Void Scrappers

Void Scrappers

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The Guide to Void Scrapping!
By IncognitoCheeto
This guide will teach you all about the Basics, Weapons, Characters, Scrap Upgrades and so much more in order to get you conquering space and collecting all that Scrap!

So, read on and good luck to you,
Void Scrapper!
You downloaded the game and are ready to start shooting enemies and collecting Scrap. But you might want to hold your horses before you fly among the stars, as this guide might save your life!

Here, you will learn everything from the Basics, to the different weapons and upgrades, all the way up to how to beat that pesky boss!

So, have a seat, young space traveler and let me teach you everything you need to know to become...

A Void Scrapper!

(I've since updated the guide to include everything that I've unlocked (which is pretty much everything, save for a few that are currently bugged and can't be unlocked and getting every character to threat 40... stupid Shrapnel...)
The Basics
The Basics:
So, you just finished downloading the game and are about to play for your very first time. Maybe you watched the trailer and know what kind of game this is, but just in case:

This is a "survivor" like game. Essentially: You are a dude who has a weapon that kills enemies. But unlike other genres, your weapons automatically fire without any player input. All you can do is move around and dash. Controls wise, this is just as simple as the four movement keys and the Dash button (or the analog stick plus dash button for controllers). Super simple.

The game's challenge comes from trying to kill those pesky enemies before they kill you. To do that, there's a few things you'll need to know about this game.

First: You have three shields. Shields are "free" hits. If you take three hits and have lost all your shields, the next hit will kill you. Every enemy in the game does a single point of damage, so don't worry about that giant boss wiping you out in a single hit from full shields. Shields can be recharged by picking up Shield Drops. These are random drops that spawn sometimes and will have an Orange Circle with a White Shield inside pointing you in the direction you need to go. The Shield Drop itself is blue and you pretty much have to go directly over it to pick it up.

Second: This game is more about your ability to avoid enemies rather then your ability to kill them quickly. Enemies will constant spawn in, so being able to avoid them is key. Every enemy in the game will fly straight towards you, so you don't need to worry about fancy dodging AI. If you see an enemy, it sees you and is coming straight at you.

Third: Enemies will constantly get stronger as the "Threat" level goes up (the Red Bar at the top right). It starts at level one and raises at a steady rate. Whenever the bar fills, it "empties" and raises the Threat Level by one. This increases the enemy's Health, the amount of them that spawn and the variety of enemies that spawn. So, a strategy that works early on MIGHT not work later on.

Fourth: You also get stronger! You do this in two ways: Scrap Ups (upgrades) and Weapons. You get Scrap Ups from picking up Scrap. Enemies drop Scrap (they look like grey circles). More Scrap = More Scrap Ups (more about Scrap Ups in their section). Weapons drop from the Bosses that spawn. There are lots of different weapons, so play around with them to find what suits you best.

Fifth: Sometimes it's too dangerous to pick up all the lovely Scrap or you were running away from the boss and had to leave a bunch behind. Don't worry, It never despawns and the game has a mechanic to help: The Magnet! Like the Shield Drop, this is an item that will drop randomly. When it does, a Green Circle with a Magnet icon will appear on your screen, leading you towards it. Picking it up will automatically gather every single Scrap in the level, regardless of distance. So, if it's too dangerous for you to pick up all that Scrap, just wait for the Magnet, don't die trying to pick it up!

Lastly: Death. It's going to happen. Do your best to AVOID it happening, but also accept that it will. However, death isn't the end, far from it. Every time you die, a few things will happen. You'll see what Scrap Ups, Weapons and Characters you've unlocked. You'll also receive Credits based on how well you did. These can be spent in the "Permanent Upgrades" section of the main menu and give, well, Permanent Upgrades. So, each time you die, you can come back stronger.

Now that you know the basics, let's move on to your Tools of War! (Aka: The Weapons)
Ah well, your method for making the enemy dead. This game features a lot of different types of weapons, so I'll be breaking them down by category.

While there are dozens of weapons, each of them can be put into one of four broad categories: Projectiles, Lasers, Orbitals and Explosives.

