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How to fix ERRORs (Garry's Mod)
By the piss man
Tired of all those big red ERRORs and those bright purple and black boxes in your game? Tired of downloading an addon just for it to be a big fat ERROR? Tired of joining a server just for it to look like a chess convention? Well look no further, I will be showing you simple methods of dealing with all these immersion-breaking pests.
So, let's get straight to the point, you want a fix to your problem. No worries! I will give you some simple/easy methods, then I will provide not free methods. So, let's jump in!
1. Fix fire, with fire HL2:EP1/2
Below I have linked a workshop collection, this series of models/textures that aim to fix most Garry's Mod ERRORs. This only fixes ERRORs that are caused due to the Half-Life 2 Episodes. Just subscribe and restart Garry's Mod, it should automatically apply the assets. If it doesn't try re-downloading them. I do not encourage pirating at all, these only give you textures and models, these do not give you the actual game(s). LINK 1

2. Fix fire, with fire pt.2 CSS
This link also leads to an addon meant to fix most ERRORs for Garry's Mod, this is a standalone addon made by the same creator as the first link except its for Counter Strike: Source. Just subscribe and restart Garry's Mod, it should automatically apply the assets. If it doesn't try re-downloading them. Once again pirating bad blah blah blah valve has enough money as it is blah blah blah. (Ignore the person in the comments, their download probably failed.) LINK 2

[How2Fix] Mommy's credit card edition
Okay so, either the links stopped working or you refuse to take Valve's hard workings for free. There is another solution brother. (No way, really!?) Buy the actual games, like a chad. By buying the actual games you first of all, get some kick-ass games and all the proper assets. (Isn't that what a chad would do?) And plus, not all ERRORs can be fixed with workshop addons. If you still are on-the-edge about buying the real games I'd advise you to wait for a sale.

Before you buy them individually, I highly recommend buying The Orange Box. The Orange Box includes Half-Life 2 + The Episodes and Portal 1 (Plus a neat hat in Team Fortress 2) for only 19.99 (cheaper than buying individually)

1. Half-Life 2 : Episode 1

2. Half-Life 2 : Episode 2

3 Counter Strike : Source

4. Half-Life : Source
In no way do I recommend playing Half-Life 1 Source, as it is a broken mess. But it will provide you all the assets in a Garry's Mod compatible package. (The assets are not broken the game itself is)

5. Portal
Only on rare occasions will Portal fix anything, its only here because of addons.

["I still have errors!"]
If you tried Method 1 and you STILL HAVE ERRORs, try re-downloading everything as it is a big download and it isn't official.

If you tried Method 2 and you don't even have the content in Garry's Mod, make sure you mounted the games correctly. To do so, navigate to the start menu of GMod. Now at the start menu look in the bottom right corner of your screen for a button titled "Games" with a gamepad icon. Now click this button, you should see a list of names of games and check-boxes, scroll down until you find the game(s) you installed. Once you find the game(s) click the little square next to it, the game should now be mounted. (Woo-hoo!) If the game is not there make sure you installed the game in the first place. If it still isn't there make sure the game and Garry's Mod are in the same Drive, while it could work fine without being in the same one you really want to make sure everything is correct.
Ah yes, isn't it great. Now that you have all of those missing textures and ERRORs purged from your game. No need to keep complaining to addon creators that their addon sucks because it requires CS:S, or booting up some DarkRp only to be greeted by ERROR.

If you want to completely alleviate yourself from any potential ERRORs in the future you can download the addons below.
Makes the suffering a little bit more bearable.

If you had any problems with any of the provided links, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. My goal was to make this tutorial as simple as possible, I don't want any misinformation as it would confuse people. If you found any more addons that work similar to Method 1, leave it in the comments. That is all.
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