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By StormXTS
Guide for Chapter 1 which tells you how to collect the notes by their numbered order in the Notes menu, without giving away details of their contents.
Notes in the Woods [1-9]
WARNING - Note 9 can be missed if you progress too far in the game! Do not continue too far into the house if you want to collect every note (do not enter the attic). You are too far if the gun has appeared. Thank you to K1ttenface for pointing this out.

NOTE 1 - Starting Screen
"have you forgotten already?"

Placed on the ground immediately to the north of where you first exit your car.

NOTE 2 - Well
Birthday Invitation

Acquired by exorcising the well in the middle of the forest. You can get to the well by walking straight up from your car, or straight down from the house.

NOTE 3 - Dead Tree
Mrs. Martin's Letter, Dying Tree

Acquired by exorcising the dead tree in the south of the forest. You can get to the tree by going to the car, then going one screen up, and then one screen left.

NOTE 4 - Puddle
Mrs. Martin's Letter, Suspicious Hikers

Acquired by exorcising the puddle on the ground. You can get to the puddle by going to the shed marked on the map, and then going two screens down.

NOTE 5 - Pile of Bones
Mrs. Martin's Letter, Dead Deer

Acquired by exorcising the pile of bones. You can get to the bones by travelling one screen left of the shed.

NOTE 6 - Graveyard
Letter from Deryl Henderson

Acquired by exorcising the gravestone in the northeast of the graveyard screen.
To reach the graveyard, start from the well in the center of the map, then go two screens north and one to the west.

NOTE 7 - Stone Circle
Osbourne's Public Lecture card

Acquired by exorcising the stone circle in the forest. To reach this area, go two screens left starting from the well in the center of the map.

NOTE 8 - Shed
John's Letter, Description of Martin House

Acquired by picking the page up just near the shed, where you pick up the key to get into the house. Because going to the shed is mandatory to progress through the game, you should have this one basically automatically.

NOTE 9 - Warding off the "chupacabra" (anywhere)
Letter to Father Garcia

Acquired by warding off the "chupacabra" enough times. Eventually, it will drop a note on the ground in the spot it was at when you warded it off. The monster can, quite unfairly, spawn on the same side of the screen you are on, which can often lead to instant death. Make sure to stick to the center of the screen as much as you can.

Do not enter the attic until you have this note, because you will be stuck in the attic until you complete the sequence there, and when you return the gun will appear which permanently changes the outside. Note 19 requires you to have all other notes on the same save file.
Notes In The House [10-20]
NOTE 10 - Main Foyer
John's Letter, "greeted by the Martins"

Acquired by picking it up off the floor in the northwest of the main foyer when you first enter the house.

NOTE 11 - Main Foyer, Portrait
Family Portrait

Acquired by exorcising the family portrait in the main foyer of the house. It is distinctly indicated with the purple colour of the girl.

NOTE 12 - Kitchen
Nate's Drawing

Acquired by exorcising the drawing on the fridge in the kitchen. The kitchen is one room north of the main entrance.

NOTE 13 - Second Floor, Bathroom
Mrs. Martin's Letter, "unsafe in my own home"

Acquired by exorcising the rubber duck in the bathroom, the northwest most room of the second floor.

NOTE 14 - Second Floor, Amy's Bedroom
John's Letter, "checking the attic"

Picked up off the floor by the desk in Amy's bedroom, which is to the southwest of the second floor.

NOTE 15 - Second Floor, Amy's Bedroom, Pink Doll
Mrs. Martin's Letter, "weird looking doll"

Acquired by exorcising the pink baby doll in Amy's bedroom on the second floor.

NOTE 16 - Basement
Letter from Layton, "San La Muerte"

Acquired by exorcising the bedframe near the sheet and doll in the basement, one screen north of the stairs.

NOTE 17 - Basement, Ritual Circle
John's Letter, "enduring the ritual"

Picked up off the ground in the basement on the screen with the ritual circle of blood, in the left corner.

NOTE 18 - Attic Passageway
John's Letter, to Molly

Picked up off the ground in the passageway to the attic, which does not open until a fixed point in the story.

NOTE 19 - Second Floor, after defeating the boss and returning from the attic
Ceremony for Opening

Can be picked up off of the ground on the first screen of the second floor after you have defeated the possessed, but only if all of the previous notes [1 - 18] have been collected. As far as I understand, the other 18 notes must be collected on the save file you are playing.