While you start with only a few select weapons you can get, you unlock more by playing the game. Want some cool new Orbitals? Collect Orbital weapons.
Want Lasers? Collect Lasers.
Pretty simple.

However, because there are so many, I've broken this section down into sub-sections for each weapon type.

Try them all and find the type you like the most!
Projectiles: Your very first type of weapon you start with. These are small orbs that are shot from you. While the projectile weapons function slightly different depending on which one you have, all of them follow the rule of "shoot small orbs". In this category are a few specific weapons:

- Auto Repeater: A small, fast and constantly shooting weapon that targets the closest enemy. This is your "bread and butter" for projectile weapons. The fact it targets the closest enemy and shoots relatively quickly makes this a nice, easy to use weapon for beginners. (Upgraded Auto Repeater: Same as above, but fires three bullets in a spray rather then one)

- Scatter Repeater: Fires fast, relatively good damaging orbs in random directions. While the fact it shoots faster and does more damage then the Auto Repeater sounds nice, the fact it shoots randomly isn't. There's no way to predict which direction it will shoot, so I'd only recommend this if you get a specific upgrade (Boomerang Bullets). (Upgrade: Changes fire pattern to shooting in the 8 cardinal directions. Honestly, not the worst)

- Auto Smasher: Fires a high damage but slower firing projectile at the closest enemy. Just the Auto Repeater but slower and higher damage. I highly recommend this if you are going projectiles along with Auto Repeater (Upgrade: Same as above)

- Scatter Smasher : Fires a very high damage but slow firing projectile at random. Just the Auto Smasher but fires randomly instead of at the closest enemy. Same advice as Scatter Repeater (Upgrade: Same as Scatter Repeater)

- Minigun: Fires a barrage of bullets very quickly, but long cooldown. A fairly useful projectile weapon, especially if you get cooldown reduction. Piling on the damage in a short burst can be a great way to deal with bosses. That being said, Auto Repeater/Smasher being constantly firing will serve you better most of the time. (Upgrade: More Bullets = More Good)

- Chaingun: Fires a barrage of heavy bullets quickly, but very long cooldown. This is the Auto Smasher equivalent to the Minigun. So, same review (Upgrade: Same)

- Loitering Projectile: Leaves a trail of bullets. Not the greatest and generally better to go with the others.

Photon Railgun: Fires a single large projectile very slowly (the opposite of the chain/mini gun). It's main benefit (aside from size) is that it pierces through enemies. Upgraded form moves faster, does more damage and has a bit more pierce. While it does seem very useful at first, because of it's slow fire rate, it's not really advice. Plus, in the late game, the damage between this gun and the minigun is not noticeable anyways. Overall, better then the scatter/random firing weapons, but I'd rather take a smasher/repeater/minigun/chaingun over this. (One thing I do like is that they changed the colors from other projectiles, so with this, you can have Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink projectiles flying around, which looks nice)
Orbitals: These are independent floating sawblades that act differently depending on which one you have. What they all share in common is that they are constantly flying around, so they don't have a "cooldown" like other weapons. Their biggest downside is that you don't control them at all really, they just follow their set path, so they can be tricky to use.

- Kinetic Drone: Flies in circles around you at a medium distance. This is one of the first two you are likely to see. They can do quite a good amount of damage to bosses but are tricky to position since they always fly at a constant pace around you in a circle. (Upgrade: The upgraded Kinetic Drone is just a bigger, faster moving normal drone. Very nice upgrade if you are going orbitals)

- Trailing Drone: Flies directly behind you. This is the orbital I'd recommend if you are going orbitals. The fact you can easily control it by just turning and moving around makes it better then kinetic for that reason alone. It can be a bit dangerous though, since it always stays behind you which means enemies get real close. Upgrade occasionally shoots projectiles.

