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Heavy Bullets

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Item list
By Queen Laily of Smug
A list of items in Heavy Bullets, and what they do.
Disclaimer and Notes
If you have more info on some items, go ahead and leave them in the comments, and I'll add them when I get the chance. Unless you are like "you are stupid why don't you mention" blah blah, then I'll just delete your comment and it'll be like you never existed while I laugh at your mad. However, pretty much every commenter has been really cool and helpful, and I want to thank all of you for adding some extra notes on items!


When you finish a level you can save and quit, which will let you continue from the level you left off on.

You can destroy rocks by shooting them. They take several bullets and apparently nothing will come out of them if you merely shoot them, but they can be good for unblocking a passageway that leads to some treasure, on occasion. Stabbing them a few times with the knife can also break rocks, and pretty much any explosion direct or nearby enough will break rocks.

There are three types of vending machines. The ones with the big pill on the top are health vending machines, good for buying a heal. The big bullet on top denotes an ammo vendor, good for when you need some spare ammo. The best one for me is the one with the big coin on top. With this, you can bank your money for future playthroughs, bank an item for future playthroughs, and buy other items that help with future playthroughs.

Vending machines can be blown up with a bomb, and they will drop coins, usually around 5. This is not advisable unless you're in a level that has tons of vending machines.

If you see a tiny black X on a wall, go up to it and hit your use key, and the wall will open with a secret item. Be warned that these secret walls can hold items that are dangerous to you in some way or another, sometimes even picking them up can harm you, and sometimes picking them up and then dropping them can harm you.

SOMETIMES there are walls you can open that don't have the black X on them. You can usually still notice them by a seam in the wall, and the fact that it has a use key notice over it, like this:

AND STILL OTHER TIMES you'll see a seam in the wall and it's nothing.

YET STILL OTHER TIMES you'll see a seam in the wall, and it means that the hidden wall is on the other side of a double sided wall, usually in another room, so always check around.

It drops pretty much the same items as any hidden wall.

Item pedestals are like little boxes where you can find a free item sitting on top. Usually potions, spare bullets, silver hearts.

An item case is a glass case which you have to shoot open, and the item inside is usually much better, such as a heart container, or a backpack.


Recently the game added a little trick to mess up your backtracking: laser barriers. The openable doors (the ones with a button you use to open) will eventually have laser barriers blocking them when you progress far enough ahead. I've seen these also show up on keycard doors, sometimes even if you backtrack far enough away from them, so it's a good idea to throw your items on the ground ahead of a doorway if you intend on trying to sell them. Remember that you can hold the pickup key to drop an item. Also, there's a hidden item called the Disruptor that will lower these laser barriers. Try to play safe and smart when it comes to these. Don't open doors until you really need to go through them.

If you walk through these laser barriers, it does a half heart worth of damage at the least, so if you have enough health and really need to go back for something, consider if it's worth it, sometimes it's worth taking the damage. Also keep in mind that on occasion there will be clear pathways around these doors that you can still backtrack through.

Another important thing to know about the laser barriers: sometimes you'll see two doors that lead to the same path. If you open only one door, and then backtrack later, and there's a laser barrier open, the unopened door you will be able to open without a laser barrier there. Keep this in mind for backtracking purposes.

Door panels and keycard panels can be destroyed with the knife or with bullets. With normal doors, this opens the door. With keycard doors, this has an extremely rare chance of opening the door, but if it doesn't open then the door stays shut forever and no keycard will open it. It seems that if you destroy a keycard panel with the Cursed Gem effect (exploding bullets) the door appears to have a much higher chance of opening. This does not seem to work if you use bombs, rockets, or mines against the keycard panels, however.

The silver heart (aka silver life) will absorb a hit of passing through a laser barrier.


Holding the item pickup key will let you drop your currently equipped item on the ground. If an item is in your backpack, you have to take it out of your backpack and have it equipped to drop it on the ground. This can come in handy for picking up items to sell, or temporarily swapping items.

