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How to see servers again in Prey (2006)
By Ch0wW
This guide will give you help on how to reenable the masterserver on Prey (2006).
Prey's masterserver has been tied to Humanhead studio's domain since their creation... However, since they closed a long time ago, their masterserver disappeared with them as well, which is a big shame given how unique this game is.

Recently, I have been able to recreate from scratch a masterserver that works with Prey (2006). I have been able to share the info with the community. However, updating the masterserver to a new address isn't that much of an easy task, and will require some hex-editing.

Fortunately, this guide will help you to see servers again... And give you the proper tools to be able to host some for future events.

I will give you 2 methods to achieve it: either by replacing the executables, or by modifying the DNS, for advanced users.
Method 1: Replacing the executables (easiest way)
The masterserver used for Prey is hardcoded into the executable, and the only way to modify it is to change its values by hex-editing.

To save you the trouble, I already modified them and uploaded them, so all you have to do is to replace them.

Prey 2006 - Modified Masterserver[]

Please note that the executable can be used on either the Steam or the retail release!

For those skeptical of what was modified within the binaries, here's the only modification I made. You can verify yourself using a byte-diff tool.
Method 2: Manually changing the DNS
This method does not require to replace the executable, but it is not recommended as the masterserver's IP can change at any time.

To do this method, you’ll have to modify your hosts file and add this line to redirect the previous masterserver address to the newest.

First of all, ping to know the IP address of the masterserver (at the time of this guide, it is

Then, we will open the Hosts file. To do so, here are the steps to do (taken from this page[]):
1) Press the Windows key.
2) Type Notepad in the search field.
3) In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator.
4) From Notepad, open the following file:


Now, we will add the following line at the end of the file:

Finally, click File > Save to save your changes.

Pfew, done.
Verifying if it worked
Now that we replaced the master, we will verify if it worked.

When starting up your game, open the console. (CTRL+ALT+~). The game should attribute you a GUID, like this:

In addition to this, when you'll click on MultiPrey...

Congratulations! You can now see servers again!

Simple, isn't it? ;)
For server creators (Linux only)
For server creators on Linux, you can add the masterserver very easily, by adding this command to your configuration files:

seta net_master1 ""

That's all you need to do!
I hope this small guide will help you in planning or play games online a little easier than before. I was really happy recreating a masterserver for the past few days that I needed to share it with y'all. :)

Have fun!
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ShiftyMarmot Sep 6 @ 11:39am 
wow, it really does work. i mean, couldn't test it fully, since no one else was playing, but i was able to connect to a server. good job!!
JubiQD Aug 31 @ 3:37am 
Works great! Thanks a ton for making this!