- Proximity Zipper: Flies in small circles around you. The same as Kinetic, but close range rather then medium. So, same advice (Upgrade: Same)

- Distant Clobber: Flies in very wide circles around you. The same as Kinetic, but far distance away from you. So, same advice. Upgrade also explodes on hit.
Lasers: Lasers are close range, high damage weapons that have a unique upgrade. If you are going lasers, make sure you are good at dodging, since most of the lasers like to do their own thing. Still, thanks to the unique upgrade, they can be quite good if used right. (The Unique Upgrade is Ricochet Laser, which makes each laser have a chance to spawn a second laser, which each have a chance to spawn a third laser... With enough of these, your screen will look like a rave party!). Also, one advice I'll give for ALL lasers is get Laser Range upgrades! Having them be such short range to start makes them difficult to use, so increase their range whenever you get the chance!

- Precision Laser: A close range, fast shooting laser that targets the closest enemy. This is the Laser's bread and butter. It has everything we love in a weapon. Fast, shoots the nearest enemy and does decent damage. The one downside is that it's range is also the shortest, so be careful when using it. (Upgrade: Longer duration, longer range and more damage. All good things!)

- Photon Prism: Fires three short range laser beams at random nearby enemies. While the word "random" might scare you, it just means it targets random enemies, rather then the closest one. Unlike other "random" weapons, this one is actually semi-decent since it does still target enemies. Still, Precision is a bit better, so I'd take that over this. (Upgrade: Same as above)

- Unstable Plasma Beam: Fires a medium range, high damage laser in a random direction. Ah yes, my old 'friend'... random. I'd recommend every other laser over this one, since this one literally fires randomly... truly randomly. Still, with the unique upgrade, this is still ok to pick up... but only if there's no better laser available. (Upgrade: Same as Precision Laser)

- Plasma Sweep: Single firing laser that rotates in a full circle around you. A weird weapon, like the next one, as it starts by shooting out to your right and then does a 360 degree circle around your ship before stopping. Not bad, per say, but tricky to use since you basically have to move your ship to ensure the laser hits it's target. Still, against large swarms of enemies, this serves quite well in wiping them out. Upgrade has the same bonuses as precision but with the added bonus of shooting four lasers instead of one (they have an + shape centered on the player)

- Quantum Blaster Arc: Fires a high power single laser beam that rotates in a full circle around you. This is the Plasma Sweep's big brother. More damage and range, but longer cooldown. Since it functions identical in every other way to the Plasma Sweep, just read above for my review. (Upgrade: Same as Precision Laser)
Explosions: What's there to say about Explosions that isn't obvious? They explode and make things dead. All of them have similar traits: High damage, AoE attacks but relatively long cool-downs compared to other weapon types. If you are going Explosions, try to pick up a bunch of Explosion Cooldown Reductions Scrap Upgrades, since it will negate the one downside of using them. Also, the Explosion just happens, there's no missile or anything fired.

- Close Range Artillery: Fires a mortar round at the closest target. The bread and butter of Explosions. Targets the closest enemy and causes an AoE blast centered on them. This is a great Explosion weapon and I'd recommend picking one of these up at every opportunity. Only one other explosion is a pick over this one in my opinion. (Upgrade: Fires faster. Amazing! Helps negate the one downside!)

- Hull Deflector Blast: Fires an explosion centered on you in a small AoE. This is a pretty good Explosion weapon, since it can clear our a bunch of enemies if you are surrounded. It also has a semi-decent firing rate, so you don't have to be as afraid by being swarmed. Still, the fact that it only works when the enemies are close to you is a bit of a downside when we are talking about long-cool down weapons. Upgrade fires faster and also clears out any projectiles in it's radius. Pretty nice to have, even if you aren't going explosives specifically.

- Wild Artillery: Fires a mortar round in a random location. If you have read this guide from the beginning, you know how I feel about "random" weapons. Yes, this fires faster. Yes, this deals more damage. No, I wouldn't recommend it unless there's LITERALLY no other Explosion weapons (and even then... it's a hard sell). Random won't save your life or kill key enemies that are about to kill you. Avoid! (Upgrade: Same as above)

- Tactical Nuke: Fires a huge explosion centered on you for massive damage. Now THIS is an Explosion weapon! Centered on you means it will clear out everything close by, but it's larger radius means it also clears out things at medium range (unlike Hull Deflector Blast). It also has MASSIVE damage, capable of clearing out even the strongest normal enemies when upgraded. The one downside this has it the longest cool down in the game of any weapon. However, with that being said, just grab yourself a bunch of Explosion Cool-down Reductions and these babies and thank me later. (Upgrade: Same as above)
Weapons: Epilogue
If you ask me my recommendation for which Weapon type you should go for, this game heavily encourages you to start with Projectiles. Your starting character starts with one, there are a few available as weapon choices from boss drops without needing unlocks and they are nice and easy to use.