If you hit the pause key, it shows all your stats with the menu, and along the bottom it will also tell you about your currently equipped item, and a short description of it.

For an inventory item to be active, it has to be along the lower center of your screen. Items stored in your backpack are to the left of your screen, and if they're passive effects they may not function when stored in your backpack, although some still will (the repellant will not, but the last will still does). Also, useable items in your backpack cannot be used until you take them out and are in your normal inventory (by pushing the backpack button, which you can bind in the controls menu).
General Items
These are just the usual items that are a natural part of the game. This is the stuff you start with, or it's stuff that you can find that won't take up inventory space.

Bullets: Your bread and butter of this game. When you fire, your bullet exits the gun, hits something (a monster, a wall, a rock) and then bounces around until you pick it up again. Unless you have extra bullets, you can't reload. You can purchase bullets from an ammo vendor, or sometimes you can find bullets on an item pedestal. Be careful of shooting anything at great distances, because whether you hit or miss, you have to go there to get your bullet back. If you have more than 6, you can sell the extras.

Coins: Delicious money. Use it to buy things in the vending machines, or store it in your bank for future playthroughs.

Bombs: You start with 3. You throw them, they blow up. Can destroy rocks, vending machines, or enemies (remember you can also destroy rocks by shooting them). BE WARNED that if you throw them at a rock or monster, they may explode on contact with those objects. You can hold down the bomb button to throw it further, just don't hold it too long so it doesn't explode in your hands. Can be used to blow up tall grass. Can be found in the world naturally, or purchased from ammo vendors. If you have more than 3, you can sell the extras at a bank, though you get more money by blowing up the bank. You can blow up your own bombs early by shooting them. You can use a bomb to blow up any vending machine, bullet and health vendors give 3 coins, banks give 10 coins which is more than you would receive than you would if you sold the extra bombs at the bank.

Keycard: It looks like a plain card with a key insignia on it. Very rarely drops from monsters. Sometimes can be found on an item pedestal. Opens the doors that have the pink door buttons, which are treasure rooms (though be wary of possible monsters too).

Backpack: Lets you carry an extra item. Press your backpack key to switch between items if you need to use a useable item. If an item is stored in your backpack, and it's a passive effect item, it will not work until you take it out of your backpack. This goes for repellant and the blessed gem and the golden skull.

Passive Buffs
These are benefits that you can buy or find throughout a single playthrough, and don't require you to hold an item to get the benefit (as opposed to passive effect inventory items).

When you die you lose these effects and have to repurchase them on your next playthrough. Because of that, these effects tend to be relatively inexpensive, and it's a good reason to store as much money in your bank as you can, so you can buy them when a playthrough is going well.

Stackable buffs are buffs that you can purchase multiple times for added benefits. Almost all are sold at vending machines.

Insurance: Stackable buff. When you die, a percentage of your money gets deposited into the bank automatically. Basically it's like a smaller version of Last Will, except it doesn't take up any inventory space. If you're carrying Last Will, the effect replaces the effect of Insurance (which is good because Last Will always stores more than Insurance, with the tradeoff of having to physically carry around Last Will).

Discount Card: Stackable buff (buy multiples for added effects). Makes anything in the vending machines cost less. Very highly recommended to get early on, especially after stockpiling up a nice bankroll of coins.

Reload +: Stackable buff. Sold from vending machines. Upgrades your reloading, so every time you reload it will reload an extra bullet. Max level is 6.

Bullet Magnet +: Stackable buff that increases the range that you can retrieve your bullets. Max level is 3.

Coin Magnet +: Stackable buff that attracts coins. Max level is 3.

Health Up: Adds an extra heart container. The max amount of heart containers you can get is 10.

Carry+: Increases the size of your item stacks, such as red potions, gold potions, silver life. On your first few runs of this game, this is a good upgrade but you might be better off banking your money. However, on later runs, this upgrade is an essential. It's possible with carry+ maxed out that you can bank all 3 gold potions at once, but when you go to withdraw them, the bank spits out all 3, and in order to carry them all you will need your carry+ maxed out again. So keep that in mind when banking and withdrawing multiple items. When you hit the pause button, it tells you the maximum amount of an item you can carry over the item itself.
Inventory Items, Useable
These are items that take up a space in your inventory, and that require you to push the use key to activate them. By default, you only have one inventory space. If you find or purchase a backpack, that will give you a second inventory space.

Red Potion: Restores 1 heart of health. Allegedly has a chance to cure poison (a couple in the comments have said it, I believe it's a somewhat small chance). Can stack up to x2 by default, and x5 or more if you buy a carry+ upgrade.

Gold Potion: Restores 3 hearts and guaranteed cures poison. You can only carry 1 to start, but if you max out carry+ you can carry 3 of these at once. Then you'll be like a god.

Antidote: Cures you of being poisoned. You can get poisoned from the snake monsters that are in bush clusters, or also from wasps. If you're poisoned, it'll pop up a mention in the upper left, and your health hearts will turn blue/purple instead of their usual red.

Speed Pill: Makes you move faster temporarily. I sell these, but it's up to you.

Knife: Useable item that gives you a melee attack. Can be used to cut down long grass. Can be used to destroy rocks (will not drop money though). Very good for conserving ammo, if you're going up against some easy melee enemies. Can be used to slash open door panels (note that you can also shoot door panels for the same effect). This will open the door, though it will not prevent laser barriers. I have confirmed that the knife can open a keycard door, though I'm not sure what the chance is (it could be 50% or less). Be warned, if you destroy a keycard door button and the door doesn't open, it will never open even if you bring a keycard to it, or even if you have a keycard on you.

Focus Pill: Puts you into slow motion, and narrows (or zooms in) your field of view. Can be useful for taking out sentry guns.

Mines: Sticks to walls! Will explode when an enemy gets close enough, or if you shoot it. Can blow up vending machines. Be careful not to blow yourself up. You can pull them back off a wall by going up to the mine and just hitting the pickup key.

Scope: Useable item that gives you a sniper scope zoom. Can be helpful for sentry guns as well.

Mega Bomb: You throw it and explodes, and then 3 other bombs come out and explode as well (aka the MIRV effect). Probably good for taking on the level 4 boss.

Rocket: Useable item. It fires in a straight line and explodes on impact. A pretty small blast radius, but it's the same as a bomb anyway, with a good guaranteed long range and trajectory.

Homing Bomb: Will seek out something to blow up. Not great against turrets apparently. Although if there are no enemies around, apparently it will go right towards the nearest rock. Be careful of that, because you don't want to be near that rock.

Toolbox: Consumes one of your bombs to give you a homing bomb.

Teleporter: When used, it sets a teleport point that you can return to when you use it again, in case you get in a tricky room and need to escape, or if you find yourself making a lot of returns to a vending machine or bank. The teleport point resets if you physically drop the item. You can also cancel the teleporter location if you hold the "use item" key for a second or two (the amount of time it usually takes to drop an item out of your inventory).

Pickaxe: Destroys a rock and has a moderate chance to make it drop 1 to 3 gold coins. RIP in peace ore drops (the pickaxe used to make rocks drop chunks of ore, which were very valuable). The pickaxe will not break vending machines. It does not harm enemies. It will not break door panels.

Hacktool: The description says "Chance to hack doors." So it's supposed to open keycard doors. This means that if you approach a keycard door and try to open it, sometimes it won't open, and sometimes it will. I did just verify that it works, but so far it's like a 1 in 3 chance to open a keycard door. Still, that's better than if you had no keycard at all. Remember that this is a useable item, not passive. A keycard door will not open if you run up to it or try to put the keycard in with this item equipped. You use this item by equipping it, going to the keycard door, and using the item, not hitting the "open door" button, because that will try to use a keycard. Be extra warned that if you use a hack tool and the door doesn't open, it possibly will destroy the keycard reader and the door will become unopenable. Only use the hack tool as a last resort, use keycards first, root around the ground at killed enemies to find every keycard you can.

Detonator: Lets you manually detonate bombs, essentially turning your bombs into remote bombs. Doesn't work on mines (thanks for Prolematicar for confirming this). Sells for $5.
Inventory Items, Passive
These are items that take an inventory space but require no using or activating. It is confirmed that if a passive effect item is stored in your backpack, it will not work, you must have it in your inventory for it to function, with the exception of Last Will.

Repellent: Repels snakeworms and can also delay bomb bugs before they charge at you (possibly also the flying bomb fly things, unverified). Doesn't work on regular imps, the ground based guys who run at you all biting and stuff. Without repellant a snakeworm will bite you as soon as you get close, but with repellant a snakeworm will not attack unless you directly step on it, and even then there will be a slight delay. Commenters have told me the repellent works even if you have it in your backpack. Okay to carry if you have nothing else to carry, otherwise I sell this for some quick gold.

Running Shoes: Passive effect, makes you move very fast. I tend to sell these to avoid slamming face first into enemies. Sells for 5 coins.

Last Will: I consider this vital for early playthroughs before you've beaten the game. Takes an inventory space. Saves your money, bullets, bombs, and even your keycards for your next playthrough, after you die. If you have this then you don't need insurance, however you DO have to carry Last Will on you so it takes up an inventory space. If it's stored in your backpack, the effect will still work (when you die). Can save multistacks from carry+ it seems. Just to be safe, if you have the money, and you're going to buy last will, you might want to have life insurance too (just in case you have to drop last will to shuffle your inventory and then get killed out of nowhere) but that's only if you have some money to burn.

Bullet Magnet: Inventory item, passive effect. Vacuums in bullets from very long ranges, longer than the passive buff version of this, which can be helpful, especially when dealing with turrets (such as if you miss the turret's power box many times, which I have). Sells for 5 gold.

Coin Magnet: Inventory item, passive effect. Pulls in coins from very long ranges (longer than the passive buff version of this).

Silver Life: I LOVE THESE. It's like purchasable invincinbility. Absorbs a single hit. Stacks to x2 by default, and with carry+ maxed you can carry 7 of these. Can be used to absorb a hit from a laser barrier from doorways, explosive blasts from rockets or bombs, and apparently even damage over time from being poisoned. CANNOT be used to absorb damage from using the ritual knife.

Golden Skull: A high chance for enemies to drop an increased amount of gold. In the upper left there will be text that says "The golden skull glows," this mean the enemy dropped more gold than usual. According to someone in the comments, the more gold you're currently carrying, the more gold enemies will drop while you use the Golden Skull. Negative effects of this are currently unknown, but if you know anything more about this that you can verify, let me know in the comments.

Spiked Helmet: "Hits melee enemies back" is the description, it will damage them, and therefore kill them, if they hit you with melee. Still, that would damage you too, so it's probably best to sell it.

Bomb Vest: Cuts explosive damage in half (such as the bomber bugs, bomb turrets, missile launchers).

High Heels: Uses an inventory space. The description says they "make your legs look good." They make you a little taller, and also make you walk slower, so it seems to be a gag item, although it sells for about 20 gold which is a pretty good amount. There's an achievement for killing the Level 4 boss while wearing these, so if you're going for achievements, go check that one out. I've done this achievement and it's not very hard, all you need to do is circle strafe the boss and spray him with bullets or rockets or whatever, same as the usual way to kill the turret boss, just with a slight speed decrease on your part.

Throw Glove: Takes an inventory space. Passive effect. Lets you throw bombs further.

Reloader: Uses your reserve ammo to fire bullets, instead of your revolver. Great if you have tons of extra ammo, so this is probably a really good late game replay item.

Leech Stone: As described by Mr. Sedgewick in the comments, "Grants a chance to recover half a heart after killing an enemy (yes, even turrets), but also has a chance of crumbling into dust. The first one I found I got a whole heart's worth of healing from before it crumbled, and the last two I used both crumbled without healing me at all." CAN EXPLODE (pretty small chance) which will damage you for half a heart. I consider this always worth using if you have any damage to heal up, but it's up to you if you would prefer to sell it or drop it.

Proximity Sensor: Passive. When an enemy is nearby it beeps faster and louder the closer you get. Sells for 20 gold.

Disruptor: When you have this equipped and approach a laser barrier, it will lower the barrier so you can walk through unharmed. The laser barriers block doorways that you travel past them enough distance, damaging you for a half a heart if you walk through them. It's very conditional to need this, personally I prefer not to rely on backtracking enough to need the disruptor, but it depends on if you have any other items, what conditions you're in.

Boom Box: Plays music. Will keep playing if you put it in your backpack. Turns off if you drop it (which you can drop items by holding the pickup key). Description says "HB EP BOOTLEG." Apparently this is just a gag item, but it'll sell for some quick cheap gold (about 5 gold it seems). Oh yeah, they added an achievement for getting this too.

Snake Boots: Kills the snakeworms on contact, in fact if a snakeworm even TRIES to attack you, it dies. Possibly breakable after a while?

Focus Gem: Gives a chance to activate focus (slow motion) when damaged, much like a focus pill, though it only kicks in for about a second. Will eventually break.

Hacked Sensor: Beeps when there's a hidden wall/item nearby, and will beep faster the closer you get to it. This doesn't detect enemies. This one's vital if you're going for the full heart containers achievement, or if you're trying to hunt down the boom box. I'd suggest banking this once you hit level 8 so you can reuse it on replays, in that case. I do find it pretty useful in general, though the problem is that if you find another item to pickup behind a wall, you usually have to choose between that and this (all depending on having a backpack and then what you're storing in your backpack).
Inventory items, Dangerous
Ritual Blade: Useable item. It will damage you for 1 full heart, and makes your body spray out some coins (they may have nerfed the money you get from this recently but apparently the amount of coins varies per stage anyway). Which is the exact cost of a heal at the health vendor. No you can't use this to make infinite money. If you're planning on using this, I would recommend facing an empty corner, that way when the coins spray out you vacuum them all up instantly, instead of having to go chase after them. If you try to bank the Ritual Blade, it will turn into a regular knife. This is to prevent you from being able to easily farm money by banking a ritual blade, dying, reviving, unbanking the knife, farming gold from your fresh health, banking it, and then suiciding and starting over again. You can't use a silver heart to absorb the damage from this.

More info from Mr. Sedgewick in the comments: "The Ritual Blade is a weird item - When you use it, it harms you for 1 heart as you noticed, and gives you exactly the amount of gold coins required to buy a heal (of 1 heart) at a Medbay. Which is 30, 24, or 18, depending on how much of a discount you have. Meaning if you use it on yourself a couple times, then buy both discount cards, you come out slightly ahead in dosh, but not by much. There's lots of money to be had, so I never bother with this trick."

Cursed Gem: Can be very dangerous! It appears as a clear glass-looking gem. If you try to drop it or sell it, it reduces your health to only 1/2 heart. The upside is that equipping this will make your shots explode, which is pretty awesome, especially for taking out sentry guns and other tough baddies, but of course your exploding shots can kill you too if you are too close to the explosions. Depending on your situation, these might be safest to just leave alone and not bother picking up, not even worth picking up to sell for like 5 coins unless you have access to tons of free/cheap healing nearby. Alternatively, if you take it into the final boss fight, it could make quick work of the enemies if you have tons of bullets, but this is a very risky idea. If you use this to shoot keycard panels, it has a chance to open the door, just remember that if it doesn't open the keycard door, it will stay locked forever after that. You can safely put this in your backpack without taking damage. Here's what one looks like:

Rotten Life: It looks like a heart container, but only appears behind hidden walls, and is not pink, it's gray or some kind of discolored. When you pick it up, it damages you for a 3 full hearts of health (and might poison you), but gives you a heart container also. If you open a hidden wall and see what looks like a heart, make sure you have a decent amount of health before even trying to take it. I still consider these greatly worth it, always pick these up unless they'll kill you or you're in an extremely dangerous area with low health.

Blessed Gem: Beneficial but also dangerous. When you run out of life, it saves you from death and gives you a single heart of health back, but at the cost of one of your heart containers. Can repeat until you are down to 1 heart container. I'd just sell these, you're better off with potions.

Black Potion: Heals for 3 hearts but has a very high chance to poison you. Unless you drank the Poison Serum earlier and gained an immunity to poison (see below) then it's a pure heal.

Poison Serum: Resembles the repellant, but is purple instead of green. Makes you immune to poison for the rest of the game (that is until you finish the final stage), but has about a 75% chance to poison you also. It should have both effects, so it will poison you once, but when you cure or recover from the poison you will be permanently immune. If it poisons you without giving you immunity, let me know in the comments (so far nothing, so seems to give a guaranteed immunity to poison). When you use the poison serum, it will say in the upper left if there are no side effects, or it will say "the serum has made you ill," but even if it does, it can still give you an immunity to poison. If you look at the pause/stats menu (that has your speed and life insurance stats) it should say "Poison Immunity" if you are immune to poison. I say take this as soon as you get it, unless you have very low health and/or are surrounded by enemies.
Sellable Treasure
Ore Chunk: It says valuable item, so that means just sell it at the nearest bank you can. Sells for around 30 coins.

Small Ore: Sell it at a bank for some coin. Sells for around 20 coins.

Heavy Ore: A big boulder with gold chunks in it that's usually just laying around. It reduces your speed by 4 while you carry it. It cannot be stored in your backpack, as it's too large. Good for selling, about 100 coins. Remember, you can hold the item pickup key to drop an item out of your inventory, in case this thing is slowing you down and you don't know where a bank is. Here's what it looks like:

Diamond: Usually found in hidden walls. Sells for a lot, about 60 gold.

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Queen Laily of Smug  [author] Jul 25, 2018 @ 1:11am 
I wonder if that changed, or if it's just a random chance then. I will update that, thanks. :3
nexfan100-senpai-sama-chan-kun Jul 24, 2018 @ 11:16pm 
"If the hack tool successfully opens a keycard door, the keycard reader will break"

I just used it on a door with no keycards and it opened the door without breaking.
Queen Laily of Smug  [author] Jul 9, 2018 @ 7:16am 
You're welcome. :3
Blaze Cummer Jul 9, 2018 @ 4:03am 
I got it! :D
Thx again for all your help with guide!
Queen Laily of Smug  [author] Jul 9, 2018 @ 2:34am 
Oh yeah, that will take some luck too, because there's a possibility of doing a run where it doesn't show up.
Blaze Cummer Jul 9, 2018 @ 2:31am 
It's poison serum :) I checked old discussions.

Only thing left now is to find it which will take ages.
Queen Laily of Smug  [author] Jul 8, 2018 @ 5:24pm 
It's been a long time since I played but I think there was some extra option to upgrade that didn't seem obvious, either heart containers (I don't think it was that though) or insurance or item carry? If it's a game bug I can't really help though, the forums might be able to.
Blaze Cummer Jul 8, 2018 @ 3:26pm 
Help! I can't get Upgrade Everything achievement - I think it's bugged :(
I bought every possible upgrade and nothing happened.
Queen Laily of Smug  [author] Jul 1, 2018 @ 7:41am 
I will add that also, and thanks. ^_^
Blaze Cummer Jul 1, 2018 @ 6:54am 
You have made a great guide! Thank you - I now have the knowledge to cope much better with the game and it seems much easier now :D

Having knowlege of all these items is crucial, though I haven't yet come across even half of them lol