Otome * Domain

Otome * Domain

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Otome * Domain - Walkthrough
By 亦無今
Nobody made this guide in English, so I wrote this simple guide.
I hope you find this guide helpful.
And enjoy the game!
Yuzu Kifune

  • Ask Yuzu

  • Go to eat hamburgers

  • Go with Yuzu

  • Have her stop
Hinata Ogaki

  • Ask Hinata

  • Go to view magic accessories

  • Go with Hinata

  • Have her stop
Kazari Saionji
The DLC is required to unlock this route,
you can find it on VNDB.

  • Ask Yuzu/Hinata

  • Go to eat hamburgers/view magic accessories

  • Go with Yuzu/Hinata

  • Have her continue

When you complete one chapter in main game, some extra chapters will unlock. Back to the title screen and click extras, you can find them. Don't forget to read these little stories.

Tips: You can skip all chapters you have already read and proceed to the next choice.

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Tyruku Mar 28, 2023 @ 2:02pm 
This is very true because I finished both Yuzu's and HInata's route and realized the one major difference that makes or breaks it (obviously talking about if that requirement is met, of course). Still on Kazari's Route as of now.