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Morroshi Total Overhaul
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~~~ this mod is in active development! ~~~

Morroshi Total Overhaul Collection


There are two very similar games I enjoy playing: Morrowind and Kenshi. So what is my goal? A full conversion of Kenshi into a Morrowind sandbox RPG. Will I ever finish this? Can't say. Will I give it a try? Absolutely.

I am documenting my progress on my Patreon[] and in several guides here on Steam. If you are interested in modding Kenshi, they might be of use to you. A big thanks to all the modders who have helped me find my way around things. See the Credits.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that I am attempting to merge two of my favorite games into one. I own copies of both, but I have no copyright to the contents therein. This is a labor of love and the mod will always be free. All game assets used belong to either Bethesda or Lo-Fi Games. If you haven't already, please buy these two great games. They are classics worth even the full price. Pls no bully.


How can I support this project?

I have been approached by several people that wanted to contribute financially to this project. I am flattered that people are willing to do so and I have established a Patreon[] account. At the current moment in time there is no monetization whatsoever, as the bureaucratic effort supercedes any possible gains.

When will this be finished?

Good question. The easier things such as weapons and armors will be done in 2023. Other things are more difficult and will take some figuring out. You can follow the detailed progress with regular updates on my Patreon[].

The mod is published in several segments, so you can choose for yourself what you want to play and what not. This mod page is just a placeholder, all the functional mods are found in the Morroshi Total Overhaul Collection.

Will you do magic?

Fireballs: yes. Levitate: probably not. Kenshi is restrictive on what it allows. I do think I can get combat magic done by modifying ranged weapons, but complex magic such as levitate requires scripting that I don't think Kenshi will allow for. Kenshi 2 might though!

Will you mod Kenshi 2 when it comes out?

I plan to, yes. I expect this mod to be done by then and transition onto Kenshi 2, which apparently will use Unreal Engine 4, hopefully allowing for easier modding of the game.

Can I help you with modding?

I seriously appreciate the several offers I have gotten for contributing to this project. Please ask yourself though, can you? Do you have experience in 2D/3D editing? Most people that have already run their own projects and are really busy. Also, the initial enthusiasm one has for modding something quickly turns into "ah sheet, here we go again". Check my documentation and guides on what this work entails.

Game development, including modding, is nothing like playing games. Many people imagine it to be like a RTS game where you grow your project over time. The reality however consists of tedious, boring steps repeated over and over again with the only reward waiting at the very end. When things don't work as they are supposed to, you embark on sometimes hour or day long Odysseys of bug fixing. This is work and it sucks.

Experience has shown that spending all my free time on this project will advance it the quickest. If you do have modding experience and the time and energy to contribute consistently, feel free to contact me!

I don't have any modding experience yet, is there some other way I can help?

YES! You CAN HELP by sharing this project with anyone you know has an interest in Morrowind, Kenshi and similar titles. Your honest impression of this project is something I cannot create myself and is much appreciated!

I have questions and/or requests. Where can I ask them?

You can ask me questions on Steam, I normally answer whenever I'm online (almost every day).

Do you have a Discord or Twitter?

I have thought about creating these, but they tend to require a lot of time to maintain, so I have decided against them for the time being. I might change my mind later on though.


The Kenshi Modding Guild on Discord

(if I forgot you, please let me know)
Anathema May 1 @ 4:49pm 
Wow, neat
cat stang Apr 6 @ 11:49am 
i am monitoring this mod
习近平的精子库 Mar 29 @ 11:40pm 
Last Update: 17 May, 2022 @ 10:57pm, don't be a clown.
习近平的精子库 Mar 29 @ 11:39pm 
whatever you say monkey, people use points and trade it for real money. this is just clearly a bait and abandoned project.
DrWilyeCoyote Mar 28 @ 5:19am 
who honestly cares about points lmao? it's a wip modpack.
习近平的精子库 Mar 27 @ 11:40pm 
This shit is for points bait guys, there's nothing to subscribe for.
习近平的精子库 Mar 27 @ 11:39pm 
so it was just a points bait all the time?
习近平的精子库 Mar 27 @ 11:34pm 
is this bait?
Caelum Mar 7 @ 4:50am 
Dude I am surprised no one did this sooner! Morrowind in Kenshi feels like a match made in heaven... though I suppose all the Beak things are gonna be cliff racers now.
Crow Feb 23 @ 10:51pm 
@DrWilyeCoyote Thank you!!! I'm a fool :demoticon: