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Statue Locations
By Rex9999
Locations of all 4 Statues.
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Chapter 6
As soon as you spawn in turn around.

Continue going that way and you'll find Wanda's statue.

Chapter 9

Continue normally on this level until you reach the chase sequence.

Play through that chase sequence except go past the exit on the left.

You'll reach a little elevator rock, go up and through the hole on the wall on the left and you'll find Fiona's Statue.

Chapter 12

Continue playing the chapter until you reach this area.

Do the staircase as you normally would.

You're gonna need 1 Runner and 1 Jumper or 1 Runner and 2 Jumpers, You need to get one of the light cubes into the room above along with a Runner form.

Then Drag the cube into one of the sides and you'll find an opening, go through it with the cube.

Proceed forwards until you find Brent's Statue.

Chapter 15

First you need to reach the big open area with the tree in the middle, you will need the 2 movable platform stones that you used to get here, move them both to near the tree. (Well you could use only 1 but I reckon getting both doesn't hurt)

Dismiss all your clay constructs and build one of each, the Runner to move the stone, the Jumper to elevate it a little bit and the Strong one to break open the destructible wall.

1 - Start with the Jumper and elevate one of the stones a little bit of the ground.

2 - Now go into the Runner and create an auto move path from near the big tree to the destructible wall.

3 - Use the Strong one to jump onto the platform to get to the other side, once you get there destroy the wall and get close to the statue, you should get the achievement. (This is where a 2nd platform might be useful so that the big guy can jump onto the auto moving platform a bit easier if you set them close to each other at the start near the tree)

That's it, all of the statue locations.
Hope this was useful to ya.

Rex9999  [author] Nov 6, 2022 @ 4:19pm 
I don't mind at all, thanks for linking to my guide and for letting me know!
Kryn Nov 6, 2022 @ 3:42pm 
I linked your guide in my 100% guide since you already explained things so well. Hope you don't mind -