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Inua Guide
By bearsbearsbears
This guide will provide a full walkthrough for Inua, in addition to the requirements for the four missable achievements.
My instructions to beat the chapter will be highly abridged and describe only what's strictly necessary.

General Tips:
  • The words you collect are called tokens. Not all of them are relevant to puzzles and primarily provide flavor. Some tokens are multipart and you need to interact with multiple objects or people to unlock them.
  • Actions committed in the past will affect the future, allowing you to
  • A lot of the fun of this game is hearing what everyone has to say. Part of why I'm listing out what needs to be done is so you know what you can avoid doing to keep the game from progressing, allowing you to see how everyone responds to a certain token.
  • Starting from Chapter 4, the game will allow you to jump between the present and two different pasts. For clarity's sake, I'll call the Franklin Expedition the past and the military excursion the 50's.
  • Once you complete a chapter, you can use the chapter select to play it again.
Chapter 1
  • Article: Interact with the orange backpack on the boat
  • Discoveries: After boarding, check the winch to the right
  • Tim Cans: Grey tray with cylinders next to Jeffrey Therrien on upperdeck
  • Remains: After using Discoveries on Jeffrey, move the camera over to bones pulled u
  • Firepower: Cannon next to the four men on deck
  • Death: Covered bodies on next scene next to two men (Josephus and William)
  • Logbook: After using Death on William, head right and open the window, revealing a blue book
  • Rebellion: Use Logbook on Reuben
  • Mutiny: After returning to present and using Remains on Taïna, examine the bullethole and discolored filling tooth on the skull

  • Get Article from orange backpack
  • Use Article on Alan Gervais
  • (Optional) Get Tin Cans from tray on upper deck and use it on Maggie for the achievement It's A Grad Knock Life
  • Use Discoveries on Jeffery
  • Use Remains on Taïna
  • Head to past
  • Use Death on William
  • Use Logbook on Reuben
  • Use Rebellion on Reuben and Henry, then Simon
  • Return to present, use Remains on Taïna.
  • Examine the skull and get Mutiny, then use Mutiny on Taïna
Chapter 2
  • Sealed Box: Next to motor at beginning of chapter
  • Planks: After using Sealed Box four times, check the newly opened box
  • Wind: Check the waving British flag on the second boat in the past
  • Meat: Bag of jerky on the second boat, in the blue bag
  • Bell from the Terror: Yellow Bell in the first boat, right in front of William Locket
  • Language: Use Meat on Natar, the one walking in front of the first boat
  • Trust: Two part token. Use Meat on William and Bell from the Terror on Qumaq
  • Engraved Symbol: Use Trust on Suluk
  • Broken Circle: Use Engraved Symbol on Simon

  • Use Sealed Box in Taïna, and then repeat three more times
  • Get Planks from the box and use them on Taïna
  • Head to past
  • (Optional) Get Wind from the the flags and use on Reuben for No Path out of the White Hell
  • Use Bell from the Terror on Qumaq, the man pushing the second boat
  • Use Meat on William, pushing the first boat
  • Use Bell from the Terror on Suluk
  • Use Trust on Suluk
  • Use Engraved Symbol on Simon
  • Return to present
  • Use Broken Circle on Taïna
Chapter 3
  • Inuksuk: The rock pile in the back of the scene
  • Message: Use Inuksuk on Sammy
  • Inuksuk (past): Rock pile in back of scene
  • Curse: The sick inuit, Suluk, lying down
  • Medical Book: Use Curse on William
  • Poisoning: Use Medical Book on William
  • Equipment: Three part token. Examine the binoculars in the chest and lantern from the second scene (Boat and Natar), then the case of canned food in the third scene (three men and other boat)
  • Tin Can, Binoculars, Lantern: Appears in the present after using Equipment on Reuben in the past
  • Lead: Use Tin Can on Taïna
  • Film Reel: Two part token, examine the film reel boxes and the loose strip
  • Remnants: Examine the cannon behind Taïna
  • Phone: Use Film Reel in Taïna

  • Use Inuksuk on Sammy
  • Use Message on Taïna
  • Head to past
  • Examine Suluk
  • Use Curse on William
  • Use Medical Book on William
  • Use Equipment on Reuben
  • Use Poisoning on Simon
  • Return to present
  • Use Message on Taïna
  • Collect Tin Can from cans
  • Use Tin Can on Taïna
  • Return to past
  • Use Lead on Simon
  • Return to present
  • Use Film Reel on Taïna
  • Use Film Reel on Sammy
  • Use Phone on Taïna
Chapter 4
  • Tent: Click on the middle green tent
  • Mission: The maps on the table in front of the Captain
  • Suitcase: Behind Peter, in the Humvee
  • Geiger Counter: Yellow device in tent after it’s opened
  • Pteroglyphs: After using Geiger Counter, check any of the marked rocks in the other scenes
  • Carved Symbol: Marked rock in the past
  • Tree: Either of the trees in the past
  • Navigation: Boat in the past
  • Cannon: Second scene, in the boat by William
  • Anchor: Third scene, by the boat
  • Fireplace: End of chapter, examine the bonfire
  • Annoyance: Three part token. Use Fireplace on Jospheous, Reuben, and Natar

