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Wizard Goat
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Jul 27, 2014 @ 5:37pm
Jun 13, 2016 @ 2:41am
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Wizard Goat

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The master of Maaagic!

After several years in Hogoarts you are finally ready to show your powers to the world! Make everything burn, unleash the terrible storm, attract and reject things with magnetism, move objects with your mind, summon and control a meteor, and even decide who should live and who should better be dead.

Any question or problem to use this mod? Click here to read the FAQ.

- WIZARD GOAT: You have magic powers.

- [1]: Switch on/off magic powers.
- [LeftClick]: Trigger magic spell.
- [Ctrl]: Select next spell.
- [RightClick] + [E]: Hold to move magic sphere closer/further.

- [LB]: Switch on/off magic powers.
- [RT]: Trigger magic spell.
- [DPadDown]: Select next spell.
- [LT] + [X]: Hold to move magic sphere closer/further.

- The magic sphere is always located in the direction of the camera.
- When magic is not active, you will see a sparkling magic sphere.
- You can only change magic type when magic is active.
Fire Magic
- The fire spell explode and burn nearby objects.
- Everything touching the Magic Sphere will burn.
- Magic flames propagate to other objects on contact.
- When magic flames stop on an explosive object, it will explode.
- When magic flames stop on a breakable object, it will break (including ice).
Wind Magic
- The wind spell change direction of rotation of the storm.
Magnet Magic
- The magnet spell switch between attraction and repulsion.
Mind Magic
- The mind spell grab the first item touching the magic sphere.
- The magic sphere produce sparks when you can grab an item and stop when you grabbed one.
Life Magic
- The life spell heal and revive nearby bodies.
- Everything touching the Magic Sphere will be brought back to life.
- A living object behave as a slime: it jump around randomly and follow the wizard that gave it life if he is close enough.
Death Magic
- The death spell kill nearby creatures forever (life magic resurrection still works).
- Everything touching the Magic Sphere will die.
Earth Magic
- Activate magic powers to spawn a Meteor, deactivate them to destroy it.
- The earth spell attract the Meteor in the direction of the Magic Sphere.
- When the Meteor hit the ground with enough vertical speed, it generate a small earthquake.
Thunder Magic
- The thunder spell explode and electrify nearby objects.
- Everything touching the Magic Sphere will be electrified.
- Magic electricity propagate to other objects on contact.
Water Magic
- The water spell alternate between spray and geyser.
- The water spray push everything away from you.
- The water geyser push everything up.
- Magic water can stop magic fire in most cases.
Ice Magic
- The ice spell explode and freeze nearby objects.
- Everything touching the Magic Sphere will be frozen.
- If a frozen object or creature takes damages, it will be broken.
- Frozen items will "melt" if set on fire (they will break when the fire stops).
- You can't unfreeze things, so be careful when you use that power.

- As magic flames are only transmitted by collisions, if you use Wind or Magnet magic on burning objects you can keep the fire alive.
- You can use the Wind or Magnet magic as a ragdoll to throw yourself in the direction you want.
- Death Magic can be used to kill Zombies.
- Life Magic can be used to bring to life bodies that have never been alive before.
- The earthquake range and power increase with the Meteor fall speed.

- The magic explosions are sometimes invisible, but the effect is always there.
- Breaking a lot of objects in a short interval will lag the game (with Ice Magic mainly). Move away from the broken items to reduce the lag.
- You will see incoherent messages when breaking ice objects (Missing phys mat / melon).
- DO NOT destroy a frozen vehicle containing one of your crew members, or this character will be destroyed too.

Originally posted by Update 1 (10/08/2014):
- Added Earth Magic.
Originally posted by Update 2 (12/08/2014):
- Life Magic also bring objects to life.
- Death Magic also kill living objects.
Originally posted by Update 3 (22/11/2014):
- Fixed 1.2 compatibility problems.
- Changed Mind Magic visual effect.
- Improved Earth Magic visual effects and controls.
- Added Thunder Magic.
Originally posted by Update 4 (14/06/2015):
- Fixed compatibility with v1.3.3.
- Separated Life and Death Magic into two spells.
- Changed some visual effects.
- Added Water Magic and Ice Magic.
Originally posted by Update 5 (14/11/2015):
- Fixed compatibility with GoatBread.
Originally posted by Update 6 (17/02/2016):
- Fixed compatibility with Payday.
- Simplified controls.
- Upgraded magic sounds.
- Changed initial position of the magic ball (so that you are not in range of magic explosions).
- More items are now affected by the frozen/burning/electrified status.
- Frozen objects now have an ice texture and drop some ice blocs when broken.
- Water Magic now use the Camel water jet.
Originally posted by Update 7 (13/06/2016):
- Fixed compatibility with Waste of Space.
Originally posted by About this mod:
Probably the funniest mod I made so far, controlling this little magic ball is really awesome when you are used to it :) The idea of this mod came from a suggestion of Heavenly Cross on the Telekinetic Goat page to add a way to move the obects freely around you... After thinking a bit about it I imagined that the best way to do it was to control a dot in space and attach objects to it. Also the wizard hat inspired me and I wanted to make a mod that really gives you magic powers :p
So I started with those two main objectives and quickly found some other fun magic powers I could add in this mod. The first I developped was the fire magic, the first version was working fine and making NPC burn correclty, but I thought that it was not really interesting to be only able to burn people so I decided to add a better fire propagation system that can be transmitted to any object and the final version is really cool ^^
Then the Wind and Magnet magic are mostly taken from existing mutators so nothing too hard here.
Now come the Mind Magic: a way to grab items from a distance. Finding a way to attach objects to the magic sphere was a bit harder than I thought and I ended up using the tongue code and the "grabber" included in it.
In the end I added the life and death magics mainly to help with the Zombie Goat mod XD Also some people asked me for a way to kill permanently people, so here it is ;) You can eventually resurrect them after that if you changed your mind. Life magic also add an AI on the NPC if he didn't have one.
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SunZilla Jun 30 @ 6:31pm 
Geneosis  [author] Jun 7 @ 10:40am 
@Dragon_Trainer: Every magic effect is described in the "characteristics" part of description ^^
Dragon_Trainer Jun 7 @ 10:14am 
what does earth magic do?
Geneosis  [author] Jun 3 @ 1:02am 
@n0sc0per: Well the point of hidden easter eggs is : Some people like to try and find them by themselves, so if they just read the entire description they won't be spoiled :)
n0sc0per Jun 2 @ 10:43am 
Why do you always put the easter eggs in spoiler text? You know we can still read them, right?
n0sc0per Jun 2 @ 10:43am 
Why does it feel like you make most of the mutator mods in this game?
22OLLIE22 Apr 30 @ 12:37pm 
cool trick: when using earth you can move your meteor so close to you that your in it so if you run around you are basicly a meteor.
Geneosis  [author] Apr 14 @ 10:34am 
@Demutrudu: Might be a magic meteor, it's still a meteor from SPACE! And that's quite far away :p
Demutrudu Apr 14 @ 8:24am 
it takes forever for the meteor to come
Geneosis  [author] Apr 5 @ 2:45am 
@The Certified Ninja Killer: Did you use the Ghost Goat mod before or after this one? The only mod I can remember that turn the screen black and white is Ghost Goat ^^