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Birth: A full walkthrough
Following this guide should give you all achievements in the game.
1. Prologue
1.1. Tutorial
Drag the tape into the player. Press the white button on top.
Drag the teapot above the cup to pour.
Drag the slice of toast above the toaster. Pull down the button on toaster's side.
Customise your appearance. You can still change it until you leave your room.
Open the book. Drag the shapes into corresponding places and enjoy the narrative.
Drag the spine disks into places. Click on the spine, and then on the triangle in top left corner to continue.
1.2. Your room
Here you can only do two things: look at the spine again (desk), or change your appearance for the final time (mirror). Leave the room by clicking the city icon on the bottom navigation bar.
2. First gate
  • 4 body parts
  • 1 coin
  • 1 place to spend a coin
How to obtain and spend the first coin is described in section 2.5. Art studio.
2.1. Apothecary (arm bone)
Shelves on left side: Arrange the arrows to make the pebbles fall into second hole from the left, filling the bottle. Pull the pin at the top to drop pebbles. If you make a mistake, you can restart with the icon in top right corner. Take the bottle.

Frames on the desk: Toggle up the rightmost slider (nothing stops you from sliding all of them). The revealed character will be holding a bowl with pebbles. Take it from their hand.

Shelves in top middle: Shove everything away to reveal a bottle with pebbles on the left shelf.

Jar in bottom right: Drag the 3 containers into their place and SLOWLY drag each of them towards the jar to transfer the contents. You can reset if you spill. You may need to shake the bottles a little if pebbles get stuck in the thin neck. Put a lid on top and take the jar.

Getting the body part: Give the jar to the guy and look at the bouquet he put aside on the desk. Unwrap it and drag away the flowers to reveal the bone.
2.2. Stranger's apartment (tooth 1)
Desk on right side: Take a fish from the drawer. Solve the puzzle to receive a second fish.

Nightstand: Take the fish from the glass. Look at the photo. Drag stars from the bowl onto strings. Take the bug from the bowl.

Bird in the window: Give it the bug, it'll raise the wing and let you take the last fish.

Getting the body part: Put all the fish in the aquarium, take the tooth from the chest that just opened.
2.3. Bakery (tooth 2)
To enter the bakery, you will need a password. Scroll to the very left and look at the girl's book/diary. Click on each of the dots to reveal a symbol. The sequence is: donut, birthday cake slice, croissant. Go to the bakery door and click on the symbols to change them into the previously mentioned sequence. You will get the baker achievement.

Hangers: Arrange the utensils so that their bottom aligns with the grey dot below. There is one extra hanger to allow you juggling. If you don't see a dot (except for rightmost one which is supposed to be empty), it's probably the hanging tool covering it. Once you finish, a plant will appear on the empty hanger.

Egg: Click it a couple times to reveal a bunny(?) holding a jar.

Middle cupboard: Second left door hides a puzzle. Solve it and you'll get a lemon.

Jars: No idea how this works, I kept flipping random switches and the moon just popped into existence.

Bowl of soup: Look at the girl behind the counter first. She will have three symbols on her shirt: mountains, angel worm, birthday taco. The spoon in the soup spins like clock's arm. Pick out the three aforementioned symbols in order. There is a reset button above the 3 empty boxes in case you need it. Take the ring from the bowl.

Sandwich: Click on the banana several times to get 6 banana slices outside of the initial two. Put them on the bread in ascending order of the number of stems: top 123, middle 456, bottom 78. Eat the sandwich by clicking on it and pick up the leaf.

Getting the body part: Go to the bowl with cookie dough in bottom left. Put all 6 ingredients on the counter. Form 6 cookies by dragging the mouse from the bowl onto the tray. The sixth cookie you make will have a tooth in it.
2.4. Coffee shop (leg bone)
Girl with cup in hand: The goal here is to fill the cup with correct ingredients. You make them fall from the dispenser by clicking on pictures at the top, but until you fix the mosaic in the top right, all you will see are question marks. Take note of the symbol the girl is thinking of. Leave her for now and look at the scroll hanging on the wall beside her. It will tell you that she's actually thinking about a spider and a tooth. Go back to her, make it rain those two things and drag the cup from her hand around to catch. Careful! If you slide too fast, the contents of the cup will just fall off. Having more than one of each ingredient in the cup is permitted. SLOWLY return the cup to her, and with her other hand she will present an eyeball.

Guy with the laptop: Unwrap the bizarre lollipop by clicking on it a couple times.

Gum machine: Keep rotating the handle until the eyeball falls off.

