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Jul 31, 2022 @ 1:36am
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What is this?
This mod provides a system of random events where capture points are created across the map. Players capturing the locations via proximity will then provide a reward based on criteria met. The concept is based on "King of the Hill" from Arma.

Why "KOTH" and not one of the alternative mods?
Because at least two of them are created or controlled by utter wankers.

Millz' decision to privatize a mod which had been public for years, in order to force communities to advertise his own server is quite frankly disgusting. While in principle I'm supportive of people having unique content for their servers, once a mod is released to the wider community, that's where it belongs. Actions like this damage trust and faith in the modding community, which is unacceptable.

Dab's decision to exploit those people suffering from the removal of Millz' mod is even worse. It's like a Search & Rescue company advertising it's "reasonable prices" the day after an earthquake. With a panicked and distraught playerbase, telling people that you'll be happy to help them out if they give you $1500 (now $2235, in fact) is utterly despicable, and it is heartbreaking to see that's what the modding "community" has become; people exploiting the misery of others for their own gain.

Can I donate?
You know what? ♥♥♥♥ it.

There are, however, two conditions.

1) You understand that any money you give me is not going towards the development of the mod. At all. Or any other mods. Everything I do is done because it needs to be done, not because I'm getting anything out of it. I will most likely spend the money on server hosting for my community, or frivolous things like mechanical keyboards.

2) You understand that I am primarily doing this to keep money out of the pockets of scumbags who want to exploit this community. I don't want to profit from this, but I want people like that to profit even less. I'd rather you gave your money to a worthy cause like fusion or medical research, but if you absolutely insist on spending it on DayZ, I'll take it just so that these wankers have to go elsewhere for an easy buck.

Roadmap? Support?
I will be offering 1 month of active development, and implementation of user suggestions, and a minimum of 1 year of maintenance support for this mod. It's probably going to be more than the above, though, because the entire concept of me making this pisses off the competitors.

Can I repack?
Probably not. Not yet at least.

I will grant repack permissions to anyone who can convince me that they have a technical reason to do so. If you need to edit the functionality of the mod in such a way that would be prohibitively difficult to do so via modded or override keywords, it'll be granted.

Aside from that, the following applies to all users, taken from the Github license:

License The code contained in this repository is provided for informational purposes only. All code is the intellectual property of the author, listed as "mdcdesign" on Github. No re-use or re-uploading elsewhere without permission is granted, except in the following specific circumstances: The Steam Workshop item with ID number 2842791521 is removed by the uploader. This license is updated to permit repacking. Compatibility with a new major stable DayZ patch is not resolved within a period of 7 days.

Essentially, if I abandon this mod, it belongs to the community.

This mod has been stolen in its entirety and is being resold by a user called "FakeDeath". If anyone attempts to sell you either a KOTH or a "Mission System" as a "private mod", you're being scammed. As a reminder, selling DayZ mods is not only against BI TOS but also Steam Workshop TOS and can/will result in a workshop ban.
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