That being said: Once you've unlocked a few things, Explosions are probably the best currently in my opinion. Being able to have huge AoEs is great for the swarms and their high damage makes them semi-decent boss killers.

Lasers are definitely the goofiest though. Can have your whole screen covered with lasers at later points. Not necessarily the strongest, but probably the most visually appealing.

Orbitals are... interesting. I haven't tried them heavily in the full game, but I used them a bunch in the demo. I'll update this later once I've played with them a bit more, but if you are going orbitals, choose the "Orbital" character (Gary) and try to get some dash upgrades and the Scrap Upgrade that gives your Orbitals the same bonuses as your dashes. Can be pretty fun to use.
Scrap Ups
This section will cover the Scrap Ups in the game. However, because of the sheer number of them (and how many are overlaps), this section will be truncated and only talk briefly about each.

Quick but Important Update!: The developers have revealed that the more variety of Scrap Ups you obtain in a run, the less likely you are to be able to select new ones. I've found by the time I have ten to fifteen different kinds of Scrap Ups, I rarely see a new one. This means that 'Reject'-ing Scrap Ups is now not just recommended, but vital for experienced players, since you do not want to pick Scrap Ups that won't assist you.

Let's start with the simplest ones:

X Cool-down Reduction, Damage, Range, Speed, Duration, Size, etc...: Basically, any Scrap Up that has a weapon type and one of those words (ie: Explosion Size or Laser Cool-down Reduction). All of these are pretty self explanatory, so I won't go over them in detail. The best of each category is probably Cool-down Reductions, but Laser Range is one to keep an eye out for.

Dash Upgrades: Again, anything that starts with "Dash" or has the word "Dash" in it (ie: Dash Cool-down reduction, Dash Snap Back, Leave a trail of plasma while dashing). The only one really worth mentioning is Dash Cool-down reduction, since being able to have an emergency "oh no!" button is always useful. Other then that, you could get the Dash upgrade belonging to your weapon type if you'd like, but not needed. DON'T GET SNAP BACK! (We use the dash to get away from trouble, Snap Back returns you to your origin point, basically putting you back into trouble without an escape method)

Increased Shield Drops/Restore Shield Points: Meh. Not much more to say about them. I'd rather have more damage or more cool-down then regaining a shield point or getting more shield drops. Not great, so only pick these up if you need them to live.

Scrap Gain: Yes. Just yes. Scrap = levels = Scrap Ups = makes you better. In other words: Increasing the amount of Scrap you gain is ALWAYS good. Pretty much always take if you can (unless you need one of the other ones).

Scrap Magnet Range Boost: Originally I loved this one, but after spending some time, my opinion is split. If you are a new player, I still recommend taking this to help you in the early game get those much-helpful Scrap Ups to help you live. However, if you are an experienced player, I recommend avoiding this. After around threat level 10, you are better off not even picking up the floating scrap. Just wait for a Magnet Pickup to drop and collect it.

Boss Cool-down: Take this. Yes, you heard that right. Take this. While it might seem silly to WANT to fight more bosses, remember that fighting bosses gives weapon drops... and is pretty much the only way to get weapon drops (except one other way, listed later, but that's unreliable). More Weapons = More Power = More Good. So, take this and beat those bosses!

Enemies X when they die: These are your classic "Enemies explode on death" or "Enemies turn into projectiles on death". Not bad, not great. You can take these, but they shouldn't be your top priority. Take for fun, not for a true build.

x2/x3 Boost: Pretty much gives a small chance to get a Scrap Upgrade later that is actually double or even triple in a single pick. While this might sound cool, it's unreliable and while it lists "Levels", it doesn't actually say how much of a percent each level gives. I never pick this up, but the one time I did, it didn't seem to do a heck of a lot. (Plus... read the "How to beat the Boss" section for why this upgrade becomes completely irrelevant)

Kill x% of Enemies When you Kill a Boss: If you are killing a boss, chances are you are strong enough to kill the surrounding enemies. I wouldn't bother with this.