Getting the body part: Place the 3 eyeballs on the strings held by an... entity on the right. It will drop the bone held in the other hand.
2.5. Art studio
To enter the art studio, you will need a coin.
The first coin is in possession of a bird above apothecary. Click on the paper it's holding and pop all the shapes drawn - one of them will reveal a coin.
Use that coin on the phone booth directly below the bird to find out the code needed to enter the art studio: 6459. Once inside, enjoy an in-game drawing board.
This location does not have any body parts to collect, but entering the art studio awards the artist! achievement.
3. Second gate
  • 5 body parts
  • 2 coins (one unavailable until next gate)
  • 2 ways to spend coins
1st coin: There is a nest hidden behind the foliage above the museum door. Look closer at the nest and you'll find a coin.

2nd coin: In front of Someone else's place there is a kid sitting. Their necklace is incomplete but we do not yet have access to the solution.

1st coin spender: Between the library and someone else's place there is a dripping rain pipe. Pay a coin and click on the droplet to enter an aquatic world.

2nd coin spender: Between the antique shop and museum you'll find a toy dispenser. Buy a toy with a coin. Open it to unleash a swarm of ants that will hypnotically circle around wherever your cursor points.
3.1. Laundromat (hand)
Pair on the bench: Align rotating plates with the pattern. Start from the top: clicking on any circle turns that one and all the circles BELOW it. Remember the symbols in girl's hair: WiFi bar, :< emote, crown.

Hangers: Hang three pieces of clothing. The yellow sweater will have a hand. Inspect it. Click within the circle to pull little pieces towards the cursor. By clicking rapidly place all shapes on the curve. Take the block from the middle of the circle.

Top shelf: Shove away the bottles. Slot in the shapes from the girl's hair: WiFi bar, :< emote, crown.. The box with another shape will open.

Portrait in top right: Grab the shape from the necklace.

Trash bin: Assemble a fly by dragging the limbs and dropping them at correct places. When you're finished, another block will be revealed in top right corner of the paper.

Washing machines: Open the right one and grab the last shape.

Getting the body part: Put the 5 blocks in the right places on the lock of the middle washing machine. Take the hand.
3.2. Library (rib cage)
Typewriter: Smash buttons to make foliage grow, eventually the cup will fall over and reveal a diamond.

Flowers: Move your cursor around to open the flowers for a brief period. One of them holds a baby bird. Take it.

Bird book: Place the baby bird found in the flower inside the left egg. Mama bird will drop a game cartridge. Pick it up.

Game console: Use the arrows on the console to guide little pieces towards the circle. Once inside, pieces are significantly less affected by the arrows. After you beat third level, a hexagon will drop.

Glass jars: Take the diamond beside the flask with the snake. Place two diamonds on the portrait's head to get the second hexagon.

Getting the body part: Place the two hexagons at the base of the glass container holding the rib cage.
3.3. Someone else's place (intestine)
Picture on the wall: Drag the blueberries through the magical wall that converts blueberries into strawberries and drop them in the empty spaces. You will get a mosaic piece.

Cups on left side: By clicking on the grey top half of the screen, you will spawn several rocks. Keep spawning them till meters next to both bowls fill up entirely. Your reward will be the top fragment of a centipede.

Bottle on the floor: Turn it around to empty it, pick up the other part of a centipede from the label on the bottle.

Mosaic on the table: Put the mosaic piece in the empty slot. It will reveal a mutilated centipede. Make it whole and take it.

Getting the body part: Place the complete centipede on the wrist of the girl playing cards and you will get the intestine.
3.4. Antique shop (lungs)
Mirror: Hover your mouse over tiles to drop them and reveal a picture underneath. Take the snail from inside the rabbit.

Bottles on the table: Drag three loose blueberries into the bottle. It will reveal a pair of tiny people sitting next to a box. Click on all items from the box to transform them into hexagonal puzzles. Rotate them to match. After solving the puzzle, the girl will extend her arm holding a flower. Take it.

Rabbit trophy: Raise rabbit's both ears to uncover its eyes. Take the spider from the revealed necklace. Slide the pieces in the frame to form an image of a hunted animal. Once complete, drag the arrows lodged in it into bottom right corner. Click the five marbles in top right circular frame, pick up the flower.

Person reading the book: Slide the three rectangles to align shapes within with the rest of the picture. It will reveal a scale with one snail. Put the snail you got in the Mirror section on the right side to balance the scales. Take the dragonfly.

Wall-mounted shelf: Place the dragonfly and spider in the frame. Hand will open, revealing a tile with shapes on it. You can also put two flowers in the vase but we don't yet have the last one.

