Sunday Gold

Sunday Gold

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Sunday Gold 100% Achievements Guide
By Doovad

This achievement guide lists all the achievements and their official descriptions, along with additional information on how to obtain each achievement.
Story Progression (unmissable)
A Team
Meet Sally and Gavin

Complete the Prologue

Data Recovery
Discover the location of Hogan Industries’ research facility

Obtained during Chapter 1 (access the terminal in the secret room and finish the cutscene)

Happy Hour
Escape from Hogan Industries headquarters

Complete Chapter 1

Moral Event Horizon
Discover evidence of Kenny Hogan’s machinations

Obtained during Chapter 2 (finish taking the photographs in the Laboratory)

Infernal Escape
Escape from the research facility

Complete Chapter 2

No Mr. Barber, I expected you to die!
Confront Kenny Hogan

Obtained during Chapter 3 (finish the first fight with Kenny)

No Dogs, No Masters
Destroy Kenny Hogan

Complete the game
Other Achievements
Finders Keepers
Pay Frank’s bar tab

During the prologue, Frank picks up $200 from the bouncer in the alleyway. When Frank goes inside the pub, talk to the barkeeper and choose the option to pay Frank's tab.

Happy Birthday
Give the money back to the victim

During the prologue, Frank picks up $200 from the bouncer in the alleyway. Interact with the unconscious person and choose the option to give him back the money.

Making Friends
Contact Gary Marshall and convince him to go to the Pub

During Chapter 1, access Barry’s computer in the IT director’s office and read the email “Housekeeping, Nosy Janitor”. At the end of the mission when the crew returns to the pub, speak with Gary Marshall.

It’s a Secret to Everybody
Find Kenny Hogan’s secret stash

During Chapter 1, after you reach the penthouse, there will be a painting and a bookcase on the right side of the screen. Interacting with the painting or any of the books will trigger a secondary objective to discover the purpose of the bookcase's mechanism. There will be multiple books in the bookcase that you need to interact with in a specific order. That order is the following:
  • Kimiko Aux Enfers (bottom left)
  • Le Chatiment De Promethee (middle left)
  • La Boue (bottom middle)
Retrieve the stash that appears to trigger the achievement.

The solution to the puzzle without randomly guessing is to match the actual book's cover art to the portrait. The portrait changes every time you select the correct book and you would need to google each of the selectable books to view their cover art to match with the portrait.

2 Minute Notice
Talk the guard into leaving his job and going to the Pub

During Chapter 2, you must choose the stealth option. When Sally interacts with the guard to open the freight elevator, you must choose the following five options:

  • Robby
  • About Barry? Yes, we'd been having issues, his passing is a tremendously sad event.
  • (Still following the races) How does Crusader's trainer keep ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ up so much?
  • (Do you still play in that... sports league?) Cricket's always a lot of fun.
  • (So nice to catch up with you) I need to have a word with Dennis about the new recruits.
At the end of the mission in the pub, talk to the guard to unlock the achievement.

Human Capital Stock Deficit
Rescue the homeless man from the clandestine lab

During Chapter 2, you must choose the stealth option. During the stealth section in the lab, you will interact with the prisoner in cell 84. As part of the mission, you will send the prisoner to the testing lab and fight an enemy to free him. At the end of the mission in the pub, talk to the prisoner (Mickey) to unlock the achievement. I am unsure if you can skip saving the prisoner if you chose the stealth route.

The walls are listening
Discover the hidden security audio logs in Hogan manor

There are 7 logs to find in the manor.

  • Main Hall - Examine the portrait at the top of the stairs and use the button. A panel underneath the right lion will reveal with the recording.
  • Sitting Room - Interact with the mermaid statue to have Sally move it and reveal the recording.
  • Game Room - Using the dart from the study, interact with the dart board to reveal the recording next to the dart board.
  • Dining Room - The recording is in the open available next to the blast door on the right side of the room
  • Study - Examine the bust on the desk and use the button to reveal the recording on the curved railing to the right of the bust.
  • Master Bedroom - Interact with the lyre attached to the statues as you walk into the room (your characters will cover it when you enter the room from the study). The recording will appear around the heads of the Cerberus statue.
  • Trophy Room - Interact with the beaver display to the left of the door when you first enter the room to reveal a button. The recording will appear on the wall between the beaver display and the door.

Family Jewels
Find Kenny’s family heirlooms

During Chapter 3, the box on the mantle in the family room. After you beat Kenny for the first time, you will need to obtain the ornate electronic key from the master bedroom (from the safe above the dresser). You will unlock this achievement when you unlock the box using the key.

While this achievement is technically missable, the painting inside the box has the date needed for a later puzzle in the manor.

50 Notches
Kill 50 enemies

You should accomplish this during the course of the full story.

Hostile Takeover
Kill 100 enemies

You may need to trigger additional battles to complete this achievement. You can repeatedly end your turn during exploration to have a chance at triggering a random battle.

Full Armory
Acquire every weapon in the game

If you look in the database (hotkey: D), you can see the full list of weapons you have discovered. The weapons here are organized by order in the database. See the next section for the location of the weapons by chapter.

