Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road

Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road

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The Meta-Technology Guide
By The Mogician
You may be a Kindred with powerful technological prowess but have you ever wondered putting your technology skills to use in a more meta-sense? Here, allow me to introduce you to a whole new world of technology.
Cutting to the chase, this is a guide on how to "customize" a Kindred through the usage of save editing. Through the usage of save editing, you may create a Kindred without being limited by the game's rules.

  • Do note that by committing to save editing, you may create a Kindred that breaks the lore. e.g. You can be a Ventrue that has Serpentis, which is traditionally a Discipline for the followers of Set
  • You may also take away part of the fun in the game with save editing. Then again, you can be a super-powerful Kindred, so yeah.

If you actually made it this far without leaving, let's jump straight to the chase!
To prepare for this ritual of technology, you need to:
  • Grab a text editing tool, technically speaking, Notepad works, but I would suggest you use Notepad++ or UltraEdit.
  • Complete the prologue where you finish choosing your stats and whatnot. So keep going as you normally would for the game until you reach the second chapter. Do not do any save edits during the prologue as it may cause the game to glitch out, forcing you to restore to a previous savegame.
  • Make backups for your save files. They are located at <Steam install directory>\userdata\<your user profile number>\1290270\remote. There should be three files initially: storePSnightroadPSstate, storePSnightroadPSstatebackup, storePSnightroadPSstatetemp. You can make a backup folder somewhere and just keep a backup for these just in case something goes wrong. The file you want is storePSnightroadPSstate. Open it up on the text editor of your choice.
Stat Editing
To start, look for the string ""strength":" (without the outer quotation marks of course). You don't have to look far. This is where the stats begin. The numbers after the stats is the score for said stat. The 9 attributes cap out at 5 while the skills cap out at 3. I don't see gunfight and swordfight in the skill list so I wouldn't suggest you messing with those.

Just in case you want a maxed out Kindred, you can copy the following paragraph and paste it into the save game. Make sure you get the comma placing right.

Discipline Editing
Disciplines follow the skills and it's fairly easy to understand. You get the discipline levels first, then you get booleans of whether the skill is unlocked or not in the form of true/false. Do note that ancestral oblivion and serpentis seem to tie into certain clans, so if you don't like a lore-breaking Kindred, don't mess with those. Also, if you want animalism from right off the bat, you should choose an origin that allows you to choose animalism right off the bat. I wouldn't suggest editing in animalism without choosing it since you have to customize your "pet" and editing it in skips that process, which may cause bugs.

Just in case you want a maxed out Kindred, you can copy the next paragraph and paste it into the right place.

Traits Editing
You can edit other traits such as humanity hunger and whatnot by looking for something like:

Hunger at 0 is the lowest. Humanity starts at and can reach 5.
Wealth Editing
Look for the string ""wealth":" and you should see it. I would personally suggest increasing wealth together with assets and mobile assets just in case.

For example if you start with:
I suggest you edit it into something like:

Take note that if you increase your wealth too much, it will cause issues. So don't increase your cash to over 100000.
Well, that about sums it up. Once you are ready, just save the file and get back to the game!
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