% Damage Boost per Unique Weapon Type: Get a flat % damage boost for each unique weapon you have. Now, this doesn't mean the actual "type" (Like Laser, Projectiles, etc...). It actually means each unique weapon (Precision Laser, Photon Prism and Unstable Plasma beam would count as three "unique weapon types" for this). Not fantastic in most cases, since you are better off just going with the Damage+ for the specific type of weapon you are choosing to main. But, if your weapons are all over the place, this can be a bit useful.

Damage Boost While Shields Are Depleted: Scroll down and read what I have to say about "Always Get x2 Upgrades When Shields Are Depleted" Scrap Upgrade to learn how I feel about this one.

Now for a special section of "One off" upgrades. These are upgrades you can only take once and can make a huge difference to a run. Make sure to read them carefully before picking them up (Also, the aforementioned "Snap Back" is a One Off, but it's so bad I'm not even going to list it here)

Always Draw Your Most Upgraded Card: Makes sure one of the three options you are given on each Scrap Upgrade is your most upgraded card. Oh my god! Yes! Just all the yes! Playing Explosions? Get enough Cool-down Reduction to make it your most upgraded card. Lasers? Range or Ricochet. Best of all, you can also keep a few upgrades close to your highest, so if you need to swap to a different upgrade, you can make sure you get all of them. Take this and don't look back.

Replace Shield Drops With Weapons: Whenever a Shield Drop would spawn in the world, it gets replaced with a Weapon Drop instead. I, absolutely LOVE this upgrade! The downside is that you can never pick up shields from drops again, but who cares?! More weapons! With enough weapons, enemies won't even be able to HIT you! Take this!!!

Keep One Weapon When Going Ultimate: Whenever you collect three of the same weapon, it goes "Ultimate", giving you an upgraded version. This upgrade makes it so when that happens, you also get one non-upgraded version as well. YESS!!! Why are these so good?! Remember what I said about more weapons = more good? How would you feel about getting two weapons from one boss drop? That's what this does. Grab this and get ALL the weapons!

Ignore Upgrade Group Restrictions: There are some Scrap Upgrades that have little circles at the bottom of the cards. These are "Groups" and once you take one upgrade from a specific group the rest are locked. This upgrade unlocks them. That sure sounds cool, but most of the groups aren't fantastic. Different Weapon Types when you Dash? Enemies Explode with Different Weapon Types? Honestly, not worth it, unless you are going a Dash build.

Always Get x2 Upgrades When Shields Are Depleted: Time for the tricky one. Let me start off by saying: I have several hours in this game and have gotten very good at dodging enemies. If you aren't that good at dodging, don't take these. With that being said however, if you ARE good at dodging.... Always Get x2 Upgrades When Shields Are Depleted is the best Scrap Upgrade in the game, without equal or even a close second. This turns every single level up into a double level up (or triple if you are lucky, but double at minimum). That. Is. Insane! If you and your friend both had a run last for twenty minutes and you got this upgrade early and he didn't, you'd have twice as many upgrades as him if you made sure to keep your shields at zero the whole time. Except, you could be even MORE then double his level if you got Scrap Gains. This is pure, raw power that is so good, if I don't get it early, I restart my run. This is THE upgrade to look out for once you get good at this game. Add onto that the fact that there's an upgrade that increases your damage by a LOT when shields are down AND an upgrade that makes shield drops into weapon drops... AND a character specifically made for having zero shields (Remington 'Double' Dagger: Doubles your damage but can never get shields). Learn to dodge and take this. Every. Single. Time. No matter what other options are available, you take this!

And those are the Scrap Upgrades! These aren't your only kind of upgrades though, so let's talk about...
Permanent Upgrades
So, you died. That's unfortunate. Good news though, now you can unlock some Permanent Upgrades! These are small boosts that make you a bit better each and every run. The longer you last, the more credits you will get which you can spend on more Permanent Upgrades.

