Infectonator 3: Apocalypse

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse

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100% achievements in english
By Dk Ito
ALL achievements

Second Win

Finish the game 2 times

Fire in the Hole!

Break a Wall with a grenade (possible walls to break will notice as they are already half broken)

Upgrade: Complete

Upgrade your zombies once with DNA upgrade

Zombie Mk.II

Level up a zombie for the first time

Toge News Subscriber

Watch the news 500 times (you can do this by playing more than one game after each invasion ends)

No One Can Hear You Scream

Get the DNA upgrade from jumping zombies

World Dominator

Win a game by destroying all the continents (it's literally winning a game)

First Blood

Kill your first human

Virus Efficiency

Infect 4 humans throwing a single infection (Just wait for there to be 4 humans together and throw the infection or it is done only when you get the improvements of infections in the area)

Urban Domination

Destroy a country 100%

Continental Domination

Destroy a continent 100%

Fiery Fire of Hell

Unlock Zombie Doomon (Achieved after Destroying a Continent)

Supreme Leader

Destroy North Korea 100%

Panic at the Lab!

Get a total panic of 1000 (global and regional) (to get this you must win 2 or 3 games in total depending on how they were)

The Second Amendment

Let 500 zombies die at the hands of humans

Don't Say No

Kill Justin Bieber (Boss is unlocked by having 20 Panic in Canada)

Disco Fever

Unlock the disco zombie (achieved after defeating Justin Beaver)

Capitol Down

Unlock Zombie Drumph (Achieved by defeating the boss Drumph in the US with 20 Panic in the US)

Dragon Slayer

Defeat Komodomo (Achieved by defeating the Australian boss after getting 20 Panic in that region)

Last Blood

Defeat Rambeau (Achieved by defeating the West Asia boss after getting 20 Panic in that region)

In Russia, Bear Infects You!

Defeat Beardimir Pudin (Achieved by defeating the Russian boss after getting 20 Panic in that region)


Defeat Pablo Escargot (achieved by defeating the Latin American boss after getting 20 panic in that region)

King of the Jungle

Defeat Zimba Kovfefe (achieved by defeating the africa boss after getting 20 panic in that region)

The Spy Who Infected Me

Defeat Jones Bondo (Achieved after defeating the Northwest Asia boss after getting 20 Panic in that region)


Defeat Super Hentais (achieved by defeating the asian boss after getting 20 panic in that region)

Giant Slayer

Awarded after defeating all bosses

Master of the Undead

Unlock all types of zombies (Achieved with DNA upgrades or missions from specific continents)

Count Draculo

Unlock Draculo Zombie (achieved by killing 20 humans with vampire zombies)

Amenhetop II

Unlock Zombie Mummy (unlocks after killing humans in desert areas)

It Roams in the Snow

Unlock the YETI zombie (achieved after killing 200 humans in snowy areas)

The Downside Up

Unlock Zombie Demogrogo (achieved after destroying japan)

Anti-Zombie Drugs

Lose a game by making the heal reach 100% (leave the heal taking X2 game speed while on the map)

Lord Goben Giveth

Unlock Zombie Goben (Achieved after spending a lot of gold)

New High Score!

Get a score of 500k in a match

Mother of Dragons

Kill Khaleesi (found in Russia)

The Red Lady

kill Red Lady (found in russia)

For the Watch

kill Bastard (found in russia)
World Epidemic

infects all continents


kill Busters of Myths (they are in Kinshasa ( africa ) )

No Virus Needed

get a perfect invasion without using the virus (this is quite complicated the best thing is to use grenades and wait until they are all together at the beginning of a new game where you will have to kill 10 OR you can play the game until you reach level 9 where you can unlock a air attack and it will be easier)

Zombie Intervention and Tactics

get the humans to deploy Z.I.T units (achieved by reaching the middle of world panic)

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blebal Jul 28, 2023 @ 9:10am 
ive destroyed japan, but havent gotten the demogorgon one. it says to kill the stranger things kids, does anyone know where they are?
SpongDaddy Jan 17, 2023 @ 8:54am 
Okay, thank you so much! ^^
Dk Ito  [author] Jan 17, 2023 @ 2:18am 
SpongDaddy Jan 16, 2023 @ 4:44pm 
I have a question. Will achievements still unlock if I play the game in Casual mode?

Anthony May 15, 2022 @ 1:48am 
Seems I got unlucky, airfield didn't spawn.
Had to restart around 50 times in total, thanks.
Dk Ito  [author] May 14, 2022 @ 10:56am 
when are the military bases
Anthony May 14, 2022 @ 10:49am 
I can't get the mythbusters to spawn
Restarted a mission in the kinshasa map 30 times, no mythbusters.
Is there any requirement to get them to spawn?
Allstarmark Jan 25, 2022 @ 9:20pm 
Also your english is great. And I'll see if I can slide a prize your way :repenny::ricehappy:
Dk Ito  [author] Jan 25, 2022 @ 8:23pm 
Allstarmark Jan 25, 2022 @ 8:00pm 
Thanks for the guide! I literally looked up where Kinshasa was XD