  • Use Tent on Mike Green
  • Use Tent and Suitcase on Peter
  • Use Geiger Counter on Peter
  • Use Pteroglyphs on Peter
  • Head to past
  • Use Carved Symbol on Simon
  • The goal of this puzzle is to get Peter to film the reoccurring symbol by cutting down trees and carving the correct symbol into the rock. Reuben, Qumaq, and Atuat can all, by using Trees, be convinced to chop the tree they’re standing by down
  • The right answer is to use Navigation on Josephus and Tree on Reuben
  • (Optional) Use Carved Symbols on William for the It takes a grown man to cry achievement
  • Return to 50’s.
  • Use Pteroglyph on Peter
  • Return to past
  • Use Fireplace on Jospheous, Reuben, and Natar
  • Use Annoyance on Simon
Chapter 5
  • Trip: In the orange backpack
  • Phone: On hood of car
  • Radiations: Yellow Geiger counter in past
  • Camera: On tripod next to Peter
  • Settlement: Second scene, the house
  • Unusual Rocks: Second scene, glowing rocks in crater
  • Meteorite: Three part token. Use Radiations on Larin, Unusual Rocks on Mike, and Settlement on John
  • Community: Present, check the boats in the second scene
  • Blurry Video: Use phone on Taïna after changing the past
  • Anchor: Third scene in the past
  • One Hunter: Use Meteorite, Camera, and then Anchor on Nuna in the past
  • Two Hunters: Use One Hunter on Nuna in the past
  • Three Hunters: Use Two Hunters on Taïna

  • Use Phone on Taïna
  • Head to past
  • Use Radiations on Larin, Unusual Rocks on Mike, and Settlement on John
  • (Optional) Use Settlement on Larin for the Man of Culture achievement
  • Use Meteorite on John
  • Return to present
  • Use Phone on Taïna
  • Use Blurry Video on Nuna
  • Return to past, and head to the new third scene
  • Use Meteorite and Camera on Nuna, then Anchor
  • Use One Hunter on Peter
  • Head to future
  • Use Two Hunters on Taïna
  • Use Three Hunters on Taïna, then Nuna
  • Return to past
  • Head to the first scene and then return to the third scene by the lake
  • Head to future and use Phone on Taïna
Chapter 6
  • Cannon: First scene in past
  • Island: Forth scene in the past
  • Destination: Use Island on Simon
  • Camera: 50’s, camera by rock
  • Bear: 50’s, use Camera and Destination on Peter
  • Darkness: Present, turn off all three lights (car, tent, and lantern)
  • Fear: Present, use Darkness on Taïna
  • Flare: 50’s
  • Tinderbox: Past, Examine bag of supplies by cannon
  • Ice: Present, frozen lake bed in second scene
  • Persistence: Three part token. Use Tinderbox on Simon, Flare on Peter, and Campfire on Taïna
  • Broken Circle: Final scene, center

  • Head right one scene, then two more and get Island
  • Use Island on Simon
  • Head to 50’s
  • Use Camera and then Destination on Peter
  • Head to present
  • Turn off all three lights
  • Use Darkness on Taïna
  • Head to past
  • Use both Fear and Bear on Simon. Then, get Tinderbox from the bag of cannon supplies and use it on Simon
  • Head to 50’s
  • Interact with flare and then use it on Peter
  • Head to present. Use Darkness on Sammy. Head to the second scene and get ice from the lake, and then use Ice on Sammy. Get Campfire from the new fire and use it on Taïna
  • Return to past. Use Persistence on Reuben. Use Destination on Simon.
  • Head to 50’s. Use Destination on Peter
  • Head to Present, use Destination on Taïna
  • Get Broken Circle from the symbol and then use it on all three main characters
8 of the 12 achievements will be unlocked through normal gameplay, but four of them require using certain tokens on certain people.

It’s the Grad Knock Life: Chapter 1, optional. Use Tin Cans on Maggie Nören

Keep Your Hands Clean, Lieutenant: Chapter 1, mandatory. Unlocks after inciting the mutiny in the past

No Path out of the White Hell: Chapter 2, optional. Use Wind on Reuben Campbell

You Ever Been on a Quad Before?: Chapter 2, mandatory. Unlocks after using Broken Circle on Taïna

Take it from someone who worked freelance: Chapter 3, mandatory. Use Tin Can on Taïna in present

Angirraquat: Chapter 3, mandatory. Use Lead on Simon

It takes a grown man to cry: Chapter 4, optional. Use Carved Symbols on William

A sign of things to come: Chapter 4, mandatory. Complete the puzzle to make Peter photograph the symbol

A Man of Culture: Chapter 5, optional. Use Settlement on Larin. Do this early on, as you will be locked out after the camera is taken away

I said what I said: Chapter 5, Mandatory. End of chapter, after you use Phone on Taïna for the last time

Maybe things will be ok after all?: Chapter 6, mandatory. Unlocks after using Persistence on Reuben

Finally: Chapter 6, mandatory. Unlocks after using Destination on all three main characters
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