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Don't Starve Together

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The Desolation Forest
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The Desolation Forest

Explore a totally new place called Desolation Forest with unique creatures and many secrets to uncover.
The biome is filled with many treats such as Wargfants, Spider Monkeys, Phantom Merms and more. As well with very good resources worth your visit!

Mod Features
  • Skull Chest. A scary chest that has a cool effect when open!
  • Hallowed Pumpkins. Decorative pumpkins to improve the halloween spirit of your base and scary your enemies!
  • Colour Cubes to match the halloween season.
  • New Clothes to use in your halloween outfit!
  • New Crafting Station: Elixir Workbench! Brew powerful elixirs, which one with a special effect.
  • New behaviour for the Totally Normal Tree. They will spawn Tree Roots around when players try to chop them.
  • Ghostling. A new critter to follow you in your spooky adventures!
  • Wickerbottom wrote a new book: On Tree Roots.
  • Festive Bombs. Prank your friends with these scary bombs!
  • Chests and Iceboxes are now haunted be aware!
  • The Pigs have been cursed by the ancient spirits. Be careful when killing them!
  • New biome to explore: Desolation Forest.
  • A mysterious figure needs your assistance, and maybe he's willing to sell to you interesting items...
  • Walter tells new stories at the campfire. And he sing a new song when he eats a Ghost Pop.
  • New Raid Boss: Ancient Herald! With new attacks and rewards!

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Oct 31 @ 8:59pm
Need some help , thank you
Nov 1 @ 6:19am
Nov 6 @ 5:00am
Bug with ghost from chest
< >
Antong 23 hours ago 
你好 世界怎么看不到
2427397439 Nov 27 @ 12:41am 
开启这玩意之后打骨魔会崩溃 放置神话书说炼丹炉也会崩溃 不知道是什么问题
Mellow Nov 25 @ 6:43am 
What do Haunted Tokens do? besides being given to the dark well that spawns shadow creatures
weerax Nov 22 @ 8:42am 
I also have a request to be able to switch the moon phase indicator to the normal one, if possible.
heoheo00911 Nov 21 @ 10:56pm 
Hi! If any of the developers has some spare time, could you please add option to have the default moon phase indicator?
I think this mod is very great and can work outside the event.
heoheo00911 Nov 16 @ 4:30am 
I think that the token from this mod should only drops from exclusive monster from the added biomes, that way the game will not be littered with them as the game progresses.
很丧的紫喵 Nov 7 @ 12:33pm 
Vyuri Nov 6 @ 10:28am 
A configuration option to disable the pumpkin moon icon going over the normal moon and option to not have carved pumpkins spawn at the spawn portal would be nice (for those of us who want to use the mod in a non-halloween themed world).

also a configure option to disable the biome being revealed on the map for those of us who want to actually explore to find it lol
九尾狐的我 Nov 5 @ 7:39am 
哟哟切克闹 Nov 1 @ 2:29am