set where he will spawn by setting this down.

The End
That's all there is for blocks and controls, and ultimately, this guide. After all, I can't give you very many ideas for levels! It's up to you to make what you want with this tool.

I, however, will recommend that you just make custom Time Attack maps for a while before you move on to making entire campaigns, just to hone your skills.

I'd like to give credit to Tams[zarat.us] for making such an amazing game. Seriously, you're awesome. I'd ALSO like to give credit to my outstanding friends. Even though they didn't help me with this guide, they are amazing. I thank you guys.

I wish to give credit to Thomas "fastcall22" Rippon, who has created the level editor in the first place. His blog is located here[fastcall22.blogspot.com].

Thanks for reading, and I hope you create many successful levels!

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1337Walrus  [author] Jun 23, 2018 @ 5:06pm 
Surprisingly, no. The game's fine if you make custom time attack maps. Editing the campaign gives you What Have You Done.
memes72 Jun 23, 2018 @ 2:22pm 
This will actually give you the LAST acheivement in the game. (What Have You Done!?!)
I'd recommend hacking the game after you've got all the other achievements since this achievement disables rewards.
FMRadio Jul 12, 2017 @ 2:00pm 
Thanks for the guide! It's pretty much the only reference I can find thanks to their site being down. I'm not sure if my EversionMod is out of date, but gems aren't counted above World 7 in the version I have... if this is normal, I think I found a way to fix it:

> In line 51 of main.rb, change "1..7" to "1..x" (x equaling how many stages have gems, usually up to the 7-8 gem warp if you're using that). This tells Eversion how many worlds are actually considered in the total gem count.
> In lines 83 and 85 of the same, there should be arrays labeled "[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]" (the line 83 one is within another array). Add ",0" for each additional world (I'm planning on 12 in mine, so I'd change both of them to "[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]"). This changes what array is created if there isn't a save file or if the current save was just completed, so you may need to delete your previous save file before this will work.
1337Walrus  [author] Jan 19, 2017 @ 6:35pm 
Thanks for the support, everyone.

And yes, posting your campaigns here is probably ok.
Feistygandhi Jan 19, 2017 @ 3:52pm 
Wow, it's cool to see that people still care about this awesome game! The level editor is awesome, and this guide is extremely helpful, so thank you, 1337Walrus!

So I'm not exactly sure if this is appropriate here, but a few years ago I did put in a good amount of time to make a complete Eversion "campaign" using the editor. In case someone is interested, here is a link with instructions to download and play:

And here is a link to a full playthrough video:
1337Walrus  [author] Dec 13, 2016 @ 11:05am 
Yeah, the site might go down eventually, it hasn't updated in years. Thanks for the mirror!
Pooka Mustard™ Dec 12, 2016 @ 9:01am 
I'll put this up here in case I ever forget and come here again. If you want the Eversion level editor, chances are the site that's hosting it is down forever or something, so download the latest files from here.

In the Eversion editor zip file, the offline documentation is available inside the 'doc' folder. Useful in case you want to know every little tidbit about the program.

I also learnt something important from it: How to resize the game area. Hold Shift while hovering over the red boundaries, and drag the boundary that you want to resize.
Threeo Feb 4, 2016 @ 7:38pm 
vcredist_x86 haz a problem with downloading. Apparently theres a specific microsoft visual C++ thingy, where can I find the latest update?

Btw, sorry if this is off topic
kikones34 Oct 10, 2015 @ 7:17pm 
Nice guide :DD
Glass of water™ Dec 4, 2014 @ 8:03am 
V.V i h8 collecting gemz