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Skip loading intro
By Altron
Getting tired of waiting for the intro to finish? This guide let you load in quickly without wasting any valuable time.
How to introskip
Thank you to Cука for giving this idea/solution

Before doing this make sure your game is closed and you have launched it once before with the intro

Go to where Halo Infinite is installed on your PC and enter the folder called "videos".
Now make a new folder called "backup" in the videos folder and drag the following files into it:
  • intro.mp4
  • Startup_Sequence_Loading.mp4

Now, you are going to want to download these files from the google drive link[drive.google.com] and put them in the Halo Infinite "videos" folder.

(ALTERNATIVE LINK to Mediafire but its the ending URL link to it "/folder/a9wwoylpu69ry/Halo_Infinite_Files" don't forget to remove the quotes and make sure to have an adblocker on your browser)

The drive I linked contain the exact same 1 second long videos of a black screen but in the correct name/video format.

NOTE you can download just one of the videos in the drive link, copy and rename them to the correct name but the names are CASE SENSITIVE and must match the exact of the original files that we are replacing OR you can make your own but it must be a mp4 filetype with the dimensions of 1920x1080.

Your folder should look something like this and at the bottom is the files names

NAME OF THE FILES (with .mp4)
  • "intro"
  • "Startup_Sequence_Loading"

Now launch Halo and enjoy
2nd method
If you simply just remove both of the files (by putting them in another sub-directory or deleting them) ,there will be a black screen but a loading wheel in the bottom left of the screen which should just load to the main menu. MAKE SURE TO AT LEAST RUN IT ONCE WITH THE FILES BEFORE DOING THIS AND TO NOT TAB OUT OR IT CAN CRASH.
How to find Halo Infinite install location
To find your halo infinite install location simply right click on "Halo Infinite" in your library games list then click Properties...>LOCAL FILES>Browse...
If you have any other problems type in the thread below and I will try my best to help or if you have a solution that works, I will test it out and add it to the guide.
WLF0X Mar 25 @ 12:25pm 
Broke after latest EAC update 😞
Altron  [author] Jan 21 @ 3:54pm 
Yeah, I probably will but the weird thing about it is this use to be the original method but then it didn't work anymore(don't know how 343 manages this). So I'll just have both methods and whatever 343 does to break it again, I'll try to find a fix
WLF0X Jan 21 @ 12:55am 
Thanks. Just moving both to s sub-directory worked.

If the replacement method doesn't work or is not needed anymore you could simplify your guide so it's easier to follow. Thanks again!
Altron  [author] Jan 21 @ 12:25am 
@WLFOX if you remove both of the files "Intro" "Startup_Sequence_Loading" from that directory to another sub-directory, there should be a black screen but a loading wheel in the bottom left that will take you to the main menu, just try not to tab out. Hopefully that helps
WLF0X Jan 20 @ 10:51pm 
Doesn't work anymore :MCCHELMET:
DTApple Dec 31, 2023 @ 7:23am 
now lets replace it with something funni
Tactical Shotter Jan 21, 2023 @ 4:28pm 
finally a legit tip
Rotjenn Nov 13, 2022 @ 6:59am 
Nice idea to remove the intro, thank you :steamthumbsup:
🎃 パンプキンキング Nov 4, 2022 @ 11:16am 
how have i not heard of this
Gus Sep 3, 2022 @ 3:29pm 
just took the intro video out the folder and it worked thx