Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution

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The Last Stand's Wargear Selection Collection (WIP)
By aps
Collection of the most effective builds for the different classes available in The Last Stand, with the possible inclusion of quick explanations on how each item/ability/build works and why each decision is made. A work in progress (WIP).
Appendix - Update Log
  • Let's get this started
    A short Introduction

  • Eldar Farseer
    Farseer's Achievements
    Farseer's DLC

  • Space Marine Captain
    Space Marine's Achievements
    Space Marine's DLC

  • Ork Mekboy

  • Under Construction - Update Log
Let's get this started
It's all self explanatory and I'll save both me and you all some time with the shortest intro crap I could think of.

You are here to get some ideas for your favorite waifu seer or mancrush marine and maybe even stop dying at the first banshee wave because you have zero aoe or kiting capabilities.

And I shall provide.

Now, before we go on, I want to clarify that this will NOT be an in-depth guide regarding the strategies of the mode because there are khorne knows how many other posts on that topic.
It is thus going to be taken for granted that you know the basics of the mode and the two maps, as well as what is best for you during leveling.

Disclaimer's out of the way, off we go.
And yes, I am aware of the watermark.
Eldar Farseer

Vanilla "Wet Nurse" Support Farseer (No DLC - No Achievements)

Pistol of the Warseer - Starter Gear
+25% movement speed is amazing, combat expert is irrelevant to the build.
Your primarily goal isn't damage dealing. Yes, I'm looking at you, Eldritch Bolt wannabees.
Note: You COULD take the Pistol of the Doomseer instead, but only when your team needs the AoE desperately and noone else can provide it in a more efficient way than yours.

Witchblade of Isha - Level 9
+0.3 energy regen per sec and +25 energy added to your total energy pool.
Needless to say, energy is never enough.

Rune Armor - Level 6
+50 WHOPPING bonus to your total energy.
What did I say about energy? It's NEVER enough.

Runes of Fortune - level 8
Fortune is an ability that costs 10 energy, has a very brief cooldown, and wait for it...
Makes the target of the spell NEARLY INVINCIBLE for a period of time.
That includes you, your careless endangered teammates and their useless unlucky minions. The Catch: Unlike Fortune's more costly(25) cousin Ward, this ability grants its target an extremely high and NOT TOTAL resistance to damage, meaning that some minor damage will leak through. It's also useful to note that the effect will last longer, compared to cousin Ward.

Runes of the Warp - Level 11
Group Teleport is the ability granted, which does the complete opposite exactly what you think. For the energy cost of 15, at a rapid casting speed and travel time, alongside the ability to take your friends and their minions with you to hawaii wherever you want on the map, DEAD OR ALIVE, why would you NOT choose this item? It's like ascending a long flight of stairs when there's a handy elevator next to it; all you have to do is push the button.

Runes of Evasion - Level 16
Have you always enjoyed a little bit of risk in your life games? Then Evasion is for you.
Evasion boasts the mind-bogglingly effective passive nullification of 1 out of 3 attacks your waifuseer may suffer. 33.3% evasion is no laughing matter and wait until you read this. This effect affects EVERY SINGLE damaging attack the kitchenseer will receive, no matter who initiated it or what kind of attack it is. Ranged,melee,AoE,DoT, Orbital bombardment, you name it.

Note: Now, because this is a poor man's build and you might not be level 16 yet, you might want to use this.You might also want to use this instead of Evasion because you want a more controlled confusion-inducing ability than what I am going to propose, but more on that a few lines downwards.

Runes of the Harlequin - Starting Gear
Grants the ability Confuse which causes the targeted enemy squad or unit to attack the nearest allied or enemy squad or unit even if that is you. Medium range, 15 energy cost, average cooldown.

Spirit Stone of Illusion - Level 15
Are you finally sick and tired of your Eldritch Storm?
Because this commander item hooks you up with one of the coolest and most effective abilities available to any character/class in the mode. Namely, Veil of Tears will produce the exact same effect of the ability Confuse (an alternative to Evasion as mentioned above) only in a far larger radius and affects multiple targets. To be precise, half of the enemy units or squads alive in the game,on the map, the second the ability is used, are confused. It's basically a globally enhanced Confuse. Don't make me repeat my elevator analogy.

