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How to add NCAA College Baseball teams to Super Mega Baseball 3
By rootCompute
Here's how to add 100+ custom-made NCAA College Baseball team designs to your PC version of Super Mega Baseball 3. You will need to download the SMB3 Team Transfer Tool in addition to the team pack. This method can also be used for Randallb21's MLB team pack and any other team files you'd find online.
Step 2: Import teams

Make sure the two files that you just downloaded are in the same directory. It doesn't matter where they were saved, they can be deleted as soon as this process is done.

Run "team_transfer_tool_smb3_v0.1.1.exe". This will bring up a Windows Command Prompt window that executes a simple utility program, follow the instructions and it should take you less than a minute.

Press 1 on your keyboard to select the import option. Select "NCAAbaseball.teampack3" to import the team pack. Let the process complete, then close the window when finished. You can now safely delete the downloaded files.

Congratulations, you've added over 100 NCAA baseball team designs to your in-game collection of custom teams!

If at any point you'd like to export some of your own created teams, you can use that same tool to create a team pack or export individual files of your choosing. Just follow the instructions in the pertinent numbered menu screen to complete the process.
Step 3 (optional): Set up your league

Now that you've got the teams added, you'll probably want to create a custom league to use these teams in Season Mode, Elimination, or any of the other custom game modes of your choosing.

You'll want a 32 team league since that's the maximum capacity in this game for some reason. College Baseball has universal DH, so it would be recommended across the board here. This pack includes all active power-5 teams as well as the full American Athletic Conference, in addition to certain teams from other conferences.

Feel free to play league seasons with teams from a single conference, or make up conference groupings of your own! I've had fun trying out a promotion/relegation style multi-league setup, keeping track of past records and division championships using the league history feature.

NCAA teams typically play 82 game regular seasons, with the College World Series hosting a 64 team field and the eventual semifinal rounds being comprised of 3 game sets. The game supports 82 game seasons and 3 game series in the playoffs, but the largest possible playoff field is 16 if you have a maxed-out league of 32 teams. You're also locked into conference matchups in the playoffs up until the championship, so the format doesn't quite match up to a national seeded tournament.

Since these are just team designs, randomized players were used to fill the rosters. I do not personally plan to create any rosters with real-life players considering the sheer number of teams available or yet to be added to the collection. The randomized players create fairly balanced rosters across the board in my experience, but your mileage may vary on higher difficulty settings. SMB3 additionally has a pretty limited selection of in-game stadiums, so these may need to be changed to suit your taste.

Regardless, hope you enjoy having these custom teams available in Super Mega Baseball 3! It's unlikely that this pack will receive further major updates, but you should still check out /r/SuperMegaBaseball and for more custom teams like this!

McKlutchen Apr 16, 2023 @ 11:59am 
How do you enable these custom uniforms in pennant race or online play?
rootCompute  [author] Apr 6, 2023 @ 1:37pm 
You can right-click the game in Steam, go to properties and directly access the local folder from there. However, I can tell you you're definitely going to run into problems running the transfer tool on the Steam Deck since it's a Windows exe.

I just tried running it as a non-Steam game on my Steam Deck and did not boot up, even using Proton-GE. I don't know enough to say if it will run in wine (or even locate the game install properly in that scenario), but yeah, it's looking like Windows will be needed unless someone can come up with a solution.
imdakine1 Apr 6, 2023 @ 12:58pm 
@rootconpute… Thanks for the details. I’m on vacation but will maybe download the game tonight. Since I’ll be downloading it directory in my steam deck I’ll need to see if I can figure out where the actual game files are as I saw a YouTube video and seems we need to move the mvp mod file into a specific folder? I assume the desktop mode in steam deck will take me to my installed folders where I need to move the file…
rootCompute  [author] Apr 6, 2023 @ 10:35am 
P.S. Since I hit the character limit had to shave down my comment, but yes, you can mix and match which teams go in a league. The transfer tool just inserts the teams into your save file, you'll have to manually set your leagues up once that's finished
rootCompute  [author] Apr 6, 2023 @ 10:30am 
@imdakine1 You can do multiple season files but SMB3 has a hard limit of teams that you can add, each league you create will add to your total team count (I think it's near 1000). The game considers teams in separate leagues as individual teams, since you can edit them separate from the other copies of that team. Confusing, hope that makes some sense, just be aware you can't create, like, unlimited separate leagues.

MVPmods is the only place I know for SMB3 mods, there's also a teams thread on the official SMB3 Discord but nothing really gets posted there that isn't found on MVPmods.

That drive link was for when was down for site maintenance/upgrade. It just contains all the same files you'd find in my MVPmods NCAA pack, so not really needed now.

Hope ya enjoy the game and all the teams :steamhappy: I'm glad to see people are still taking an interest, and I just noticed that the pack has over 1000 downloads now!
Gardner Apr 6, 2023 @ 9:40am 
Thank You very much. Outstanding
imdakine1 Apr 6, 2023 @ 9:00am 
@rootcomplete I just saw another post that you shared a Google dry e link file or something? What is that? Thanks in advance? Sounds like you can download tons of teams into the game and select which ones to play with or be in a league?

Sorry for the dumb questions as I’m an old console gamer that stopped gaming as life with work and family got busy and bought a steam deck which has been amazing. I get maybe 30 mins a night to play after my daughter is asleep.
imdakine1 Apr 6, 2023 @ 8:53am 
@rootcomplete thanks… I will get the fake as it is on sale and would love a baseball game. I do have an old surface pro that my Dad gave me as he won it as a prize so I can see if it might work… I may be back here to ask for some advice as I try as I’m new to more and unsure how it may work with steam deck etc… thanks again as I think ncaa team league or other roster mods could be fun!

Can you have multiple season files?

Is MVP mods only place for mod files?
rootCompute  [author] Apr 4, 2023 @ 2:01pm 
@imdakine1 If you can get access to a Windows PC with your Steam login (friends? public pc?), you can run the tool on there and all of your data will sync in the cloud to the Steam Deck, or Mac, whatever other platform you use.

Otherwise, you could try adding the Team Transfer Tool exe as a non-Steam game in desktop mode of the Steam Deck and try running that way w/ Proton? May work with Wine or Playonlinux? I have no experience doing this as I have a Windows install
imdakine1 Apr 4, 2023 @ 12:48pm 
Has anyone gotten this to work on SteamDeck? Unsure where the folders system is on steam deck but assume it is through desktop mode.