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Ultra Wide FOV Fix [2022]
By Bear
A guide on how to fix the FOV issues with larger aspect ratios
The stuff
If you have ever tried to play The Isle on an ultra wide monitor you would have quickly noticed how the camera zooms in about 60% and basically causes your dino to block your whole screen.

Sadly there is no FOV slider or generally any way to edit FOV via other means.

Due to technological breakthroughs I have found an unreal engine 4 config command that will fix FOV for larger aspect rations. Not just ultra wides!!

This FOV fix does not increase the FOV beyond what everyone else has when playing 16:9. It simply stops the game from zooming in 60% when on a large aspect ratio.

The Fix
Navigate to this folder: (You can use winkey + R and type in %localappdata%)

Open this file:

Paste in this block of text at the bottom:
[/script/engine.localplayer] AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV

Save the file and reopen the game!
You may want to put the Engine file on read-only by right clicking > properties > Read-only near the bottom > Apply
Check out the difference
This is one of the smallest if not the smallest adult dino. You can see how big of a difference it makes.



Here is an example of a difference on a stego when playing windowed vs UW without the fix

Windowed (cropped):

Ultra wide:
Yes playing on an ultra-wide has an advantage of what you can see. 33% extra horizontally to be exact. Realistically it means you turn your mouse less.

The devs may not like this type of 'fix' to the game. So it is a personal risk when using it.

If you are a dev reading this. I would be more than willing to remove this guide and if you need a test subject for implementing a more playable ultra-wide experience, feel free to reach out to me.
Xanza May 16 @ 3:35pm 
Does this still work? I've added the text string at the bottom of engine.ini in the specified folder but it isn't seeming to do anything for me. Any help would be appreciated :D
SumMortuus Feb 25 @ 4:45pm 
I put it the windows section not the windowsclient section. It worked once I realized I was in the wrong place. I'm not sure how many other people deal with this, but your solution is magnificent. Thank you ever so much for the help!
Bear  [author] Feb 25 @ 4:16pm 
I have not tested it in a while sorry but it should still work. The command I posted can be anywhere in the file, the reason I state for it to be at the bottom is just for ease of implementation.

The example you posted should be good.
SumMortuus Feb 25 @ 2:37pm 
Does this still work? I'm struggling to figure out if I'm doing this right. Right now the bottom looks like this
[Gamenetdriver statelessconnecthandlercomponent]


Is your text supposed to be at the true bottom or should it be above the gamenetdriver portion?
JimmerB Jul 28, 2022 @ 6:22am 
mmm monke