Although if you insist, and I know a number of people will, to use Confuse instead of Veil of Tears (for various reasons) then you will want to put the following up your arse where the Veil of Tears would normally go...
Spirit Stone of Vigor - Level 20(congrats)
Passively increases you and your nearby allies' energy regen by 0.3. Again, this is only a replacement if you're taking Confuse over Veil of Tears. You can always pick both simultaneously but that would be a waste of an item slot and quite likely an overkill for your resources, energy.
Farseer's Achievements

But author-guy-person-dude, what about the 2 achievements you can unlock for 2 extra amazing items the womanseer can use?

Unlocking this achievement nets you a very good weapon, actually good enough to replace the ones you had when you were still scrubbing floors for the Autarch a nub.

Laughing Stave
This is the Laughing Stave, although unlike the name suggests, there is nothing funny about it. It's a broomstick tool of war, exclusively granting you a ranged attack that although does minor damage, knocks enemies back/down with every hit while passively reducing ALL your ability costs by 25%. By replacing your standard weapon setup with this, you are going to lose a little bit of energy regen and energy but the cost reduction not only makes up for it, but even covers the energy you are going to lose by the next and last item that is unlockable via an achievement.

Achievement unlocked, armor upgrade, visual upgrade(?) to the model.

Mantle of Malan'tai
If you felt your armor provided annoyingly low armor, you're going to like this one. While the 165 armor versus the good old Rune Armor's 68 is going to make a difference, this apron piece of armor seals the deal with its +0.5 energy regen passive addition. Oh and, adds a subjectively cool(?) looking helmet on the girlseer.

Consensus, Afterthoughts regarding the replacements.
As it is mentioned above, you are going to fall from your prestigeous total of 125 energy to a meagre 50, BUT; all your abilities' energy costs are reduced by 25% AND your energy regen should be bumped from your old total of 1.3, to a total of 1.5 this time around.+Armorarmorarmorarmor.
Granted, it is going to need some getting used to, and if need be you can always switch to the less energy consuming Confuse / Vigor Spirit Stone combo to a total of 1.8 energy regen and a 15 energy cost Confuse instead of Veil's 50 (without considering the Laughing Stave's effect), since Veil's cost should now be discouragingly consuming at 38 when your max energy pool is a sad 50.
Farseer's DLC

Just like the wargear you can unlock through achievements, there are 2 pieces of gear you can get by purchasing our heroine's used panties Wargear DLC from the steam store. Yes, that was a link. In traditional achievement fashion, one is a weapon and the other one is an armor piece.

Debilitating Witchblade
By taking up this blade alongside your trusty Pistol of the Warseer, you now cripple enemies into dealing 50% less damage with every meleee strike against them thanks to your new shiny blade. Additionally, with every enemy unit or squad you manage to land the last hit on, resulting in their death, you regen 10 energy, which would be amazingly useful, if the weapon didn't deal horribly low damage.

Armor of Idranel
This bath robe armor piece offers unparalleled newfound defenses in the form and shape of (drumroll please) : 165 armor, +100 health, immunity to knockback/down AND incoming melee damage reduction by 50%. You should probably be wondering though, isn't this too good? I only have to remind you that this piece of armor offers neither energy regen nor total energy.

Consensus, Afterthoughts on replacements.
Should you decide to use this blade and armor and replace your Laughing Stave and Mantle of Malan'tai, you have to take a few things into consideration. As if the achievement gear wasnt leading you astray from the support role closer towards a tankier role, this set of equipment, pushes you further into that direction. You are essentially forgoing all your energy related bonuses in favor of defenses. You can make the supportive tankseer work with relative ease but this time around, you are FORCED to go with the Vigor Spirit Stone for the energy regen and possibly even give up your standard Confuse for either Evasion, which would merit this kind of playstyle a lot by adding even more tankiness or for the Runes of Vigor that grants you +0.3 energy regen taken at level 12. That is obviously because without any energy regen and the standard 50 energy you will not be able to utilize your Group Teleport and Fortune as often as you could/should due to energy shortage/starvation, while Confuse would just be fuel to the fire.
Space Marine Captain

Vanilla "The Dreadnought" Tanky Dps Space Marine (No DLC - No Achievements)

NOTE: This build branches in the weapon section. This decision is due to the fact that neither of the branches is strictly "better" than the other. It all depends on how tanky you want your ultrasmurf captain to be.
NOTE_2: There are no suggested low level alternatives to Litanies of Zeal because the build practically revolves around it, thus you are free to pick whatever pleases you. Similarly, you have only 1 alternative for the commander item slot before the Dreadnought, so use that instead until level 15.


Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol & Master-Crafted Chainsword - Starter Gear
At +1.5 health regen, this is the tankiest option for your useless tactical ranged weapon. Additionally, 10 health is restored every time you texasmassacre hack at someone, enabling you to survive or go down swinging.


Plasma Pistol - Level 3 & Power Axe - Level 8
Armor piercing, enemy armor reduction and overall melee damage increase. The wombo combo of damaging capabilities your spesh space marine can utilize to rip even the most heavily armored enemy unit apart.

Armor of Resilience - Starting Gear
I can sense your ire and hate seething. I can hear your wondering.
"WHAT? No Artificier's armor? Is this guy mentally slow?"
Well no, sir-dude-guy-person, I am in fact not. Now, think about it. How many times have you been knocked down on your buttocks, flat against the ground while someone is getting murdered? You, your useless weaker friends, their pets. And all that because you wanted to have more health, more energy and not have to wear the stinky starting armor all the noobs use. Now, what if I were to tell you that, believe it or not, this is the BEST armor you could choose to don on your g.i.joe captain? Immunity to knockback/down is what you NEED to KEEP SWINGING, to keep yourself and your allies alive. Oh, wait until you read about Litanies of Zeal, it will ALL make sense then. A downed marine, is a dead marine.

Rite of Fortitude - Starting Gear
"Another stinky starting item making the list? My toysoldier captain must be shinier than that !" 75. You heard read right. 75 health added to your total health pool. No matter what you want it for, tanking or swinging, 75 extra health will make a formidable addition. Health is never enough when you are a space robocop marine.

Jump Pack - Level 8
No other wargear piece is as important as this. As self-explanatory as this, the jump pack lets you jump around stunning and damaging enemies in the landing area. Gap closing for an axe in the face, tactical retreat in the face of death, the world map is your oyster.

Litanies of Zeal - Level 14
Unstoppable. UNSTOPPABLE I'm telling you. This is what you'll become when you start using this magnificent accessory. Every attack you realise against an enemy unit or squad will heal you and your nearby (large radius) allies for 5 health. The reason why you have to absolutely wear the Armor of Resilience should be making sense now. Did I mention that the 5 health heal stacks with the chainsword's 10 health per hit heal, for AN OBSCENE 15 health regen per hit.

Dreadnought Drop Pod - Level 15
What is slightly smarter than a dog, just as loyal, AND is sworn to roast your enemies alive or turn them into bloody giblets with its blender arm? The monstrous guardian that gives its name to the build will tank for you and kill for you, making for a very efficient partner, even more so than your legitimate other teammates. At an unfortunate but fair cost of 50 energy you get to smash your enemies under an orbitally inserted drop pod that unleashes your very own mechanical horror upon unlucky bystanders.
Space Marine Captain's Achievements
The captain is no stranger to achievement wargear and neither should you be, as they introduce our irreplaceable weapon of choice for this build, replacing both chainsword AND axe in both of the aforementioned branches. Also adds the option of a slower, 2-handed weapon specialized in taking down vehicles in the Anvil of Khorne map.

Lightning Claw
Faster than both chainsword and axe, with a DoT effect on every attack that does a crapload of damage, you're looking at the most powerful weapon in the captain's arsenal. It's so powerful, I'm not even going to attempt a joke. That good.

Thunder Hammer
Good damage, knocks back/down puny enemies and even STUNS vehicles. Is the casual Baneblade, Predator or what-have-you blocking your way? BLAM!. Owned. Too bad it's too slow to make effective use of Litanies of Zeal.

Consensus, Thoughts on achievy weps.
You are going to want to use the Lightning Claw replacing the chainsword in the tankier branch and the axe in the less tanky branch. Why? It deals more damage than BOTH weapons and deals its lightning DoT effect's damage to the WHOLE SQUAD you manage to lay a hit on. Insane, right? Now, on top of that, it makes the most effective use out of our precious Litanies of Zeal at an attack cooldown of 1 second versus the 1.3 seconds of the chainsword and 2 seconds of the axe. As far as the Thunder Hammer is concerned, unless you are specifically tasked with taking down/CCing the numerous nasty enemy vehicles in the Anvil of Khorne, you shouldn't be using this weapon at all. A noble cause indeed, but a very special one at that.
Space Marine Captain's DLC

Decided to pitch in some of your men money to keep the emperor Relic alive?
Excellent decision. Read on to learn exactly why.
Note: You didn't think I would have a link for the dlc's store page every time, or did you?

Inscribed Combat Shield
Oh, the Shield. By giving up your watergun pistol for this shield, you gain +25 armor, +25 health and take 25% less ranged damage. Are you impressed yet? You should be, since this is undeniably your new best-in-slot, both in stats AND in style.

Sacred Relic Armor
Talking about style, bear witness to your second armor of choice. The Sacred Relic Armor offers good protection and boosts your melee damage by 15%; "not bad", you should be thinking. Although, this armor sets the bar higher than most other armor choices you have in your hands with its awe-inspiring secondary effect that causes your melee attacks to damage not only your target, but also ANY other target AROUND you in an average radius.

Consensus, Afterthoughts on dlc goodies.
There's very little to say about the shield. It tramples the bolt pistol's 1.5 health regen quite easily and the plasma pistol's armor piercing/armor reducing effects do not matter when you're using the claw, which you should be doing anyways. The armor. Well, the armor is pretty darn good honestly. I'd be lying if I said I weren't tempted to use it over the armor of resilence, were I you. Especially in use with the claw that already deals AoE damage, the AoE radius is increased dramatically, obliterating anything and anyone in your path and even 360° around you. BUT, remember, by using this armor instead, you are once again vulnerable to knockbacks/downs which is a huge weakness. My advice would be to only go with this armor instead of the armor of resilence, IF you are EXPERIENCED with the class' playstyle, BOTH maps, as well as the mobs each wave unleashes. And even then, you have to be VERY careful.
Ork Mekboy

It's here! It's finally here. After a week or so off, it's time to move on with the mekboy.

Vanilla "Portboy" Ranged Dps Mekboy (No DLC - No Achievements)

Big Shoota - Starter Gear
Long range, rapidly firing with NO attack cooldown. Your best option when it comes to opening holes on your enemies. Pick your enemies wisely though. It's a gun. That shoots bullets. That happen to do no harm to 1000 ton armored gargantuans and the such. If it's carnifex season, you ought to go hunting elsewhere. Somewhere far, far away from them.

Teleporta Pack - Starter Gear
Another irreplaceable starter gear piece, bringing mobility at your disposal. As the name suggests, at the cost of 7 energy per use, you can teleport over a very long distance to escape or to gain tactical advantage behind cover and whatever else kind of use you have in mind.Even though we will be boosting the mekboy's energy pool, keep in mind that due to the ability's lack of a noticeable cooldown, you will need to keep an eye over your current energy so as not to run out resulting in your premature(hehe) death.

Sturdy Bitz - Level 8
Would you happen to know what befalls shakeable mekboys? A wild guess maybe? Well. THEY DIE. Grants unshakeable, is awesome. Don't think twice about it. If you can't stand up, you can't teleport away and if you can't teleport away, YOU DIE.
Easy, followable thought process that should help you stay alive longer, hopefully.

Cybork Parts - Level 7
+66 armor. Do you need more armor? How can you say no to more armor? You always need more armor. Helps counterbalance the Teleporta Pack's low armor rating by allowing you to survive enemy hits dakka more effectively.

Speshul Tools - Level 4
These special tools will allow you to use your armor-granted teleporting ability about 3 more times before your energy is depleted with its added +25 energy to your max energy pool. This though, is not its primary purpose. It is selected to reinforce the mekboy's energy pool for the energy consumption your next item is going to require.

Roks - Level 10
If the Big Shoota is not enough for your enemies, a swarm of angry meteorites should do. It is going to cost you 50 energy to call the Roks(hehe), but unless you attempt to pit them against enemies with insane hp pools and armor, they will decorate the battlefield with craters overfilling with your enemies' bloody viscera. It's pretty darn satistfying.

NOTE: NOT A FAN OF ROK(s)? Read on.

