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The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard

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How to run 3DFX Glide with TES Redguard (Like the GOG Version)
By SavageCabbage05
The visual difference between the software rendered version and 3DFX versions of the game are significant. You can checkout comparison screenshots here Unlike the GOG version of the game, the steam version of Redguard is the worse looking, software version of the game (Todd is really treating us here :D). Some user's report bad stability with the 3DFX version, however I have played through the game twice like this with no issues, so I have made a quick guide on upgrading your installation to the superior version.
Upgrading DOSBox
Just a heads up, at the end of the guide I've included optional edits and even linked mods for the game, make sure to check these out if you're interested.

The version of DOSBox shipped with TES Redguard is not compatible with 3DFX wrapping and needs to be changed first.

Navigate to your installation folder in steamapps\common\The Elder Scrolls Adventures Redguard

Rename the "DOSBox-0.73" folder to anything you want. I'm calling mine "backup".

Download the latest DOSBox SVN Daum build as a 7z file from this link[]

Extract the contents of this archive to a folder somewhere and copy this folder to your Redguard installation folder. Rename this folder to "DOSBox-0.73". This will cause steam to run the Daum version of DOSBox when launched.

Finally, copy the "rg.conf" configuration file from the DOSBox backup folder you created earlier and paste it into the new "DOSBox-0.73" folder
Installing the 3DFX Version of the game
Next we need to switch to the 3DFX version of TES Redguard. Normally, you would reinstall the game using the installation disc (which you won't have unless you are very lucky or use rom sites) however it is only necessary to copy over and remove some files, which I will provide.

The GOG version of the game contains the necessary files to run TES Redguard in 3DFX mode
Side Note: I recommend launching the game in either full screen or windowed mode now to ensure everything is still working before proceeding.

First, navigate to the "Redguard" folder in your installation folder, this is where the game files are located such as "Redguard.exe".

Delete the folder named 3dart as this contains the graphical data for the software version of the game.

Download the files needed to upgrade the game to 3DFX here[], then just copy all the files from the archive to the "Redguard" game folder (where Redguard.exe is located)
Next, we need to simply edit some lines in the games configuration files.

First, open the "rg.conf" file located in the DOSBox-0.73 folder using notepad or notepad++ etc.
(Please note, whilst highly unlikely the game may receive future updates changing the configs so the line numbers may change).
Scroll right to the bottom and paste the following underneath the line "keyboardlayout=auto" on line 223:

# glide: Enable glide emulation: true,false.
# grport: I/O port to use for host communication.
# lfb: LFB access: full,read,write,none.


Finally, in the autoexec section at the very bottom, change "rg" to "rgfx"

By the end it should look something like this
Installing the Glide Wrapper
First, delete (or rename) the "glide2x.dll" file from the "DOSBox-0.73" folder

In order to run 3DFX games in Glide on modern systems, we need to install the nGlide wrapper.
Download the exe from Zeus software here[], run and install it.

Next run the nGlide Configurator from the windows start menu and set it up as shown in the screenshot below for a basic setup. (The options in this application may change with newer versions but it's roughly the same with each update)
Feel free to play around with these settings. Outside of the guide, I set my refresh rate to 60hz (144hz seems overkill for a 90s game) and my resolution to my monitor's resolution, however this also needs to be changed in the "rg.conf" file if you choose to.

Wrap Up and Optional Edits
That's it! Redguard should be good to go in 3DFX Glide mode, giving the game a massive visual improvement. Run the game and test it out for a bit, if you see the 3DFX splash animation at the start of the game load, it's all good to go. You can also confirm this by looking in the settings and there should be no options for editing the display settings (this is now handled by the nGlide Wrapper).

Feel free to make changes to the game configuration ("rg.conf"), I won't get into this in detail but ensure "memsize=63" under [dosbox] and a few changes I recommend are;

Under [cpu] change core=auto to core=dynamic - This will provide a large performance boost which may be needed as the game now is more graphically demanding, however some users have reported this setting casing their PCs to crash etc so be cautious.

Under [glide] Add the line "splash=false" - This will disable the 3dfx splash animation when starting, just a small quality of life change.

If you plan to use a controller, under [joystick] change timed=true to timed=false - This fixes a bug where Cyrus will constantly move with a controller connected.

Last but not least, as surprising as it is a wiki user (Dillonn241) has actually created a mod manager for the game which comes with 2 mods available for instillation, it also allows you to edit textures etc. But the mods the come with the program are;

Unofficial Redguard Patch - General Bug Fixes, mainly subtitle fixes

Sea Serpent - Restores cut content where a giant sea serpent spawns at the Spire in game

By all means check it out here[] if you for some reason want more out of this game

Thank you for reading my guide and enjoy playing this terrible game with some fresh visuals :)
Ignition Mar 27 @ 2:34pm 
game runs fine but whenever i press esc for pause menu it just freezes
jdeku Feb 4 @ 5:29pm 
anyone know how to increase fps? i only get like 15 fps, though i've set nglide to 60
Zennor Jul 25, 2023 @ 2:51pm 
Thank you! I use DOSBox-G instead of Daum.
Scarundy Mar 2, 2023 @ 6:09pm 
Thank you so much! This works.. On first viewing that ykhwong website looked sketchy but no that's official lol.

Now my game is HD and ready to go! :swordi: :Ebonheart:
SavageCabbage05  [author] Jan 13, 2023 @ 11:31am 
You don't change the file name, you change the command rg to rgfx in the rg.conf file. The reason it is just called rg is because you probably don't have file extensions enabled in file explorer.
TheGamerFoot Dec 30, 2022 @ 11:43pm 
Hey, so I'm having a problem. Everything was working fine until I started adding things into the rg.conf file. At first, the game just kept CTD. But, I changed the name of the rg.conf file to both "rg.conf" (the file's name was just "rg"), and "rgfx". Both of these stopped the crashing issue, but now the game won't start, it just sits on the DOSBox screen. Any ideas?
GeeTee Dec 2, 2022 @ 5:32am 
Works great, thanks!
SavageCabbage05  [author] Sep 18, 2022 @ 9:39am 
@Peony, it should be all good, I've tested this on different machines and all is well. All I can recommend is restarting fresh. It might be something as small as changing the configuration to run the "rgfx" instead of the "rg" executable
Peony Sep 12, 2022 @ 3:24am 
I followed every step to the T, but my game won't launch now. It crashes immediately after opening. :(
SavageCabbage05  [author] Aug 12, 2022 @ 10:50am 
Sorry for replying so late but I don't see why not, should be fine