*Revised Oct 22, 2022
Arcticsnow has written that Note 19 is not in fact missable and you can go back to the second floor once you have collected the other notes to get it (previously this guide stated this was permanently missable). With this in mind, you don't have to worry about locking yourself out of any notes in a playthrough.

The following note is only available after the gun appears:

NOTE 20 - First Floor, Mirror
John's Letter, Request of Release

Use the gun to break the mirror in the house (one screen to the left of where the gun is picked up). When the gun is used in this manner it will respawn, so you will have to shoot the mirror 3 times.

Congratulations, you have acquired all 20 notes in FAITH - CHAPTER 1!
Notes from Different Endings [SPOILER WARNING]
Story spoilers ahead. The following notes are not viewable in the notes menu and are not counted in the total of 20 notes. [The "Lore Master" achievement only seems to count Notes 1 - 20]

EXTRA NOTE 1 - Report of an Arrest
Automatically opened after the ending when you use the gun to shoot the possessed while she lies on the ground. [Ending 1 of 5, "Murderer"].

EXTRA NOTE 2 - Letter to Cardinal Gifford
Automatically opened after the ending where you use the gun to shoot the man by the shed [Ending 2 of 5, "Father and Son"].

EXTRA NOTE 3 - Invitation to a Get-Together
Automatically opened after the ending where you use the gun to shoot the dying fox [Ending 3 of 5, "The Offering"]. If you wait a short while on this screen, a unique song will play.

EXTRA NOTE 4 - Report of an Accident
Automatically opened after the ending when you use the gun to shoot a deer [Ending 4 of 5, "The Hunter"].

EXTRA NOTE 5 - Report of a Chupacabra
Automatically opened after the ending where, while approaching your car, you shoot the monster accosting you. [Ending 5 of 5, "When Faith Endures"].

Some miscellaneous information that is relevant to collecting these notes.

Going back to missed notes

When the gun appears you can still exorcise the different pages out if you have missed any. If you weren't already familiar if you waste the gun bullet it will respawn in the main foyer. This means you can just waste the bullet and get a page you missed if you come across one. You can 'catch up' for Note 19, although Note 9 is unavailable by this point.

Faster replays with Turbo Mode

If you missed Note 9 or just want to start fresh to grab everything, consider replaying the game on Turbo Mode to do it quickly. This does make the game a bit more difficult but still beatable.
Turbo Mode simply makes the game run faster. You can set it to x2 or x4 speed. I wouldn't recommend setting it to x4 speed because Michael is very hard to respond to. x2 speed, on the other hand, makes the game significantly faster but still very possible.
Freeman Feb 12 @ 1:52pm 
note 9 is definetely the 2nd hardest (19 is the hardest) due to having to ward off michael and when you're on the last one he speeds at you and you can barely react to him (especially on turbo)
Dj Feb 4 @ 10:28pm 
Collected all notes 1-18 (including 9 and 20) but I still can't get 19 : ( am I doing something wrong?
MrCringe Jan 24 @ 9:53pm 
observations about about michaels spawn:
- he typically will avoid spawning in an area with something you can exorcise
- he will only spawn on a given screen one time. once you encounter him, move on
- he takes slightly longer than what it takes for you to walk from one side of the screen to the other to spawn. dont dilly dally too long

i havent looked at the code. this is just conjecture. hopefully it makes farming easier
Eclipse Jan 4 @ 10:57pm 
I dont know if I'll get a reply but is note 7 missable? Im at the last save before the ending and I think I have to restart to get it
Arucard Oct 31, 2023 @ 4:56am 
Does it only save notes after reaching a checkpoint? I picked up a couple but no idea what I'm supposed to do next, so eventually Amy appears on my face and kills me, then have to collect the notes again.
Thumper76 Oct 2, 2023 @ 11:43am 
The"chupacabra" is Micheal, or the white demon with red eyes and mouth
Vモ匕モ尺丹れ ㄗㄥ丹ㄚ Feb 10, 2023 @ 12:29pm 
i cant adquire note 9
BluBun Jan 2, 2023 @ 8:54am 
I can't acquire note 19. I collected 1-18 first and the note never seems to appear. I got note 20 but still nothing for note 19.

Edit: I am an idiot, as note 9 never dropped cause I can't read. Thank you!
Eater of Apples Nov 16, 2022 @ 5:25pm 
I have notes 1-18 and note 20. Note 19 is entirely missing and I can't get it to appear.
StormXTS  [author] Nov 1, 2022 @ 12:13pm 
I'm glad they helped, yes I think it would be great for them to be translated!