Boss Poll - Level 20
The tankier, max level option that grants you a whopping +100 health on top of a suppression immunity aura for you and your allies. It's insanely good, but a well executed Roks can provide more usefulness to your team's lineup. It depends on you and your expertise with the game and the mekboy. My money is on Roks for this build though, as should be yours, especially if your team needs the AoE. If not, the Boss Poll is for you.

NOTE_2: If you decide to pick the Boss Poll you will want to replace Speshul Tools (as we no longer need the extra energy on the mekboy) with the following ACCESSORY.

Bouncy Shield - Level 15
Castable on yourself or your allies, knocks back any shakeable enemies that come into its range, 20 energy cost, use it wisely as you don't want to run out of precious teleporting energy fodder.

Ork Mekboy's Achievements
Did you know that achievements are very achievements and that you should definately achievements the achievements?
Well, achievements on downwards for more achievements.
Under Construction - Update Log
Leave any thoughts or ideas in the comments below.
Disagree or agree with my views? Leave a like/dislike and the whys below.

10 June '14: Added Intro and Farseer sections.
11 June '14: Added Space Marine and Under Construction sections.
20 June '14: Added Mekboy main section.
19 October '14: Promised to myself I would update this guide. You all are now witnesses of my incurable laziness should I happen to go back on my word.
19 October '14: Decided to cancel the guide's updates since I've got no time to spare writing it and especially after I noticed a few people blatantly copied my guide's layout and overall tone, even paraphrased my words into sentences they didn't even bother to enhance or differentiate in any way. No hard feelings though, for this is the internet. Have fun and pay for the game and/or dlcs so that we might get a last stand sequel one day. Chibi out.
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ElectroViper Mar 30, 2018 @ 11:20pm 
i dont play the game that much too. but going back sometimes is fun :D i mean i played it a lot in my past xD
aps  [author] Mar 30, 2018 @ 7:16pm 
I haven't played this game in years and I never really managed to finish the guide, both a shame really.
However, I only ever started writing this because noone else had submitted a similar guide to mine before (at the time) and I felt like I needed to share this information with other players.
I was at least glad to inspire other people to write theirs and one other user even asked me for permission to extend this into their own guide.
Glad to have been of help ;-)
ElectroViper Mar 30, 2018 @ 12:24pm 
Still loving this guide. You still alive? :D
Dr. Baron von Evil Satan Jan 29, 2015 @ 8:46am 
Even though you got 2 1/2 Hero's done, still +1'ing. If any newer player happens to stumble upon your guide over anyone else's, they'll at least get a pretty good explanation for a couple different setups for the Hero's you did. +1 NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!
aps  [author] Oct 19, 2014 @ 9:22am 
It's over boys.
aps  [author] Oct 19, 2014 @ 8:40am 
@Awoo~® thanks
@Guild Navigator 1 Never noticed that property of the laughing stave, not a big fan of it to be honest, even after the unshakeable addition. 2 That IS useful to know, although I prefer teleportation over concealment, again, matter of preference. 3 Matter of preference partly as well as a matter of experience, max pool works more efficiently if you are using high cost skills. Thank you for your useful info nonetheless, cheers!
Katou Oct 19, 2014 @ 7:08am 
I'd like to add a few notes about the Farseer:

1. The Laughing Stave actually gives you the unshakeable trait even though the game doesn't tell you so. This is in addition to the Laughing Rune and Knockback trait.

2. Runes of Deception (conceal) + Runes of the Harlequin (Confuse) have great synergy together. This works with Veil of Tears (mass confusion) as well.

3. When it comes to energy for the Seer, always take energy regen over max energy pool.

My most effective Farseer build has been this:

Laughing Stave
Mantle of Malan'tai
Runes of Warp, Deception, and Harlequin

Spirit Stone of Vigor (Illusion or Eldritch Might if I have a Tau or Ork with energy heal).
Neppy Oct 18, 2014 @ 8:35pm 
Nice update! Just want to let you know people do enjoy it still :)
aps  [author] Oct 18, 2014 @ 6:58pm 
19 October '14: Promised to myself I would update this guide. You all are now witnesses of my incurable laziness should I happen to go back on my word.
aps  [author] Oct 18, 2014 @ 6:53pm 
@A Person thanks
@Ogi, Insanity With A Smile you are welcome, glad you liked it
@Awoo~® thanks, I am planning to
@[DBH]*Chopper*{N} very happy you enjoyed the subterrenean humour, thank you