Drawer cabinet: The top middle drawer contains a needle that you will need. You can also place the tile on the right side, but you can't finish this puzzle yet either.

Table in bottom right corner: Place the needle in place.The goal is to connect matching shapes. You can reset if you need to, but the solution looks like two X letters on top of each other. Take the revealed flower.

Getting the body part: Go back to the shelf with a hand on it, place the last flower, take the revealed tile. Go to the drawer cabinet again, place the tile, look at the photo in the opened drawer. Click on the sweater a few times to unzip it and get access to the lungs.
3.5. Museum (heart)
If you try to enter the museum, you will only see a message that it opens at 3:55.
You can force the right time by manipulating the clock above the door to the laundromat. Make the clock show 3:55 and enter the museum. You will get the right timing achievement.

Painting of fruits: Move aside all fruits other than the pomegranate, which will open. Hover on its insides to make them fall off and reveal a guy reading a book in the left half, and a hanging umbrella on the right. Take the umbrella.

Portrait of the blonde: Give her the umbrella and in addition to raindrops, a star will fall off the sky. Pick it up.

Painting of two people: Slide bottom person to the right, top person to the left so that they embrace each other. In bottom left corner there will be a piece required for a later puzzle (take it), and in top right you will see a sequence of sliders: down, up, up, up.

Pair on the bench: Slide the right hand to the right, pick up a puzzle piece. Take note of the square piece of paper on the left side and the five squares on a 3x3 grid: top middle, top right, center, bottom left, bottom middle.

Big painting on the left: Combine the clues from the painting of two people and the pair on the bench. Light up the top middle, top right, center, bottom left, bottom middle squares on the top panel, position the bottom sliders into down, up, up, up. The marbles will form a snake with a star on its body. Take the star.

Toy on the left bench: Including the two pieces from earlier (painting of two people, pair on the bench) assemble the toy by matching the correct shapes at the ends of the limbs. The last star will appear behind animal's wiggling tail.

Painting of the man on the moon: Place the 3 missing stars on the sky and you'll receive a hammer.

Getting the body part: Use the hammer to free the heart from its glass prison.
4. Third gate
  • 6 body parts
  • 2 coins
  • 2 places to spend coins
  • Solution for the necklace puzzle from earlier
1st coin: As you scroll to the left, there will be a rat between the museum and the newly opened section of the city. That rat is holding a coin.

2nd coin: Found above the market, to the left of stranger's apartment. Click on the smoker in the window. Click the wound on his arm to widen it and get a coin from inside.

1st coin spender: Between the market and restaurant, you'll see a vending machine in the back alley. Pay a coin and press the button corresponding to the slot with an envelope. Open it and crank the lever to play with the postcard.

2nd coin spender: Look at the paper attached to the lamp post next to the post office. Use a coin to assemble the skeletal carousel.

Solution to the necklace from earlier: Read the note on the wall of the market (next to the girl at pub's entrance). It will show you the combination for the necklace of the boy from earlier. If you go back and remake the necklace as shown in the note, the moon will turn into a coin you can take.
4.1. Pub (liver)
This is the first location in the newly unlocked section, but we cannot enter it yet.
To enter the pub, you need to go to the mailbox in front of the post office first. Slide the few outstanding shapes so that they align with the rest of the grid. Open the envelope and inside you will see balloons, a glass with few things inside, and a pub sign. Look at the contents of the glass. It's a dragonfly, lemon slice, flower, and a worm. Go back to the pub entrance and zoom in on the girl's hands and drag the four ingredients into the glass.

Pair holding hands: The guy will have a small slider near his eye socket. Rotate the eyes until you get one with a fly. Take the fly.

Balloons: Pop them until a bug appears in bottom left corner. Grab it.

Guy sitting at the counter: To his right there are domino pieces that need arranging. A couple extra pieces to mislead you again, but rather easy. When you're done, grab the bug from the piece in the middle.

Birthday cake: Move away the middle strawberry on the top layer to reveal a code: Squiggly = rhombus with two dots, hexagon, triangle.

Pile of presents: On the right there is a diagram of connected rings and two circles at the bottom. Placing a circle on the ring makes the rings fill out TWICE OUTWARDS. To fill all the rings, drop the circles two pieces away from the outermost ones. Rotate four triangles that are pointing downwards and click on the three dots to reveal panels with symbols you can interact with. Use the symbol combination from earlier: rhombus with two dots, hexagon, triangle to get a fourth bug.

Ornament in top right corner: Move away third triangle from the left to uncover a spider. Give it four bugs and it will let you take the key.

