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100% Achievement Guide
By newman and 1 collaborators
This is a simple guide that will show you how to get every achievement in Dead Island: Riptide.
There aren't any missable achievements per se, but make sure you've completed all you can before the final mission "With The Tide".

To make it easier, I've made a list of the achievements you should have left before entering the final zone. If you have any other than the ones I listed, I strongly recommend that you go back and get them.
  • Achiever - Finish all quests in the game.
  • Dream Team - Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners.
  • Defeat Harlow - Defeat Harlow.
  • The Docks - Enter the docks in Quarantine Zone.
  • You've tricked me once - Beat the game.

I recommend that you play the game with at least one other player, so you can grab all the achievements in one playthrough.

If you're an achievement hunter, come hang out in our large Discord Server[] and chat with fellow hunters!
Story Achievements
The Storm
Escape from the ship

Heart of Darkness
Find a boat for use in the jungle

Breaching the Tunnels
Successfully defend the tunnel entrance

The Cinema
Clear out the cinema

Henderson Town
Reach Henderson

Military Base
Gain access to a long-range radio station

Combat on the Roof
Survive the horde on the roof

Defeat Harlow
Defeat Harlow

Meeting Serpo
Make a pact with Serpo

The Docks
Enter the docks in Quarantine Zone

You've Tricked Me Once
Finish the game
Quest Achievements
Serving Science
Finish quests for Dr. Kessler.

After you've finished the main quest for Dr. Kessler, he'll give you a quest which takes place in the tunnels. Just finish all the tasks and turn it in to him.

First Do No Harm
Finish quests for Cecil in hospital.

In the Makeshift Hospital you'll find Cecil. Finish the two quests he gives you, and the achievement will unlock.

Find and kill all named champion monsters located in dead zones.


You can't miss this one since you have to kill him to progress in the main questline

"Deathbone" & "Deathtrap"

"Killer" & "Quickdeath"

"The Undying"

Henderson Town

"Blackheart" & "Blindspot"

"Bodyeater" & "Scar"

"Skullcrusher" & "The Scourge"

"Walking Carcass"

Dream Team
Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners.

You need to finish the 28 main missions cooperatively.

Finish all quests in the game.

There's a total of 80 quests that you need to finish. Team quests do not count towards this, so don't worry if you fail any.
The list goes as follows:
  • Main Quests - 29
  • Side Quests - 25
  • Rescue Quests - 14
  • Dead Zone Boss - 12

    Thanks to 'Michael Keaton best Batman' for the correction.
Combat Achievements
King Among Kings
Kill special enemies: Grenadier, Thug, Wrestler, Infected, Suicider, Screamer, Butcher, Floater.

You will encounter every single one of the special enemies through story progression.
You can't miss this achievement.

It's an Order
Mark 100 enemies which were then killed by your coop-partner.

For this achievement you need a Coop-Partner
You mark a zombie with C (default button) and then your partner just has to kill him, it's that easy.
Marked zombies should look like this.

Better than the arm
Kill 25 zombies with a chainsaw.

Just kill 25 zombies with a chainsaw, it's pretty simple.
Some survivors sell chainsaws. You will get a chainsaw when you've killed Harlow at the end.
You can also get a chainsaw at the abandoned movie set.

Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks.

For this you will need the Charge skill, which should be the right skill in the 2nd row of the Combat skill tree. A good method is to hit a zombie until it's at half life, and then use the charge attack (R while running) at it.

Kill 100 zombies using the boat's speed boost.

This achievement is probably the most grindy. Go to the jungle, get a boat, when you see a zombie in the water boost over them. (Default = Shift)

Kill 100 zombies with a kick.

This achievement is easiest to do when you get the stomp ability which is at the second tier of the combat tree. Jump-kick the zombies to make the fall down, and then stomp on their head by pressing E.

Kill 100 zombies with thrown melee weapons.

For this achievement I'd reccomend you take a Logan character, since he's specced for throwing weapons, which makes this a lot easier.
All you need to do is, kill 100 zombies by throwing your weapon at them (RMB + LMB by Default)

Kill 50 zombies by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head.

All I can really say for this is: Aim for the Head.
You can easily do this while doing the Bully achievement with the method I mentioned

The Hurt Mine Locker
Kill 10 zombies with one mine.

This one is a bit tricky. You need to gather 10 zombies, 9 of them have to be dead, but you cannot cut off any of their limbs! When you have gathered 9 bodies, just put down a mine and get the last living zombie to trigger it.
We went into an apartment to do this one, it is pretty easy to get it there because there will be a lot of zombies in a close area. Another good area to get this is the Palai Ferry Station.
Misc Achievements
Obtain level 50
Get a character to level 50.

Obtain level 70
Get a character to level 70.

At Your Service
Rescue 20 NPCs that have been grabbed by monsters

During hub defences NPCs can get grabbed by zombies. You'll know when one has been grabbed when you see a red circle appear over their head. Simply go over and kick the zombie off.
Do this 20 times.
When NPCs are grabbed by zombies, they will look like this:

Siege Hammer
Install a total of 5 barricades during hub defense

This can be done at any hub defense in the game.
Gather 5 fences, and put them up at the same spot. They can all be put up at the same spot, it just has to be 5 different fences.

Kill the Twins
The Twins are located at the Palai Ferry Station. The first twin is located at the beach, in a lifeguard tower. Walking up to it will trigger him to run out. The second one is located in the warehouse outside of the Ferry Station. You'll need to climb the ladder located behind the billboard, and loot the items in the car. This will cause zombies, and the Twin, to come out of the warehouse.
Collectible Achievements
Xboxachievements has made a pretty good map for finding all of these.

The Collector
Find 50% of the collectibles.

Mystery solved
Find all the secret files.

Professional Tourist
Find all pages from the guide book.

News Junkie
Find all the volunteer's voice recordings.

The Hoarder
Find all collectibles.
Thanks for reading
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