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Necroa Virus - Mega Brutal Guide (Guaranteed Win & Perfect Score)
By Barry and 1 collaborators
Use this guide to help you defeat humanity using the Necroa Virus on Mega Brutal and if followed step by step guaranteeing just that as well as a perfect score.
Necroa Virus - Introduction

Necroa Virus - Mega Brutal

It is ultimately our goal to create a guide that anyone can follow step by step and complete 100% of the time but we're also sympathetic to the goals of completionists and not only does this guide guarantee success on all difficulties but also scores 5 out of 5!

All that is required is that the necessary genes be unlocked which if you've reached this virus shouldn't be an issue but will provide a simple guide on the basics and quickly unlocking all 100% of the genes in-game sometime in the near future.

It is always recommended that you try your hand at these viruses on your own but even a freshly installed first time player following this guide will have no difficulty on their first try beating the Necroa Virus on Mega Brutal with a perfect score.

Each virus is unique and this is made very clear when playing Mega Brutal. The Necroa Virus can be handled in many ways and for the "Not Another Zombie Game" achievement must be. But for all other purposes this guide does as promised above!

This guide was created by both:
Barry "BMcC" McCockinner
Brian "Tatsur0" Comer

Shall we begin?
Necroa Virus - Genetic Code
This Genetic Code setup maximizes DNA generation and helps make the Z-Com threat a mild nuisance. It is also vital to saving DNA by promoting much needed mutations and the minimum required transmission of the virus.

  • Catalytic Switch
    • The bonus DNA from blue cure bubbles is a must for generating the DNA we need to evolve important transmissions, symptoms, and abilities.
  • Darwinist
    • Saves on DNA while working towards obtaining the Symptom we want 'Cytopathic Reanimation'.
  • Aquacyte
    • Generally useful for most campaigns and no different with the Necroa Virus.
  • Urbophile
    • A useful gene for our starting location and bordering Countries as well as further transmission.
  • Spliced Activation
      An important gene as we will be using the Necroa Virus Active Abilities to crush spread to Islands, Important Countries, and to wipe out Z-Com before they can become a threat.
Necroa Virus - Choose Starting Country
Where shall we let loose our virus?

We will release our Necroa Virus initially in Saudi Arabia. While many may argue that China or India would be more beneficial due to their large populations it's important to note that our Genetic Code and future mutations & evolved traits, not to mention it's close proximity to important targets makes this an ideal location to begin our assault on humanity!

Necroa Virus - Transmission
The eradication of the living has begun but first we must choose which transmissions we wish to use to transfer the virus to vital Countries and cement victory. The following will do just that!

Please follow the order listed below.

  • Zoonotic Shift
  • Rodent 1
    • This particular transmission not only helps spread the virus but promotes mutations.
  • Blood 1
  • Air 1
    • This ability allows our virus to circumvent the basic filters on planes helping it reach more Countries.
  • Segmented Genome
    • The inclusion of this transmission in combination with the Darwinist Gene and Rodent 1 Transmission further induces the chance of mutations saving DNA for when it matters.

Here is an example of the Virus mutating and clearing the way towards the all important 'Cytopathic Reanimation' Symptom!

Necroa Virus - Time to Wait
The cure is progressing and yet we wait?! Don't forget there is no cure for the undead.

Our job now is to let the 'Darwinist Gene' and earlier Transmissions do their job and evolve Symptoms/Mutations for us saving us DNA and using the 'Catalytic Switch' to pop those blue cure bubbles accumulate the DNA for the horde!

Be sure to collect as much DNA as possible while we wait as the cure's progress rises and eventually hits around 75% which is when we take action. This percentage is good for both obtaining the DNA needed as well as finishing the job faster. Waiting any longer would not be of much use.

IMPORTANT: If at any time your virus mutates the 'Cytopathic Reanimation' Symptom DO NOT wait till you reach 75% but skip to the next section and begin the Zombie Phase!

Necroa Virus - Symptoms & Zombie Phase
What to expect from the 'Darwinist Gene' and unique Transmissions we started with and the Symptoms screen looks something like this.

Hopefully our mutations have done their job well and either the 'Cytopathic Reanimation' was mutated at random or we're enough mutations have evolved that it is 1-2 Symptoms away and now is the time to evolve this particular Symptom. Once activated the cure no longer poses a problem but thanks to the 'Catalytic Switch' we still obtain additional DNA by popping blue bubbles so don't stop till they do!

Make sure the following Symptoms are evolved before taking any other actions:
  • Cytopathic Reanimation
  • Anaerobic Resuscitation
  • Enhanced Motor Control
  • Masticatory Tension
  • Anabolic Boost
  • Peptide Surge
  • Dermal Calcification

We are now Officially in the Zombie Phase!

Necroa Virus - Abilities
We're going to want to be able to take vital Offensive and Defensive positions and so now it's time to focus on evolving the following Abilities before we move forward so we have an impenetrable and destructive force at our beck and call!

  • Horde Instinct
    • This is one of two "Active Abilities" that you can activate with either Z or X (usually Z) on the world map to send your horde to other countries whether over land or sea.
  • Horde Mentality
  • Horde Vocalisation
  • Horde Pheremones
    • These three Horde abilities increase the numbers that travel when you use Horde Instinct which makes all the difference.
  • Structured Travel
  • Drifting Fermentation
    • These last two increase travel speed which is important if you wish to knock Z-Com out as soon as they come giving no ground and securing Islands.

Necroa Virus - Grab Vital Land and Islands
We know have the ability to quickly and with strong numbers grab vital defensive/offensive positions as well as the remaining unaffected Islands using our 'Horde Instinct' Ability. The map will usually look something like this.

We don't want Z-Com to get a strong foot hold so immediately send troops from China to Russia, Turkey to Central Europe, and any islands we might have missed. Try and make sure whatever Country you're shipping zombies from has roughly 20 million undead.

We should now have these Countries blinking blue/red as our Horde spreads brutally through the helpless population.

Necroa Virus - Z-Com & Final Symptoms
At this point Z-Com a force brought together by the remaining Countries has shown up somewhere on your lawn.

They're usually a tough bunch so we should toughen up our zombies with the final set of Symptoms. First use 'Horde Instinct' to send zombies to where they setup base from any country with 20+ million zombies still at hand and evolve the following.

  • Cranial Elephantitis
  • Bone Dysplasia
  • Enhanced Sensory Integration
  • Temporal Lobe Manipulation
  • Hyperosmia
  • Adrenal Surge
  • Lumbrical Hypertrophy
  • Acidic Reflux
  • Naja Mortis
  • Autothysis

If/When they send reinforcements to another location. Just do the same and send the horde after the new base again focusing on using Countries with 20+ million or so zombies still shambling about.

With the Symptoms having strengthened our own walking dead as well as the speed and numbers gained from the Abilities we evolved, Z-Com shouldn't stand a chance!

Necroa Virus - Conclusion
You should have no trouble defeating Z-Com with your buffed Zombies, numbers, and overall setup and that means Humanity is lost!

You've done it! You've successfully wiped out the last living person on the planet and with that comes

Congratulations on finishing the Necroa Virus on Mega Brutal and as mentioned before with a perfect score to boot!

We sincerely hope you found this guide both easy to follow and helpful. We know from experience just how painful this particular campaign was and wish you the best of luck! Keep an eye out for more guides with a focus on guaranteeing a win on Mega Brutal.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them and we'll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

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Keep up the great work Ndemic Creations!
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