Light Melee
  • Butterfly Knife
  • Combat Knife
  • Police baton
  • Torch
Heavy Melee
  • Baseball bat
  • Cricket bat
  • Katana
  • Lead Pipe
  • Bladed knuckles
  • Brass knuckles
  • Iron knuckles
  • Plasma knuckles
Long Guns
  • Assault rifle
  • Combat rifle
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun - 12 gauge
  • Shotgun - 20 gauge
  • Shotgun - Slug
  • 9mm pistol
  • Burst pistol
  • Heavy pistol
  • Heavy revolver
  • Military pistol
  • SMG
Decked Out
Acquire every gear item in the game

Similar to the weapons, you can see the list of gear in the database (Hotkey: D). The gear are organized by order in the database. See the next section for the list of gear by chapter.

  • EMP Ammunition
  • Hollow-Point Ammunition
  • Shredder Ammunition
Body Armour
  • Body Armour - Light
  • Body Armour - Medium
  • Body Armour - Heavy
  • Adrenaline Drip Injector
  • Automatic Targeting System
  • Doctor's Bag
  • Endorphin Auto-Injector
  • Explosives
  • First Aid Kit
  • Heart Rate Regulator
  • Hyper Awareness Implant
  • Improved Tactility Gloves
  • Integrity Protection Implant
  • Light Refraction Module
  • Low-Profile Exoskeleton
  • Neural Guard Interface
  • Pain Suppression Device
  • Pinpoint Targeting System
  • Sensory Blocker Module
List of Weapons and Gear by Chapter
The list is separates the weapons from the gear in each chapter, and is ordered based on the in-game database.

Chapter 1
  • Butterfly Knife (Frank's default weapon)
  • Torch - Security office, search the medicine cabinet on the back wall
  • Baseball bat (Gavin's default weapon)
  • Brass knuckles (Sally's default weapon)
  • Iron knuckles - Security office, search the drawer in the main desk

  • Rifle (Frank's default weapon, obtained at the start of Chapter 1)
  • Shotgun - 20 gauge - One of the armory lockers
  • 9mm pistol - IT office, a secret stash behind a Sally-movable locker (a second one is in the Director's Office, in the safe in the desk)
  • SMG - One of the armory lockers

  • Shredder Ammunition - One of the armory lockers

  • Body Armour - Light - Maintenance office, search the lockers OR one of the armory lockers

  • First Aid Kit - Maintenance office, search the first aid kit

Chapter 2
  • Police baton - Prison, during the stealth mission in the Guard's belt
  • Cricket bat - Utility Room, search the cricket equipment on the right
  • Bladed knuckles - Testing Laboratory, drops from the fight with the Panther (stealth), OR Factory Floor, search the forklift (loud)

  • Assault rifle - Utility Room, Weapons Locker
  • Shotgun - Slug - Incinerator, loot the guard's body
  • Burst pistol - Utility Room, Weapons Locker
  • Military pistol - Cold Storage, in the pickable storage locker to the right of the chute

  • EMP Ammunition - Prison, during the stealth mission in the Guard's belt
  • Hollow-Point Ammunition - Testing Chamber, Experiment B fight

  • Body Armour - Medium - Utility Room, Weapons Locker

  • Adrenaline Drip Injector - Testing Chamber, Experiment C fight
  • Automatic Targeting System - Testing Chamber, Experiment A fight
  • Doctor's Bag - Lobby, search the locker in the area beyond the fingerprint sensor
  • Endorphin Auto-Injector - Testing Chamber, Experiment E fight
  • Explosives - Utility room, search the crate in the center of the far wall
  • Heart Rate Regulator - Incinerator, search the Grinder on the left (DO NOT HIT THE LEVER)
  • Hyper Awareness Implant - Utility room, search one of the lockers
  • Integrity Protection Implant - Laboratory, hack the cabinets on the left wall to the left of the elevator
  • Light Refraction Module - Utility room, search one of the lockers
  • Neural Guard Interface - Laboratory, hack the cabinets on the left wall to the left of the elevator

Chapter 3
  • Combat Knife - Dining Room, one of the drawers under the silver vase display on the left
  • Lead Pipe - Dining Room, the china cabinet on the far wall
  • Katana - Trophy Room, interact with the portrait of Kenny on the far wall to discover a hidden stash
  • Plasma knuckles - Guest Sitting Room, on the corpse on the far right

  • Shotgun - 12 gauge - Master Bedroom, search the bed
  • Combat rifle - Game Room, use the master keycard on the gun case
  • Heavy pistol - Dining Room, use the Golden Bone on the lion statue
  • Heavy revolver - Main Hall, search the body on the stairs

  • Body Armour - Heavy - Dining Room, use the Golden Bone (from the Master Bedroom) on the lion statue

  • Improved Tactility Gloves - Game Room, the box underneath the bar
  • Low-Profile Exoskeleton - Hidden Lab, search the barrel
  • Pain Suppression Device - Family Room, use the Golden Eye (from the safe under the desk in the Study) on the central table
  • Pinpoint Targeting System - Dining Room, return the silver tray (from the underground Distillery) to the left vase cabinet to unlock a drawer under the vase cabinet.
  • Sensory Blocker Module - Underground Distillery, use the valve on the right to unlock a barrel on the left
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The shotgun slug is picked up after the stealth event, during the escape in the incinerator.
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