Most of these are self-explanatory though, so speed run reading!

Damage: More damage
Cool-down: Lowers the cool-down for all weapons
Scrap Gain: Increases how much each individual Scrap drop is worth by a percentage
Shield Drops: Makes Shield Drops more frequent
Credits Gain: You get more Credits when you are done a run

My recommendation: Scrap Gain followed by Cool-down. You COULD get Shield Drops if you go for the upgrade mentioned above that changes Shield Drops to weapon drops, but I still like me Scrap Gain the most.
Well, to start off with, you only got Murphy. The more you play, the more options you'll have. Each character is locked behind an action, so if you want to try a character, just scroll over to them and see what you gotta do (ie: Gary needs you to get three types of orbitals in a single run)

So, let's go over each character and tell you my own personal preference at the end.

Murphy (+15% Scrap Gain/Damage/Projectile Cool-down): While he is a bit leaning towards Projectiles because of his Cool-down, good old Murphy can be good with any weapon type. More Scrap Gain and Damage is good for everything. Plus, since you start with only him, you can try him out right away!

Old Major (Auto Collects All Scrap, but only gets 75% of their value): While it seems really good at first, the Auto Collect All Scrap is dwarfed by losing 25% of all the scrap you attain. Add onto that the fact that Magnet Drops are a thing, which automatically gather all the Scrap in the level, regardless of distance, and, in my opinion, I think it's time the Old Major retired.

Shrapnel (Collecting Scrap Spawns a Projectile, gains the Projectiles Spawn on Death skill): 100% my least favorite character. Why? To start with, he begins with Scatter Repeater as his starting weapon. A random firing weapon to start with... Oof. On top of that, his passive of firing a projectile when he picks up Scrap is... mediocre at best. Don't recommend him for any reason... unless you really want to give him a try.

Gary (Orbitals become murder bots that fly after enemies rather then follow a set path): If you are going Orbitals, you are going Gary. The biggest downside of Orbitals is that they pretty much all fly around however they want, so make sure you are very good at dodging... might also want to pick up a close range, non-orbital weapon to guard you. Still, having the orbitals fly towards enemies is nice and better then the typical "orbit" they normally do. So, Orbitals = Gary.

Big Baz (Projectiles Have Knockback): So, Big Baz has a few things going against him. First, his passive gives knock back to your projectiles. Which is... fine. Except it doesn't work on bosses. On top of that, I'd rather just kill the enemy then knock them back. The knock back itself is more like a stutter then a noticeable push too. Also, really missed an opportunity with his starting weapon. He starts with the Auto Smasher, which deals good damage, meaning that the small fry at the start will likely die before they get knocked back. Would have been both thematic and better for his passive if he started with Minigun.

Pyrek (Explosions leave a damage over time effect. Starts with the Decoy Skill): Just so you know, Decoy makes it so, every so often, you'll drop a "ship" that looks like your own and all the enemies will target it. However, that's not the reason you play Pyrek. You play it because explosions cause DoT fields. This is VERY good. And I WOULD say that, like Gary, if you are going Explosions, you go Pyrek. But unlike Gary, there's just one character who beats Pyrek when it comes to Explosions... and everything else...

Remington 'Double' Dagger (Doubles all damage but can never gain shields. Gains the Static Shield skill): Static Shield makes it so whenever you'd pick up a Shield Drop, rather then gaining a shield, you cause a large explosion of Static that damages and slows all enemies caught in it. Let me begin by saying that if you are just starting out or aren't good at dodging, Remington is not great for you, as he can NEVER have shields, so every hit kills you. Only pick him up if you can dodge well. But, if you CAN dodge well... pick Remington. Just do it. Double damage PERMANENTLY is CRAZY! Ya, the early game can be scary because you die in one hit, but after you get some weapons and upgrades, you become an unstoppable force. Combine Remington with all the Scrap Upgrades that only apply when you have no shields (like x2 upgrade, more damage when shields are zero, turn Shield Drops into Weapon Drops) and Remington becomes a God. Learn how to dodge and then pick Remington. You won't regret it.

