Rabbit Hole Chapter 1

Rabbit Hole Chapter 1

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Rabbit Hole Chapter 1 - 100% Achievement Guide
By NutellaOrgies
A guide to help get the full 100% completion for Rabbit Hole Chapter 1.
Welcome Dads and Ex-Husbands to the 100% achievement guide for Rabbit Hole - Chapter 1 by NutellaOrgies.

Most of these achievements will unlock as you play through the game since it is required to complete them to advance in the story but following this guide will help find the certain items needed or codes needed to finish the game a bit faster.
The only REAL achievement to keep an eye on is Elvis Says which is also explained later on in this guide.

The game will take less than an hour to unlock everything when following this guide. If you used this guide, i'd appreciate it if you Liked, Favorited, or Shared it.

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Knife - My first silent kill Once you get out of your crashed car, take the first left into the trailer park. You will find a knife and a map in this area. The achievement will lock when you pick up the knife and not when you kill anyone

Radio wave - Set the radio to the right frequency Check the map and go up to the gas station. You will speak to a guy in there named Charlie. He gives you the keys to his house and the game marks the location on your map. Head to his house and go to the top floor. There is a radio there. This is a small puzzle where you have to match the frequency.

Handgun - Now you have a handgun Right next to the radio in the same room as the radio in Charlie's house you will see a gun. Pick it up.

First Victim - You committed your first silent kill You have a chance to get this anytime throughout the rest of the game. When you come across a zombie, just sneak up behind them and press the interact button to silently kill them

Elvis says - You have heard the raven's prophecies Grab the shovel behind the convenience store across the street from Charlie's House. Once you have the shovel, go into the woods that is inbetween the School, Factory, Gas Station. (You can enter from a hole in the wall going towards the gas station or later on near the Factory where there is a gate knocked down). Go around to all the trees and interact with them to dig and try to find a Larvae. Once you find the Larvae, bring it to the raven sitting on the creepy lady's head. They will give you advice on how to advance in the story but also an achievement.

Mechanism - Now the park gates are open You need to grab a few items to get this gate open. In one of the rooms in the factory, you will find a locker with a padlock on it. The code to the locker is FED. Grab the key inside the locker. This key is for the bus in front of the school. Open the door and pass through the school bus. On a bench in front of the school is a bunch of cogs. Use those cogs on the gate next to the diner. This will be an annoying puzzle because if you get 1 cog wrong, the whole puzzle resets. So attached is a picture of the cogs I used. Its hard to make out but it can help get an idea.

Awaken - The statues are waking up

You need to find all 3 medallions and attach them to the statues for this achievement.

  • The Deer Medallion is found upstairs in a room in Charlie's neighbors house.
  • The Acorn Medallion is found in the school bus.
  • The Leaf Medallion is found in the Diner, behind the counter. You can enter the Diner from ladder in the back and the hole in the roof.

Each Medallion goes with a certain Animal Statue.

  • Boar - Acorn
  • Rhino - Leaf
  • Panther - Deer
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