Intruder on the Bridge
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Intruder on the Bridge

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Intruder On the Bridge: Walkthroughs
By Space Samurai
the complete step-by-step guide to the game that will allow you to finish the game knowing every choice to what consequence it leads to
Talk to your brother John by choosing the options that best determine how you feel.

Choose the most appropriate defensive tactics.

Play the shooter minigame and take on the enemy ship's drones. Destroy at least 190 drones to unlock an otherwise inaccessible scene.

Face the teleported droid on your shuttle.

Say goodbye to your brother John.

Wake up in the sickbay and have them explain what happened

Chapter One
In your quarters you can see the tasks you need to do to complete this stage of the game, in this screen only the main tasks appear, secondary tasks will not appear.

Ask the computer for details about the mission: click on Mission Brief.

Get basic info from your computer.

Introduce yourself to all crew members.

Sit next to conner.

Take advantage of the situation to find out new information about her.

After talking to the crew it's time to do the optional missions, start by visiting a few areas of the ship:

Visit the Combat Simulator to unlock new dialogues with Amanda Donovan, destroying at least 190 drones in the initial shooter mini-game will unlock additional scenes

Visit the Training room to unlock new dialogues with Alexandra White.

Visit Ireen's quarters to unlock new dialogues and learn more about the Admiral's daughter.

Visit The Club
- Watch the dancer to enjoy her seductive dance.
- Talk to the bartender.
- Talk to the girl sitting at the table. Introduce yourself as the captain of the venture (but she won't believe you) so you seem nice to her and connect with her.

Go to the research lab: talk to Lieutenant Commander Miranda Call and fund her research. Agree to have dinner with her as a token of thanks for the funding.

Go to the restaurant with Miranda Call but don't try to harass her (it's the only way to lose in the whole game). Treat her the best you can and make the right choices to woo her so you can increase your intimacy and unlock valuable scenes in the future.

Visit the engine room to ask Lieutenant Turok to check out the droid that attacked you during the prison escort.

If you have chosen the engineering skill you will be able to control the droid in first person, near the right shoulder you will find an important detail (if you have not chosen the engineering skill Turok will do the dirty work for you).

Visit the infirmary to ask Lieutenant Commander Tendo about your brother's autopsy.

Depending on the skills you choose, you can find different ways to prevent the autopsy of the body. Different skills unlock different but equally important dialogues.

Go back to the club. You will notice that your friend is in trouble, help her and defend her from the goon.

Win the fighting minigame to defeat the joker and enjoy Anne's prize.

You decide to have a checkup in the areas to see if everything is normal and discover an interesting piece of information.

Now you will have to visit the Bridge:
- Talk to everyone to prove you can steer the Ship.
- Order Ensign Goodman to set the course and make the jump at light speed.

Chapter Two
Answer Commander Shodan's call and go to the command deck.

Fight pirates to save cargo ships in danger.

Introduce yourself and build rapport with the captains of the cargo convoy.

Click on “I just did my duty”
Click on “No one must possess the life of others”
Click on “My mission is to save lives”

Click on “Call”
Click on “Friin & Nadine”
Click on “Yes, gladly”
Click on “Go ahead Nadine, you can talk to me freely”
Click on “Deny with a joke”
Click on “Let Nadine talk"
Click on “Time will give you all the answers”

Thanks to these choices you will have unlocked new scenes.
Click on “Relax”
Click on “Drink something”
Click on “Yes”

Now you can have sex with Friin.

Click on “Relax”
Click on “Drink something”
Click on “Yes”

Now you can have sex with Nadine.

Click on “Relax”
Click on “Drink something”
Click on “Yes”

Now you can have sex with Friin & Nadine together.

Click on Combat Simulator and talk to Donovan.
Go back to your room and click on Combat Simulator again.
If in the shooter minigame where you saved the cargo ships from the pirates you destroyed at least 350 missiles you can see how Shodan spanks Donovan. With at least 400 missiles destroyed you will be able to see Donovan give Captain Dyce a blowjob. With at least 500 missiles destroyed you will be able to enjoy a full sex scene between Donovan and Dyce.

From the Captain's room click on Computer
Click on Visit and then Diamond Club

Talk to Nives and select "routine checks"
Talk to Desiree
Talk to Lilibeth
Click "I'll call you as I please"
Click "I’m still taking care of your daughter"

Go back to your room and click on visit Room 203.
Once back from Room 203 click on the Computer.

Chapter Three
After talking to Conner and confronting her, you'll have to leave for the planet Enarus.
Based on your stats you will need to contact Tendo, White or Turok.
Tendo for Medicine, White for Security and Turok for Engineering.
Once you have talked to at least one of them, you will need to go to the bridge
and click on Planet Enarus.

John, Miranda, Alexandra and George Smith arrive on the planet.
Click on "Agree with Alexandra White" to increase your intimacy with White.
Click on "Agree with Miranda Call" to increase your intimacy with Call.
Scoring points towards Alexandra or Miranda helps you to have sex with one or the other later in the game.