Nitro: A dash based character. Interesting concept but can be a LITTLE tricky to use him right. The biggest difficulty is that he does not start off with a weapon. Instead, he starts with many dash upgrades. So, he starts with lower dash cooldown, longer dash time and all of the 'On-Dash' attacks. There are two ways I've found to play him relatively well. First: Focus on a single 'weapon' of his, I'd recommend laser or explosive. Get damage boost to that weapon, any upgrades you can with the exception of cooldown. It might be weird to say don't get cooldown for the weapon type, but since his abilities trigger off of dashing, having cooldown doesn't do anything. The weapon type you get is Orbital, no questions. The reason is that there's a unique orbital upgrade that causes all of your orbitals to also trigger your dash effect. This increases your damage INSANELY high, because every orbital now gets all of the bonuses to dashing that you do. That being said, if you are playing Nitro, try to be careful where you end your dash as it CAN mess you up. AND DON'T TAKE SNAP BACK!

Olive: The final character unlocked (need all other characters at Threat level 40 to unlock him). He's... honestly a little underwhelming. His main 'gimmick' is that he can't remain still. He has a constant thrust. The secondary gimmick is that he drops little green orbs that, if you run into them, cause an explosion effect. While there's nothing wrong with either of these in principle, I find that they don't synergize as well as the developers were hoping. Having a constant thrust means it's difficult to stay near your 'Molotov Sparktrails' and since they drop at random times (or a long enough set interval that it would be hard to keep track of it), you generally will rarely use the Molotovs themselves. He also starts out with a basic projectile weapon, so nothing special there either. He's a silly character to play, but if you are trying to get as high a threat level as possible, I don't think I can recommend him. (Also: Enemies do NOT trigger the sparktrails, only the player character. So, you can't leave them around like proximity mines).

Final word: If you are going for Orbitals, go Gary. If you want to play a character for fun or because he sounds interesting, play whoever you want. If you want to win, you play Remington.
How to beat the Boss
Quick warning: Minor spoilers for the "final boss" here, so if you haven't gotten that far, go get that far and come back. You'll know him when you see him.

Alright... so you read through the guide, maybe got a few practice games in, unlocked some stuff and you are ready to fight the UFO for real. Well, strap in cause this is going to be a bumpy ride.

To start off with, as I mentioned above, this section assumes you know how to dodge fairly well. If you are still struggling with that, keep practicing that before continuing this as it will be a vital skill to win.

Also, there are a few upgrades, weapons and a character you will need to unlock. If you haven't, look them up in game in their relevant section to find out how.

Ready to beat the UFO? Here's the prerequisites:

Unlocked Scrap Upgrades:
x2 Upgrades When Shield Depleted
Replace Shield Drops With Weapon Drops
Keep One Weapon When Going Ultimate
Scrap Gain/Scrap Magnet Range Boost
The Explosions Scrap Upgrades (Especially Cool-down, but Damage, Size, etc...)

(These are not required upgrades, but will make your life a lot easier):
Always Draw Your Most Upgraded Card
Increased Damage When Shields Are Depleted
Boss Cool-down
Lasers Explode
Dash Cool-down

Close Range Artillery
Tactical Nuke

(These weapons are not required, but will make your life a little easier):
Hull Deflector Blast
Wild Artillery
The Laser Weapons (If going for Lasers Explode)

Alright, you got everything you need now (and maybe a few bonuses). You've had some practice and you are finally ready to take down the UFO. So, let's discuss your strategy!

You'll want to find your x2 Upgrades When Shield Depleted early on. I'd recommend if you don't find it by Threat Level 5 (at the latest), you restart your run. Personally, if I don't get it by Threat Level 3 I restart, but that's preference.

Once you have that, focus on trying to pick up the other Scrap Upgrades you need (listed above) as well as the weapons. Make sure to pick up a bunch of Explosion Cool-down, as your biggest weakness early on will be how long it will take for your weapons to fire. Try to take the required weapons if they are available (with Tactical Nuke edging out Close Range Artillery by a little bit, not much though). If they aren't available, take the other Explosion weapons. If THOSE aren't available and you got the option Scrap Upgrade for Laser and the Laser weapons, take those. Otherwise, if NONE of those are available, I'd go for Auto Repeater or Auto Smasher for some early defensive options.

