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Vice and Virtue: Bank Heist
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
May 29, 2014 @ 11:01pm
Aug 1, 2014 @ 12:54pm
Vice and Virtue: Bank Heist is a team based first-person shooter that offers an objective-based versus multiplayer experience where two teams of players each can take on the persona of a cop or a robber.

A four-person robber team has several objectives throughout each campaign: Infiltrate the bank, get as much loot as you can carry, and fight your way out to escape.

In addition to a large AI-driven police force, four players take the role of police officers and SWAT team members to stop the robbery and protect civilians in the area.

AI driven bystanders add an element of chaos to Vice and Virtue. Ambient AI causes players on both sides of the law to interact with the city life in the game.
As robbers enter a bank, AI will act normally as they would in an actual bank setting. When the robbers begin their assault, AI will act properly, according to the actions of the players. Striking a security guard or the bank manager will shock bank patrons, while readied weapons and shots fired will cause fear and panic. AI will then assess the situation and decide if they should stay on the floor, or run for the door. On the street, AI will calculate their distance from the suspected threat, and weigh their options on whether they should duck, dive, or run for safety.
A slew of AI roles such as maintenance men and civilian personas will fill the world out with a sense of realism.

Intimidation system is used to influence other characters in the game
NPC’s react realistically to having a gun shoved in their face, or watching someone next to them die.
Bank Characters, Cops, and Robbers react realistically to different stages of the Heist.

During the heist stage of the game, Robber players have a chance to get a drop on the bank before the Cops arrive. Instead of waiting in a lobby, Cop players begin playing inside the bank as civilians. When playing as a civilian, players must complete objectives that affect the cop’s response time. Such objectives include:
Activate the Silent Alarm
Escape from the Bank
Get to a phone and call the police
Find a Hidden Shotgun

Inside the bank, civilian players are intermixed with AI controlled civilians. A unique gameplay element is introduced where players must blend in with a crowd that is mostly made of AI. Blending in with AI adds the following game mechanics:
When robbers discover and kill civilian players, time is added to the police response clock giving the robbers more time to rob and escape.
If robbers kill a non-player civilian, the cop’s response time is shortened.
Robbers must also use the blend-in ability if they expect to rob the bank without getting caught.

Vice and Virtue takes the open-world feel of sandbox games and combines them with the polished experienced provided by linear level design. This style of design has been nicknamed Dynamic Linear Design (DLD).
Vice and Virtue’s level design keeps the major paths and flow of a linear level while incorporating changes within the paths such as object placement, optional secondary paths, police blockades, new spawn points, varying weather, and changing the time of day. This allows the designers to keep more control over pacing of the game than sandbox games, while also increasing the replayability.
The use of DLD layered with the different player classes makes Vice and Virtue a diverse and polished experience that will have players coming back for more again and again.

Originally created as a Mod in the Source Engine to demonstrate proof-of-concept to publishers back in 2010, developers Controlled Chaos Media had difficulty pitching a smaller title to publishers before the industry was truly responding to the oncoming trends of smaller, polished experiences. Without publisher support, we had to move on to other projects, but there are hundreds of fans asking for this game and we do not want to disappoint them. Please help us to make our dream game a reality.

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(This is a summary of this update video: )
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