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Tips and Tricks
By Samuraii●
If u want to get richer than number 456 (Džung Lung Lung Dung) then this guide will help you!
Form Alliances
The social aspect of Crab Game is one many players ignore, but it’s essential for winning the game. Voice chat is enabled on most Crab Game servers, so there’s no need to be shy. Talk to other players and try to form alliances.

The goal is to have at least a four-player alliance and stick together until the end. You could even form alliances mid-game, in minigames such as The Floor is Lava, by letting players know you’ll give them some room. The fewer players targeting you come end-game, the better your chances are of winning.
Take Your Time
Most minigames are timed events in Crab Game, including Red Light Green Light, a minigame so popular that it’s already appearing in other games such as Fortnite. For these timed minigames, it’s best to use up all of that time and make sure you advance to the next round.
In Glass Jump or Stepping Stones, your chances of winning are very low if you’re one of the first players to jump. It’s best to hug a corner and wait until at least 50 percent of the players have jumped before doing so yourself. In Red Light Green Light, let others go first so you can’t get pushed and eliminated.
Jump Diagonally To Increase Speed
One of the best strategies used by the most successful Crab Game players is the diagonal jump. Jumping diagonally will increase your speed and make you a very difficult player to touch in game modes such as Hat King, Tag, and Hide and Seek.

To master the diagonal jump, you first have to be sprinting by holding W and Shift. Then, you have to jump with Space while holding either A or D to move left or right. If you time it right, you’ll be flying around the map in no time.
Learn To Infinitely Slide
Sliding is a powerful mechanic in Crab Game as it allows you to avoid contact with other players if you get a little too close. To slide on the ground infinitely, you have to be sprinting diagonally by pressing Shift, W, and A or D depending on whether you want to move left or right. Once you’re sprinting diagonally, simply hit your crouch button and you’ll be sliding all over the place.

Just make sure you don’t hold the crouch button for too long because you’ll eventually lose your momentum and get slowed down. This manoeuvre is best done when you have a lot of space to work with.
Master Counter-Strafing
Counter-strafing is commonly used in tactical shooters, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant. Essentially, counter-strafing involves moving the opposite way your opponent does to make yourself a more difficult target to hit.

Surprisingly, counter-strafing is just as useful in Crab Game, but for a completely different reason. In Red Light Green Light, it’s essential that you stop once the doll turns its head around. To make sure you don't slightly move forward, you can counter-strafe by letting go of W and tapping S to stop on a dime. You can do the same thing when moving sideways with the A and D keys.
Use Rocks And Trees As Cover
The Red Light Green Light scene in Squid Game is iconic and just one of many reasons why it was Netflix's best launch ever, with over 100 million viewers. A trick to help you survive Red Light Green Light in Crab Game is to use cover effectively.

Some versions of Red Light Green Light have large rocks and trees you could use as cover. If you angle yourself right, you could stay out of sight from the doll and move while other players have to stop. This little trick could come in handy when you’re racing against the clock.
Take Turns In Hat King
When playing the Hat King minigame, work smarter not harder. A common tactic you’ll notice is that players steal someone’s hat and run for their life to make sure their score is high enough to advance to the next round. That’s actually completely unnecessary.
Instead, try to talk to a player with a hat. Let them know you could just pass the hat to each other every 5 seconds and you’re both guaranteed to advance to the next round. Not only will this get you further in the game, but you’ll make a new friend in the process.
Reign Supreme As King Of The Hill
King Of The Hill is one of the most difficult minigames that Crab Game has to offer. The goal is to reach the top of the hill and stay there as long as possible. It sounds simple, but it’s not.

Every player has a baseball bat that they could use to knock players off the platform. It’s best to crouch in the centre of the hill. That way, you don’t get sent as far when hit with a bat and there’s a good chance you’ll just bounce off someone and stay on the platform.
Use High Ground In Lights Out
Lights Out is one of the scariest minigames in Crab Game and for good reason. The screen is completely black, but will flash every few seconds. All you can really make out are player nameplates and the weapon you’re holding. Some players will be given a stick while others will get a gun.

The best strategy for playing Lights Out alone is to get to the top of an empty bunk and chill. If you're playing with a group, make a corner of the dorm yours. If you have a gun, use it as self-defense as opposed to offense, because there’s no need to bring attention to yourself.
Don’t Shy Away From A Backstab
While making friends and building alliances is good fun, there’s going to come a time when you might have to stab one of your friends in the back. As it turns out, there are quite a few minigames where you can betray your friends.

You could follow someone closely in Red Light Green Light and push them before they can stop. You could even push someone off a platform in Glass Jump, Stepping Stones or The Floor Is Lava. Whatever the case may be, Crab Game will be useful to hold you over until Season 2 of Squid Game is released.
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