George will want to speak to Captain Dyce. During the conversation with him, ask him
about his sister and shake his hand. It will be needed later to ♥♥♥♥ with Smith's
Click on “I’m flattered George, is your sister on Ventura too?"
Click on "Shake hands with Smith"

Click on "Give Miranda five minutes" to increase your intimacy with White.
Click on "Give Miranda all the time she wants" to increase your intimacy with Call.

The fight against the monster will have two endings. In the first Smith dies, in
the second Smith survives. Order Alexandra to get around the creature, this will make you survive Smith. With Smith surviving you can have sex with his sister once back on the Ventura.
Click on "Order White to get around the creature"

Alexandra and Miranda will be kidnapped by the Ena.

During the dialogue between the two women you will have the opportunity to tell Alexandra "I’ll protect you".

Miranda and Alexandra will find themselves in the cell and the dialogue will
continue, once again Alexandra will offer to protect Miranda "I’m gonna protect

Later in the story Guntag will hurt one of the two women, if the player has
clicked at least once one of the two choices above, then Alexandra will be
punished, otherwise it will be Miranda. If Miranda is punished, when John goes
to rescue her, click on "Take a good aim" the alien will ejaculate into Miranda’s

Chapter Four
Follow the story by paying attention to the dialogue, as there will be useful
information for future events.

Chapter Five
First, you'll find yourself talking better with Shiri.
Click on "I was kidding" or "I'm just tired." to increase your intimacy with Shiri.
Click on "Yes, everything went according to plan"
Click on "Yes, it’s become something exceptional"
(Optional) Thanks to the intimacy gained with Shiri you can now have sex with her.
After the meeting with Shiri, the AI Phoebe will reveal herself to you.

(Optional) Now go to the Training Room and talk to Alexandra White.
Click on "Go away"
She will make sure to hold you back and you will have sex.

After the meeting with Phoebe you will unlock the ability to visit the Bridge in order to talk to Shodan and Volex about the diplomatic meeting.
After the meeting with Shodan and Volex you will unlock the ability to go to the Diplomatic meeting in order to talk to the two factions of the planet, the Bordians and the Kreens.

Laren will abruptly interrupt the meeting and this is where you'll have to decide which side you're on.

To go to Laren press Visit and then Meet Laren.
The ephem in the air will make things hot and you will start having sex.
Click on "Don't Warn Laren" to read his thoughts and find out the truth about the goings-on between Bordians and Kreens.

To go to Laren press Visit and then Meet Kira.
Accept his challenge to find out the truth about the goings-on between Bordians and Kreens.

Back to Diplomatic Meeting then Awards Visit and then Diplomatic Meeting.
Click on "Declare the planet be a commissary of the Galactic Union" to declare the planet as led by the Galactic Union.
Click on "Moderate support to the Bordians" to establish that the planet will be led by the Bordians with the support of the Galactic Union.
Click on "Moderate support to the Kreen" to establish that the planet will be led by the Kreens with the support of the Galactic Union.
Click on "Total support to the Kreen" if you had sex with Laren to leave full control to the Kreens.
Click on "Total support to the Bordians" if you had sex with Kira to leave full control to the Bordians.
Admiral Sutherland will compliment you on your diplomatic skills.

Phoebe alerts you to the location on the ship of someone trying to create a transmission with the planet Enarus.

Volex has you cornered for learn more about your plans.

Goodman appear to rescue you and try to defend your actions.

Conner attacks you:
Click on “I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Click on “Cully I loved you”
Click on “Get close to Cully’s back”
Click on “Goodman distracts Cully and John attacks”

Click on “Block the gun”

The end of the game.

DGHxPuppetMaster2~18 Nov 10, 2023 @ 3:51am 
i just now went over all of chapter 2 that i have done to this point and i followed it to the letter
DGHxPuppetMaster2~18 Nov 10, 2023 @ 3:47am 
i have a question, after the scenes with the 2 captains i saved i only got the scenes with only a one on one with them, and the guides stats that i can get a 3 some after those just by doing a rinse and repeat notion, but i never got the 3 some though. did i do something wrong or forget to do something? i did the same thing as the previous 2 which was "relax" "drink" and "yes" but only the one on one scenes with both women would just keep repeating them selves in the same order. im just really confused at this point...
SAS May 28, 2023 @ 7:41am 
THX! :ss13ok:
lshatto56 May 20, 2022 @ 5:51pm 
Fantastic guide really helpful ty
katzenjogi Feb 25, 2022 @ 3:18am 
There is another little error in this guide I would like to mention - you can only visit the infirmary and meet Janet, if you don't shake hands with Ensign Smith and if you look after Miranda Call after the alien creature incident.
Melone Feb 24, 2022 @ 3:26pm 
Good guide!:steamthumbsup:
А Покрышкин Feb 24, 2022 @ 12:15pm 
"if the player has clicked at least once one of the two choices above, then Alexandra will be
punished, otherwise it will be Miranda." - This does not work. It is always Alexandra what ever you choose.