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Gryphon Knight Epic
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Jul 28, 2014 @ 11:54am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shoot’em up currently in development for Windows, MAC & Linux. It tells the story of Sir Oliver and Áquila, an accomplished knight and his loyal gryphon that are forced back to adventure once again. The gameplay has a blend of classic shoot’em ups, exploration and, mainly, unique duels against bosses.

We get a lot of inspiration from games such as: MegaMan, Ghouls & Ghosts and Lords of Thunder

- Fight your way through 6 (or more) hand-crafted levels, with multiple paths and 2 bosses each!
- You will be able to traverse the stage back and forward, up and down.

Fight with two kinds of bosses:

Huge Bosses: Inspired in classic shmup bosses, they don’t move a lot but will swarm the screen with attacks and bullets!

Duel-like bosses: The main bosses of the stage, smaller but still deadly. As yourself, these bosses have a mount and a special weapon, which will be yours once you defeat its owner!

Explore the stages to find equipment for your character and bits of ancient lore of the world.
Enjoy challenging gameplay and pixel art graphics, just like old times.

Includes Story, Retro & Boss Battle Modes
Windows, Mac, & Linux versions with Gamepad support
Sir Oliver will have access to three kinds of equipment: Weapons, Squires and Artifacts.

Weapons are the main attacking power of Sir Oliver! We plan on having a basic weapon, the Crossbuster and one weapon taken from each of the main bosses… so.. 7 to 9 weapons! Each weapon will have a different mechanic such as:

-the Crossbuster, shoots straight arrows and will have a special button where you can shoot it even when it is not equipped and it doesn’t consume energy points;

- the Hyuunabi Cannon, shoots a high speed projectile that explodes on contact and hits everything in the area around the explosion!

- the Muuk'bow, shoots three spread piercing arrows that hit opponents until they leave the screen.

Squires are little magic companions that help sir Oliver. Usually they orbit around the player and each helps in a different way. The squire will have a set number of levels that you can upgrade by collecting magical power-ups that drop from slain enemies, but they will become powerless once you are hit. Examples of Squires:

- Shield: It orbits the knight and defends him of hits. This Squire doesn’t lose all power when hit. Instead, it drops only one level. On level 0 it doesn't defend the knight.

- Dragon: It shoots one projectile every few seconds. The higher the level, the fewer it takes to shoot again.

- Gold: It multiplies the money gain of the knight. The higher the level, the higher the multiplier;

Artifacts are magical objects that grant the knight an ability or passive power. Once you find one it is automatically equipped and you get their benefits at any time. Examples of Artifacts:

- Dash, double tap to any direction and the knight will perform a quick dash to escape from dangers.

- Health Up, this artifact improves your hit points and allows you to take more hits before being defeated.

“The princess of the realm has been kidnapped, a party of heroes is formed and sent on a quest to find and slay the evil Dragon who holds her.

Months of campaigning passed and finally they find the Dragon`s hideout and promptly begin the confrontation. After an epic battle the leader of the party, Sir Oliver, strikes the dragon with the finishing blow. With the beast dead, he approaches the princess and extends his hand to the imprisoned girl. She takes his hand and instantly falls in love with her hero.

The other party members seeing his friend in such a lovely situation loot the room and share the dragon's hoard. Among all the treasure, they find weapons and an amulet with ancient runic marks from ancient times. Each of them takes a weapon and they leave the amulet to the knight.

The Knight puts his newfound amulet around his neck and takes the princess in his arms to bring her home. When they reach the castle the heroes are handsomely rewarded and the knight takes the princess as his bride. They live happily ever after…


Wait… but we just started. After a couple of years we see our hero lying on the couch, showing a little tummy below the armor. He is happily married, but the routine of life is starting to get boring. He dreams with the days of glory, specifically with the killing blow he gave to the dragon. One night his dream is too vivid and he sees a darker version of himself slaying the dragon and enjoying it a bit too much, but life goes on.

In a common day of his new life on the castle watching the joust championship while entertaining some nobles, the princess, his wife, asks for a mundane task… buying bread and vegetables for supper… he sighs, wears his armor and leaves the castle.

But in the horizon, he sees a black energy cloud and honor calls him once again… he has to investigate!”
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Voted. good game
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Good to know!
Sandrinus  [author] Apr 12, 2015 @ 6:37am 
Hey Neo NiGHTS, not dead at all... We had a small delay and plan to release it in two or three months...
Neo NiGHTS ® Apr 12, 2015 @ 3:19am 
Is it dead?
Neo NiGHTS ® Mar 1, 2015 @ 7:15am 
Alguma novidade sobre o jogo?
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Obrigado, vocês estão fazendo um grande trabalho para a industria br de games!!! :D
Tomará que eu possa jogar logo :D
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Lança logo aceita o jogo comunidade plz
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