Moon Runner

Moon Runner

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Game basics and 100% Achievement Guide
By ᕮᗪᗯᗩ®ᗪ🍀
Some basic info to get you started and tips on how to get all achievements.
Gameplay Basics
Moonrunner is a fetch and deliver game where you have to unlock monoliths and then get packages for free, to deliver them to other monoliths.
You have to aim and fire your energy weapon at a monolith to unlock it. Full charged shot works best here. After you unlocked the monolith, you can interact with it by pressing TAB (by default) to open the interaction interface. The game doesn't pause here, but you're safe in the circle. Your energy is constantly refilled while standing in the circle. So take your time and plan your next steps here. If you die, you respawn at the last visited unlocked monolith. You drop all carried items if your energy reaches zero. You can pick those up again.

By making deliveries between monoliths you earn credits, 1,000 for each delivery.
You have to find and unlock 10 monoliths to activate the moon. If you found all and activated them, the hatches open a way into the core of the moon.
Each monolith has nine deliveries for you.
10*9=90 deliveries
90*1,000 credits = 90,000 credits to buy upgrades, tools, batteries and guns.

That brings us to the upgrades. There are four abilities/perks you can upgrade. Each one of them can be upgraded five times.
You can upgrade,

Carrying capacity
Energy capacity
Energy efficiency
Scanner range

Every level of upgrade costs you credits and they are getting pretty expensive. But investing gives you benefits and in the end a bonus ability for some. Costs are 2,000 Cr ; 3,000 Cr ; 4,000 Cr ; 5,000 Cr and 6,000 credits for the last.

Upgrading Carrying Capacity gives you 50 pounds of extra load you can haul, for each upgrade.
You start with 100 pounds carrying capacity and can carry 350 pounds if you buy all upgrades.
It's actually the only ability without a bonus for the last upgrade. Every item you can carry weights 10 pounds. Reaching max load has some serious drawbacks, more energy consumption, no running or walking, you are almost unable to jump over a paperclip and very slow turning movement. Exceeding max load is certain death. Always stay a bit under the limit, in case you find something valuable.

Upgrading Energy Capacity gives you 10 units on top of the 100 you start with. Makes 50% more power. You can travel longer distances or shoot your energy weapon at the natives more often.
Bonus: Ball shield. Activated by pressing and holding "X" (default key), it surrounds you with an energy shield that (sadly) consumes energy, but protects you from enemy fire and falls. You can still die from falling, it only absorbs some of the impact energy.
All depends on your weight and how high your jump or fall is.

Upgrading Energy Efficiency lets you save some energy.
Bonus: Hover ability! This is fun but very very dangerous at the same time. You have to jump (or fall) to activate it by pressing and holding "space" key. You can fly "like a leaf in the wind" describes it best. The moon is tiny, gravity is a b**** and sometimes you get very fast or very high. If you're lucky you can fly around for a bit before you hit something, run out of energy or launch yourself into space.

Upgrading Scanner Range (Don't ask).
Bonus: You are able to locate enemies with your pulse, before they leave their cozy hole in the dirt.
They can't ambush you, as long as you use your pulse on a regular basis.

Scattered modules. You can find ladders, energy packs, basic packs, weapons and valuable packs. I recommend selling basic (250 credits) and valuables (2,000 credits) to get money faster, and invest in carrying capacity at least two times. Then you're able to carry 20 instead of only 10 items tops (in theory). Remember max load equals slow movement and an early grave.

There are three types of enemies. (I gave them the names here)
Spider droids: Annoying toaster with legs and a laser, has superior reflexes. Low health, low damage.
Pushy homing missile double laser drone: Reflexes are meh, but superior firepower and the ability to charge up and warp into you. I died several times from the warp attack even with shield active or while jumping/strafing out of the way. Fast! There is no escape if you're too close.
My advise, get a gun and shoot it from a hill and evade the missiles.
Ghost head: Likes to sneak up on you, can't be pulsed/ scanned. Loves to kill you on ladders or 5 meters from the next monolith. Persistant, weak, don't obeys to the laws of physics. Scare it away with the energy weapon or kill with charged energy blast. He'll be back.
Scraper Unit
Find 50 stranded modules. Use your scanner to pulse them and see the location and distance to all revealed modules in scanner range.

Scraper Of The Month
Find all stranded modules. As before, use scanner to reveal them.

Destroy 10 corrupted Unit Droids. Use rifle or enegy weapon to get rid of them. Your energy will be refilled when you've destroyed one.

Destroy all corrupted Unit Droids. Keep it for later, when you have bought all upgrades for the scanner. The bonus lets you see enemies when you use the pulse.

Delivery Boy
Complete 10 deliveries. Mind your carrying capacity and do easy short trips first.

Complete all deliveries. That are 90 deliveries. Have fun.

Use a ladder horizontally. Just use the ladder between two hills that are close enough. Ladders are extremely long, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Heavy Loader
Reach max carrying capacity. You need 20,000 credits for all five upgrades.

Energy Addict
Reach max energy capacity upgrade. You need 20,000 credits for all five upgrades.

Reach max energy eddiciency upgrade. You need 20,000 credits for all five upgrades.

Super Scanner
Reach max scanning range upgrade. You need 20,000 credits for all five upgrades.

Light Them Up
Neutralize a Skull Ghost. Use your energy weapon and fire a charged blast, works best.

Trade 50 modules. When engaged with an unlocked monolith trade your not wanted modules for cash. Keep your ladders and energy modules, you'll need them.

Destroy a Unit Droid with the Cortex Energy Device.

Air Time
Hover for 30 seconds. This should be the last thing you do before entering the core. Complete all upgrades and destroy all droids, to prevent interuptions. You should start from a monolith with a full charged suit. A long valley does the trick here. Use your mouse and swing gently up and down and don't go to high during the flight or you have to much momentum and crashland on the surface.

Damage a Unit Droid with the Ball Shield. Sounds easy, but is tricky and can be very frustrating if you already destroyed all droids on the moon (like me). The best way to do it, is to unlock energy capacity and efficiency. Look for a monolith with a Spider Droid nearby, they don't have so much firepower. Run at it while charging a jump and activate your shield. If you manage to land on it's toaster head you get your achievement. Rolling into it doesn't count and jumping from a hill and activating the shield doesn't seem to work well enough. You can stand there with activated shield and charge your jump, but you have to keep an eye on your energy and the little bugger dodges a lot when you do this.

BigDawg Nov 29, 2023 @ 11:33am 
To get the 'ballistic' achivement you must have Energy efficiency fully upgraded :)