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Rooftop Cop
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 25, 2014 @ 12:28pm
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Thanks! and a clarification!
Release date: FALL 2014
A world of Police that have forgotten what, and why, they are policing. Rooftop Cop is a collection of five endless vignette games and a 7-track album. Each game visits a different point on a loose timeline as the Cops slowly lose their way; largely a mood piece, the gameplay ranges from atmospheric wandering to arcade-style action.

Each game has a different control scheme and an important part of the game is determining what to do and how to do it.

I: A Proud History -- top-down movement, and mouse, manage the resources of two tiers in a power struggle
II: Capture the Flag, for One -- move left, right, or climb, and try to capture flags
III: The Datamines -- run left and right to gather evidence, fall through floors
IV: God Bles Everyone -- RTS-style select&move, explore surroundings
V: Palace of the Organizer -- click-to-move, carry objects around, explore

This was initially my MFA Thesis project, and I've finished a release version which is currently only available through The games are non-traditional, and varied; Parts 1,2, and 5 are more of a mood focus, while Part 3 could be played as a score-attack game. They are all endless and non-linear, and Part 1 even has you playing both sides of a conflict as a performance.
Although originally an art project, I think there are certainly folks on Steam who might appreciate this format! Included in the release is an album version of the game, which is the music from Rooftop Cop plus some additional material.

Featured in FANTASTIC ARCADE 2014 ::
Featured on WARPDOOR ::

You can find more info at:
Or reach me on twitter @stephen__clark
Thank you!!
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Sep 14, 2016 @ 1:09am
+1 for 5 Trading Cards and 1 or better many more EASY STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS!
S.T.A.R.S Leon S. K.
< >
S.T.A.R.S Leon S. K. Sep 14, 2016 @ 1:09am 
+1 for 5 Trading Cards and 1 or better many more EASY STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS! 1 Million collectors and 26 k hunters
Noppir Sep 8, 2014 @ 6:22pm 
that music is sick. are u avant garde?
lexder Aug 18, 2014 @ 5:43am 
Game looks a bit strange, but voted up. Good luck!
Kubark Aug 17, 2014 @ 9:57am 
No, and never.
Atlas Aug 14, 2014 @ 1:35am 
Vote yes! Of course there would be someone not understanding what it is because there is nothing like this ever made. Art should not be explained - itself is the presentation.
✪ fØcus' Aug 10, 2014 @ 3:45pm 
Nicee ! Voted Yes
Countess Djasmin Aug 6, 2014 @ 10:58pm 
Just love how this looks.
eeease Aug 4, 2014 @ 3:41pm 
Voted yes to support NYU Game Center, where I may be MFA-ing next fall. Also, I love me a good abstract, atmospheric game!
Gorlom[Swe] Aug 2, 2014 @ 4:16pm 
ARGH! what the deuce is with that "ROOFTOP COP Trailer (july 2014)" video?

What on earth made you think that enfuriating mess was a good idea to be the first introduction to your game? o.0 :conwayheadscratch:
All it does is it makes me want to lit a bag of poop on fire outside your door. :serioussam::countess:

It made me reluctant to watch the other videos to get an idea what your game is about... and after watching those two I still do not know what is happening in them or what you as a player is supposed to do in your game.

As of this paragraph I've finally read the description, I'm still annoyed about that first video which just seems like a horrid mess trying to clusterfuck my senses of sight and hearing. But at least the other 2 vids makes a bit more sense (but still not enought).

I would suggest making a video where you talk to the viewer about what is going on on the screen.
noise54 Aug 2, 2014 @ 9:39am 
Yes to 5 games in 1.