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How To Guides
By markobeverli
How to guides for various functionalities in the game
How to take quests?
By pressing a letter J, you would see a journal of entries of your quests.

Click on the right side a specific accessible quest to select it, and continue eg with the
first quest to talk to the queen Beatrice and kneel in front of her by press a key 'c' in order
to complete the quest and receive the reward of 20 000 golds and other resources.
The quest is finished after some time after fulfilling the conditions of the quests or also after clicking on it, in the menu after pressing said J key shortcut after finishing it.

How to found a town
As long as you have 5000 gold, seek and find a free lot empty space to place a foundation of your town, its fine to have already a hammer tool selected from your tool slots, and chosen a town foundation building block from town foundations section of buildings, to inform you about that if you are already too close to some other town, so that you would know quickly when you have to yet move more far away and seek other place.

Once you have found a location with enough space to found your town, select a town foundation building from the section building blocks, either by clicking a mouse, or scrolling it, or traverse there by keyboard keys Q and E.

Once you have it, you can place build your town foundation by clicking it on the specific place on the ground. You ll start initially with supplies of wood resources only, so you will have to prefer wooden blocks in front of stone blocks from rocks, however as long as you acquire stone or buy it, you can build also stones blocks
How to build a bed and sleep
A bed building block is located inside the furniture 1 section of building blocks.

Once you have a town established=a town banner placed/ built, you can build a bed.
The bed is necessary and important because it is one of the conditions to allow you and your villagers to work (the 2nd condition but just for the villagers is to have food).

You must build your bed on a foundation block, and under some slightest ceiling at least, it means it can be any at least a single building block built/overhung over the foundation, where you plan to place/build your bed.

For it you will need 10 wood, and 10 cotton. Wood is easily obtainable from a forest. While cotton a littler harder by having a cotton farm, cotton resource in inventory, or buying cotton at any market, or building own market to buy it in.

The first bed you build, automatically belongs/is assigned to you, the player, if you want bed for your villagers, you must buy additional beds, each one of them will be assigned/reserved randomly to a random townperson of your population at the very moment you build the bed. And you cant revoke it unless you destroy that bed. So dont expect to assign a particular new free bed to a specific person by sending him to sleep, as chances are it wont work. You cant be pretty sure unless you have the same number or higher of beds than is the population of your town. You can find out to whom the bed belongs to, by a global command of sending all the townfolks to go to sleep, and seeing which ones used the beds. You will need to know this if not all the villagers have beds available beds, to know which are given the beds, because to such villagers you can rely on to be able to continue their work uninterruptedly due to being able to go to sleep when having to/when tired in order to be able to continue working continuously.
How to eat?
To eat , you need to obtain food. You can obtain food by buying it at the merchant, or growing it by seeding plants and growing and gathering crops once they are grown and ripe. Press the key B to eat the food which you have in the inventory.

If you are hungry, or sleepy you walk and fight slower. Your villagers cant work if are hungry
How to continue when you are short of money , resources having a lack/insufficiency of it
When you find yourself stuck, you dont have enough of needed resources/material, you can always restore resources and money you invested into your built buildings by destroying them and that way withdraw back/restore given resources, for eg other stuff you need at the moment more more or inevitably. To destroy a built block, press a key X when you have equipped a building hammer.
How to dance?
You can dance by pressing a L key on the keyboard to trigger having the animation running, it preserves also while you run or move, which is nice, however its a little harder to aim with a crossbow or a gun while you dance.
How to change skin, clothes assets or appearances of you(avatar) or your villagers?
You can change the look and skin of you and your villagers at any mirror at any town, or in your town if you build one. Such as clothes, hats, armour, clothes and banner colors, beards etc.
How to fast travel
Open the map, by pressing the M key on the keyboard. On the map which gets to shown to you, you can select from various towns, existing, built on the map, by clicking on said town, and on the following screen clicking the button fast travel.

On the map you see names of online players with a yellow color, and also with a text online added to their name.

Common frequent issues and their workarounds
Invisible blocks/blocks disappearing

Quite often in the game used to happen non visible blocks, blocks not loading or sometimes it seemed that blocks started disappearing - it is not the case, blocks are sometimes just not shown, and it is enough to do/it can be worked around by walking above such blocks, hitting them with any tool or weapon, or make villagers walk upon such blocks.
Troubles/problems with lags or spikes
Sometimes there might occur considerable lags in the game, it can be caused either by a weaker pc, but mainly also due to recent new changes and too many creation /castles in the game (on the server).

One of the workarounds which considerably helps is considerably lowering the graphics settings in the game as suggested by Nosajimiki. Basically lowering to the value 1 or similar, all the settings (graphics) meters but except of "View distance quality" meter, but maybe even that one. But I think also the "Resolution quality" meter might stay kept intact.

And it should quite help even when playing on the map with very many castles or players.