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How To Unlock Every Car Shape (Updated For World 8)
By Toddsnegh
This guide will show you how to unlock all 9 Car Shapes.
You can unlock 8 car shapes, in addition to your starting default one, throughout the game (so far). To do this you will need to find the secret exit (the green triangle) for each world. Most of them are hidden pretty well and require power-ups that you only unlock towards the end of the world, so they're easy to miss.
World 1 Secret Exit
This one is a bit sneaky. To start, head to level 1-4. You will need to get underneath that pink block that is laying on its side to your left. You'll notice that there is a small gap between the pink block and the edge of the platform level 1-4 is on. You can actually wedge your car into that gap and drive forward to move the pink platform out of the way and fall below, it is a bit finicky but keep at it. Beyond this it is a matter of driving left into the secret exit.

World 2 Secret Exit
This one is easy enough once you know where to go. Starting from level 2-6, drive along and up the rotating orange platforms and fly up the side of the wall with a balloon. You will likely not have that much balloon power left so you may want to opt for using the inflate power to begin with to gain extra height. Once you reach the top of the wall, drive left and fall below. It may take you a couple of tries to fall in the right spot, but, provided you have a small amount of the balloon power left, and the inflate power to take up more space on your descent, you should be able to land onto the secret exit. There are also a couple of arrows to guide you in your descent.

World 3 Secret Exit
This one is quite easy. Starting from level 3-1, drive left and use the sticky wheels power-up to drive down along the left wall, just before the out of bounds area. Continue to drive down and you will hit the underside of the platform and drive upside down. You should be able to see the secret exit right below you, disable the sticky wheels to fall and grab it.

World 4 Secret Exit
This one is simple but you will need to wrangle with the rocket power-up. Starting from level 4-6, fly almost directly up. You will begin to be funnelled by two platforms with no traction that help to angle you towards the secret exit.

World 5 Secret Exit
This one is similar to world 4's secret exit in that it will be centred around using the rocket power-up. This secret exit is often in plain view as it is, orbiting around level 5-8. I find the easiest way to pursue the secret exit is to start from level 5-7 and rocket up to the above platform on the left and wait for the secret exit to whizz by. It may take a couple attempts, but it is just a matter of catching it with the rocket power-up as it flies by.

World 6 Secret Exit
This one is surely the hardest, in being the most well hidden and difficulty. You will need the antenna power-up as well as the grapple power-up. Starting from level 6-7, drive through to the right side of the pink gravity flipping zone. Gain some momentum and start driving back through the pink gravity zone and then flip it with the antenna power-up. This will send you up in the air towards a platform up and to the left of level 6-7. You will likely need to use the grapple power-up to assure your landing on the platform.

Once you are on top of the platform, you will need to gain as much momentum as you can driving left and toggle the antenna on as you depart from the platform. You will drive off the platform into another pink gravity zone, which will reverse your downward momentum as you pass though it. Provided you had enough momentum, you will make it to the second platform, although if you may have to use the grapple again to assure your landing.

From this second platform, there will be another pink gravity zone to your left, this time oriented on its side, being able to be flipped from left to right. Drive leftward into the zone, here you can either opt to point your car up and go for your grapple to assure your landing to be safe, or orient your car with the wheels pointing leftward to land on the platform. Here you can use the sideways gravity to drive along the sideways platform. Driving halfway up the pink gravity zone, you will need to flip the gravity to swap sides to continue driving up. Once you reach the top of the wall, you can flip the gravity to fall into the secret exit. If you happen to miss the secret exit as you are gliding towards it, don't forget that the grapple power-up can also grab onto exits and allow you to pull yourself into them, sealing the final step.

World 7 Secret Exit
This one is quite well hidden and demands a deft control on the grapple mechanic. Starting from 7-6, grab the grapple power-up and reverse to the left, into the large rotating green cog. You will need to conserve your grapple power so delay casting it for a moment as you are falling, grappling the cog on the underside, or even on the left side if you can manage.

It should be technically possible approaching from the left of the cog, with the elevating red platform, however, I find the approach from 7-6 gives you more momentum. Upon first grappling the cog you'll want to reel yourself in slightly and then reel back after a half a second or so, this is to create an elastic style motion and generate more momentum. As the cog continues to turn, reel yourself in from a fully extended line and release your grapple as you are directly above the cog.

It may take a couple of tries, but, done correctly, you should be flung to the right, above 7-6, onto the platform with no traction. Quickly grapple to the orange wall to your right and begin to climb. As I said, this can be difficult on unruly and vertical surfaces. If you are having trouble gaining height and grappling onto the highest point possible, I find reeling in all the way to a grapple point and then tilting your front to face away from the surface and swing it into the wall as you press space. Since there is a small buffer whereby your grapple will still shoot to a surface provided you look at an eligible surface quick enough, you can exploit this to grapple onto the highest possible point.

Once you have scaled this small wall, drive to the right toward the platform with no traction, tilting your car upwards slightly you will need to grapple to the angled purple platform above you. Using the momentum of reeling yourself in and tilting your car, you should be able to hook yourself onto the purple platform. Drive up the platform to the left, to the apex, being sure not to go too fast and fall off. To your top-right at this point will be the secret exit. To grab it is a simple matter of having enough grapple power left over, simply aim at it with your car and reel in.

World 8 Secret Exit
This secret is quite tricky and will test your ability with the inflate power-up. First, start from level 8-7 and drive left onto the green cog that is rotating counter-clockwise. Try to snag onto one of the teeth and remain alongside the cog and it will bring to the inflate power-up at its apex. From here go to level 8-5. Wait for the rotating and oscillating red C platform that acts as an elevator to level 8-6. As soon as the C platform arrives at the bottom, drive in to about halfway, then reverse your direction to the left and after gaining some momentum to the left, activate your inflate power-up and, with a combination of the C platform moving up and rotating, you should be able to land on the blue square platform to your left.

From here take a moment to stabilise. You will need to go to the right edge of the square platform and drive to the left with much momentum and perform an inflate jump, just before your back wheel is about to fall off the left edge. This should land you in the centre of the sponge platform below. In combination with another inflate jump and the trampoline effect from the warping of the sponge platform, this should give you enough momentum to rise directly up to land on the dotted platform above the sponge platform.

From here perform an inflate jump to the left to land on the second dotted platform. You don't need to keep up the momentum for the next jump so you may wish to stabilise for the next jump, an angled inflate jump into the secret exit.

That's all of the extra car shapes for now, once new content is added I will be sure to update this guide. Thank you for reading.
Starman May 18 @ 3:58pm 
this helped me a lot!:steamhappy:
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New 2-Player?
LightningMC09 Dec 3, 2023 @ 6:34am 
thanks, i found out how soon after i commented
Toddsnegh  [author] Dec 3, 2023 @ 6:25am 
For the balloon on world 2, you need to beat level 2-8 at the end of the world, which will lead to a balloon power-up which is intended for you to reach the final red exit to progress to the next world, instead you can use the "1" and "2" keys to jump back and forward between the levels, maintaining the power-up, enabling you to follow along with the video from there :)
LightningMC09 Dec 3, 2023 @ 5:56am 
how to get baloon on world 2
SirSnekington Jan 12, 2023 @ 11:15pm 
ty for the free car shapes :D
Bakumaster Dec 19, 2022 @ 11:03am 
An easier way to get the world 1 exit is to enter and exit 1-4 and drive left immediately while the block is still falling.