Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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How to Progress Growables
By Still_Claire
How to use styles to get a series of zoned buildings (growables) to appear in the correct location.
The game doesn't make any effort to match buildings level to level, but there is a way to have a building level up in your city without losing the model.

It is admittedly not the easiest thing to do, but I found the result worth it.
Step 1: Subscribe
Find (or make - see note) a collection of growables you want. Keep in mind the smallest area you will be able to create is over 4x4, so using this method for zoned buildings in sizes smaller than 4x4 isn't likely to work as intended.

Ensure every level is present for every asset.

The zones/densities (and specializations) can be mixed in the list since the zoning will control what grows where.

Note: Chances are you will have to create your own growing sets, at least for now, since most creators know the game won't follow a progression and so don't bother creating such sets. Then you will have to upload them to the Workshop so you can subscribe to them, because only subscribed assets can be added to a Style.
Step 2: Create Style
Launch the game, make a new style, then add your growables to it.

Step 3: Create District
It's recommended to start a new game.

Use the smallest “brush” to create the district for your preferred building and apply the style.

Leave room around your style district or the neighbors will copy (even if one cell of the neighboring lot overlaps, it can be included) - the buffers are one way to handle it.

Getting the district defined is fiddly and obnoxious, but the result is worth the effort, I feel.

Using a district to control the appearance progression of a single building is not for the faint of heart. But for those who chose such a labor of love, there is a method that can be followed to make a city a little more unique and awesome.