Getting the body part: Return to the pile of presents and open the big one with the key to get the liver.
4.2. Someone else's place (foot)
Hanging shelves - fish: Run your cursor over the middle section of fish's body to get rid of all the scales and reveal all symbols on the right. Pair those symbols by matching their shapes. The right section will slide away to reveal a hand holding a torn piece of paper. That's our clue.

Hanging shelves - dominos: Pick up a quarter circle item lying on the domino board and solve the domino. There are three extra pieces that you will not use. Little hint: vertical pieces always come from rotating the horizontal pieces clockwise. Five flies will show up, middle one will be holding another scrap of paper.

Vinyl player: Adjust the sliders to align the shapes with the needle's end in order shown in top right: triangle, circle, square. A door will open revealing another quarter circle piece.

Desk by the window: Take the scissors. On the left, click on all greyed out squares to reveal numbers underneath: top 864, middle 135, bottom 279. You can place the two pieces of paper on the right and it's not too hard to make out the four digit password already, but we will get the last piece later anyway.

Coffee table: Look closer at the girl in the tower and give her the scissors. Click again to make her cut off part of her hair and reveal the third quarter circle on her earring.

Table in bottom right corner: Replicate the sequence from the desk - top 864, middle 135, bottom 279 - with the number of flowers on tiles. Middle piece will lift up, revealing the last piece of paper with the four digit password. You can go back to the desk on the left and see beyond any uncertainty that the four digit code is indeed 3251.

Dog: Put five pieces from the floor into the bowl and you will get a zoom in on the dog's collar. Complete the collar and you'll get a crown.

Getting the body part: Finally we can use the four digit code from the torn paper earlier. As a reminder, it's 3251. Enter the code on the phone, slide the bottom bar to unlock. Give the person on phone screen the crown and you'll get a foot.
4.3. Market (stomach)
Customer's basket: Take the carrot from the basket.

Fish on the wall: Click several times on the seam to open it and take the little guy from inside the fish.

Big shelf on the right: Drag the items to where they belong. There is only one free space at a time, so the starting point are the sealed cups on top right. That will free up a spot between the thin bottles, and so on. When you place the final jar at the top left, the rightmost jar will fall over and drop an apple.

Counter: Take the white flower seed from the right side. You can place the carrot and apple, but we'll have to come back here anyway.

Glass containers in bottom right: Knock away the glasses to reveal three flower pots. Plant the seed in the empty middle pot. Put the little guy on the swing. He will hold up a leek for you.

Getting the body part: Go back to the clerk, put the apple and veggies in their places. Apples will slide to the right, revealing a stomach.
4.4. Stranger's apartment (brain)
Look at top left corner. There is a square shape formed from smaller squares, with the exception of bottom right corner, which is a differently colored circle.

Carousel: The only thing you can do for now is take the screwdriver and notice that the carousel is missing three baskets.

Bowl on the desk: Click above the bowl to spawn ants from thin air. When you fill the bowl enough, it will fall over and along with the ants, it will drop a carousel basket. Also there is another 5x5 grid of squares, where the circle is in fourth column, second row.

Power socket: Turn the middle screw with screwdriver. One of the flowers in top left will have a carousel basket. On the left there is again the square grid, with a circle in second column, first row.

Paper in bottom left corner: Place the three circles on positions you found across the room:
1. Bottom right corner (found in the room overlook)
2. Fourth column, second row (found next to the ant bowl)
3. Second column, first row (found by the power socket)
A basket will pop up in bottom left corner.

Getting the body part: Attach the missing baskets to the carousel and the room will become ornated with two strings of lightbulbs. On the left string in place of one of the bulbs there will be a brain.
4.5. Restaurant (kidney)
Bouquet in the middle: Blow away the dandelions by hovering over them. Fill up the shape with the broken pieces to get a paper ship.

Flasks above the counter: Look at the can first. Keep clicking on the top to open it, a few leaves will sprout out. Take the shirt button from between them. Step away from the can, place the paper ship in the middle flask. It will move away to reveal a marinated frog. Take the frog.

Couple at the table: Look closer at the plate. Move away the dumplings(?) in the front to reveal a tiny table. Look at the table. There are two cards with pictures and two blank ones. Place the frog on the left card and it will reveal another shirt button underneath. Exit the table (both the small and the big one).

Bat: Gift him with vision by sewing the two buttons onto its eye sockets. It will reveal four numbers at the top. You have to make the sum of the grey lines in the column match the number on top. If you're lazy here's one of the possible solutions:14=3+5+6. 8=2+2+4. 12=1+4+7. 9=1+2+6. Once you're done, a snake(worm?) will appear on the bat's body. Take it.

