Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Mar 19, 2023 @ 4:20am
Jun 27 @ 12:29pm
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The mod aims to implement peasant revenge after village has been raided. Player and AI heroes, who captured the criminal, can now allow notable peasant to behead the criminal.

Mod adds features:
1. Dialogues for notable peasants and AI lords.
2. AI behavior to handle peasant revenge.
3. Relations changes to notables and heroes after peasant revenge event is finished.
4. Heroes pay to notables reparation, if they are caught after village raiding event (the reparation are scaled to hearts count of the village)
5. Heroes can pay "lost ransom" to hero's party, which caught the criminal hero after peasant killed the criminal, if the hero's party is low on money. (Player cannot ask for "lost ransom" yet)
6. Heroes can kill notable peasants, when heroes have certain traits and does not want to pay reparation to notable peasant.(Notables, who have active issue quests, do not participate in peasant revenge)
7. Player does not get relations penalties if peasant kill the criminal heroes.
8. Player can get support money from AI, if have good relations (the same rules for AI).
9. Notable peasant parties. Player can enable/disable notable peasant parties via dialog with notable peasant (configuration is saved in the PeasantRevengeModCfg file) (default - disabled). Player can interrupt the revenge party. and stop the revenge.
10. Player can attack neutral parties (except own faction), who are raiding village (default - disabled, enable/disable this via dialog with notable peasant see enableHelpNeutralVillageAndDeclareWarToAttackerMenu in the PeasantRevengeModCfg file).
11. Persuade notable peasant not to initiate or initiate the peasant revenge (player only yet).

Notable peasants who have mercy or coward trait will not result in peasant revenge (about 40% of villages with default configuration).
Heroes, who have better relations with the criminal, will be able to bail out the criminal. (Player can always do it)
Heroes, who are impulsive or have no mercy traits will tend to kill notable peasant instead of paying the reparation.
Heroes, who are generous will tend to pay "lost ransom"

You can tweak some configuration values to your liking.
Configuration values are in the file PeasantRevengeModCfg xml, which is created after you create the game, and reloaded after you load the game.
Mod will not write to this file if "CfgVersion" is higher than or equal to PeasantRevenge dll file version (your changes to this file will retain).

Suggestions regarding game balance:

Mercenary clans suffer a lot due to this mod. But you can reduce reparation gold amount by lowering the parameter “ReparationsScaleToSettlementHearts”. And change parameters, what prohibit executions of the criminal, to less demanding i.e.: “partyLordLetNotableToKillTheCriminalEvenIfOtherConditionsDoNotLet” “settlementLordLetNotableToKillTheCriminalEvenIfOtherConditionsDoNotLet” values set to <RelationsPerTraits traits="Mercy &lt; 0" relations="Relations &gt; 0" />
( By reducing these parameters, AI will let notable revenge more often in this example)
Or you can reduce peasant revenge timeout (see: peasantRevengeTimeoutInDays), so notable peasant may not complete the revenge in time more often.

Mod does not save any progress (however game will save notable peasant mobile parties, but without revenge data. The mod will try to disband them, after game was loaded), so game will forget about past raid criminal heroes after game reload (it is done intentionally)

If you enabled notable peasant parties, disable them and wait (peasantRevengeTimeoutInDays days) until parties are removed and save game, before you uninstall the mod.

Known Bugs:
If you enable notable parties, sometimes village will get 1 more notable for a short time, after revenge mobile party is disbanded.

1. Should be Save file compatible (Can be loaded/unloaded any time. If notable parties are enabled - let AI to kill them off)).

Virtual Krunch May 7 @ 6:56pm 
@arunasradv. i will load it up again and try to replicate it. i have took it out and tried something else. i will post it when possible.
arunasradv  [author] Apr 28 @ 1:14pm 
Sure, I'm interested. Post a report, please.
Virtual Krunch Apr 28 @ 6:59am 
noticed incompatibility with Adventurer mod, when entering a settlement(even at the start of a game) game will crash with these mods involved in crash. i can work on getting you a crash log if you would like to try and see about it if interested. otherwise i love the mod as it adds more life to the game :)
Mclovin Apr 21 @ 9:08pm 
Works fantastic in every and any collection of mods ive tried it with! Fantastic mod that ended my campaign before i knew it. Entertaining and a great addition.
Mclovin Apr 17 @ 3:30pm 
testing it now on a fully modded run of eagle rising. Thanks for your time man.