Your main goal early on is survival. Every hit kills you and you don't have a lot of firepower, so try to stay alive. Dash if you need to and avoid everything. Try to kill bosses quickly (which, thanks to Remington's double damage should be fairly quick early on. You can literally two or three shot the first boss!). Here are the priorities when it comes to Scrap Upgrades, from most important to least important, top to bottom:

x2 Upgrades When Shield Depleted
Replace Shield Drops with Weapon Drops
Keep One Weapon When Going Ultimate
Scrap Gain/Scrap Magnet Boost
Explosion Cool-down Reduction
Deal Additional Damage When Shields are at Zero (yes, this is an optional, but if you got it, take it over the others)
The Other Explosion Upgrades (Damage, Size, et.c..)
Always Draw Your Most Upgraded Card
Boss Cool-down
Dash Cool-down
Lasers Explode

If none of those are available, reject the Scrap Upgrade. It'll give you 50% of your Scrap bar back, so don't be afraid to reject them.

Once you've gotten a few weapons and upgrades, you'll find surviving much easier. Between your large AoE's, double damage and (hopefully) reduced cool-downs, you'll be shredding the enemies before you know it. The bosses can still be troublesome though, so make sure not to get complacent.

Once you've gotten to around Threat Level 40, the boss will spawn and... he's not that threatening. I'm serious. Yes, he's a giant UFO. Yes, he moves pretty quick. But he's not the threat. His minions are.

When the UFO spawns, he spawns in a unique "normal" type enemy. I'll call them... Deathbots. These guys are what are going to end nine out of ten of your runs. They are fast, have a good amount of health and spawn in massive swarms in every direction for as long as the boss is alive. They will flight straight at you and hit you, killing you. These guys are monsters. However, that's why we went Explosions.

Projectiles just can't hit enough enemies AND the boss to deal with them.
Lasers aren't reliable enough (plus, there's a bug that makes them not be able to hit the UFO itself unless you have a lot of range, enough to hit it's center)
Orbitals... just no.

But with Explosion's high damage and large AoE's, they are just what we need to deal with the Deathbots. Hopefully you got enough Nukes, Explosion Cool-down and luck to deal with them.

With that, you should be prepared to fight the UFO and his Deathbot army!
Ending Thoughts/Advice
I know that through most of this guide, I told you what you should or shouldn't do, but at the end of the day, this game is all about experimentation.

If you really want to play Orbitals, then go for it!
If you want to say "I don't need no weapons!" and go for a Dash based build, then go crazy!
If you want to take Snap Back... still don't. I'm sorry, just don't take it... ever.

Try things. Use those weapons that you haven't tried. Think a character looks interesting? Give them a shot!

Play the game the way YOU want to. If you do, you will be playing the right way.

And more then anything...
Get out there and collect that Scrap, Void Scrapper!


But seriously, don't take Snap Back...
IncognitoCheeto  [author] Jul 28, 2023 @ 7:42pm 
I haven't played the game in a bit, so decided to come back. I've tried playing the game once more, unlocked all the new stuff and have modified some aspects of the guide to reflect this (mainly Mike and 6in's suggestions and added in advice about Nitro & Olive, plus the new Photon Railgun.
Unfortunately, I don't think enough has changed for me to really change my opinions listed in this guide, but if anyone has suggestions for me to try, I'll see if I can give them a shot.
Zurea Jul 27, 2023 @ 7:26am 
I'm curious where the Photon Railgun falls as far as effected by buffs go.
Mike Jan 4, 2023 @ 1:34am 
Some corrections if you are interested:
The lasers that spin around you upgrade into 4 lasers that spin around you N E S W style.
The far away orbital upgrades into 'explodes sometimes' and the short range one 'shoots bullets sometimes'.
The loitering projectile weapon leaves a trail of bullets and should be moved to the projectile section instead of the orbital section.
6ixnogood Nov 5, 2022 @ 2:38am 
Hull Deflector Blast -- ultimate version clears out any projectiles in the blast range.
Good to have even if you're maining a different weapon category