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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

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The Stanley Parable - Ultra Deluxe (All Achievements)
This is a guide for every achievement in The Stanley Parable - Ultra Deluxe
thank you for taking the time to read my guide, In this guide we will go through every achievement in The Stanley Parable - Ultra Deluxe and how you can complete them to get 100% completion.
1. Get Your First Achievement
To unlock this achievement just unlock any other achievement in this game
2. Click On Door 430 Five Times
To get this achievement click on door 430 Five Times, This door can be found in the first area of the game, From here follow the narrators guidance to unlock the achievement, Just don't head into the two doors room or you will need to restart
3. Beat The Game
This is a simple achievement to unlock, Just follow all the narrators guidance and complete the game.
NOTE: following this path while holding the bucket will not work towards this achievement
4. Test Achievement Please Ignore
To get this achievement can be quite tricky.
1. Keep restarting The Stanley Parable till you unlock the epilogue on the title screen
(This may require you to of played through some endings beforehand)
2. Play through the epilogue and agree to the number increase every time you boot up the game
(The achievement machine will then be repaired)
3. Play the game normally going through the "Extra Content" Door until you reach The Stanley Parable 2, then head to where a free achievement is being advertised and interact with the machine to receive the achievement
5. Welcome Back!
This Achievement will unlock as soon as you restart and begin playing the game for a second time
6. You Can't Jump
For this achievement, Try to jump anywhere using the space bar a few times and this achievement should unlock.
7. Commitment
The only way of unlocking this achievement as of now is to run the game for the entirety of a Tuesday, midnight of the Tuesday till the midnight of the day after.
I will update when an easier way of unlocking is found
NOTE: If completing this achievement legitimately, Putting your computer into sleep mode should work if the window of the game is left open for the entire 24 hour period
8. 8888888888888888
For this achievement, Follow the narrators guidance to the boss's office and then constantly press 8 on the keypad until the keypad says 8 and the achievement is unlocked.
9. Speed Run
For this achievement you will need to complete the main quest which the narrator guides on in under 4 minutes 22 seconds.
he best way of completing this is to complete the ending until the narrator opens the Boss's hidden passage automatically for you, and then keep resetting until you get the straight corridor to the two door room.
10. Settings World Champion
For this achievement you will need to access the settings of the game and alter the slider to each possible value
NOTE: there are sliders hidden under the toggle-able options so ensure you select every option until you get this achievement to ping up for you.

(this achievement is reported to be bugged with version 1.0 and will be fixed in a later patch)

EDIT: The achievement unlocked for me by going though every possible setting and toggling them to every value possible, including the screen resolution and simplified controls, hope this works for you!

After getting this achievement Head into the stanley parable 2 exhibition hall and the settings world champion door will now be unlocked
11. Super Go Outside
For this achievement its simple, you just don't play the game for 10 years and then return to the game after 10 years has passed.
Alternatively if you want to unlock this today, close The Stanley Parable, Go into your computer settings and alter your date and time manually 10 years into the future, From here launch the game and start the game and the achievement should ping
NOTE: Please make sure to change your date and time back after getting this achievement
NOTE 2: If you are to follow this method and complete illegitimately, It may invalidate this achievement on some online Steam Achievement Trackers
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mpagnotta68 Aug 19, 2023 @ 6:13pm 
I had to watch a 7-hour video just to learn how to unlock the Epilogue, it's a lot more complex then you'd think. I was ecstatic when I finally unlocked it.
Division May 20, 2023 @ 7:07pm 
Who's here waiting for 10 years like legit?
Spyro_Dragonite May 8, 2022 @ 2:47pm 
ok, so i figured it out. #4, you need to unlock the stanly parable 2 content, and collect all 6 of the stan figs. then go through the narators "memory hall" which it sorta forces on you anyway. after finishing that part, the narrator starts the game over. quit to the menu, and you should see the new epilog option, fully go through that (collecting the extra figs cause y not) and go down the well near the figs, in there you will find a computer, go to it and you should unlock the options to go back to the stan para 2 content room. there you can do the #4, and if you did all the pre reqs of it, #10 as well.
Spyro_Dragonite May 7, 2022 @ 8:12pm 
question about #4, whats the ending dialog supposed to be? last one i got was "i wont be here next time, or the next, ive got one more slider for you, but im not ready", how many endings do i have to do? do i have to have already done the "extra content second part"? im kinda lost. ive done just about all the og endings too...
Buoyant May 4, 2022 @ 7:07am 
You can get the 7. Commitment Achivement by doing the following:
1. Change the date and time of your computer to Monday 11.58 PM / 23.58
2. Open the Game
3. Open Cheat engine and select the Game in the process selection.
4. Tick the Box that says Enable Speedhack
5. Enter 1000 and hit Apply.
6. Go back in to the game and wait for about 2-5 minutes (counting from 12PM / 00.00)
Done, the Achivement should pop up.
Rubang May 4, 2022 @ 12:20am 
Last week I got the Tuesday commitment achievement for the original Stanley. I figured it was the last Tuesday before Ultra Deluxe came out so I should finally get on it. Then THIS week I figured I'd just do the same with Ultra Deluxe, and get the same achievement 2 weeks in a row for both Stanleys.

But this Ultra Deluxe one didn't unlock. I did everything the same. 24 hours of "gameplay" for nothing. I'm super confused?
Soto6942 May 3, 2022 @ 9:06pm 
I left the game open, it even appeared on steam for 24 hours of play but I didn't skip the achievement. Is it because I didn't have the game on the full screen of the game: c?
Alejo, The Masturbator May 3, 2022 @ 8:06pm 
I left the game open but minimized the entire Tuesday (Actually monday 23 59), and re opening at 23:58, and the achivement doesn't pop up :c
giraffe May 3, 2022 @ 1:08pm 
Just got the Tuesday achievement even though it was a few hours from midnight. I believe the trigger for it is to have your "current session" time hit 1440 minutes on a Tuesday. So you can leave it running for some of Monday and it will count
huh? May 3, 2022 @ 12:55am 
im trying to do commitment legit today, wish me luck guys :D