America's Army: Proving Grounds

America's Army: Proving Grounds

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This is how we fix the INIT FAILURE kicks.
1) It's very simple, you download the updater:

Once downloaded, launch it and click on 'I Agree'.

2) Now that you have it open, press 'Add a Game' and select America's Army: Proving Grounds. It will select a path automatically but don't use that, it's an old path that is no longer supported. Press 'Browse' and search for where you installed the game manually, select the Win32 folder of the game. After you press 'OK' it will automatically start updating, wait until it's done and close the updater.

3) Before launching the game, open Task Manager. Under 'Processes' make sure PnkBstrA is running, and PnkBstrB is not. If you see PnkBstrB also running, right click on it and press 'End Task'. Don't worry, PnkBstrB will launch when the game has started up. If it runs before hand it can cause issues and kick players as well.

4) Once you done all that, launch the game, shoot some people and take care of yourself.

The path should look like:
\steamapps\common\America's Army\AAPG\Binaries\Win32\

The Client Version as of 06/24/21 is: V2.341
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={HwE}=BULLD0G  [author] Jul 13 @ 5:05am 
The install file that comes with the game doesn't update PB, and as long they don't update their installation files to the current version you will need to update it manually.
=[R]=TVPurpleUnicorn Jul 7 @ 5:20pm 
shouldn't have to do this at all. , the install file for PB, is within the AA game directory.
biale.konie Jun 27 @ 2:37pm 
1. It's very simple :cozykcdknight:
[!ReDRuM!]*68Whiskey Jun 24 @ 7:42am 
Useful info! Thanks :steamthumbsup: