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LYNE - Picture Walkthrough [Image Heavy]
By Jepp
This guide has 650 images, be wary.

A guide giving solutions to all puzzles using only a single image for each.
The images should give a good enough idea on how to complete.

It's all worth it to get the great letter achievements.

If you liked the guide, please let me know in the comments. I love feedback.
If you hated the guide, let me know. It's also feedback.

If you stop the guide from loading, you can still click the individual broken image links to view the image without having to wait for the whole guide to finish.
Set A
Puzzle A-01

Puzzle A-02

Puzzle A-03

Puzzle A-04

Puzzle A-05

Puzzle A-06

Puzzle A-07

Puzzle A-08

Puzzle A-09

Puzzle A-10

Puzzle A-11

Puzzle A-12

Puzzle A-13

Puzzle A-14

Puzzle A-15

Puzzle A-16

Puzzle A-17

Puzzle A-18

Puzzle A-19

Puzzle A-20

Puzzle A-21

Puzzle A-22

Puzzle A-23

Puzzle A-24

Puzzle A-25
Set B
Puzzle B-01

Puzzle B-02

Puzzle B-03

Puzzle B-04

Puzzle B-05

Puzzle B-06

Puzzle B-07

Puzzle B-08

Puzzle B-09

Puzzle B-10

Puzzle B-11

Puzzle B-12

Puzzle B-13

Puzzle B-14

Puzzle B-15

Puzzle B-16

Puzzle B-17

Puzzle B-18

Puzzle B-19

Puzzle B-20

Puzzle B-21

Puzzle B-22

Puzzle B-23

Puzzle B-24

Puzzle B-25
Set C
Puzzle C-01

Puzzle C-02

Puzzle C-03

Puzzle C-04

Puzzle C-05

Puzzle C-06

Puzzle C-07

Puzzle C-08

Puzzle C-09

Puzzle C-10

Puzzle C-11

Puzzle C-12

Puzzle C-13

Puzzle C-14

Puzzle C-15

Puzzle C-16

Puzzle C-17

Puzzle C-18

Puzzle C-19

Puzzle C-20

Puzzle C-21

Puzzle C-22

Puzzle C-23

Puzzle C-24

Puzzle C-25
Set D
Puzzle D-01

Puzzle D-02

Puzzle D-03

Puzzle D-04

Puzzle D-05

Puzzle D-06

Puzzle D-07

Puzzle D-08

Puzzle D-09

Puzzle D-10

Puzzle D-11

Puzzle D-12

Puzzle D-13

Puzzle D-14

Puzzle D-15

Puzzle D-16

Puzzle D-17

Puzzle D-18

Puzzle D-19

Puzzle D-20

Puzzle D-21

Puzzle D-22

Puzzle D-23

Puzzle D-24

Puzzle D-25
Set E
Puzzle E-01

Puzzle E-02

Puzzle E-03

Puzzle E-04

Puzzle E-05

Puzzle E-06

Puzzle E-07

Puzzle E-08

Puzzle E-09

Puzzle E-10

Puzzle E-11

Puzzle E-12

Puzzle E-13

Puzzle E-14

Puzzle E-15

Puzzle E-16

Puzzle E-17

Puzzle E-18

Puzzle E-19

Puzzle E-20

Puzzle E-21

Puzzle E-22

Puzzle E-23

Puzzle E-24

Puzzle E-25
Set F
Puzzle F-01

Puzzle F-02

Puzzle F-03

Puzzle F-04

Puzzle F-05

Puzzle F-06

Puzzle F-07

Puzzle F-08

Puzzle F-09

Puzzle F-10

Puzzle F-11

Puzzle F-12

Puzzle F-13

Puzzle F-14

Puzzle F-15

Puzzle F-16

Puzzle F-17

Puzzle F-18

Puzzle F-19

Puzzle F-20

Puzzle F-21

Puzzle F-22

Puzzle F-23

Puzzle F-24

Puzzle F-25
Set G
Puzzle G01

Puzzle G02

Puzzle G03

Puzzle G04

Puzzle G05

Puzzle G06

Puzzle G07

Puzzle G08

Puzzle G09

Puzzle G10

Puzzle G11

Puzzle G12

Puzzle G13

Puzzle G14

Puzzle G15

Puzzle G16

Puzzle G17

Puzzle G18

Puzzle G19

Puzzle G20

Puzzle G21

Puzzle G22

Puzzle G23

Puzzle G24

Puzzle G25
Set H
Puzzle H-01

Puzzle H-02

Puzzle H-03

Puzzle H-04

Puzzle H-05

Puzzle H-06

Puzzle H-07

Puzzle H-08

Puzzle H-09

Puzzle H-10

Puzzle H-11

Puzzle H-12

Puzzle H-13

Puzzle H-14

Puzzle H-15

Puzzle H-16

Puzzle H-17

Puzzle H-18

Puzzle H-19

Puzzle H-20

Puzzle H-21

Puzzle H-22

Puzzle H-23

Puzzle H-24

Puzzle H-25
Set I
Puzzle I-01

Puzzle I-02

Puzzle I-03

Puzzle I-04

Puzzle I-05

Puzzle I-06

Puzzle I-07

Puzzle I-08

Puzzle I-09

Puzzle I-10

Puzzle I-11

Puzzle I-12

Puzzle I-13

Puzzle I-14

Puzzle I-15

Puzzle I-16

Puzzle I-17

Puzzle I-18

Puzzle I-19

Puzzle I-20

Puzzle I-21

Puzzle I-22

Puzzle I-23

Puzzle I-24

Puzzle I-25
Set J
Puzzle J-01

Puzzle J-02

Puzzle J-03

Puzzle J-04

Puzzle J-05

Puzzle J-06

Puzzle J-07

Puzzle J-08

Puzzle J-09

Puzzle J-10

Puzzle J-11

Puzzle J-12

Puzzle J-13

Puzzle J-14

Puzzle J-15

Puzzle J-16

Puzzle J-17

Puzzle J-18

Puzzle J-19

Puzzle J-20

Puzzle J-21

Puzzle J-22

Puzzle J-23

Puzzle J-24

Puzzle J-25
Set K
Puzzle K-01

Puzzle K-02

Puzzle K-03

Puzzle K-04

Puzzle K-05

Puzzle K-06

Puzzle K-07

Puzzle K-08

Puzzle K-09

Puzzle K-10

Puzzle K-11

Puzzle K-12

Puzzle K-13

Puzzle K-14

Puzzle K-15

Puzzle K-16

Puzzle K-17

Puzzle K-18

Puzzle K-19

Puzzle K-20

Puzzle K-21

Puzzle K-22

Puzzle K-23

Puzzle K-24

Puzzle K-25
Set L
Puzzle L-01

Puzzle L-02

Puzzle L-03

Puzzle L-04

Puzzle L-05

Puzzle L-06

Puzzle L-07

Puzzle L-08

Puzzle L-09

Puzzle L-10

Puzzle L-11

Puzzle L-12

Puzzle L-13

Puzzle L-14

Puzzle L-15

Puzzle L-16

Puzzle L-17

Puzzle L-18

Puzzle L-19

Puzzle L-20

Puzzle L-21

Puzzle L-22

Puzzle L-23

Puzzle L-24

Puzzle L-25
Set M
Puzzle M-01

Puzzle M-02

Puzzle M-03

Puzzle M-04

Puzzle M-05

Puzzle M-06

Puzzle M-07

Puzzle M-08

Puzzle M-09

Puzzle M-10

Puzzle M-11

Puzzle M-12

Puzzle M-13

Puzzle M-14

Puzzle M-15

Puzzle M-16

Puzzle M-17

Puzzle M-18

Puzzle M-19

Puzzle M-20

Puzzle M-21

Puzzle M-22

Puzzle M-23

Puzzle M-24

Puzzle M-25
Set N
Puzzle N-01

Puzzle N-02

Puzzle N-03

Puzzle N-04

Puzzle N-05

Puzzle N-06

Puzzle N-07

Puzzle N-08

Puzzle N-09

Puzzle N-10

Puzzle N-11

Puzzle N-12

Puzzle N-13

Puzzle N-14

Puzzle N-15

Puzzle N-16

Puzzle N-17

Puzzle N-18

Puzzle N-19

Puzzle N-20

Puzzle N-21

Puzzle N-22

Puzzle N-23

Puzzle N-24

Puzzle N-25
Set O
Puzzle O-01

Puzzle O-02

Puzzle O-03

Puzzle O-04

Puzzle O-05

Puzzle O-06

Puzzle O-07

Puzzle O-08

Puzzle O-09

Puzzle O-10

Puzzle O-11

Puzzle O-12

Puzzle O-13

Puzzle O-14

Puzzle O-15

Puzzle O-16

Puzzle O-17

Puzzle O-18

Puzzle O-19

Puzzle O-20

Puzzle O-21

Puzzle O-22

Puzzle O-23

Puzzle O-24

Puzzle O-25
Set P
Puzzle P-01

Puzzle P-02

Puzzle P-03

Puzzle P-04

Puzzle P-05

Puzzle P-06

Puzzle P-07

Puzzle P-08

Puzzle P-09

Puzzle P-10

Puzzle P-11

Puzzle P-12

Puzzle P-13

Puzzle P-14

Puzzle P-15

Puzzle P-16

Puzzle P-17

Puzzle P-18

Puzzle P-19

Puzzle P-20

Puzzle P-21

Puzzle P-22

Puzzle P-23

Puzzle P-24

Puzzle P-25
Set Q
Puzzle Q-01

Puzzle Q-02

Puzzle Q-03

Puzzle Q-04

Puzzle Q-05

Puzzle Q-06

Puzzle Q-07

Puzzle Q-08

Puzzle Q-09

Puzzle Q-10

Puzzle Q-11

Puzzle Q-12

Puzzle Q-13

Puzzle Q-14

Puzzle Q-15

Puzzle Q-16

Puzzle Q-17

Puzzle Q-18

Puzzle Q-19

Puzzle Q-20

Puzzle Q-21

Puzzle Q-22

Puzzle Q-23

Puzzle Q-24

Puzzle Q-25
Set R
Puzzle R-01

Puzzle R-02

Puzzle R-03

Puzzle R-04

Puzzle R-05

Puzzle R-06

Puzzle R-07

Puzzle R-08

Puzzle R-09

Puzzle R-10

Puzzle R-11

Puzzle R-12

Puzzle R-13

Puzzle R-14

Puzzle R-15

Puzzle R-16

Puzzle R-17

Puzzle R-18

Puzzle R-19

Puzzle R-20

Puzzle R-21

Puzzle R-22

Puzzle R-23

Puzzle R-24

Puzzle R-25
Set S
Puzzle S-01

Puzzle S-02

Puzzle S-03

Puzzle S-04

Puzzle S-05

Puzzle S-06

Puzzle S-07

Puzzle S-08

Puzzle S-09

Puzzle S-10

Puzzle S-11

Puzzle S-12

Puzzle S-13

Puzzle S-14

Puzzle S-15

Puzzle S-16

Puzzle S-17

Puzzle S-18

Puzzle S-19

Puzzle S-20

Puzzle S-21

Puzzle S-22

Puzzle S-23

Puzzle S-24

Puzzle S-25
Set T
Puzzle T-01

Puzzle T-02

Puzzle T-03

Puzzle T-04

Puzzle T-05

Puzzle T-06

Puzzle T-07

Puzzle T-08

Puzzle T-09

Puzzle T-10

Puzzle T-11

Puzzle T-12

Puzzle T-13

Puzzle T-14

Puzzle T-15

Puzzle T-16

Puzzle T-17

Puzzle T-18

Puzzle T-19

Puzzle T-20

Puzzle T-21

Puzzle T-22

Puzzle T-23

Puzzle T-24

Puzzle T-25
Set U
Puzzle U-01

Puzzle U-02

Puzzle U-03

Puzzle U-04

Puzzle U-05

Puzzle U-06

Puzzle U-07

Puzzle U-08

Puzzle U-09

Puzzle U-10

Puzzle U-11

Puzzle U-12

Puzzle U-13

Puzzle U-14

Puzzle U-15

Puzzle U-16

Puzzle U-17

Puzzle U-18

Puzzle U-19

Puzzle U-20

Puzzle U-21

Puzzle U-22

Puzzle U-23

Puzzle U-24

Puzzle U-25
Set V
Puzzle V-01

Puzzle V-02

Puzzle V-03

Puzzle V-04

Puzzle V-05

Puzzle V-06

Puzzle V-07

Puzzle V-08

Puzzle V-09

Puzzle V-10

Puzzle V-11

Puzzle V-12

Puzzle V-13

Puzzle V-14

Puzzle V-15

Puzzle V-16

Puzzle V-17

Puzzle V-18

Puzzle V-19

Puzzle V-20

Puzzle V-21

Puzzle V-22

Puzzle V-23

Puzzle V-24

Puzzle V-25
Set W
Puzzle W-01

Puzzle W-02

Puzzle W-03

Puzzle W-04

Puzzle W-05

Puzzle W-06

Puzzle W-07

Puzzle W-08

Puzzle W-09

Puzzle W-10

Puzzle W-11

Puzzle W-12

Puzzle W-13

Puzzle W-14

Puzzle W-15

Puzzle W-16

Puzzle W-17

Puzzle W-18

Puzzle W-19

Puzzle W-20

Puzzle W-21

Puzzle W-22

Puzzle W-23

Puzzle W-24

Puzzle W-25
Set X
Puzzle X-01

Puzzle X-02

Puzzle X-03

Puzzle X-04

Puzzle X-05

Puzzle X-06

Puzzle X-07

Puzzle X-08

Puzzle X-09

Puzzle X-10

Puzzle X-11

Puzzle X-12

Puzzle X-13

Puzzle X-14

Puzzle X-15

Puzzle X-16

Puzzle X-17

Puzzle X-18

Puzzle X-19

Puzzle X-20

Puzzle X-21

Puzzle X-22

Puzzle X-23

Puzzle X-24

Puzzle X-25
Set Y
Puzzle Y-01

Puzzle Y-02

Puzzle Y-03

Puzzle Y-04

Puzzle Y-05

Puzzle Y-06

Puzzle Y-07

Puzzle Y-08

Puzzle Y-09

Puzzle Y-10

Puzzle Y-11

Puzzle Y-12

Puzzle Y-13

Puzzle Y-14

Puzzle Y-15

Puzzle Y-16

Puzzle Y-17

Puzzle Y-18

Puzzle Y-19

Puzzle Y-20

Puzzle Y-21

Puzzle Y-22

Puzzle Y-23

Puzzle Y-24

Puzzle Y-25
Set Z
Puzzle Z-01

Puzzle Z-02

Puzzle Z-03

Puzzle Z-04

Puzzle Z-05

Puzzle Z-06

Puzzle Z-07

Puzzle Z-08

Puzzle Z-09

Puzzle Z-10

Puzzle Z-11

Puzzle Z-12

Puzzle Z-13

Puzzle Z-14

Puzzle Z-15

Puzzle Z-16

Puzzle Z-17

Puzzle Z-18

Puzzle Z-19

Puzzle Z-20

Puzzle Z-21

Puzzle Z-22

Puzzle Z-23

Puzzle Z-24

Puzzle Z-25
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Done, yaaaaaay!

[v 1.01]
Updated S13, S14, S15
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thanks for the guide:Hiii:
sometimes it is hard to identify yellow line and red line because they all got white coat
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Definitely want to get this game to get those letter achievements, I've seen lots of people use them to make their username on showcases.
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