Getting the body part: Go back to the tiny table on the pair's normal sized table. Place the snake on the last empty card and take the piece held by a hand in bottom left corner.
Go to the single customer on the left. Make his ear whole again and he will let you take the kidney from his chest pocket.
4.6. Post office (pelvis)
Top left corner shelf - squares: The symbols on the sides must match between the tiles and outside of the frame. The easiest way to solve it is by process of elimination - place only the tiles that have no other contenders for the slot. The order I've done was: bottom left, top right, middle left, bottom right, middle right, bottom middle, top left, top middle, center. A lightbulb will fall down from the top of the screen.

Top left corner shelf - letters: Fit the envelopes onto the grid, can't say much more. Hint: start with the big ones. Take the key from the hand that appeared.

Left side of the desk: Open the envelope, move away the plants, read the four digit code: 4283.

Laptop: Enter the code 4283 to unlock. There are three files on the desktop. Open the last one and click a few times on the plant to make it bloom and reveal a lightbulb.

Clock on the wall: Align dots on the rings with clock's stationary hands. Open the eyes of revealed face and take the lightbulb hanging inside one of them.

Right side of the desk: Open the box with the key you got from the envelope tetris puzzle.

Getting the body part: Hang the four lightbulbs in the top right corner of the room and click on each one to make a section of the image visible. Once you light up all of them, the pelvis will be yours.
5. Science lab
Enter the building and interact with the table. On it you will see all the bones and organs you've collected that will need preparation to build the body. In no particular order:

  • Rib cage: Swat away the flies.
  • Hand: Light up the candles. The fourth one will melt revealing the missing bone.
  • Kidney: Open the plasters and drag fish underneath into water in the kidney.
  • Brain: Click on the fish, drag the missing piece onto the brain.
  • Leg bone: Click on the bone to break it and reveal shapes. Drag them onto incomplete ones on the right side. The bone will reassemble.
  • Intestine: Click on the organ to reveal four strings on it, and strawberries growing from the sock. Drag strawberries onto empty strings.
  • Foot: Click it and it will fall apart. Keep putting whatever shapes you want on the drawing pad until the foot is whole again.
  • Pelvis: Open the scissors as wide as possible, place the square on the outline, close the scissors. Place the leaf you cut out in the empty space.
  • Spine: Click it, hang the balls on the string, mess with the balls.Spine will reassemble.
  • Heart: Plug the cord in the socket.
  • Tooth 1: Arrange the room however you like until the tooth starts wiggling. Note that some items can only go on the wall (thin bar at the top).
  • Tooth 2: Crack open all pills.
  • Arm bone: Place the plants into the bucket. You can water the bucket as well but it doesn't seem to do anything.
  • Stomach: Press the syringe's top middle circle down to squeeze out a seed that lands in the stomach.
  • Liver: Click bottom part of the liver several times to find a wind-up key. Place it in the hole in the skull to make it cry, drag one of the tears into tear-shaped hole in the liver.
  • Lungs: Press the picture on the right. Drag worms from the bird's body on the left lung. Two worms are hidden beneath the bird's wing.

A few final steps for assembly.

1. Click the hand to cover it with skin.
2. Under the microscope, assemble three meaty objects.
3. Drag a piece of flesh from the dish on the hole in hand.
4. Open the eyes.
5. Put some music on.
6. Slide the lime slice on the glass
7. Slide the photos to the right.
8. Look under the bed and open the box.
9. Click on empty photos to reveal them.

nghh1mm Jul 10, 2023 @ 6:05am 
just finished the game sobbing it was so calming ang lovely
Kekechu Apr 25, 2023 @ 2:25pm 
For the second coin in the second gate the code for the necklace is a piece of paper pinned to the front of the market building
Rouskille Feb 19, 2023 @ 2:38am 
List of Achievements

1. thanks for your time
Basically finish the game (Finir le jeu + générique)

2. rich!
Collect all the coins (Collectez toutes les pièces)

3. right timing
Put 3:55 on the clock outside on the street (Mettez 3H55 sur l'horloge dans la rue)

4. baker
Enter the bakery and finish the puzzle (Entrez dans la boulangerie et finir le puzzle)

5. Artist
Just draw anything on the canvas till it pops up (Entrez dans l'atelier et dessiner n'importe quoi)

6. Full set
Build your body (Construisez le corps)

7. Under the bed
When you finish the game, go back to your saved game and enter your apartment and look under the bed (Une fois le jeu fini, cliquer sur continuer, entrez dans votre appartement et regardez sous le lit)