Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade

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"Protector" Mid-game Build and Flanking
By ♜Lilith♜
A flexible and reliable Mech unit, although ill primarily focus on the assault rifle variant. Aswell as some advice for flanking.

This is my first ever guide, feedback would be greatly. greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read this. Please leave a rating if you dont feel like commenting, thanks.

This build is a multi-role base for you to further customize to your liking. It's a high mobility medium class mech that i've found incredible for flanking and playing aggressive. It's ability to move straight into the fight helps keep your longer range mechs safe. I tend to see that being behind cover at times makes enemies focus on mechs out of cover but this plays into your advantage, keeping them distracted as you get deeper into your enemies line and setting up for flanks. I tend to run 2 of these with smgs, shotguns, or rifles and use the other 2 as MLS/snipers in the back line.

Use any and all cover and never worry about not getting enough shots in, although you can, this class should focus on keeping the pressure while your harder hitting/ranged mechs do all the damage. Keep high terrain and buildings close as they will always be your best friend. You can move up to 80m while firing and shielding giving you some fast and aggresive gameplay to counteract the more quiet behind the fight role your other mechs do. You can dash a whole 5 second sequence if you need that extra boost to get out of the open, set up, or traverse the roofs of buildings.

Overall stats

Weapon - The AR2 Burst
I've found this to be the most fitting considering the overall strategy with this build. You can throw on a sniper, MLS, shotgun, etc, although LMGs and other high heat weapons may need some adjustments to the overall build. As for the module anything will work.

Secondary - Ajax
Personally the best of the shields. I dont like to rely on barriers as it can drain your liquid fix and cause you to bail out earlier from contesting a region. It's also fairly light and rarely breaks, although i wouldn't use it to tank but rather provide cover during maneuvers. Any module would work, although i just keep it empty, which i forgot to remove.

Upper Body - Elbrus
Great base that can be easily pushed into a heavier/lighter class, and i have yet to ever an issue with its base integrity. Light Plate and Hydraulics to reduce mass. R6 Reactor for its weapon buffs, this will help with scatter when moving/standing which will further help the strategy of this build. T4 Atlas is personally my go.

Lower Body - Elbrus
Another solid base, i think it should be clear that all other pieces will be Elbrus. Generator for that extra juice to help with speed as it provides power. And a Capacitor to push the base heat capacity to help the following battle info.

Arms - Elbrus
I keep the defense module empty as its base stats have never needed adjustments, although if you have trouble you're free to strength/weaken them but keep in-mind the effect it will have on your speed. Add 2 Heatsink modules to keep heat dissipation high above 40.

Scenario Example
From the start you can immediately setup a flank, worst case scenario you have to shield and run or can only push halfway but its progress. Always try to end up behind cover. The pictures below will visualize the subject talked about. This is turn one, i've taken the fight to the, and even have a chance to take pot shots while keeping them close to each other.

Keep the pressure while your "support" gets their hits in, meanwhile your Protectors keep them busy. At times you can get them to friendly fire, collide, and i've even seen AOE enemies take themselves/others out from direct hits or even shooting at a close wall.

Do your best to stick to the cycle of Cover, Fire, Cover and not staying behind the same cover to avoid it breaking down and limiting your overall cover, and to avoid you yourself from getting flanked.

Keep in mind missiles and rail guns can go through/over cover so shield up. In other cases only shield if you're unsure if you cover will last or if there is a chance of elevation not being on your side. In this case there was two enemies firing an as i didn't plan to move much, it wouldn't hurt to shield.

As you can see i ended the last sequence behind cover and ready to come out and take shots again, meanwhile my support was taking out any stragglers trying to get at them or taking shots to help out our front-line fighter.

At this point it should (hopefully) be clear how to use this versatile mech. Its speed is it greatest strength while not being too fragile to handle a few hits. At times i gamble it out firing back knowing it can hold its ground knowing shots from my support will make sure i come out on top.

You're a jack of all traits, and you can very much become a master of one. I'll close this off showing off some roof jumping.

♜Lilith♜  [author] Mar 7, 2023 @ 8:03pm 
Being able to run 80m in a turn or dash throughout it is plenty enough speed, not that its the focus. Its more than enoguh to ensure good flanks and being able to back to cover when needed. The burst rifle lets you keep your distant and hitting from the back causes concusion, not that i personally care as there is always enough loot/i craft my own parts. The rifle varients keep enemies and engaged and pick at them while (as i stated) your heavy hitting support can focus on all the damage with no pressure so they can soley focus on placing good hits in. You're not slugging with ajax, its for when youre moving from cover to cover, if anything its not really needed as youll be too quick to hide before they can get shots in. Yeah thats what i said, use cover to avoid damage. Like i said not maximizing speed, it already has plenty a top notch boost. @Lapeno
Lapeno Mar 7, 2023 @ 6:31pm 
17 speed is not that fast. AR1 is good weapon but it can destroy stuff. I prefer to go with 2 axe mechs for melee contusion (better salvage), usually one hit is enough to dispatch any mech or tank and they rarely destroy parts and depending on the distance you can do 2-4 melee attacks. Thats 2-4 enemies less.
On my slower melee mech i use S4 shield. Barrier is actually quite good as you should never stand in a slugfest. You either use cover to avoid damage or dash away. My current S4 can withstand one attack per round and for me this is enough as i use it rather as a "oh shit" card.
Those defensive modules could use light plates, your mech would be faster.

Currently playing at ~11 (some stuff is 10, some stuff is 12) tier equipment and will have to progress further as i conquered new province that was 10+.
Bjornn "Boxy" Steeleye Mar 7, 2023 @ 1:16pm 
i basically run the same with but with a shotgun atm and the AI either full targets it because its flanking or in their face, or they ignore it and it just shots them all in the back.
think i have had the shield break once? but its fast enough to get outa trouble pretty reliably